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Robert Pattinson's Birthday Suit (Not THAT One!)

Hi! I'm just tryin' to pass as an average seventeen-year-old. Whatcha think?

I came across an interesting article last week on someone else's blog and for the life of me I can't find the link now - I thought I tucked it away for safekeeping but I think blogger was hitting the bong, got some late night munchies, and ate it! If you posted this last week and I left a comment lemme know - I always like to give credit where it's due! [Update! It was Two TwiGurls who hooked me up with this article - check them out! - and thanks, TwiGurls!] Because I would have missed this... And frankly, I think it's priceless because it's an interview with Tish Monaghan, the person responsible for what I consider to be some lame, inexplicable, and outright ugly wardrobe choices in New Moon. And because it doesn't point out the fact that a lot of the wardrobe s-u-c-k-e-d, I thought I would take that ball and run with it myself... In fact, I'll just focus on the outfits in the birthday scene and have more than enough to discuss!

Here's a snippet from the interview (you can read the rest here) -

You have to immediately like a costume designer who’ll admit that she’s wearing sweatpants while chatting with you from her Vancouver home. We phoned Tish Monaghan, who took over styling duties for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse, to talk about how Edward ended up in a suit, why Jacob’s muscles are bulging through his shirt (when he actually wears one), what department mandated that the wolf pack’s jean shorts be extra tight, and more. [Note from JJ: Actually, I'm wondering why on earth anyone would hire a costume designer who even owned a pair of sweatpants, much less actually wore them. You wear sweatpants when you have your period or are about to die - not to chat on the phone with a magazine.]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Anyone who’s listened to the Twilight DVD commentary knows that Robert Pattinson wasn’t a fan of Edward’s pea coat.
TISH MONAGHAN: He wasn’t a fan of the pea coat. He wore it in virtually every scene, and I think maybe he just got tired of it. I’m guessing. [Laughs] He just wanted a more mature look. That was part of Edward’s Grade 11 year, and now he’s getting into his graduation year, he’s in a relationship. He had worn hoodies and jeans and sneakers, and Robert, the director [Chris Weitz], and I all wanted to portray him more as a gentleman, more elegant and classic. With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing. He came out of the Edwardian period, around 1910. Of course, most of the gentleman from that time would be wearing suits, coats, hats, etc. We had to pick something that was iconic for the character that would suffice to be used throughout the whole film. At the very beginning of the film, he has one school outfit, and then there’s Bella’s birthday party and disaster strikes. So Edward ends up in that same costume for the remainder of the film. I was thinking of just putting him in a dress shirt and a pair of pants, but Robert wanted to be in a suit.

Sooooooo... apparently Robert Pattinson gets to take some responsibility for the suit. OK, fine - but this is the dude who thought "Better hold on tight, spider monkey!" was a good line and we've ALL seen what his personal wardrobe looks like! While I admire him for staying true to himself and not changing his hobolicious ways by donning the scads of designer clothes that could be his were he to just nod his large and very photogenic jaw in their general direction, it occurs to me (but didn't to Tish, apparently) that maybe he isn't the best person to ask for fashion advice. We love him, but he can't even button his shirt right most days.

This part in particular really irks me (won't SOMEONE please read the books? I am still available to be the on-set book-fact-check-lackey, ok?):

With our vampire characters, I always went back to the time period in which they were turned to see if there’s any element I could try to simulate in contemporary clothing.

Without going too far down the book-vs.-movie rabbit hole, wha-wha-WHAAAA?! Stephenie Meyer spent a lot of time describing the Cullen's wardrobe. And nowhere - to the best of my shoddy recollection of the half-dozen-ish times I've read the saga - is there any mention made of someone dressing in an "Old World" style that hearkens back to the time they were turned. Off the top of my head the only thing that comes to mind is that Bella's wedding dress is a modern interpretation of a style that would have been "in" in Edward's pre-vamp days (another thing to potentially fear in Breaking Dawn - eek!). In fact, I'd say the opposite is true: everyone dresses to perfection in amazing clothes that are never worn more than once. Bella does laundry a LOT in the saga... the Cullens? Er, not so much... They don't get too flashy (unless there's a party - then watch out!) - just elegant and expensive. Cashmere sweaters. Chinos. Button-down shirts. Buttery-soft leather jackets.

Going to the prom? Fine - bust out the suits! Going to your parent's house to celebrate your human sweetie's 18th birthday with the rest of the fam? I don't care if you're an obscenely wealthy 109-year-old vampire: you're probably not wearing a suit. The rest of the birthday outfits didn't fare much better. Except for Bella's - her outfit was PERFECT and I am not just saying that because I bought that dress and have a cute little black shrug/sweater and shoes to go with it - swear!

Ah Rosalie - this makes my pre-Twilight obsessed-with-makeover-shows self cringe. Sorry, but those spaghetti straps = meh. Not to mention the asymmetrical hem and clunky black pumps are not working (check the pic below - did they raid Stevie Nicks' closet?).

And Carlisle - sweet, sweet Carlisle. Fine, you have to look like the family patriarch. I get it. And you do! You're older than most of the cast even though Carlisle wasn't supposed to look much older than his twenties. But did I miss the part where patriarchs are designated by the wearing of scarves and multiple odd layers around the neck? He was so scarf-happy in this movie that I was left wondering if maybe he didn't have such a profusion of hickeys that left the wardrobe folk with no choice but to cover that shit up (Jennie Garth, I've seen the way you two look at each other...).

See? Less suit = better!

Proving my point: better still...

Best! Win!!!


  1. Win!!! I totally agree with you. At least, Bella's clothes were a tiny bit better than the ones in Twilight. Otherwise, all the Cullen outfits sucked! I truly, truly hope they hire a better stylist for BD considering they made a gazillion dollars now...

    And, let me just say again (for the nth time) that whoever did Edward's make up screwed up big time! He's got too much lipstick on and so not the pretty shade, too!

  2. Ugh, but even the pants in the clock tower revealing scene look heinous. Seriously, could they make his hips look any wider?! They couldn't just throw on some sexy jeans??

    But, okay, I'll give them that I do like this angle of the pants:


  3. ahh you are so right about Robs clothes. I absolutely hated the sweater he is wearing at the very end of the movie. His real birthday suit would have been much better:)

  4. I completely agree. It's bad enough that Rob himself no longer looks 17 and he will only look older in each movie they make...they had to go and make the wardrobe age him further.

  5. SNY, you're so right! Between the wardrobe and the reptilian eyes, they did all that they could to make Rob less attractive. At least, the attempted suicide in Volterra made up for the rest.

    Kudos, per usual, to the insight of all that is Twitarded!

    JenKB, a new fan!

  6. The studio obviously needs a Twitard to monitor the making of Breaking Dawn and point out the crappy ideas before they become reality. I seriously wonder WTF they were thinking sometimes. I truly love NM, but it could have been even better.

  7. um, the same people are doing the wardrobe (and makeup too I think) in Eclipse. suuuuucks!!!

  8. ...and i can KIND OF ignore the heinous pants in the scene where he's half-nekkid because i am looking elsewhere (hellooooo happy trail).

    : )

    p.s. is it just me or is there a surprising lack of NM movie stills out there? I expected to find tons and instead I had a hard time finding photos to use. Is Scummit cracking down or something???

  9. There is a serious lack of stills...and I suspect even less for Eclipse. I've been using the same fucking ones over and over again...
    Bloggers need the tools man!!! Rome wasn't built on 10 snapshots!!!

  10. Indeed, SNY! Not to mention that there are way too few photos of the actual scene. When he "disrobes" on screen, it shows just under his "shelf" with no view of the pants, and it almost looks like he is nude (or at least that's where my mind goes). Of course, I know I'm preaching to the choir. Just agreeing with you wholeheartedly!

  11. Ugh! Sorry about the SNY....STY, that is....sheepishly walking away...

  12. Wait. Was he wearing pants in that Volterra scene? Oh right. That waistline slung sooo looww across his hips he coulda worn a potato sack and I wouldn't have noticed. My mind went elsewhere. Since nobody else provided that kind of distraction for me I DID happen to notice how heinous the rest of the wardrobe was. ('cept the green Bella birthday dress, natch). Yes I'd also like to break the makeup girls fingers. She can't manage to keep her hands off Rob's lips ( not that I blame her), but c'mon, he has naturally beautifully shaded lips. All in all I really think wardrobe & makeup (uh, including wigs) were the two biggest fails in an otherwise lovely movie.


  13. Oh god the wardrobe was awful!!.. and what was with those SHOES!!.. erk erk erk!!

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  15. Brilliant post, STY. You're absolutely 100% right. What were they thinking? I so loved how Edward was dressed in Twilight, with that wrist band. Mmmm. But in NM?! Yuck!
    I think that wardrobe girl is totally stupid. So what if he was turned into a vampire back in 1918. People fucking change, and conform to the times. Just look at Highlander! You didn't see him wearing a kilt in the 1980s, did you?

  16. Couldn't agree more that "Less is More" when it comes to Robward.....maybe he should have been the shirtless one in all his scenes...in cut-off tweed trousers. Every time I see those photos of his happy trail and his 'V' my nether regions tingle something fierce....and I don't even mind the tweedy trousers...in fact I kind of like them...in a sexy English male kind of way.

    Honestly the only thing that did bother me about the wardrobe was the suit jacket and Alice's wardrobe. Everyone else blended in to me. Why the hell did they listen to Rob? Seriously? Is he already abusing his Greek God powers? I guess I agree that it all could have been better in the end....and of course any one of us could have done a better job. So much low cost talent out here. You would think that in this economy they would be seeking us out.....oh and I am typing this in my flannel pajamas ;-)

  17. sty: i'm with ya. i'll break it down. wtf is up w/ alice's gear the whole movie?? she looks like a damn ragamuffin. and bella might not be fashion concious, but she's not blind or retarded either (see hideous vneck sweater over atrocious button down). i cringed at alice's 'vision' for aro...what the fuckity fuck was that 'alice in wonderland' bullshit??? also, tish made carlisle look sooooo gaaayyyy. i almost giggled. One point where we disagree: i fucking love suitward. rob may think he looks like a pansy, but i would fuck that pansy into next week...oh. wait. fuck. what was i talking about? oh yeah. i think edward looks good. i need to shut up now.
    ver: no shit? twinestr...mmm ya.

  18. Ok so I'm not one to talk, I just noticed my shirt is inside out, but who thought ugly ass brown shoes went with gray and black??!! Really... there was so much fail in the wardrobe department. So much
    I guess the only plus side to this is that robward did look goodish in the suite...oh another small plus Em look good in his vest/tie/dress shirt combo. But that was all!
    Suckmitt you're crappin' 100 dollar bills now, could you step it up! Gasp! What do you think they will come up with for Bell's wedding dress! 8/

  19. Agreed on everything *sigh*. Really, how hard can it be? Really laughed when you pointed out that Rob's not the best person to ask for fashion advice, very true! In that suit he just looks middle-aged, although granted, it's almost worth it for the effect of the trousers when he wears them on their own. You broke my dream as well, I dreamt about being in a shop and seeing those brown brogues last night *shakes head*, why do I never get the sexy Rob dreams?

  20. Please do a similar post on the wigs. Seriously - my friend and I stayed for the credits on our 2nd viewing and when wig lady's name came up we wanted to throw popcorn from the floor at the screen.

    Heartbreaking that these same people did Eclipse. I just hope a different director may have requested different looks. Ugh.

    And don't knock the sweatpants. Although they are now referred to as "workout clothes" - which is more appropriate since they never met any sweat. They do get a big workout on the sofa, though. I'm all about the comfort...

  21. Couldn't agree more -- however I wouldn't want Edward to be dressed a la Smeyer either: cream turtleneck sweater and khakis or sleeveless button-down shirts - what the WHAT?

    the makeup was just bad. he looked like a 30 year old mime artist.

    Carlisle and the scarves though I can explain: it says in either the twilight movie companion or CH's notebook that PFac thought that carlisle should be very self-conscious and protective about his neck as he still has scars there from where he was turned. so pfac is to blame, just as rob is to blame for his tweedy gramps look (he reckons the key to edward is that he is a really, really old dude).

  22. Hunt me down & kill me if you want but the only time Edward looked rootable in NM was when he walked across the carpark. All the vamps clothes (except for Em at birthday party)make-up & wigs were awful.(Jaspers wig especially). NM was a better movie than T but everyone looked a so much better in T. That suit was henious (saved only by losing jacket & seeing happy trail) & don't get me started on those shoes

  23. Mmh.. I agree with you all, and yet... I can't help thinking Rob looks hot even in this tweed suit. Kind of neat and classy. It's not so bad, although I prefer him the way he looks in the parking scene, with that lovely grey shirt (I want one for my man!). And I have no problem with the sweater and short jacket and nice tight-fitting jeans he wears in the final scene. No, my big problem is not really the wardrobe, but the LIPSTICK. That is criminal. As to the rest of the make-up, if you look closely, it's sometimes good, and sometimes too white, it all depends on the lighting. I think it's OK in the birthday scene for example. And it goes all wrong in the proposal scene, it's just too white. But just watch Twilight again and you will see it was the same: somes scenes were OK, in other scenes it looks so white and pasty it makes me cringe (beginning of the visit to the Cullen house with Bella, look at Rob's make-up - eek - moon-white face and pink neck). Look at the Volterra make-up in the kiss scene : it's really OK, actually I think when they're inside, Rob is not wearing any make-up at all and it looks beautiful. It's OK for the fight scene, too. Can't wait for some post on the proper use of liptick though..

  24. I pretty much agree with everyone. I didn't really notice Rob's wardrobe as much. I was busy staring elsewhere. Alice's wardrobe killed me. Fucking painting smocks?!? WTF! Brtual. And sweatpants are indefensible unless it's laundry day or you have your period.

  25. I think they shouldn't let Edward wear clothes at all in the movies. Can't he just run around nekkid all the time? I'd probably have to watch the movie every day if that was the case.

  26. @LKW: You stole my comment, bitch!
    Well, ok, I think maybe we're all thinking the same thing. It would certainly solve the problem of the old man suit. Love it or hate it, you've gotta admit nudey Rob is better ;)

    Is it just me, or was the make-up even worse in NM than in Twilight? It made Rob look so old. When Bella's telling Edward that she's upset because she's a year older than him, I was thinking "Like that matters, he looks thirty for fuck sake!"

    ps. Alice should get rid of her awful wardrobe and be naked too. It would make it easier to get the hubs/bf to go with you.

  27. SO true!! I blogged about this too. Unreal.


  28. I have to comment. I'm sorry I'm not a more active commenter, but I am a frequent reader.
    I totally agree with this post. SM really did take a lot of time to describe the clothing in her books.
    The only time I remember a suit of any kind was at the wedding! Where is the leather jacket???
    The party dress is very pretty but remember how Bella didn't have many fancy things? Don't think she wore a dress like that.
    With all that said, I must say it is a step in the right direction after Twilight the movie!

  29. Don't get me wrong, I still loved it in a "the-movie-is-never-as-good-as-the-book" sort of way, but holy hell!

    Too many ridiculously bad costumes and make-up choices to start picking apart now. It could take a while!

    Instead, we definitely need to get JJ or STY on-set for BD to keep the Scummit douchbaggery and contamination of the true Saga story to a minimum.

  30. This is one the of the reasons why I didn't like "New Moon" that much (oh the anticipation and then after watching it twice still MEH), the Cullens' wardrobe were really BAD! Edward was supposed to look like 17, not 300! And yes I agree, Rob is not exactly an expert on the clothes department (but we already know that guy can be stubborn at times, but we love him anyways :p)

  31. So totes overheard by the 80-year old great-gramma sitting directly in front of me during my 5th veiwing:

    (Set-up scene: Edward steps into the meadow wearing a gray overcoat with homoerotic velvet-tipped lapel. Bella sez: "Edward, don't. She'll see you.")

    Gramma pipes up loudly, addressing her 30-something granddaughter "OOooo. Sweetie...that's a nice coat. I had one just like that when I got my first job."

    30-Something replies, "That's great Nana...turn down your hearing aid, mk?"

    I have so much more from my geriatric commentary experience (I literally grabbed my purse and got out a pen and the back of my checkbook register so I could take notes), but I'm saving it for my blog.

    The Cougar's Den

  32. Agree, agree, agree. Also hated Alice's wardrobe - I know that gray grandma dress was supposedly Michael Kors, but I doubt he meant it to go on a teenager.

    I just can't find Edward as raw, dangerous, and sexy as I did in the books when he's dressed so refined-ly in the movies. The freshly-effed hair doesn't match the flawless, too-mature, wrinkle-free suits. Put that boy in a pair of dark jeans and a white button-down!

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  34. I agree the wardrobe choices in the movie wasn't the best. I saw Tish on "Rachel Ray" and her personal wardrobe was to be desired, which now makes sense because she admitted to wearing sweats during her phone interview.

    Any way, the worse outfit of the entire movie is what Bella wore to school on her birthday. That multi-colored vest over that floral shirt - I vomited a little in my mouth when I saw that on her.

  35. I'm in agreement with the total lack of style in any of the clothing in NM and don't get me started on the wigs... What is that a dead cat on Jackson's head.. WTF?!?

    Funny thing when were hanging out at the circus during the filming of Eclipse the PA's were walking a dog that belonged to one of the makeup women. We got to know the PA's really well and they brought the dog over to meet us.

    Hmmm... coulda held on to the mutt and made her improve upon the makeup?!? A little twitard revenge...

  36. I must still be riding my New Moon high a little because I can't bring myself to pick apart the wardrobe. Actually, I think it's because suited Edward definitely didn't look 17 and he never does when I'm reading the books either. My 40+ hormones like it that way, thank you very much. That said, I know I'll play the parking lot strut over and over and over when I get the DVD.

    I agree about the lipstick - it still reminds me of a shade my mom used in the 80s and his lips are perfect the way they are. Alice's clothes sucked and the 'vision' outfits were ridiculous; wardrobe lady obviously didn't read BD yet.

    End of the day, LKW is right - just forbid him to wear any clothes and we'll all find common ground.

  37. Well, though I do agree entirely with your post about the wretched and most uninspiring wardrobe choices EVER in a movie, Edward did once say (I think it was in Midnight Sun) that when vamps are changed, their tastes are kind of set in stone as well, so I have no problem with the idea that the vamps wear things that harken back to their making date. However, the 1980s suit that Robward wears is NOT from the turn of the century, classic or not. That damn thing isn't even from the 40s. Those shoes? Those pleats? gah. The only thing salvageable about that suit is the gorgeous fabric. The costume designer for Twilight got it utterly right in every way, most especially with the pea coat that stupid Robert hated. It creates a character you idiot, with some class and edge and maturity as well as still looking young, something your blue grandpa suit does not. I'll join you two on set if they hire you. (Costumes do not = makeup though, which imo, was better in NM, but only just. The wigs were somehow worse.)


    What I can hope, can't i? ;Junie

  39. Speaking of the movie, I admit Dr. Cullen looked like he needed a pipe and a leather chair. Just too old fashioned.
    Alice, was dress like the 50's and way to over the top. I didn't picture her outfits at all like this while reading the books.
    Edward, the outfit that bugs me the most is in the dream sequence when he's wearing that one grey trench. He does not look like a 17 year old in high school. Rob is dressing like some one in his early 40's.

  40. I am still trying to get over the ridiculous removable sleeves they put on Alice on the same scene where she casually drops from the top of the stairs at school. Talk about acting inconspicuous, Ms. Vampire.

    I know how horrible it is to know you saw something somewhere but can't remember where. If it helps, I saw the article at Twilightlexicon here:


  41. I'll admit, the costumes don't bother me as much as they seem to bother everyone else. With one glaring exception -- Alice. Her clothes were the WORST in this film. The one person who is suppose to be the BEST dressed of all of them, and she looks like an old lady for most of the film. I like Edward/Rob in a suit. Maybe this one could have been better tailored, but it's pretty "classic" which is what they were going for... Now, I'm not defending this costume woman by any means. She clearly doesn't "get" the Cullen style. But if this is the only thing we really have to complain about in New Moon, then I'll gladly cope.

  42. THANK YOU for saying what i've been saying now too:

    (rob i love you BUT) why the hell are they listening to him when it comes to wardrobe?!

    dress him like it says in the book--that's what makes him APPEALING--not those f-ing shoes that i've wanted to burn since the first time i saw the volturi scene on the trailer!!!

  43. Am I the only one that liked Edward's clothes in New Moon? I did like his clothes in Twilight, though, too. As for Bella's clothes in NM I thought were fine. But all the rest of the Cullen's clothes were definitely not flattering.

  44. I know it has nothing to do with the post but ... have you girls ever had problems with family or friends over twilight ?

    today I got yelled at by my mom ´cause apparently she thinks I´m too old for this kind of stuff and should stop liking it ( I´m 20 btw ) , I´m really sad ... I feel stupid


  45. @Luciana Garbim - You're not too old! Pfft. 20!? Shit you can lust after Taylor and it's not weird. In fact, no one is too old for this stuff. I think a lot of us keep our twi-obsession under wraps. But trust me, this is the place where you can totally let loose. Welcome!

  46. NM had a lot of misses for me including the dopey wardrobe. I guess I could excuse Twilight's issues because it was more of an indie/low budget kind of thing. NM....sorry....it was a FAIL for me.

    Can't wait to see how the team fucks up Eclipse!

  47. I'm drumk, don't know why I need to tel you this other than I hang out here so much. I am drunk for the first time in a couple of yrs.

    thanks for listneing :)\
    I love you people~!

  48. @sparkle - Awesome post! I love that you're drunk mid-week. We love you too :)

  49. Hey Luciana, I'm 45 for fuck sake. At least you can lust after Taylor, he's only 3 years older than my son and Rob is young enough to be my son! My husband thinks I'm a complete idiot but if you like this shit, make the most of it. Join us old skanks and get the best laughs and age has no bearing on enjoying ANYTHING

  50. I couldn't deal with the clothes. Alice, my favorite, was so not my favorite with that giant buttoned striped ass thing she had on in Volterra. WTF.
    Almost as bad was Carlisle in the scene you have pictured here. He looks like a ginormous toddler. so not good.

  51. Luciana-I'm 42-don't feel bad. Hey, give your mom a copy of Twilight and set her free. :)

  52. Hey SNY and JJ, I think it was my blog that you guys got this from becuae you guys left a hilarious comment on the post. I'm from Two TwiGurls. Yepp, TwiGurl here! You guys are right though, I truly think that they hit the sauce and decided none of us know what we're talking about! www.twotwigurls.blogspot.com

  53. Ummm, I actually didn't mind the suit too much, but that peacoat was fucking ridickydonk. HATED Alice's shit, HATED Rosalie's dress with those clunky ass heels. Esme was okay, though.

    I have an irrational hatred of sweatpants, jftr. I'm not talking yoga pants, either. I'm talking about the pants that have the elastic at the waist and ankles. I don't know why but when I see them it just pisses me off. Yup, I'm fucking crazy but you all knew that.

    @Luciana - You're not too old, darlling! I'm 32! I know some people have probs with friends and family when it comes to Twilight. That's why they come here! You're always welcome to say whatever you here. :)

    @TwiGurl - I'll have to check with STY. Thanks for the link!! Mwah!

  54. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I felt the same way. The wardrobe was awful. I thought it would grow on me or thought maybe I just do not have a sense of fashion/style. You guys nailed it and I am glad I am not alone.
    You lovely ladies are awesome!

  55. @Twi-swearstoofuckingmuch @Stacked Like Sookie @SusanaSparklesInTheSun
    @Jenny Jerkface

    Thank you all so much , I don´t think age has to do with anything but some people make a big deal out of it , I feel even older than I really am on others aspects of life but I just happend to like Twilight , what can I do ?

    Besides , I woudn´t give up on it anyway , one of the reasons is Twitarded , I read every single post , I don´t usualy leave comments or anything but I REALLY admire everyone who writes here


    Thank you again

  56. I know I'm late on this one but STY I love yo syle! Too funny for words!
    Oh and the fact that the same chick that designed the clothes for NM did it again for Eclipse is new news to me and I officially want to vomit!
    All we have to go off for Edward in Eclipse is the one still with him and Bella in the meadow...and it looks promising bringing out the sext beast that he is in his 17 years old clothes.....but now you are telling me there is a chance that they are going to bust out the suit again????? Friggen A!!!

  57. Carlisle's neck accessories - WTF?! I get the whole dad thing and the scars, however, they didn't overdo the scarves nearly as much in Twilight as they did in NM. When your neck is bulkier than your waist, there's a problem.

    Alice's wardrobe - I see the direction they were headed, but the only outfit that came even close to passing was the first school scene. But holy fuckballs that stripe-y look at the end was fucktarded!

    Rosalie - Actually, I didn't hate her this time around. I agree that she was a little too bootyliscious in Twilight.

    Bella - Ugh. The school-girl, happy Bella at the beginning was all kinds of floral and plaid. Why?

    Edward - LOL! I LOVE that you ladies are calling it the "grandpa" suit. That's exactly what it was - an old man suit. He's definitely supposed to have a more sexy look than the early-bird-special suit. And we had to see it all movie long.

    @Track 10 - I totally agree about vest-clad Emmett! Too cute!

    @Rob's Bitch - I'm with you all the way about the "work-out clothes" or as I call them, my "comfy clothes." As soon as I'm in the door, I'm wearing a nice comfy pair of yoga pants. :)

    @JJ - I too find traditional "sweatpants" cringe-worthy! They're kinda creepy for some reason.

    WordVerif: stankfdo. Don't feed Rob any of that stankfood.

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  59. Am I just mentally 12, or does anyone else think it's hilarious that Edward is from the Edwardian period?

  60. Oh no, the NM wardrobe lady is doing eclipse too? gah. actually I now remember something Charlie Bewley (demetri) said at the Twilight convention about Cullen costumes for Eclipse, and now it's all ringing warning bells. He said the Cullens are all wearing sweatpants in the battle scene.

  61. Yup, wardrobe = epic fail! Why on earth would anyone listen and actually use Rob-and-his-three-thirt's input on wardrobe decisions? Even though he is The Hottness anyway, suits really are only for awards shows for him!! The bad suit ages him by at least 10 years...and he's supposed to be passing as 17?? Weird, just weird.


  62. What they're doing to Alice is killing me. I was pissed in Twilight that they had her in flats when she clearly covets stilletto's. Nothing she has worn in either film has come anywhere near close to how I imagined her from the book. Stephenie Meyer was onset quite a bit right? Why didn't SHE say anything?! Like, "Hello, you're fucking up my characters!" I hate that they change some of the plot, but I can deal with it because it's a movie. I can't forgive them for totally disregarding character traits. Alice has a fabulous sense of style ... honor that!

    I agree with so many of you. Where is Edward's leather coat? Absolutely - put him in a sexy pair of dark jeans and a white button-down and I will swoon and swoon and SWOON. His HOTNESS will put any simple, elegant style over the top. Keep it that way - simple and elegant. Let Rob's face do the rest of the work.
    Rosalie - EPIC fail. That wig is hideous. If she doesn't want to dye her hair, fine. I thought it looked terrible in Twilight. But if you're going to give Rosalie-mutherfucking-Hale a wig, you better get the best freaking wig maker in the business on top of that shit. She is supposed to be the very incarnation of pure beauty. That did not translate. I would happily take her ridiculous dye-job from Twilight over that hot mess. And I also agree - what is with the dress? The spaghetti straps are childish and not flattering! She should be sexy and stylish and desirable and the envy of every chick in the vicinity. The sad thing is - none of this is Nikki Reed's fault. Someone help this poor freaking girl. She's beautiful. She's not the blonde that Rosalie should be, but she could still do Rosalie justice if the people around her were doing their jobs.

    Can we get this post AND the comments forwarded to Summit so they might have a chance in hell of getting BD right? Pretty please?!

    And sorry about all of the profanity. I just could not hold back on this subject.

  63. you freak me out with how much you read my mind. Spot on!

  64. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding !enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon!!


  65. Am I late or what?? I totally agree with forwarding these comments to Summit or maybe the to-be-announced BD director, so maybe they'll get a clue. These people are making lots of money to do these jobs, the least they could do is do them right! And when in doubt, they should GO BY THE BOOK! Is it really that hard??

  66. Great advice! I love the prevention tips. Thanks for sharing.


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