Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twidom To The Paparazzi: Leave Robert Pattinson Alone!

Here at Twitarded, we usually either slack on the weekends or find some cute/smexy/lol-funny/adorkalicious videos to post. But late this afternoon (ok it might have been late this morning but whatevs - we were both home nursing mild-ish hangovers from last nights get-together at my place) I got an email from Jenny Jerkface:

This is from Thinking of Rob Twitter - we need to participate!
  1. We need you guys to take a pic of yourself with your arms across your face or hiding. We'll post them on ToR and say "He doesn't want this"
  2. We're doing a special post at ToR. @emscharitykiss gave us a great idea. To protest pap pics here's what we're going to do:
So here's the scoop: the next few months are going to be fairly Rob-less. Yes, it hurts me too, but let's just admit it and know that somehow we'll get through it together. Sure, there will be the Remember Me to-do and maybe a little DVD promotional action, but we've been spoiled and we miss The Precious after last month's Rob-O-Rama. Sadly, the paparazzi are all too happy to feed on our desire for more Rob and I imagine that the price paid for Rob pics rises exponentially as he spends more time avoiding the spotlight and trying to catch a much-deserved break.

I get that being a movie star means people want to see your picture, whether you are on the red carpet or taking out your trash. And he's been very gracious about the whole thing - more so than most people would be! But it seems that the paparazzi are getting more and more aggressive every year, and their parasitic behavior has just gotten out of control. I don't want to see RPatts becoming any more of a shut-in [I typed "shit-in" but caught it - ha!], and I know that you guys want no part of feeding this ugly machine, either. Most Twiblogs already avoid pap shots for the most part - at least the ones that are clearly intrusive and unwelcome.

So here's the point of this ramble: Thinking of Rob had an awesome "let's band together and use the Twidom Force" idea! Take a picture of yourself in your best "LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FUCKING PARASITES!"-anti-paparazzi pose. Email it to They'll be posted on ToR to get the message out: He doesn't want this and neither do we.

Pictures below were posted earlier - mine too! - there were hundreds and they just keep coming... The response was so overwhelming that her blog crashed and tech folk had to be called in to remedy the situation. So what are you waiting for?! Grab your camera and snap away! Late-nite drunk pics are THE BEST! Um, not that I would know... Nope, no hair-of-the-dog Saturday night hijinks for me! Yeaaaah... Er, anyway - send your pics to - include your Twitter name or blog/website and get the word out if you have the means!

Robert Pattinson doesn't want this and neither do we!


  1. Just hypothetically speaking, what if a friend of mine, who is totally not me, does not show up on film? Fine! I'll do it. Tomorrow. Er, later today I guess. What time is it?

  2. this is so cool! i hope so many people catch onto this and it surfaces to the world..and the madness will settle down! sent my pic in!! can't wait to see how many we get

  3. it's effing late but at least you're here to keep me company!

    realized after i posted this that i too love a few of the rpatts paparazzi pics. fuck. can't i have it both ways?! i don't want him stalked/bothered/harangued. by anyone other than me. and i won't be taking pictures (well, if i did they would be for my own personal use - lol).

  4. Um...I'm gonna be honest. It feels like you are asking me to burn my black boots...but I understand just doesn't make it any less painful...

    I just wish the paps would chase him into my livingroom...

    I don't know,'s gonna be a cold long winter without any hobolicious rob photos to keep us warm...just being the devils's advocate...that's all!


  5. nah i get it! it was easy to jump on "leave him alone!" bandwagon and i think it's a good one to be on... that said, i wish there was a way have it both ways - like sometimes it's ok and we get these nice pics of happy rob... when he seems freaked out and is running away and obviously unhappy about stuff i feel bad though. i can't blame him & kstew for being to secretive because the attention would be 10x if they came out together. i get that it's a price celebs pay but it's just so much crazier and obtrusive than it used to be... he's not a media whore and i think he deserves to be able to walk down the street or scratch his ass without someone taking a thousand pics. ok fine i would look at pics of him scratching his ass. i admit it.

    i wonder how ticked jj is gonna be for my throwing our collective hat in THIS muddy ring? eek! well, we mean well, so there's that... right? right?! gah... : )

  6. Yes...we definately mean well. I shall join the cause. Can i put my phone # on my hand when I hold it up to my face for the photo so he can call me and chat about it??

  7. Done! And I just tried to log on to their site and it just keeps spooling. Yikes!

    @Mrs. P - Not the black boots!

    17 Forever

  8. I'm soooo doing this.

    I saw a post on another fan blog that had some very disturbing pictures of Rob at Marcus Foster's concert last night.

    I asked the mod to remove the most disturbing one and she did. I asked that she state at the top of the post that these were papp pics and to click at your own discretion and she did.

    But when another poster and I said that based on the feedback today and on previous posts that maybe not posting papp pics would be a good idea, she said no - that it would just increase the volume of traffic on sites like JustJared and Lainey.

    Hrm...I'm thinking she didn't want the traffic to be diverted away from her own site.

    I hate these pictures - I never watch the videos but sometimes the pictures are just there after the cut or jump and you have to scroll down in order to post your feedback.

    So. Need to take my picture and send it on and spend a helluva lot less time on that other site.

  9. is that taylor lautner in th first pic?

    i know it's not...or is it?

  10. PAPS are disgusting! What is worse though is the type of questions they ask, like in the most recent airport recording! oh well :( sent my pic to Thinking of Rob :)

  11. This is an awesome idea. I really hope Rob gets to hear about it, because I don't think that there was ever a case of fans loving a celebrity so much that they would actually do what's best for him, instead of doing what's best for themselves.

    I'm getting my camera out right this minute.

  12. I just heard about this on the news...wish we could do this here for these and all the actors!

    Queen Elizabeth II tells paparazzi to back off
    (AP) – 2 hours ago
    LONDON — Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has warned newspapers not to run unauthorized paparazzi photos of the royal family, Buckingham Palace said Sunday.
    The palace said a lawyer for the British monarch wrote to newspaper editors about six weeks ago telling them not to publish intrusive photos of the family at home.
    The palace said the letter was sent "in response to many years of the royal family being hounded by photographers on the queen's private property."
    The royal family has long had an uncomfortable relationship with photographers. Some people feel media hounding contributed to the death of Princess Diana in a car crash in 1997.
    More recently, Prince William and Prince Harry have been snapped emerging from nightclubs and William's girlfriend Kate Middleton was pursued outside her home.
    In 2007 William's spokesman complained about the "threatening" behavior of photographers.
    Prince Charles' spokesman, Paddy Harverson, told the Sunday Telegraph that members of the royal family "feel they have a right to privacy when they are going about everyday, private activities."
    "They recognize there is a public interest in them and what they do, but they do not think this extends to photographing the private activities of them and their friends," he was quoted as saying.
    The push for privacy is likely to be tested later this month when the royal family gathers at the Sandringham estate in eastern England for Christmas. In the past Sandringham has been a magnet for photographers, who try to get pictures of the family relaxing on the estate.
    Copyright © 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

  13. I walked around all day yesterday with that "No Paparazzi - Safe Zone" hat on. Anyone who got to close got a wagging finger and warning from me - "No pictures!!"
    I might be committed.

    WV: begrea -- maybe if i beg real hard RPattz will... well, you know... *g*

  14. Hooray! I've been wanting a movement like this for months, I wanted to start one, but as you can see from the activity on my blog that, um, I'd rather read them then write one.
    As for new pics of Rob... I can survive the winter savouring the jaw porn and other delicious pics from Pre-NM.
    Kudos for encouraging the movement STY! Now I must go prepare for my Pap inspired bathroom pic. :-P

  15. Yes, yes, yes! I feel icky looking at the pap pics knowing the poor sweet man can't get any peace from it. I'm MORE than content with the photo shoot pics!

  16. I feel bad for poor RPattz. The guy just wants to be left alone.

    At the same time, when you become famous you have to expect shit like this. I sometimes think it's so much worse now than it was 20 years ago for celebrities because the technology allows people access to them instantly.

    I'll have to take a picture and send it in.

  17. Every time I think you girls can no longer shock me, you do - and it makes me smile:) I'll admit I love my smutty magazines as much as the next person - but luckily, my fiance is against them so it keeps my obsession in check... but I much rather see high res photos when the stars are up for it than a blurry "is it really them?" shot. Maybe everyone backing off will make him (and others) more willing to let people in where it's appropriate.

    I'll make a pledge to not visit "Just Jared" which some of the other blogs I peruse link to and just enjoy stills released from the films, which despite your girls 'non-spoilers' self-rule will hopefully post occasionally?

    You girls rock my socks!

  18. I think we can live perfectly happy with his photoshoots he's modeled for :)

    done and done!

  19. I’ll have to remember to do this today. I could care less about his stalking photos.

    The photos that I adore are his actual photo shoots. Not poor Rob, stumbling out of a bar or trying to get from his cab to his hotel. So I support this 100%!!

  20. And the twats that twitter his location WHILE he is there should be hanged. They're throwing him into the arms of cannibals. Ignorant, obnoxious cannibals who yell out the most annoying statements at him.

    I'm thinking he's pretty good at being elusive though, as there are so few of these incidents. He's said recently in interviews that he finds ways of getting around undetected - so I'm hoping this is a rare occurence and he's getting to do what he wants in peace, most of the time.

  21. @Rob's Bitch - Seriously. First of all, why would it even occur to you to do that? I'm selfish, I would have wanted RPattz all to myself. I mean, if you tweet it you know it's going to spread like wildfire and the next thing you know you'll have a gazillion people there. What a moron that chick was.

  22. Hooray! I've been waiting for something like this to happen! There are so many fans, they must have some power to act... so I've just send a pic of lil' old me. I don't know if all this will have eventually any impact, but at least we're doing something!
    Remember what Chris Weiz said: "Papz are a very low form of primate".

  23. Come on ladies, we CAN do this! If we can regrow our Twi-hymen for a few weeks before New Moon, then we can just block out the "BAD" pics, as I shall now refer to them. This may perhaps lead to at least a short lull in the paps attack of The Precious. Or - it may lead to something bigger...

    I'm in 100%! I'll take my pic today and see if I can get my daughter in on it. Maybe I'll take a pic of me on the crapper, cuz I'd REALLY hate to be caught there by the paps...

  24. Well shit! I wish I woulda known about this last night when I was hammered with a capital HAMMERED! That coulda been a great photo op...well, there's always next weekend I suppose.

  25. @RobsBitch and JJ...

    Totally agree! Why share The Precious when I have him all to myself?? ;-)

    Never could understand that myself.

    Meanwhile, I had to recharge my camera so will take my pic today and forward it on!

  26. Not to detract from the cause, which I wholeheartedly agree with and will be participating in, BUT:

    Does this mean we get no Rob-related videos or fuckhawt "good"* pics? I look forward to my Sunday jawporn or my Sunday mouth/finger/eye/any-part-of-Rob porn. I'm just getting a little antsy. It's like my crack.

    THAT'S IT!!! Twilight is my crack, and STY & JJ are my dealers. How does it feel to know you've screwed me out of a normal existance? Yeah - FUCK YOU both. In the most loving way, of course. But the truth is - I didn't even find The Precious that hot until I discovered Twitarded so many months ago. Ugh.

    Okay dealers - I a feind, now where is my Rob-porn?

    I'm getting cranky, huh? Sorry. NOT! Where's my Rob?

    It's only 1:30pm here and I may have to hit the bottle early.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Sorry - I didn't leave my notation:

    *good pics - obtained properly
    *BAD pics - very much without Rob's knowledge of his possibility of being photographed.

    WordVerif: antring. A crime-ring of ant vigilantes.

  29. On a more activist note - does anyone know about the laws that protect celebrities' privacy? It may be something to look into.

    WordVerif: bersuppr. That's what's for dinner! It's the other other not-white meat.

  30. If people didn't buy the scuzzy magazines or go to the gossip websites the paps wouldn't have anyone to sell to.

    Rob is the flavor of the month right now. It's not gonna last forever and I do feel bad for him but that's all part of the price of fame. Trust me, he's making a shit load of bank and hopefully he's investing it well and doesn't turn out to be broke or a crazy like MJ.

    There could be a lot worse things than being stalked by the paparazzi, like living in a shack down by the river. I could think of a lot worse situations people live in but I really don't want to be a big fat downer.

    I know I would be throwing punches and kicks and have many a law suit if I were famous and those tards were two inches from my face flashing pics. Maybe people should start a movement to make a law that states the paps (or anyone else for that matter) can't intrude on your personal space. Lets say 6 feet or so. My own personal bubble is much larger. As far as the long distance shots....sorry, if folks are gonna buy it other folks are gonna take the pictures.

    I think it's great that everyone wants to protect Rob but honestly, nothing is going to change.

    Sincerely yours,
    Moxie the pessimist.

  31. Showing my web ignorance. I took the pic, how/where do I send it?

    And Moxie, you are probably right, but if just a couple of people look at these pictures differently because of the fan reaction, then that is two more people who won't buy/support these assholes. Money is what makes the difference...
    and if even a rumor of support gets to the precious (or those other people in the movie lol) then it is worth my shitty pic!

  32. Fabulous! I'm so going to do this!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  33. It's about time. Really what they do should be illegal. It just encourages things like what happened in New York with those crazy girls chasing him down. I like looking at him as much as the next twitard, but jeez let them all have some peace. They do their jobs and provide us all with such happiness. That should be enough. I'm in and soon as I watch the Goblet of fire for the 10th time on ABC fam.

  34. @mmMoxie - I agree with a few of your points there.... Unfortunately while there is money to be made there will always be paps! And thats why they are so ruthless, its all about the buck!

    I feel sorry for anyone who is flavour of the month as the 'Royal Trinity' of Twilight are at the moment- because they really can not do anything with out having all these mad people chasing them. Yes they are famous, and paid very well for what they do, with the perks of the glamorous lifestyle - but they are humans as well, and they deserve some time to just be them, and hang out, relax, go to the supermarket or drugstore or walk in a park without people taking pictures of them!

    The only way things are ever going to change is if laws are brought in to control the paps behaviour and ways they get their pictures, you can't blame any celebrity for becoming a recluse almost to avoid the ugly side of fame. It would totally do your head in after a while.... Like Woo hoo, I have a coffee in my hand! Wow. Now look, I have just stepped out of a hairdressers! Its different if its an event, where they are there as 'celebrity', but when you are just there doing your day to day, why should you be photographed???

    And I am as guilty as the next person for looking at the pics or flipping through the magazines when you see their name on a headline. But lately whenever I see those types of pics, its just makes me sad - you can blatantly see it in their faces that the last thing that want is the intrusion of being photographed...

    Anyhow there are my 2 cents and some.....

  35. @Twi_Chic Here, here. I agree. Very well put. I could not imagine some trying to take my pic in my current state: Bathrobe, bedhead, and all. :/
    RPattz has impeccable patience.

  36. Sparkle - you send your pic at
    - using any old email you have!

  37. this is a great idea -- I agree. We get enough pics without having to look at the awful pap pics...

  38. @Twi_Chic - Well said. I love some of the candid set shots, but I do not like to see anyone, let alone our precious being harrassed. I hate to see *airquote* photographers shouting stuff at him, chasing him, getting all up and under his face, you know what I mean. Those don't usually result in the type of picture I want to stare and drool at all day. Lol.

    Some have criticized ToR for her "Campaign of Respect", but I personally admire her for taking a stance. I don't think it's being done in an over-dramatic or idealized way at all.


    W/V: Ouvulle.....hmm.. Sounds like a conglomeration of some lady parts, which tend to get all hot and bothered and mixed up while viewing these sites. :)

  39. Your post made the Top Ten in Google Alerts for Rob Pattinson!


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