Friday, January 15, 2010

New Moon DVD Release!!! And Snarkier Than You HATES Me. Again.

This morning, as the train was pulling into Penn Station, I decided to check my Blackberry and found a message from my darling, sweet, Twi-Partner-In-Crime BFF:

To: Jenny Jerkface
From: Snarkier Than You

"New Moon will be released in the United States on Saturday, March 20, 2010."

you SUUUUUUUUUCK. Really. you and your stupid trip to sxsw too. if you don't have a wild orgy with bobby long & friends (omg what if "someone else" shows up?!) AND blog about it i will never speak to you again. i want pictures.

I should clarify - I will, once again, be going to the uber musical festival known as SXSW (South by SouthWest) in Austin Texas when the DVD comes out. It's a H-U-G-E thing. Sheesh, you'd think I'd done something like this before, right? Oh wait, I have...

I was debating whether or not to make STY wait until my return (which is the NEXT DAMN DAY, I might add) or be nice and tell her to go ahead and watch it without me.

Fuck being nice.

I better go see what's going on with Twitter - STY's probably holding open auditions for a new best friend... And she'll probably have better luck than she did last year.

P.S. OK Bobby Long, you have "cute & scruffy" down, but can you sing??? Because if I go to see you and not some other awesome set, you'd better be fucking good. Or have "friends" who put out [*wink-wink*].

So far, so good...
[pic via Shack Of Soul]


  1. 3/20/10 burning into calendar! YAY!

    No fighting! Remember...FOOORRRKKSS!

  2. Well - there's always Eclipse. I vote (like I have one) STY waits a day or maybe she can watch the movie but none of the features/commentary w/o you? If all else fails and she watches it I vote you drop an upper decker @ STY's.

    also - FOOOOOORKS!

  3. Can't wait till March 20, maybe I can hibernate until then, or a coma might work for me...would I remember to wake up though.

  4. fuuuuckk ~ that sucks! I don't have any RL twitards so I can only imagine if the one I had was up and leaving me...alone ~ on such an important day... TWICE!
    Wish I lived closer STY!
    Of course you could just use this against her for the next year...and reguire vast favors of your choice... or worse.

  5. My bff LizardStew isn't happy with me either. She wanted to have a double feature party - Twilight/New Moon - the weekend it comes out and I'll be out of town too. Now we have to wait until mid April to watch it together because of our schedules. So many social engagements, so little time.

    To be honest, I think I'd put SXSW higher on the list of priorities too. I'd rather be in weird Austin listening to awesome music than hearing the hideous NM soundtrack and watching KStew's constipationface.

  6. this texas girl has been to sxsw for the past 3 years, and i in no way blame you for wanting to go again! it's...fucking unbelievable is what it is.

    i fully plan on attending this year. it's a million to 1 chance that i would run into you in that madhouse of a city, but that would be fucking weird...and awesome.

    p.s. my word verification is bultst, which my mind immediately turned into bull testicles. i worry about myself.

  7. Maybe I'll just make the trip to JJ's big screen TV and STY and I can watch it properly. The day it comes out. BFF-less. Hrmph.

  8. I'm old enough to be your indie rock grandmother and have NEVER been to SXSW, so I have NO SYMPATHY. SXSW is a trip I'd want to make almost as badly as Forks. Maybe as much! I don't know! I'm confused. I do, however live around the corner from STY...

  9. I can't even TELL YOU how ticked I was when I saw the release date!!! No offense to the rest of the world, but I was really hoping for a nice Tuesday release, even though it's not what they did last year and gawd forbid we don't do this on a weekend so all the tweeners can go and wait at the mall and SQUEEEEEEE! their little hearts out... I REALLY wanted to be there with them this year. Although now that I say it, it sounds bloody fucking AWFUL. Maybe I should be thanking JJ and not threatening her to the point where no toilet is safe from the rebound-wrath of her double-decker threats... {{{sigh}}}

    Well, she'd better take monday off and I don't care how many days off she's already taken for SXSW because i plan on keeping her up late on Sunday and if she has to drag her sorry hung-over ass to work on Monday, it's not my problem (and I will turn off my phone).

    Damn I am an evil bitch. Which is why she loves me.

    @janeisavamp - JJ will be trying to meet up with some Twitards while at SXSW and actually last year she DID manage to run into a few people we know, so I suppose it depends on how your musical tastes run but let her know if you want to be in on whatever she throws together!

    : )

  10. Eh...just not feelin' it. Fanfiction has ruined me.

    Now if we could them to make some of these fuckhawt fanfics into movies. Of course, I guess they would pretty much be pornos tho, huh?....nuthin wrong with that (and not taycob allowed!!...although I think I read March is a big month for him as well...)

  11. @STY if i get to go (please please please), i'm gonna go with "hell yes" on this one.

  12. Not to worry..Bobby is AMAZING live...I fly down to LA to see him and have seen him live 3 times....I am VERY jealous that you are going to sxsw....
    ENJOY and take lots of pics....and if you can, meet will Swoon like crazy!!.... the blog read it all the time...thanks for being such awesome Twat Monkeys!

  13. STY - You must get shitty drunk and call/text the HELL out of JJ during the night of the release, when you SHOULD be watching NM.

    JJ - I'm just a jealous bitch.

  14. Yes, yes, I get it - SXSW is a BIG deal. But JJ's not in a band. She's in a Twilight blog, soooo... I think she has her priorities all mixed up, frankly. Just sayin'...

    Oh and @Myg I am older than you--stop giving me a complex. Although if we are going my maturity and not actual age, you might have me beat. It's like the Bella/Jacob thing; we'll have to have a long convoluted conversation to figure out who is REALLY older, and it'll change all the time.

    : )

  15. Oh you two! Get over it, kiss and make up and let's get on with planning the trip to FFFFFFFOOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKKSSSS!!!

    So I want to know about pre-ordering this year. Last year I pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon and came days late! Not good...especially since this year I am leaving for two weeks in Rob's motherland 3 days after the DVD release. I must see it before I go. Any advice in the pre-order department?

  16. Who's drunk already? I'm not but you east coasters may be getting started soon. We're playing Drunk Mad Libs tonight.

  17. 'ShroomRavioliJanuary 15, 2010 at 6:48 PM

    OMG! $675 to register for the Music badge for SXSW? Was planning to go but there must be a registration fee for the common folk who just want to see the concerts. Hmmm, will have to research more. Would love to go but maybe better to save those $$$ for FOOOOOOOORKS!

  18. I have to agree SkyeDaze, Bobby Long is very amazing, I´ve seen him once and I will see and hear him again on Jan.31st here in Vienna. Enjoy it! And don´t complain about ond day to wait, I´ve to wait until April 15th (this is the first film I knew the DVD release date before it started in the cinema.)
    As for wishes for 2010: don´t change anything so perfect.
    As for FFFFOOORRRKKKSSS: I badly want to join you but it´s way to expensive and the thought of spending 16hrs in an aeroplane and crossing one and a half continent an an ocean scares the shit out of me. So sorry.

  19. @Janieisavamp - We should most definitely get together. I'm hoping to have a little twi meet-up while I'm in Austin. I'll keep you posted.

    @'shroomRavioli - Don't get the official tickets! 99% of the bands that play the "official" shows also play "unofficial" shows during the day - that's what I go see. It's pretty fucking hectic. The parties are free but you have to sign up for them. If you're interested in going then email me and I'll try to give you more information.

    @STY - I'm going to SXSW nanananer!! You don't mind watching ferretface, right?

    @Myg - The upper decker threat pertained to you, too. lol. And you're not that much older than me!! Pshaw! But SXSW is really, really crazy. And fun, I gotta admit.

  20. 3/20 is going to be the
    Day of The Precious

    Watching Twilight into New Moon and then off to the theater to watch Remember Me.

    And after all that excitement, it's back home to spend some quality time with a vibrating object, which I call The Precious.

  21. Hopefully STY is just angry at the situation and not at you personally JJ :)

    wv - sabioga - made me think that STY might sabioga JJ's travel plans for her gain

  22. As much as I love NM, I would gladly wait one extra day. I lived in Austin for years and never went to SXSW because I was too lazy and stupid to appreciate what was right there in front of me. Regret sucks. Enjoy SXSW. The DVD will still be there when you get home.

  23. @fanficzombie - you and me fic has consumed me and won't let me go! And yes, would love to see some "ahem" tastefully done movies of these lovely little gems. I keeping checking OnDemand for something interesting....nada....I really am not interested in "Coed Candy Girls"...I want some Tattward (and reasonably decent acting)!

  24. @JJ: please do.

    @'ShroomRavioli: JJ has the right idea. i have never paid for a sxsw ticket. shit, i am POOR. it's all about the free shows. there's music everywhere. constantly. everyone should go.

  25. I just had to say that I love you girls. I randomly found this today, after starting a pathetic Twilight blog last night because I just CAN'T stop thinking about it. I was trying to quench my thirst when I ran across your page and the "We are two over-thirty chicks who never really meant to fall in love with Twilight..." completely like captured me... and here I am. Completely, 100% with you.

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  27. @fanficzombie - you and me fic has consumed me and won't let me go! And yes, would love to see some "ahem" tastefully done movies of these lovely little gems. I keeping checking OnDemand for something interesting....nada....I really am not interested in "Coed Candy Girls"...I want some Tattward (and reasonably decent acting)!


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