Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Robward Says "Chillax, Twitards..."

You work too hard... You should relax... C'mere and let me do that thing you like...

It makes me all angsty when you are all stressed out...

Relax... Really... It'll all be ok... Trust me...

Images above nicked from itsjustme513/robmusement in some way shape or form - go check her out/follow her on Twitter and her blog if you haven't already! She serves up the Robness on a silver platter every day...

It's been a rough coupla' days... We're tired of griping about our woes. And you've all been good sports to listen to us... We miss RPatts and things having to do with Twilight that aren't related to copyright law, too--it's enough already with all that nonsense!

Gettin' back to what we love - what we should have been doing all weekend if we hadn't been sidetracked (nobody missed our usual weekend smattering of videos and random RPatts pics more than me and Jenny Jerkface!).

It's make-up time! Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of the week as much as you can & it'll be Friday soon enough... I love thisvid and I love the ending more than anything... Oh you big tool, you... I think you can also hear him mumble "Happy Birthday, Snarkier Than You! I'll give you your present later!" at the every end if you listen carefully, but maybe I'm just hearing things... But no worries, because Alice is throwing me alil' party tonight and it's all gonna be aaaaalllll riiiight ... Either that or I'm gonna go out to dinner and see "Where the Wild Things Are" but it seems blasphemous to talk about other non-Twi movies right now so just pretend I didn't say that, m'kay?

P.S. Jenny Jerkface, Latchkey Wife, Texas Katherine & I have a LOT to say about those newer "porny Rob on the furry carpet" pics! I'll try to post some outtakes from our pre-cease-and-desist/legal-woes epic drinky-fueled email convo on this later. Not sure how much is suitable for the Twidom since I think every two out of three words is a REALLY bad cuss of some sort, but lemme see what I can do...


  1. Yum!

    You deserve to relax, ladies. Relax away with a delicious Rob.

  2. hah - can't wait to see your comments on those porny Rob 'please Snarky and JJ, come hither and roll with me on this here rug' pics -- my current desktop image. oh my god - that bit of skin is just begging to be licked.

    yes, you deserve a good rub on the rob after this past weekend. x

  3. Bloody hell STY! It's the middle of the day here and I'm supposed to be looking after the kids - you can't do that to me by posting that vid! *pant*

    ..I'll just maybe watch it one more time to make sure..

    Oh, and I want to read those comments too, I'm sure they're no more shocking than the ones I've said to myself about those pics ;o)

    P.S. What's everyone think of the new NM clip? I got very excited and did involuntary clapping at the end, not too impressed with the acting though :o(. Am gutted, wanted to love it. Hopefully in the film as a whole it'll come together better (*crosses fingers tight*)

  4. What the fuck are you talking about? I don't fucking curse!! Cock gobbler.

  5. Oh and that video makes me want to sit on his face.

  6. OMFG! Now that is what I am talking about. Welcome back ladies. And share those comments!!! After two days of Scummit induced angst, we need to let loose!!! Bring it on!!!

  7. @lisa - "a good rub on the rob" - nice! yes, i definitely want that - fuck genies, i want a rob to rub (he'll grant me wishes, right???) - lol!!!

    @stan - sorry! if it makes you feel better i am at my office and you can see that i am not getting a fucking thing done wither and i am snortling to myself and confirming to anyone near me that i am completely batshit crazy...

    @latchkey wife - hahahaaa!! and there'd better be room for two or you have to share. : )

    if i don't get our drunk comments about fuzzy-rug-rob up today i'll shoot for tomorrow for sure - i'd love to see if you guys agree or not - heh-heh...

  8. Nice video! Perfect to start the day with, before life intrudes and I have to take my daughter to the orthodontist. Ugh.

    @Stan - I had put myself on a NM clip diet, because I hate spoilers and have already seen too many. However, I finally gave in and watched it this morning. WooHOO! The transformation looks so much better, and I'm lovin' angry Paul and all those yummy wolf abs. Let's hear it for the Ab-Roller 3000! (and the thigh-master too). Now, I'm putting myself on the clip diet again. I'm going to stay strong...I hope...I think I can, I think I can.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STY!!!!!! If you I could really give you Rob today I would, well, uh, maybe....well, I would at least share...um maybe a little..is that wrong?

    I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about those pics. All I can think about when I see them are all the little hidey holes that are begging for a finger (mine) to wander in.

    @LKW--ha! 'Cock Gobbler' Ha! Is that from the Creative Cursing book? That will come in handy on Thanksgiving I think.

  10. when that vid threw the triple pic out, all of jaw porn, i almost gasped with delight!


  11. @VitaminR - Actually the Twigasm ladies use the Cock Gobbler a lot and well, it has a nice ring so I thought I'd use it as well!

    @STY - Room for two? Bwaaahaha....

  12. Happy b-day STY! I'm glad things are getting back to normal @ Twitarded.

    Love the new Rob pics! I made a video with the new pics too, although I don't know how to put actual video in videos. I'm such an amateur and a complete dork.

    I posted it at: http://twilightsagapalooza.blogspot.com/2009/10/put-some-fresh-batteries-in-your.html

  13. I'm happy for you (for winning over zazzle) and for me. Yum! Nice :) *big goofy smile*.

    And what do you mean by: "Not sure how much is suitable for the Twidom since I think every two out of three words is a REALLY bad cuss of some sort, but lemme see what I can do..."
    Yeah, cause nobody here ever, never curses...

    And after all we've been through? Post away.

    About the video... *pause to regain breath* never wanted to be a rug so much in my life.

    @Jane (anon): exactly! I gasped too.

    STY, JJ, what have you done to me? Thank you!

  14. Girls, take a peek ay mmMoxie vid. The combination of Rob sexual energy and the music innuendo... Hmmm...

  15. InterventionRejectOctober 20, 2009 at 1:33 PM

    I'm trying to revirginize myself by avoiding the latest clips of New Moon. Of course, visiting all the Rob Crack Houses aren't doing anything to help my purity level.

    The latest pics of Flokati-Rug Rob, Porch Rob, Fist Rob, Piano Rob, Happy-Trail Rob, and I'm-So-Ready-For-You Rob--all of them are killing me. Killing me, I tell you!

    Seriously, he does not help my middle-aged wisdom: I just want to be all up in his business--like all up, like ALL UP--as in I second Latckey Wife's post.

    Welcome back JJ and STY!

  16. I'm not sure I'm at the right blog.... not suitable for the Twitarded Twidom to me doesn't have anything to do with the amount of cussing. I think not suitable would be more along the lines of just plain jane ass or dick and leaving the creative cursing book in the drawer. Or a posting about gerbils and rainbows, that falls into the not suitable catagory as well. Bring it on STY, I need something to make coming into work worth it. Besides having the ability to pay my bills.....

  17. Like we're going to mind creative cursing!! Happy birthday, STY! Hope you enjoyed the (non-Twilight!) movie. Can't wait to hear the "two out of three words is a REALLY bad cuss of some sort" post. Like none of us curses?

    vw: metendis - some weird form of tendonitis?

  18. I've been waiting a few hours for enough people to leave the office so I could watch the video in peace without getting caught and ohmygod was that worth the wait... "I'm just a tool. A big, hard tool." GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed to say how many times in a row I watched that part just to completely understand exactly what he said with all the correct inflections in his voice (for purely research purposes, of course).

  19. ahhh what a nice way to relax!Happy Birthday Snarkier! Robward can be my tool any day!!! LERV IT and you guys!!!!Thanks for always making me giggle!

  20. who combines rob with animal skin rugs.. that's pure sex. also @lisa.. his whole body is begging to be licked. ;)

  21. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post your outtakes from your pre-cease-and-desist/legal-woes epic drinky-fueled email convo. Those furry carpet pics are PRICELESS and need Twitarded narration!!! PLEASE!!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STY! Hope you are having a good time tonight.

    (Also: I still want an apology from Summit)



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