Friday, August 28, 2009

Twitarded Merch - Makin' Friends (and Possibly Getting You Laid)

Meet Gigi.

Gigi's person emailed me after we opened the Twitarded Zazzle and Cafe Press stores for business and told me she'd ordered a tee for her dogger. I begged for pictures (I said "pretty please with RPatts on top" and everything!), and she sent me the adorable shot you see here. Gigi happens to be one of the cutest lil' scrappy dogs that I have ever laid eyes on. And I am not just saying that because she is sporting Twitarded merch, either. Look at that face!

Anyway, after Gigi hit the streets sporting cartoon Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You on her adorable self [and she is WAY cuter than us, that bitch], I received another email from her person. Apparently, Gigi and her Twitarded tee were a BIG hit on the streets of Seattle:

I took her out and about Seattle with it on yesterday evening and it was serious advertising for you, too. We had 5 people in a two block radius ask about it - and admit to - being out-of-place Twilight fans looking for an appropriate outlet. You can bet I told them all about Twitarded. My bf told me he considered giving me shit for taking the dog out in that until he saw the response.

This got me thinking...

We get emails all the time from people who have found our blog and done a happy-dance because they thought they were alone in their obsession. Some of their friends might "like" Twilight, but they don't OBSESS over Twilight. They've looked at the jug, maybe taken a token sip, but they haven't really chugged the KoolAid until it dripped down their chins and made a mess. Not like we all have! So when Gigi received such an onslaught of attention from people who clearly must be obsessed themselves in order to have their Twidar set off by our logo, it occurred to me that the doggy tee is kinda like the Twitarded secret gang sign. It's like the blue bandanna or the red bandanna thing or wearing one side of your pants rolled half-way up your leg [I still have no clue what that last one means].

This dog is totally cuter than Jacob! And probably older than him in dog years...

And yes I would like the Twitarded merch to be so popular that I have fuck-you money and can walk away from my day job [not that I have to worry about this because I am sure that my office pool won the $333 million-dollar Mega-Millions jackpot but everyone's too excited to have called me yet. I can wait.], but this isn't about that. It's about using your cute little pupster to let others know - oh so subtly - that you're one of us. Hell, I don't care if you hand-craft your own Twilight-themed doggy-tee. Go nuts. But ours is cuter, dammit. And already has a proven track-record of attracting just the right kind of attention.

Fuck it, I'll go so far as to say that if you're a single dude and really smart and don't mind slathering yourself with glitter occasionally, you should get one of these tees for your doggins, too. Because believe me, most of these Twitarded gals have been reading Twiporn nonstop and they could probably teach you a thing or two. Or ten, if you want to get technical. Just for the record, a secret handshake is required - but it doesn't necessarily involve hands...

P.S. Gigi's person tells me she's a rescue dog - the best kind of dog on the planet! I won't jump up onto my soapbox here, I have a soft spot for this cause. So people, please: if you are ever considering small, furry addition to your family [canine, feline, or other - and no, unshaven/scruffy Robward doesn't count] please please PLEASE adopt from a shelter or rescue organization and give a doll like Gigi a forever home.


  1. Finally I figured out how to work this thing !!! In the process I somehow managed to create my own blog...shrug.. been reading your site for a while. You all crack me up. Ever think about sending those to the cast ? I'm sure their little pups get cold in the Couv..

  2. Dude, I was 'out and about' in Seattle last night, and did not see this huge amount of cute-and-coolness....If I see this dog, I will totally hug the owner, Gigi's person be warned...

  3. Ah, my heart swells! Gigi may get some serious action in her Twitarded duds! I know if my dog George (who is also a rescue and a hugely dumbass coonhound) met Gigi on the street, he'd most surely try to hump the bejesus out of her. He's big on that sort of thing... and he doesn't discriminate - boy, girl, whatever. At daycare, he's simply known as "the humper" (ok, yes, I was embarrassed and proud all at the same time when I found out!)

  4. Gigi is a cutie with her little tee. Try to get a picture of her showing her fangs! TEAM VAMP!

    I, too, have adopted all 4 of my dogs. I now have 2 rottweiler bitches. They are part of the family. Spoiled rotten. Hence, rottymama. They might have to wear a medium shirt. Do the come in tye dye?

    Hey did you get my whack-a-mole email?

  5. Awww. totally adorable.

    I wish the t-shirt came in black, or just white. I have a boy dog and I would really like to buy him a Twitarded-T but he would be very self-conscious in a pink shirt.

  6. Um, do they come in size fat ass dog because sometimes these shirts don't always fit my chunky lab and her weird chunk of fat that hangs from her chest.
    Anyway, we're having a doggie costume contest for Halloween and I may just have to represent.

    Rufus on the other hand (which I did rescue from the shelter a year ago and he's 10 1/2 years old) said that he's TEAM JACOB and that's his bottom line.

    BTW, this little one is adorable in her pink tshirt.

  7. LOVE IT! i've had my eye on those doggy tees since you guys came out with this stuff. unfortunately my funds are super low, but i can't WAIT to get my two weiners (ok, dachsunds) in those things!

  8. That may fit on my Malamutes nose (he's huge, and rescued to boot), he probably wears a person size large with one of those little loop things so it's tight around your torso (so he doesn't pee on it).

    Anywho, Gigi is simply too cute, and yes, if a guy was looking to get some, he would totally get on the Twi-wagon if he was any kind of smart!

  9. Yay! Thanks for all the Gigi love and if any fellow Twitards see us do feel free to give us hugs. : )

  10. Too cute, Gigi is a winner and obviously has fashion sense.

    I have two rescue dogs, one who would like the coat (poncy poodle with no balls) and blonde hairy one with balls who would not be caught dead in this ensemble. The cats just looked at me with their usual disdain when I mentioned it.

    When I arrive in Canada next week for the breast cancer walk, I plan on finding your t shirt to wear in the 60K event!!!! Failing to find one I will make my own.
    Zazzle and cafe press are in Canada...right?

    Good luck on that lottery ticket, it should come in handy with stalked Rpatz, all that airfare and high tech smut cameras.


  11. Darn it. Robward should count ya know hehe

    My dog was a rescue dog and she was the most spoilt thing in the world. I remember mum coming home with her and stepping inside the door with a grin on her face. My dad just went "Ooh no"
    Mum's excuse? She was 2 weeks past her put down date and mum fell in love with her.

    Rescue dogs are some of the most loving dogs I think.

    I should get one of these tee's for my nan's dog hehe :P

  12. If I ever see Gigi out walking in Seattle she and her person won't know what hit them b/c I will shower them with love.

    I need to get on it and order some Twitarded merch--it is almost hoodie weather again. Yay!

  13. Huh - you guys should start a club out there in Seattle! Seems like if you throw a mini-Edward doll in that neck of the woods, you'll probably clock an adoring fan with him... Yay! At least make plans to go to the NM premiere together!!

    And thanks Kitty Elvis for sending me the cute pictures! My cat would disown me and probably cause me GREAT physical pain if I tried to put clothes on her but it looks amazing on your doggy!

    I'll see if I can get some other colors/styles up there, if they have them! And Latchkey Wife, I'll try to actually do this myself rather then running to you screaming "Heeeeeellllppp!!!"

    : )

    I'm also thrilled that so many of you have rescue dogs - I can hardly go to PetSmart or anyplace like that without bursting into tears over all the dogs and cats that need homes. Breaks my heart. But sounds like everyone here is doing their part - yay! Oh and if anyone DOES find "shaggy Robward" at the local ASPCA, please cough up the adoption fee and then call me. I'll go halfsies on one of them, for sure!

  14. I used to have a rescued dog, and she was just the sweetest little thing. I'd consider buying one of these cute shirts for her if she was still alive (I used to dress her all the time, much to my Dad's disgust) but my current dog would just disown me. He already hates me over Christmas cos I make him wear a Christmas tree sweater. He'd probably put his foot down at a Twitarded tee. Sigh...I miss my Mitzi.

    @teamsixpack: I was reading an older post (it's official - I have absolutely no life) and saw what you said about an Irish exchange student, and loving people from the UK. Ireland is not part of the UK. The North is, but that's a long and boring story. I'm not being bitchy, it's just if you ever do hook up with an Irish guy, he's not going to like it if you include all of Ireland in the UK. Especially if he's really nationalist like my future-maybe-if-she-cattle-prods-him-down-the-aisle brother-in-law. Just sayin'

  15. Unfortunately Siberian Huskies are not the t-shirt wearning kinds of dogs. Three of my five are rescue dogs, two were rescued from a puppy mill in Alberta. Horrible story actually... The woman was arrested but never convicted... (grumble) We have also fostered dogs in the past and are currently looking after two of our friends dogs that are in the middle of a divorce. Yes... That's seven dogs running around our place! I guess you could say that I have my own wolf pack....

    Gigi is such a sweetie and looks adorable in her twitarded wear!

  16. You mention that this doggie tee could be a Twitarded secret gang sign. Am I the only one out there that wishes there really was a Twilight gang sign that you could just flash at someone you think might be a fan? Like for real? And if they look at you like you are a fackin' idiot...that means they are not 'in the know.' But, if they do it back to you, it would be awesome! Right? That way, we wouldn't have to totally out ourselves. Anyone?


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