Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summit Entertainment Comes After...Twitarded!?

I've had my issues with Summit Entertainment over the last year... I wasn't around to criticize any of the initial decisions they made about Twilight back when they first obtained the movie rights, but even since then, their track record had been a little dodgy in my book. First, there was the decision to remove Catherine Hardwick from the director's chair after Twilight wrapped. At the time, I was ticked. In hindsight, I think they made the right choice even though given the opportunity, I'd rather throw back a few cocktails with her than either Chris Weitz or David Slade. Next, there was the matter of replacing Rachelle Lafevre with Bryce Dallas Howard. The jury is still out on this one; I don't think I will ever NOT think that it was a total dick move and I thought Rachelle made a great Victoria, but we'll see what Bryce brings to the role [fingers crossed].

Tonight, though, something happened that put Summit forever on my shit list. I checked in to the Twitarded gmail addy because it's the one where notification of purchases of Twitarded gear go as well as occasional reader emails, and I was surprised to see a dozen or so emails from Zazzle titled "Content Review." At first I thought someone had taken the time to write reviews of some of our items... Cool! But when I opened one, I was shocked to find THIS message instead:

Dear Twitarded,

Thank you for your interest in, and thank you for publishing products on Zazzle.

Unfortunately, it appears that your product, Twitarded Just Heads Keychain, contains content that is not suitable for printing at

We will be removing this product from the Zazzle Marketplace shortly.

The details of the product being removed are listed below:

• Product Title: Twitarded Just Heads Keychain
• Product Type: Key Chain
• Product ID: 146119197946031102

• Result: Not Approved
• Policy Violations:

o Design contains an image or text that infringes on Summit Entertainment's intellectual property rights. We have been contacted by Summit Entertainment with regards to your design, and at their request your product has been removed from Zazzle's Marketplace. For any further questions please feel free to email us below or contact Summit Entertainment at:

We apologize for the inconvenience, a detailed description of the policies are located here.

If you have any questions or concerns about the review of your product, please email

Best Regards,
Content Review Team, Inc.

That's right: Zazzle is deleting our Twitarded merchandise at the request of Summit Entertainment. The fuck?!

Some of you probably already know that Mr. Snarky created the design we use as out logo. Some of the products already removed were ONLY this design - no words, nothing else. A doodle with two cartoon-y vampire chicks. Period. Unless I missed the check from Summit and they purchased said design without our knowledge somehow, I defy Summit to tell me how Mr. Snarky's original design infringes on their intellectual property rights. Bring it, scrotum lips! [Creative Cursing book, I love you.]

Hey Summit - this was the first item you had Zazzle remove. I keep MY original artwork for this logo in a special spot on my dresser. Where do you keep yours??? I am DYING to know!!!

In the meantime, if anyone intends on buying Twitarded gear to wear/bring to the New Moon premiere, I'd suggest you do it before the end of the weekend. I love the idea of people out there sipping (and spewing) their beverages from Twitarded mugs, and sporting Twitarded t-shirts, jerseys, aprons, doggie tees - all that good stuff! We're not making tons of money from this - we get just the minimum % that Zazzle requires as a default - and at this point we have spent more buying our own shirts and assorted goodies than we've earned. So I'm not saying "Go buy stuff NOW!" out of greed. I just think it's a total bummer that some of the cool designs that Latchkey Wife worked up with us (ok she did pretty much ALL the heavy lifting here!) are either already trashed or headed for that big rubbish bin in the sky where deleted content goes to die (they started deleting items on Thursday of last week, continued on Friday, and I can only imagine that on Monday they'll pick up where they left off until there's nothing left).

You know what, Summit??? YOU'RE infringing on OUR intellectual property rights!!! You are interfering with our rightful - and lawful - ability to offer OUR drawing and logo for sale! And we want an apology! Why go after us??? I am baffled... And here I thought we were friends... I'm practically working for you on a volunteer basis, for cryin' out loud! If you want to make it up to us, it's not too late to bring us to the New Moon premiere in Los Angeles on November 16th. Oh and if you could arrange a little meet-and-greet with "a certain someone" [wink-wink], that would be AWESOME! We hear he gets a little nervous before events like this, and we just want to do our part to prevent a panic attack. JJ and I have been told we have a presence that is more calming than Jaspers! Oh and we want to fly first class, ok? Because you hurt our feelings. Bad.

It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous!
(AND you ruined my Saturday night!)
Jackie Chiles, Twitarded needs you!!! Or someone like you...


  1. What the fuck?!? There has to be some way to appeal this, they have absolutely no basis for removing your stuff! And why has Zazzle removed things without first consulting with you to determine if the complaint was legit? Not cool. You should definitely fight this in ANY way possible!

    vw magicr - Summit apparently thinks they magicr-ly obtain rights original artwork!

  2. What the fuck. That is absolute BULLSHIT. As if those first three letters - TWI - are intellectually theirs. Are they going to have all the millions of blogs with TWI-something or another in their titles taken down too? What about all the shit on CafePress?

    I'm mad on your behalf, and I am made at myself for not ordering the military cap sooner.

    Carry on, lovelies.

    PS - this is Anntastic23, signed in under our google account for our new blog. (still under construction.)

  3. Fuck off, Scummit! I have no idea how they could do this!! I have the suddent urge to slap someone (from Scummit).

  4. What the FUCK?! Not cool, not cool at all!

    Dammit - and I want that key chain. It doesn't look like Cafe Press is taking things why is Zazzle? I just don't get it.

    I'm sorry STY & JJ. This just sucks - in the bad way.

    I'm going to buy my mug and other F'in GREAT Twitarded paraphernalia right now!

    W/V - "ouchi" The shit that Summit just did is a BIG fuckin' ouchi... OR If Summit doesn't get their act together, Twitards are going to kick them right in their ouchi!

  5. They are damn fools!! What is wrong with Summit???

  6. Is there anything that could be done ? wtf how can they get away with this??

  7. Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Summit? Oh yeah, because if you messed with Paramount or Dreamworks they would snap your cocks off & feed them to you. Maybe this is something personal. Did some mid-level Summit exec go to school with Mr Snarky & he roughed their pansy ass up? Fuck you very much, Summit for pissing on everyone's parade. (I think I'm mixing metaphors, but what the fuck ever.) I hope fucking over Twitarded strokes all of your egos.

  8. Those bastards! They're worse than Disney! That's it, I'm off to buy some Twi-crap. To hell with my already horrific credit card bill.

  9. Wow - what a pack of arse-candles. That's incredible! *off to buy me some twitarded merch*

  10. Um, seriously??
    What the fuck, Summit?!
    What a bunch of shitheads.
    Seriously, they totally fucked up with Rachelle. I don't care how freakin' good BDH is they still will have cocked it up.
    And now this?!?!?
    What a bunch of tossers.

    Twitarded FTW.


  11. Did I miss the memo? Summit owns the fucking world now?

    It's a conspiracy!
    They want to put a stop to your awesomeness! <--THAT will NEVER happen.


  12. What a load of fucking BULLSHIT!!!!! Those fucking cunts.

    We need to start a web petition agains Summit! Who's with me?

    (Now I just need to know how to make an online petition).

    Cheeky fucking cuntrags.

  13. Are you fucking kidding me? What a bunch of puds! There is nothing mentioned of "Twilight" or "Summit" on that merch so I don't get it.

    You should sue them. They gotta have "Lawsuits for dummies" at the library or something. Lets all chant the phrase made famous in that 1980's classic movie "The Legend of Billie Jean"...... FAIRS FAIR! The we can shave our heads. Well, that might be a little extreme. But still. I hope you have copyrighted your Twitarded logo!

  14. What? Fuck it. I'm going to buy stuff right now.
    Ass hats.

  15. unbe-fucking-lievable!!! Summit is so full of shit! seriously that is fuckin' ridiculous!!

    There has got to be a way to appeal this!

  16. i'm with um_natalie. i missed the "summit owns the fucking world" memo.

    you know what, summit? you are PISSING ME OFF. you have fucked us twihards over a few times now. i'm keeping score.

    UGH. i haven't even had the extra cash to buy any twitarded stuff yet *sniffle*.

    i might have to bust out my credit card (i hide them from myself, i can't be trusted) and buy something before it all gets taken down.

    UGH. summit, you are a big pile of shit!

  17. I just ordered my Twitarded merch...

    There has to be a way we can stick it to scummit! (I had to steal that one!)

  18. I think a studio has their underoos in a bunch over the cd debacle and is just lashing out. But to pick on our beloved Twitarded for somthing that is so very much a non issue is just bullshit in the highest order. I am summit seems to not have their shit together.

  19. FUUUUCK! This is ridiculous. I am really glad I got all of the merch when I did! How cool would it be to make some contraband merch and have someone from the cast wear it?! Have you tried to trademark your logo? What could Summit possibly claim about your logo infringes on their trademarked property?! So pissed off for you guys!

  20. Ridiculous! What are they gaining by doing this? Some people have too much time on their hands, what do they do surf the 'net looking for things to shut down. Arseholes.
    Summit sure as hell is not fan friendly. We demand an apology!!!

  21. OK...I have read and reread their email...and this is the only thing I can come up with. I clicked on their policies...and it says that they do not sell things that make fun of a disability. Summit supposedly contacted them because of the you think they are playing the "don't make fun of retards" card??? Just a thought..

  22. Whaaaat?!?!? Ok I was so pissed that I vented in my blog about it ( )

    because I didn't want to write a novel in this comment. But, seriously I mean really...what the fuck?!?!

  23. retarded |riˈtärdid| |rəˈtɑrdəd| |riˈtɑrdəd| |rɪˈtɑːdɪd|
    less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.

    Twitarded definitely refers to the social aspects of our development.

  24. What total asswipes! I hope you're planning to take some action with them on this. That's suck total bull!!

  25. You know the 12 minutes since I last posted...I decided that this is what happened...

    SUmmit is ALWAYS looking at the top blogs...
    They read you...
    They saw you sell stuff...
    They decided to bully Zazzle...
    Zazzle doesn't want to fight them...
    The end...
    This shit is right up my alley...I took down the Girl Scouts(no joke...they're a bunch of scalpers...long story

    ...this is nothing...

    Lets get 'em!!!!

  26. this is ridiculous - but I'm sad to say, so unsurprising by Hollywood douchebags

    I had to retweet immediately

  27. They're a bunch of Asstards! Makes me SORRY that I paid for the actual legitimate New Moon soundtrack today. See. We play by the rules, but Scummit continues to screw over the "little guy" when WE are the ones who keep them in business! After the way they treated Rachelle I had already decided that I was only going to see Eclipse just once in the theaters. Not over and over like the first two. Maybe not even on opening weekend. My own personal useless protest. I think all I can do with this one is to buy my twitarded merch tonight and send off a scathing letter to Scummit. Wish I could do more, but at least know that I am outraged right along with you. (Blecch.. I'm not too happy with blogger right now either cuz it won't let me fucking sign in with my cool twitard generated name. ) wait!! Maybe Summit has plans for a Twiwasgoinginforthekisswhenigotadickinmymouth movie, so the pulled it!!!!! Haha

    F Kat

  28. i srsly don't get this. Is this because you have Twi in the name. it's not the drawing. this is bullshit. who else are they bullying? class action perhaps? ireally don't get how they can do this legally. some twitarded lawyer needs to lend a hand here. STY - you have a sense of humor about this..what they hey ? grrr.

  29. I trust you emailed Zazzle back as well as Summit to demand an explanation? You should file a formal complaint. Strongly suggest you get a lawyer friend of yours - if you have any - to give you proper perspective. I cannot believe Summit did this to you guys! The nerve! You truly are working for them FOR FREE big time and this is what you get in return?!

  30. Twitarded could be a fan blog dedicated to Twitter if you pronounce it with the short i sound rather than the long.

  31. That is just so wrong!! Sorry those asses at Summit are raining on your parade, JJ & STY. You two came up with a fabulous idea and they just can't stand it that there is a clever & outspoken blog that they can't control. I also can't believe Zazzle caved so easily. BTW, I love my Twihead shirt and am going to go buy some more stuff right now before those idiots pull the rest.

  32. Argh, I saw this on Twitter last night and was appalled for you girls. Can't wait to find out what their argument is cos I really can't see what they can own. I wanted to offer my support, but honestly, the Brit prices on Zazzle are extortionate :o(.
    Is it time for the Twitarded army to pull their Bella dresses on again and come to arms???!
    I've taken drastic action over at Edbrella too ;o)

    V/W - vismists 'When I look at those pics of Rob on the sheepskin rug, my vis-mists over and I can't see a thing'

  33. I would contact zazzle and inform them there's been a mistake.

    If they're saying twi belongs to them, they're full of crap, if it belongs to anyone, it's SM or little brown.

    and they don't own Mr Snarky's doodle period.

    Also, if you haven't already, you need to copyright both twitarded and the doodle!

    If nothing else, when they pull it down, set up a new zazzle account and upload it again!


    Don't they know that Twitarded is the Holy Grail of all Twilight sites for people over 18??? Are they upset because you discuss Twilight & smut on the same site or something?

    Zazzle sucks too for taking down your merch without even waiting for a rebuttal. This has to be disputed. Anyone with eyes can see your design does NOT infringe on anyone's trademark. Please get it trademarked ASAP. How about finding a top notch lawyer that will work for part of the winnings the way personal injury lawyers do? I'm sure a really good lawyer would be able to soak Summit for pain, suffering & who knows what else. Weren't you guys planning to increase what you are selling on Zazzle and quit your jobs so you can devote all your time to Twitarded? wink, wink

    Srsly, all Twitarded fans need to write Summit, not just the followers. This is one campaign I will spread around the Twitards at work.

    I'm off to buy some Twitarded merch & NOT from Zazzle.

    PS to mmMoxie - I don't like your definition of retarded. It exactly describes my "special needs" son. Shit. I keep trying to tell myself he will outgrow this stuff.

  35. That's it. I'm off to steal every DVD of Twilight I can find, and hand them out to random retarded people.

    After the retarded people watch the movie, they'll flock to this site and demand merchandise.

    Summit won't know what hit them!

  36. I am fucking beside myself. What a fucking bunch of bullies. I have no fucking tolerance for such asshattery. Summit can go suck big hairy donkey balls.

    My assvise for the situation:

    1) Complain. To everyone. Scream to the top of the fucking bloggosphere. Writer SM and let here know what those bunch of twats are doing to fans. I'm off to write summit and zazzle and tell them what a bunch of cunts they are.

    2)Go copyright that logo. If there's costs to that I'd be more than happy to help (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

    I can't fucking believe this. I'm so fucking angry.

  37. That's complete and utter bull shit :|
    I thought Scummit where arseholes for what they did to Rachelle, but now they are in the black book and shall never redeem themselves. They've fucked about with the wrong people when they started messing with the Twilight fans.

    I say you get that logo copyrighted asap. Then go to Scummit and throw in their faces that there is no was this is an infringement. Fuck sakes, I bet they're only doing it because... well... I have absoloutly no idea what so ever.
    There's nothing even close to fucking stepping on their toes with your image. And hell, if they're saying it's because of the word Twitarded or even Twi, they may as well sue the whole fucking fandom because we all use it EVERYWHERE!!

    JJ, STY... Go kick some corporate asses. I sure as hell would help if I could

  38. What the fuck? I'm going to buy my Twitarded-ORGINAL-drawings merch right now. How 'bout them apples, Summitt?

  39. @mmMoxie & Mrs P - I actually did pause for a sec to consider whether it was the "tard" part of this that caused the problem, but the memo/email specifically states that the policy "violation" is due to infringement on intellectual property rights. aaaand i'm still baffled. i DO like the "social development" bit - it fits - lol!

    Still reading comments - you guys are all awesome!

  40. As an (albeit Australian!) law student who has studied IT I can't see any basis for this claim...I would contact a community legal centre (assuming you have something like that there??) - I work at PILCH (Public Interest Law Clearing House) here in OZ and this sounds like a case which would probably take on - I think you should definately send them a letter asking them to explain the basis of their claim (and if you can get a lawyer friend to draw this up then even better!) - they might fack off after that...GREEDY.

  41. Well, I've thought it over, JJ's thought it over, anyone who has come within a ten-foot radius of us in the last 14 hours has also been forced to listen to us and weigh in aaaand nope - it still doesn't make a lick of sense. Apparently we must have pissed of some jr legal staffer at summit last week. seriously i wish i had a clue in the world what sparked this whole mess, but I am drawing a blank. we're not even a "top" blog - you can see our #s up there - we're not REALLY small but there are a lot bigger fish to fry in the ocean. if i don't stop scratching my head over this i am gonna draw blood soon.

    anyone with any legal chops who hasn't already done so, please feel free to email us!

    and thanks to the person who tweeted the copyright info to me last night! we're on it and that shit's going in the mail on monday morning (can someone say "another unproductive week for RL/office-worker-bee STY"? yup, that's how i see it!

  42. Argg, I meant IP NOT IT...1am here :P Also might be worth publicising this AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE - and then you might be able to get the R-patz remedy (although I'd be quite happy to write a letter of demand in that regard) hehe.

  43. Beyond ridiculous!! I quick ordered a tshirt and travel coffee/liquor mug. Hopefully my order won't be cancelled!

  44. I've been in a 4-day flu fog, to finally wake up and find this crap. WFT?!! Summit has no idea what will happen with the Twitarded Army up in arms. I'm ready to toss my whole bottle of Nyquil at 'em, along with flinging their own shit back at them. It's like the Eye of Sauron has found it's way into Twitardia. Stay strong Frodo, you can do it!

  45. This is pointless. Hey Summit! If you are looking to make some money how bout this Australian washing powder it uses the word Twilight oooooooh

    shut the fuck up.

    are they gonna sue Twitter for having people TWIitter about TWIlight?

    How TWItarded and bizzare. To go after you guys like that. SUE THE HOLY SHIT OUT OF THEM.

    we need to start a fund for a lawyer. OMG im like totally pissed for you guys. The nerve of those dickwads.

    what about those etsy people, now there i can see some major copyright issues going on....

  47. Can't you challenge this? Summit does not own all things vampire or the prefix "twi." They do, however, own the "tard" in Sum-tard-it.

    Challenge it. They don't have a case!

  48. What the fuck?!

    Summit needs to cut the bullshit. They keep pulling this kind of fuckery.

    I don't see how that key chain is any way linked to Summit or infringes on their property.

    Note to Summit: Enjoy it while it lasts because once you're done filming the Twilight Saga and no longer have Robert Pattinson as your main star you'll see that it won't be so easy.

    Karma's a bitch.

    Sorry they did this to you girls.

  49. This is fucking ridiculous!

    Maybe Apple should go after Summit for using an apple on the cover of Twilight. Clearly that is copyright infringement according to the Summit rules.

    Scummshitt Sucks. Like FP said, good luck when your meal ticket leaves to pursue other projects.


  50. Perhaps Summit think they have the copyright on fangs?..

    (can't believe i'm not joking when i ask that.

    Stupidy Stupidy Stupidy (to quote Blackadder. Did you guys ever get that over there?)

    Seriously, I can't see anything that infringes on any damn thing.

    SumTwit can fuck off.

    I'm heading over to cafe press right now.xx

  51. *just browsing at cafe press*

    Can't believe you guys have a thong. you want your-twitard(c)-selves next to our snatches? lol.

    (also love the new blog header) xx

  52. Wow. I've been out of the loop taking care of my brother-in-law's two girls while he and my sister-in-law are away for the weekend. I had no idea this was going on. What an ASSinine thing for Summit to do. Don't they know that they aren't supposed to bite the hand that feeds them?!

  53. that's right - i want mr. snarky's design all up on your lady-bits.

    : )

    glad you like the new header!! and thanks to Mrs. Vanquish for designing it for us in a jiffy!!!

  54. OK, JJ and STY... I talked to my hubby who teaches IP mumbojumbo. He basically said you're screwed. =(
    You can get a copyright, trademark, etc, but if your retailer doesn't want to sell your stuff, you can't make them.
    While you haven't claimed any twilight connection on zazzle or in the merch, your blog is almost entirely dependent on Twilight. (Don't hate me... cuz I do love you two.) This will make any claims on your part difficult to prove.
    It seems that Suckmit is just trying to push their weight around. The question is, how much time and money do you want to spend trying to see whose britches are bigger.
    If you have any questions, PM and I'll send you my hubby's email. GL

  55. @Rachel1042 - sending response to your gmail acct - thanks for chiming in! We are in over our heads hear (and we won't even get started on the pitiful states of our wallets... will lawyers work for dust bunnies? snarky humor?? no?? fml...)

  56. @Mrs. V. You're da bomb. Nice header! Love it.
    @STY I would definitely argue this with Zazzle. It's the principal that the logo you've uploaded is original and it belongs to you. There is no copyright infringement and unless Summit has made a pencil drawing version of Twilight that I'm not aware of, they can not remove your product. Actually why only the keychain? Are they removing all your products? I'd zip them off a letter and cc your *attorney Jenny Jerkface* on the letter. Photographers don't copyright every photo so you not having not copyrighted your logo shouldn't affect your argument. But I see you're doing it and better safe than sorry and good for the future. Good luck with this shit and DO NOT let Zazzle get away with it. At the very least. Fire back with a threatning letter. I'm not an attorney but I deal with legal documents every day and represent owners. Zazzle has no grounds.

  57. Show of force! Show of force! I take one day off to wallow in family and Emancipation Proclamation (owns my ass right now) and all hell breaks loose! Total fucking bullshit! I will do whatever will be helpful. Letters, phone calls, e-mails--I can be REALLY persistent and annoying--put me to work. I will also ask a few of my lawyer friends if they have any knowledge about this kind of shit.

    This is completely fucked up! Love the addition to the logo up top--love you two!

  58. That is bull. I cannot believe that Zazzle would cave like that, but I can believe that Summit would try something like that. I'm sorry :(

  59. WTF? No way? Who do they think they are? Fight for your design & get it back!

  60. What I don't get at all, you can buy tons of shirts with Twilight quotes which are "fan made" and this is nothing else than the Twitarded stuff. Just that "Twitarded" is even more creative and unique.

    Well yes it IS related to Twilight and no one can deny it. But then they would have to remove also all the other shirts as well.

    And what about Cafe Press? It's the same, or even worse because they have TONS of fan made stuff.
    Why Twitarded? I don't get it, really

  61. Well, I think Summit people have a pretty big idea of themselves, don't they? What would ever make them believe that two vampire girls are a straightforward reference to Twilight? Is Twilight the only vampire film/thing/story ever made? Personally, when someone says "vampire" the first thing that comes to mind is Dracula and not any of our beloved Cullens. Seriously, even if I am a big fan, Christopher Lee is incomparably more vampirey than the tame Twilight vampires. Back to the story, you were actually referring to the Twilight universe. SO WHAT???? Did you do something wrong or insulting or anything even remotely against Summit policy (besides stalking RPatzz with an urn)? NO, you didn't. Did you plan on making money (because it all comes down to that) while damaging their own profits? I don't think so. Do you plan to claim any rights against Summit? NO (even if you should).
    All I want to say is that Summit has no right to be feeling "infringed" (is that a word?) by your actions. And by what? A simple drawing that depicts two vampire women? (which I haven't realised by now, I thought they were your cartoons. I never really noticed their fangs) I mean, you have to look real close to see what the keychain really is, for fuck's sake!!! And suddenly Poor Summit feels insulted by a (very clever and artistic) drawing on a keychain??? For the name of RPattz, are we serious??? If your small discreet keychain's design "contains an image that infringes on Summit Entertainment's intellectual (I object, btw, because where is the intellectuality in this story?? An intellectual adult or company would never do something so petty.) property rights", then what about the THOUSANDS of artworks out there that are Twilight centered? And I am talking about fan-made stuff like pictures, videos and fanfic stories that make our days much more than their stupid films do! And some of them are much more insulting and unartistic than your fabulous and intelligent logo, still they are not after these. So, they start with Zazzle, and go where? Youtube? This is something very serious, as it is, beyond everything else, a violation of the right to free expression of ideas and artistic creation. The next thing we hear is that they prohibit any future creations about vampires, because they have trademarked Twilight!
    Oh my God, this is all so surreal I can't believe it is happening. After all, art is not a result of parthenogenesis, every artist draws inspiration from something. Should Muse have Twilight banned because SM mentions their name as inspiration? Or should Linkin Park make SM remove the papercut scene because it is a reference to their song? So, it comes down to that: Summit Entertainment is a company. Stephenie Meyer is the artist whose ideas you stole and "intellectual property rights" you infringed on. So, why is the company complaining and the artist isn't? Isn't the artist's right to judge whether they grant their pemission to use their ideas? So, as long as SM isn't claiming any rights (and she would be very petty and humourless if she did), you keep up your great job. Summit's people are jerks (sorry, no Creative Cursing book here) and obviously have small cocks (thus the inferiority complex that makes them hunt down independent creators and ban their creations) and are jealous of your inspiration and creativity. Period.
    So, darlings, don't be too sad. Let's just all boycott Zazzle and be done wth it. There's plenty more fish in the sea.

  62. Aw!! Thats so shit!!

    The only thing I will say is sometimes its like a program they run and zazzle would do that weekly and if it contains words etc that are copyrighted they take it off (kinda like you tube do with music)

    You can appeal and it will probably be fine. Like You tube if they have it wrong they won't continue with it!

    You should email them!! :-(

  63. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! This is the most riduculous bullshit I've ever seen!! There is absolutely no way this infringes on Summit's "intellectual property." I can't even imagine how pissed y'all are! I'm outraged for you! Let us know if there's anything any of us can do!

  64. I had something similar happen to me. Some merchandise made that said "Get yer panties ripped at The Office" was taken down by Cafe Press for copyright infringement. Now I've never seen the show, but if there's panty ripping going on I should probably check it out.

  65. are you FUCKING kidding me!?! How anal are these suit wearing fuckers that they can't let things be??? I don't see how in hell you two are infringing on anything of theirs except for spreading the love of all us cougars who are after Rob and Taylor!!

    I am more than willing to donate to your fund to get you copyrights to that design!! Now off to buy my merch before Cafe Press takes it down too - Fuck off Zazzle and Scummit!

  66. I don't understand why Summitt wants to piss the fans off the month before New Moon comes out. This makes no sense at all. Your design doesn't even refer to Twilight. Are they going to try and shut down every site out there that sells Twilight stuff? I thought they were idiots when they screwed around with Rachelle, now they've confirmed it. Now, off to buy a t-shirt, if it's not too late.

  67. Every day the world amazes me with the idiotic things people think up to do to one another.

    If you haven't, the very least you can do for yourself is snatch up drawings you have around the house, put them in an envelope, mail them to yourself and then NOT OPEN IT. I know in Texas this is the bare minimum for copyrighting. At the very least it'll establish a creation date. you may want to mail several packets to yourself.

    I hope you ladies get this cleared up and I hope Summit gets down on it's knees every day and thanks God for sites like this who maintain the frenzy needed to get butts in theater seats.

  68. Since Summit thinks they own the three letter T-W-I, they may want to shut down TWItter, too. Just sayin...

  69. Isn't parody off limits?

    The movie isn't called "Twitarded" (although it could have been). Summit isn't selling "Twitarded" merchandise, are they?

    I don't see how this is a conflict with their interests. Seriously...

  70. Oh girls! I am so sorry!

    I guess it is a backhanded compliment sort of...look at the bright side!!! Summit looked at your genious blog!!!

    I guess my twitared pin is like a collectors item now...maybe your items will sell on EBAY for twice as much!!! I was gonna forgoe the overnight sleeping in line for 5 days for the premiere but the though of camping in line with my twitared gear on is very tempting suddenly!!!

    We love u...I cant believe they targeted twitarded and not Robsten Lovers...I am suprised Robsten isnt illegal to say with all the power they have!!! gah! are we next?


    PS love the whole idea of using it as a bargaining chip for premiere TIX...nice one! *fingers crossed*

    You girls freaking deserve it!!!

  71. Yo,
    I just searched the Zazzle forums last night for info on this. It seems that anything with the tag 'Twilight' is considered fair game, and there's a bunch of die-hard copyright fascists (individual people - not even corporations) who trawl the vendor pages looking for violations to 'report'.

    I think it is simply the use of the tag 'Twilight' with the image of fangs (no matter how retardedly

    All those other businesses (including Surf washing powder) do 'ambush marketing' by using the word Twilight, but because there's no association made with vamps, fangs or biting -- just more 'romantic' connotations, which the word has anyway, then they can get around it.

    Bought a T-shirt, which I will wear proudly to NM.

  72. i think this is just summit throwing their weight around and unfortunately they have alot more weight than you guys do. they dont have a case, but they are banking on you not having the money/time/ability to fight with them over it. it sucks hardcore.

    wv: worid. sad cat iz worid for twitarded.

  73. Thank each and every one of you for chiming in - I spent my weekend (my "birthday weekend" no less! fuckers!) dealing with this and the fact so many people took the time to leave a comment makes me incredibly happy and proud of everything about the blog. sorry to get all mushy, but whether it was to offer advice, console us, tell Summit/Zazzle what a bunch of shit wads they are, or some combination of those three, I loved each and every comment. If there had been absolutely no response to this we probably would have shut out the lights and locked the door on the whole thing - lol!

    Thanks so much everyone for the support - it means more to us than you know.

    : )

    We'll keep you posted! We're not going down without a fight - not that we needed one more thing to take time in our days, but eff them if they think we'll just stand by and let them tell us they own our design.

    So there.

  74. Super duper sad face. I'm sorry girls - you know we've had legal problems at our little site - which have baffled Team and I. We're so small compared to many sites and we've been dicked up the ass on the same pictures everyone puts up - I'm sorry you're being targeted. I know this blog isn't a source of income for you guys, but a source of community and joy (Smut) and there's nothing worse than having someone shit on it.

    I love the merch - and am going to make sure to get my Twitarded travel mug before it is too late.

    Good luck with whatever fight you wage - stick it to the man, because certainly that image is your's ... and despite it's connection to Twilight, Summit can't own that. If Zazzle doesn't want to sell it. That's their loss.

    Good luck - hopefully some twitarded esquire is out there who can help.

  75. Are they fucking serious?? What a huge load of bullcrap! Go get 'em girls!

  76. That's total crap girls. I can't believe the assholes are doing that to you. Good luck taking the shitheads on.

  77. sorry for being anonymous - I'm too lazy to create an account right now.
    Anyhow, Summit does not have an infringement leg to stand on. None. Nada. I question whether this even came from Summit - talk with Zazzle and find out. I'm a writer and have a pretty good understanding of intelletual property rights, and this is not even close. The fact that neither SM or Summit has cracked down on the thousands of actual infringements that are out there makes me wonder just how real this is.
    This is one of those annoying things that you have to fight back on.Right makes might.

  78. I am so sorry I haven't commented until now, I just now saw this giant display of utter bullshit on Suckmmit's part.

    I'm so pissed for your guys! I had even just told a bunch of friends about your merch before this shit hit the fan. We will have to get a move on now ordering it!

    As someone who is not a lawyer (I just play one on TV. Except not really), I don't think they have a leg to stand on at all. Nothing about that design has anything to do with the movie Twilight, which should be all they have rights to. The thing that gets me is that THERE WEREN'T EVEN ANY FANGS IN TWILIGHT!

    I can't wait to hear the explanation on this.

  79. The keychain is awesome! Wish I had it.

    This is very sad, and while I do see how this could be an infringement of the IP, I don't get what Summit gains by taking you down. It's not like they will sell your merch. It's a stretch, really, cause that means that no one can make Twilight inspired art/merch. Where's the world going with this? It's really pathetic and unkind that you should be bullied like this. You don't deserve it. You girls have seriously made a huge difference in my life, cause you're the ones who made me come out of the closet. I truly feel for you.

  80. WTF!... They can't do that!...I'm sorry that you have to go thru this. I enjoy your blog and visit daily. Also, I want that damn key chain!...I went to cafe press and bought a tee and magnet.Im very excited!. :)... stay strong, you have an army of twitards that support you!

  81. Way to bite the hands that feed you Summit!!! What they don't realize is A LOT of their preteen/teen fan's mothers follow this blog >:(. Stupid move pissing us all off one month before New Moon.

    BTW...I have learned to properly say Fuck You because of you girls :). Used to be a wallflower! For that I will always love you girls!!!

  82. Sorry it was your birthday weekend STY. that really sucks :(

    Hope you guys have been able to find a way to do something constructive about it. Find a legal brain to talk to, write 'assertive' letter to Zazzle, etc.

    Is it worth getting a creative type on Etsy to start doing your stuff? Not that that is the point..

    There is a whole army of Twitards out there virtually-assembled itching to kick some Scummit ass for this but feeling rather useless. Short of buying some merch, don't know what to do. Can you set up a paypal donation account for the Twitarded legal assistance fund?! xx

  83. Ok, late as usual.
    I'm jumping straight to comment than I'll read all of your comments.

    I'm beyond pissed! What the FUCK? Can they do that?
    They can't!


  84. Well hell. I am so behind this week! The husband is to blame too. Since I would like to be married for another year, I had to go without my daily twitard fix and spend 'quality' time with the husband. I'm so sorry to hear about the crap you guys have been going through. I agree 100% with everyone when I say WTF?!?!?! Cummitt, er I meant Summitt, needs to get over their power trip!

  85. BTW, Zazzle really needs to put the Twitarded keychain back up for sale. I am totally going to get a few!

  86. Oh, I feel the pain. They have been pulling my items at about a rate of 10 a day. Even just the word "vampire" on my caps. I guess Summit thinks they own the word "vampire" and to top that, just a simple photo of an apple. They pulled that too.
    This is all I have left:*

  87. Kori/ Team Switzer-JacobOctober 27, 2009 at 5:57 PM

    Owning to newfound addiction to Wide Awake and all things written by angstgoddess003, I realize I have been behind in the Twitarded arena. So allow this to be my catch up...WHAT THE FUX?! O.o

    Summit...intellectual infringment....the hell. Nothing here belongs to Summit. They can shove a fat one. -.-

    I say sue them for a good amount of what they're worth, if possible. =]


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