Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sunday Anatomy Lesson With Robert Pattinson

Let's face it: we love the whole package that is Robert Pattinson [I said "package" - heh-heh...], but we probably all have our favorite bits and pieces [heh-heh]... Here are a few of my favorites (um, because they don't have ALL the goods on YouTube and I can only speculate on "other" bits...).

: )

Love those hands (and this song)!

Gah! Those eyes!

And of course we gotta have a lil' jawporn...

Hope it's as beautiful a day wherever you are as it is here in good ol' Joisey - I may actually have to peel myself out of the dark cave that is my living room and go enjoy the nice fall weather (hmm... maybe FSE wants to go to a pumpkin patch or something???).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Jawporn is my favorite!

  2. Happy Sunday to you too. Thanks for the Robporn as usual. It is a beautiful day in Seattle too and looking at Rob this morning is just the cherry on top.

  3. Gah! is it wrong for me to be drolling over the last pic of ROb's hand???!! What's wrong with me? And yet another sexy pic of him holding the mic. *brain melt down*

    Can't decide myself: hair-eyes-mouth-jaw-hands...
    I'm dying.

    Enjoy your day, ladies. Here (Portugal) we had a summer day. Now it's dinner time. Though I'm not hungry for food ;)

  4. Jesus's Sunday. Is nothing sacred? There's got to be a law on the books somewhere about JJ and Snarky "being expressly prohibited from melting panties on the holiest day of the week", right?

    Well...I see your YouTube RobPorn and raise you a Kickass Husband.

    My Edward


  5. I can use my imagination on most things, but is it crazy to really wonder what this guy smells like? I'd give an eyeball for just a little sniff..or maybe a ripped piece of clothing to pull out and smell at special moments? I scare myself. No thanks Rob, I don't need an autograph, but um.. can I smell u?

  6. god, i want to lick him.


  7. Poor JJ, i hope the moving is going ok. is it all done now??

    i've made some twitarded inspired cocktails for your pleasures:

    (i'm like an annoying insistent toddler clamouring for your attention..)

  8. Now all I need is a fucking sex video starring Rob and I'll be happy... OK, I guess I'll even volunteer to make the gah damn thing with him... twist my arm.

  9. Oh and I think it was a beautiful day here in Maine too... if I actually ever got out of my pajamas to check it out!!

  10. It is a sucky day here in Hawaii.. It's freaking muggy as hell and raining. Arghh. Good video making day!

  11. Here in Illinois, it's cold outside (we had fucking snow flurries yesterday, people!) but it just got a whole lot warmer on the inside ;)

    Jaw porn is still my favorite, though, especially scruffy jaw porn.

    0.23 - Where can I get this picture?!!

    1:01 - It's hard to believe the Robuniverse was not created after this pic was originally released. He totally could have rocked that look/hair for Edward, too. His face looks like the perfect marble Stephanie wrote about.

    Thanks, again, STY!

  12. Since we're doing weather reports, it's cold and cloudy in northern Colorado but I don't care because I spent the day reading fanfic and watching Denver go 5-0! Woo Broncos!

    Loved the jawporn although there was a little too much Cedric - I tend to look over my shoulder for Chris Hanson when I have impure thoughts about 19-yr-old Rob. That's probably why I love scruffy Rob so much - reduces my perceived perv factor. A little.

  13. Fuck. Me. Could he be any hotter? I just wanna lick him all over like a chupa chup.

    @SparklyMindy: You're not alone. I really want to smell him. Glad I'm not the only one with a smell fetish!

    It was actually a really nice day here in Ireland *gasps* Made a nice change from the crappy weather we've been having lately. Stupid shitty unpredictable rainy country...

  14. me and my sister are definate twitards in the closet, this is our first post for fear of bein second hand embarrassed!! we just wanted to say that STY and JJ and Rob of course, make us chuckle so much we almost need tena lady (nappies for old ladies in UK,) forgive the spelling (we may have been downing cheap vodka) anyways, while we luuurrrve watchin ar t'old R'Pattz, (very much, so much so we make dribblies and wake up with such hardcore thoughts i feel like i should be direcin the twilight porno!), and whilst we are sooo obsessed we honestly believed it was Robward askin us if we wanted a Big Mac at Mcdonalds, (we totes said Haale yes!) we just wanted to say we love you guys and you make us feel normal and loved, and that we are not alone! BIIIG THANK YOU!!! XXXX

  15. I'm all about the fingerporn! I'm not even a 'hands' girl, but THAT makes me one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. @ Mary - I loved reading about your very own Edward. You are a lucky woman.

    Now my husband is no where near an Edward but he did just do something pretty darn wonderful for me. I had asked for an i-pod for my 40th birthday that would be loaded with the playlists for all the books from Stephenie Meyer's website, the soundtracks and any Twilight videos. Well he did it... he bought a RED i-pod because he thought that was the most appropriate color for my TWIPOD - yes he called it that. How precious is that? I was suprised how excited he was about getting it and loading it with what I wanted.

  17. In Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend. With all of the company and meals I have been unable to check my blogs, most importantly, this blog. So I was going through Twitarded withdrawal after two full days away from my computer--at about 10 p.m. I started imagining what your posts were this weekend... "WHAT HAVE I MISSED" I almost screamed aloud.
    So, here I sit @2:30 a.m. scanning and viewing everything, and I can finally say on this day of giving thanks that of 3 things I am absolutely Thankful: 1. The evidence Twitard presents each day that I am not alone in my obsessive weirdness
    2. That something called Jaw porn exists and I am now addicted to it
    3. Robert Pattinson *sigh*

    I heart you two ladies!

  18. @suzpetals---I am so with you on the pics of clean shaven Rob--they make me feel old and dirty (which isn't totally bad, but) I too LOVE scruffy Rob; the whiskers add a few years.

  19. The JAW! *sigh*.

  20. i want to be that womans hands through his hair

  21. Love the video set to Sinead O'Connor...what a purrrrrrrfect song to showcase all of that yumminess!!!

    Ummmmmmmm Jawporn :)

  22. what a delicious jawline over an Adam's apple!!! so tempting!!!


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