Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bad Twifan - No New Moon DVD For You!

Dear Dr. Cullen, do you make house calls??

So I was in the process of writing a very lengthy post about how the New Moon dvd is coming out tonight and I'm not doing anything, but it was so amazingly whiny and annoying that even I wanted to stab myself in the neck with a fork when I re-read it. So I will spare you (you're welcome).

Here are the highlights, in a format as non-whiny as I can manage [nothing whiny about highlights!]:

The New Moon dvd comes out tonight!!! Or today, depending on how late I manage to post this and what time it is when you read it!!! [exclamation points = the epitome of non-whiny, no?]

If you are lucky enough to be in a city where the cast is showing up, WOOOO!!! [see previous note re: exclamation points]. If I weren't so burnt out from the last two weeks of RL and wasn't hesitant to ditch Mr. Snarky for the second weekend in a row, I would hop a train to NYC and go see if I couldn't feast my eyes on Daddy Sparkle-Hawt himself, Carlisle Cullen aka PFach. Who proved to me last November that actors really are different and hotter than you and me. And I am ok with that as long as I can lay eyes on them occasionally. [ok that started to get whiny for a second there but I think I recovered nicely, yes?]

Even if you DON'T live in a city where you can hang with the cast, you can watch the movie at midnight if you have Comcast (On Demand), NetFlix, or ordered from Amazon. [I am kind of talking out of my ass here because I didn't do my homework and it's too late now, but I'm just going with it...]

I'm lucky - I live in what I consider to be a Main St. USA kinda town (at least for central Jersey) but I am within easy driving distance of at least five Targets, several Walmarts, Borders, a Best Buy or two--well, you get the picture: the world is my oyster tomorrow and I have until JJ gets back from SXSW later this week to decide which multiple versions of the dvd we need to purchase. [I do much of the bloggy-related purchasing, mostly because I am so damn good at spending money. Just ask Mr. Snarky.]

So what are you doing??? Full-on party tonight? Something planned for tomorrow night? Planning a secret trip to Target tomorrow under the semi-false pretenses of running household-related errands where you will pick up just enough other junk to cover the real reason for your trip? [ya that's right, Latchkey Wife, I'm looking at you!]

If you are a procrastinator like I was this year, you can find several awesome guides for finding the perfect New Moon dvd package for you here, here, and here. They are a variety of bells & whistles to choose from, so you may want to order more than one. And in my defense, last year I pre-ordered four copies of Twilight from a variety of places approximately twenty seconds after it was possible to do so. And can anyone tell me why Hot Topic didn't get their own special dvd package this year? Because that was my fave edition of Twilight - I luuuurv my Twilight film cell - I got Edward!]

For those of you too lazy busy to go through the spreadsheets, Kimmie from His Golden Eyes put this nifty video up on YouTube:


  1. I am at home. I am hoping my DVD will be on my porch tomorrow. Forgot about the Comcast On Demand, though, could always do that!!

    wv hessivft - sounds like hissy fit

  2. Goddamn Target! I preordered thinking I'll get it super early (like Friday or something :] )
    and the estimated time of delivery is.... March 26th!!! What kind of fuckery is that??

    At least I'm looking forward to a film cell :]

  3. @Dangrdafne - i think they have a bunch of extras "on demand" too - so there's that!

    @pattycakes828 - yup, i love the film cell! but that delivery time suuuucks. booo! do they have the film cells w/ the in-store versions, too? (yes i am too lazy to research my own recommended spreadsheets - lol)? me wantee...

  4. I know it's just not the same without JJ to celebrate the release date with, is it? As I was telling you on twitter, I think TexasKatherine lost our beloved JJ in Tejas. At the very least, those two are as toasted as Rob was at the UK Remember Me premiere. LMAO!!!

    At any rate, I am going to wait until all of you do my homework for me. I figure in about a week, I'll be able to get a good report of which copy is the best to buy. I'm a cheater, I know :)

    I am getting ready to watch it on DirectTV in about 20 minutes, though. No cast or fellow Twitards to watch it with me either. Now I'm whining.

    On the bright side, I am going to Mama Cougar's New Moon DVD Release Party tomorrow night and getting to meet a fellow Twitard/blogger in real life. SO excited!


  5. I am going out early tomorrow morning to pick up a copy at Target...that is where I got Twilight last year and I was very happy with what I got :)

  6. @17foreverlisa - i will probably survive - barely... lol

    have a great time @ mama cougar's shindig! wish i was there, too! somehow this all seems lacking without someone to share it with in person... hence all my earlier whining that i didn't share (it was for the best - believe me).

    there is a local get-together at a small bookstore in town tomorrow but frankly i am afraid to go and out myself as a twi-obsessed blogger in my hometown - lol. ugh - i am lame - gotta go get some sleep now!

  7. Not to sound like a fucknuckle, but I won't be getting my New Moon crack-like fix until tomorrow...aaaaand I'm totally fucking OK with that.

    What I'm not fucking OK with is the fact that I have absotively no one to watch it with that will understand even one iota of the significance that burns within me.

    Don't fucking punch me, but New Moon was my fave of the saga. I felt the absence, the pain, the absolute fucking TORTURE of Edward's departure. It killed me.

    I just want someone to share that that so fucking wrong???

    I will retreat to my corner now.


  8. I got my copy of the DVD this morning at my husband's store...he let me get it early. WooHoo! I'm having a huge New Moon party tomorrow night!!!! We are telling everyone it's a girls night out...with a New Moon theme :)

    Did JJ get a chance to run into KStew or Jacksper at SXSW?!?!

  9. I just got back from Borders. I would love to watch the movie now but I have to work in the morning, which is totally lame. I don't know why tomorrow isn't considered a national holiday with New Moon coming out. Whatever. The Borders party was kinda lame but I was by myself. I totally agree with Hot Topic not doing anything. I went there last year and had a total blast! And I also love my film cell.

    @Dangrdafne: Hello Twitarted neighbor!

  10. GOT MINE!!! But now I'm way to tired to watch it. First thing tomorrow morning though!!

  11. I give you something to whine about ;)

    I got mine two days ago LOL . Amazon UK sent it off WAY early and I had it shipped express to get it on time on Saturday but for once my luck was in and DHL was FAST. :) Hot Damn.

  12. To Le Target I go in the morning. As if I need any excuse to go to Le Target...this just sweetens the's like a trip to Le Target with RPattz on top. Yep, something like that. Woohoo!

  13. Me and my fellow Twihards are having a New Moon party on Saturday night. We are going to watch it at my friend's house on her blue-ray so we will be able to see every dimple on Taylor's abs and every hair on Rob's. I just may lick her television...

  14. Just got home from our local theater where they showed New Moon on the big screen and then gave us our DVD's. Tomorrow I'll buy a different version so my daughter can watch one and the other goes on "the shrine".

  15. Mine came yesterday but all I've done so far is watch the deleted scenes- and can I just say 'driving home from the birthday party', WTF is that? I'm really hoping the background is a rough cut that they stuck in to put it on the DVD because I laughed all the way through, it was like a scene from The Waltons.
    I haven't watched the film yet and I'm not itching to - I also may have already had a copy of the film in my possession for a couple of weeks and haven't watched that all the way through either. I'm starting to worry about myself.

    Good non-whining btw STY ;o)

  16. @STY & SmartEpantz: I agree with you it sucks not having people to share it with, and giggle at stuff and all... The only time I saw Twilight with someone was with my parents (both ex-military, they just loooove that kind of thing), whom I had to beg before they made the effort and then it was totally not fun, believe me!

    On an even lamer note: I decided to grow a pair and go (still all by myself, no twitarded friends, remember?) to the Borders party in my neck of the woods (Washington DC, the Nation's capital, plenty of people, High Schools, girls, colleges...), wearing my prettiest Wolf tee (OK, I only have one, I'm not THAT lame).I took a 45 min bus ride because I would be too cool if I just had a license, I was all excited to maybe, finally meet my first co-twitards in RL, and then...
    How pathetic is that???!!!
    The salesguy refused me to sell-me-the-fucking-dvd-already! because it was not midnight net, but I didn't feel like waiting for two hours like a loser, so I just went back home, and decided I will download New Moon, I've already seen the deleted scenes anyway.

  17. Full disclosure, I'm completely drunk right now. That said...

    AHEM: @STY, smartEpantz, and ShotGun Charlie: My Twi-BFF (Mrs Fashion) admitted tonight that I am WAY more into this shot than she is. She's coming to Forks with me, don't get me wring, and she reads this blog... but I think that's it. I don't have me New Moon DVD (but I do have Comcast On Demand, if I get desperate, and TH has agreed to take me to Tar-jay in the morning (because he's the best), so hopefully they will have copies.

    Shotgun Charlie- it is LAME that the guy wouldn't sell you a DVD!!! I am so sorry! I am going to tell my DC friend that she should have been there for you.

    I have lost track of this comment. Have a good tweekend, kittens. Love this community (like I haven't said THAT already!)

  18. WOW. Hello, typo city. Sorry. :-(

  19. STY - that's great - I never knew about the Hot Topic film cells from last year. They totally should have done that again!
    I am in Hong Kong and just got my copy today. Super excited at the extras too and not sure how I'm going to bring some of them home on the plane. I posted about them already (really just pics and no words)

  20. Awww, STY! That sucks that you and JJ are not together for this epic occasion! I preordered my dvd from Target, so I am hoping it comes today. My sis is going to buy hers at Target this morning so we will have it for the gigantic-ass party we are having tonight....I wish you could come :) All the boys are getting out of here and going to the mother-in-laws, and I have about 25 TwiChicks coming. I will take lots of pics and post them on my blog tomorrow.

  21. Sounds like Tar-jay (@Musing Bella, that's how I pronounce it, too, and I love your drunkity drunk comment) is the winner so far for the place to get the DVD.

    I paid to watch New Moon on DirecTV last night and it's running on a continuous loop right now. Of course, it's easy to get a lot done since Robward's not in it very much. Just sayin'.

    @STY - I know exactly what you mean. I've outed myself to co-workers, friends, and family but the thought of going to a small local venue by myself would be too daunting. I will definitely tell Mama C hello for you. Wish you could join us. If you've been following all of her plans on twitter, it's going to be epic. Now if only I could get rid of this near migraine-sized headache I woke up with because it's effing snowing in Illinois. WTF?!!


    P.S.: TexasKatherine informed me later on twitter that she did NOT lose JJ. Can't wait to see pictures from their trip. LOL!

  22. my husband basically called me a kstew/rpattz stalker last night. we got it in a big fight, not really but i was offended.
    am i not allowed to ENJOY something? just because i choose to read twitarded instead of doing the laundry all of a sudden i'm a loser. doesn't everyone need a little fantasy in their life, a break from reality every once in a while?? like watching hours and hours of ESPN and secretly wishing you had athletic mad skills.
    i refuse to apologize for my obsession. being at home with the kids, feeling locked in sometimes, i need an escape. and i might remind him that this behavior has provided him with some hot action and he should be thanking stephanie meyer and rpattz as far as i'm concerned! tmi?
    how's that for whining? i'm off to watch new moon on demand. ON DEMAND bitches!
    PS~ should i be purchasing a twilight dvd cell somewhere? i'm late to the party and would hate to miss out on some old twi edward extras. say it, out loud...say it!

  23. I wish I was hopping a plane to Mama Cougar's shindig - lol!

    and glad to hear that JJ DID turn up. Should I be worried that I have to turn to twitter to ensure that she's still alive??? 'cause that's what it's come to...

    @robzsinger - booo! fighting with the hubs over your twi obsession? that's a bummer - and i agree - we all need escapes and this is mine/ours! i feel like all my years of being an attentive band wife are finally paying off - lol! nothing wrong with you grabbing some r&r online while espn is on imho!

    : )

    @shotguncharlie - THAT SUCKS!!! they should have sold you the dvd, since you made the trip! booo, borders! really. ugh. ok we need to find some people RL twi-friends in your areas - everything is more fun with a twi-partner-in-crime (have I mentioned that I REALLY miss JJ? 'cause I REALLY do. ugh. she's like my other half. ok she's my other half that isn't mr. snarky. i have three halves, ok???)

  24. We're having a NM release party tonight. Twilight at twilight, New Moon board game after, and New Moon to close the night! Ravioli and vampire cuppycakes for dinner, yum! I am kicking myself for not grabbing some Vitamin R when I was in Forks in January. :(

    Gawd. This is the highlight of my month, and I am giddy like a schoolgirl. Time to find that Crotchward post here...

  25. Is it just the States that has these multiple copies?

    I'm off to pick up mine later today from the local Blockbuster. Apparently it comes with a poster - can you sense my excitement there? I might have to give that away.

  26. I'll go and buy New Moon when I locate my DVD player. I'm still unearthing things from moving in January (yeah, I know I'm fucking lame-ass for not finding it sooner. Or I might cave and go to Target this afternoon. One can never tell. If I get it, it will force me to find the fucking DVR player...

  27. I waited it out with a bunch of none-too-happy to be working Walmart employees for two hours waiting for the countdown. They looked at me like I was insane when I said I'd like the Special Fan Edition AND the Bluray disc. They apparently just don't get it.

    Oh well, I did get a free water bottle, a picture of a cute medic's ass when some lady in line passed out (WTF? Not even drunk pass out!), and I was the first one in line so it kind of made it okay for me to do the tween scream (It was okay, right?!).

  28. @SnarkierThanYou - I MISS you!!! And I am still alive. Sort of.

    I can't wait to see New Moon.

    Oh, and STY, I'll scoop your eyeballs out with a spoon.


  29. OME! I took my 14 year old daughter and 7 of her "closest friends" to walmart at midnight(actually 930 to get in line.) I won a trivia contest and was fourth in line so I was home by 1230 and ready to watch that eclipse trailer. SQUEEE!!
    The girls stayed up all night and are now slowly but surely leaving my house...thank God! I can know have my alone time with New Moon. FINALLY!

  30. So I managed to get my Target version of New Moon this morning... along with some soap, some toothpaste, and even some new-style (non-elastic bottomed) sweatpants (or workout pant, or yoga pants or whatever the fuck they call them now!!)

    Told Mr. LKW we'll have a movie marathon... LOL!!

  31. @smartEpantz - I won't punch you. I completely get what you mean about the pain in New Moon. The book tore me apart more than the movie, but whatevs. Although, in the movie, Bella screaming during her nightmares really jolts me and brings the tears. *sigh* good times

    @STY & JJ - You hos have such a great friendship. This is me being totes jealous of you. But in a good way.

    @ShotgunCharlie - That totally sucks werewolf nuts! Wish I had a pretty wolf tee. :-)

    @RobzSinger - So many hubtards just don't get it. Hugs to you.

    @LKW - Hey, I made good use of my trip to the store, too. :-) Picked up deoderant and hairspray. I should get some yoga pants, though.

    So anyhoos...

    Mr.Coffee and I lined up at Wal-Mart in Olympia. Didn't mean to get there early, but glad we did. We picked up the deluxe fan edition along with the Forks disc.
    I also have the Borders edition coming in the mail. (yeah, I wanted the necklace) I swear, though, I could write a whole blog post about our experiences last night. And wtf? People who shop at Wally world at 1am scare me.

    We stayed up to watch the movie, finally in HD! Now I'm getting some coffee and we're going to check out the bonus disc.
    Happy New Moon Saturday, bitchUZ!

  32. Screw the NM DVD, I'm more excited about meeting JJ tonight in Austin and even, wait for it, texaskatherine.......

    Wish me luck, cause I think I'll need it.


  33. @beginswithb - "crotchward" - lmao!!! nice one... and send ups pics from your party (that goes for anyone else, too, if you want to share, we want to see!).

    @cazza - send my regards to JJ's liver; i am not sure it will make it back home and it might be my only chance to say "goodbye" {{{sniffle... i loved that liver...}}}

  34. @LKW - non-elastic sweats - woo!! i'd love to tell you that JJ would be so proud, but unless you actually plan on wearing them while doing yoga, i still don't think she'll approve (she a tough beyatch like that).

    : )

  35. @STY - there is one benefit to JJ being away - you seem to have more time to comment here and on other blogs! We love it!! :)

  36. Just happened to swing by Target today...pure coincidence of course. The bf convinced me to go for the 3 disc special deluxe thingy which I thought was funny but I think he was only doing it to justify whatever random gadget he walked out of there with, lol. So, we both have our little vices.

    @Shotguncharlie- i am in the same boat...the only person in my life who likes twilight is my mom and well...drooling over Robward with my mom is not such an appealing idea.

  37. @LKW: Should have read this before I sent you an email askin' you about Target and how it went...oh well.
    PS, I got some great "YOGA PANTS" at Old Navy. They even say "yoga" on the inside...super comfy for lounging around. ;)

    @STY: Got mine from Target this morning, even though I pre-ordered online. Think you read my post about that anyhoo, so I wont repeat. Great NON WHINY POST btw. I'll be drinking with my Sis tonight and having a New Moon view-fest! Can't wait.

    xoxo J

  38. My "Bookclub Buddies" and I met up at the Santa Clarita (CA) Walmart lured by promises of meeting Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed. We were 28th in line and the security guard shook his head at us increduously saying, "Seven hours!!!!! Do you people realize you will be waiting seven hours?!" Yeah, whatever. We held our heads high and kept right on walking. The time sort flew by chatting, snacking, and taking walks over to the inside (line was outside) of Walmart to check our their NM merch and grab more snacks and McDonalds. Only about the first 60 of us fit into the garden dept area where they held the raffle and Chris W. and Nikki R. made a pre-event appearance, so we were lucky to get into the "special" group. Part of it sucked donkey balls though because they wound the line around in a loop, so despite out great spot, we ended up at the FAR end of where the action was while people behind us in line were front row for the quick meet/greet and cupcakes. (You suck, Walmart. I ALMOST didn't want to buy their DVD after feeling snubbed like that.) Oh well. So they ushered us in to purchase our DVD and get a quick picture with CW and NR. They were completely rushed and impatient with us and ended up splitting us up to go to three different registers, so I was separated from my besties (and their cameras). As people were being herded by and snapping their quick pictures, it came to my turn and I thought, "fuck it..I'm not going to stress about not getting a picture, I'll just take the time to actually meet them. So I turned around to face them explaining that I didn't have my camera. I put my hand out to Chris and greeted him, telling him how much I loved is other movie, "About a Boy". Said hi to Nikkie and shook her hand, too. When we left at 12:30, we saw what looked to be about 3-400 people still in line still waiting for their DVD's. I hope Nikki and Chris stayed long enough so that everyone in line got a chance to see them. At that moment I felt very very grateful that we had come so early and gotten so close to the front of the line. It was a looooong ass drive home. Today the 3 of us are all suffering Walmart Sleep Deprivation hangovers, but it's worth the memories! :D


  39. Gah! That was supposed to post!! I haven't proofed it yet. (sorry!)

  40. @sidewalk candy- first off, love your name. secondly, how cool that you got to meet NR and CW. impressions? have you watched the walmart dvd yet? stupid question i guess:) did you see rob running in his cap in the eclipse footage!!! holy hell he is hot! love me some alliteration.

    twitards-thanks for the support. sorry for the drAma. hubby is actually pretty sweet about my being a stalker and all. he sent me the link to midnight sun for a bonus vday sentiment and took me to see new moon and remember me. he tries hard not to roll his eyes everytime i watch twi or nm. and he always weighs in on my twi questions like - do you think kstew is hot... or what do you think about taylor's acting? which by the way, i think taycob did a great job. although jake doesn't hold a candle for me next to the precious.

    off to watch more clips, i feel it's my duty. love the filming in italy clip, robward looks fiiiine.

  41. @SmartEpants I don't want to punch you, I wanna hug you coz NM was my favorite too! AND I have no Twifriends either AND we don't get the fucking DVD until APRIL 14! AND we have 2, that's right 2 choices, a single disc or "Special Edition" 2 disc! Whoopdefuckingdo! Me bitter? Me lonely little twitard all on her own at the ass end of the world? Whatya rekon?
    @ShotgunCharlie that sucks ass!
    @RobzSinger my hubtard doesn't get it AT ALL he just rolls his eyes & goes "not that shit again!"
    @SidewalkCandy, that's epic!
    @STY & JJ totally jealous of your friendship & hope JJ gets out of there alive, LOL!

  42. @robzsinger-thanks. Your name is cool, too! CW and and NR seemed nice and accomodating to the fans. I realize I was a little confusing in my post. (Didnt get a chance to edit it--grrr). When I said rushed and impatient I meant the Walmart people. It's hard to form an impression on literally a five second encounter, but both appeared to be happy to be there which is saying something in the midst of the mayhem and at that late hour. I haven't actually opened the Walmart DVD yet. I gave that autographed copy to my daughter, so im waiting for her. I have opened the Target version which I purchased for myself, but have only seen so far a few of the deleted scenes. The family is watching the movie now and I think I'd like to hear the commentary next when I can get the TV to myself. It's been pretty quiet around here. I suppose most everyone is at home watching their DVDs. :D


  43. I got several copies at Target today, one for my Mommy of course. So, now It's Time, It's Time to watch it before the Hubs gets home. Then he'll have to watch it with me again!!!

  44. Ok, I decided to give it one last chance and went to Walmart for the Ultimate Fan Edition (and the Twilight special merch). I couldn't find a salesperson to open the locked display cases, and there was NO Twilight merch (just ONE Jacob tee size XS in the middle of the Miley Cyrus clothes). DC sucks!!!!! I want to move to Forks, I think.

    @STY Thanks for the moral support and for providing such a cool place with your blog for isolated twitards like me. As you see, the more I'm trying to come out of the Twilight closet, the more I feel not so much love from society...

    Who's your dc friend? (*faking disinterest*)

    There's a ton of Twilight merch designed by Immortal Threads at I like the "kitsch" aspect of the wolf tee. They also have 'Black Swan Motorcycle' and 'Newton's Olymic Outfitters' tees, which is cool, because it doesn't scream "Twilight" to anyone who isn't already obsessed/familiar with the books.
    Hmm, wait, that wasn't ironic, right?

    @Em My Mom doesn't want to hear the word "Vampire", she thinks I'm having some sort of delayed adolescence crisis. But I agree it would be even more uncomfortable sharing my love for all things Robward with her... Thank god she doesn't read English, she would be shocked by what I write here!

  45. @SidewalkCandy aka F-Kat: I'm finally over my Walmart Hangover :) I still can't believe I didn't get home until 3:40am, but it was so fun & totally worth it!!! XOXO to you and Z any Mouse!

  46. I caved. I bought the 3-disc edition at Target. Have I watched it yet? No - still haven't located the DVD player! The cell is of Bella and Edward, mostly Edward (thank goodness). I went at about 5 pm and there were still several for sale but wouldn't have wanted to wait much longer. They probably sold out before closing. 'kay - off to find that fucking DVD player...

  47. lol my cell is of Charlie :P

    i was like, come on!!! haha

    I feel angry, betrayed!!! Got my dvd tonight from blockbuster and there's only a documentary.
    Because they're milking us for our money!!!! The dvds released later will have the much anticipated scenes, well guess what, I'M TOO POOR TO BUY ANOTHER $25 DVD!!
    Wow, can't remember the last time I felt this..... insulted? Disappointed?
    Anyone else share my pain?


  49. 'ShroomRavioliMarch 21, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    The Target 3-disc version has 11deleted scenes plus Interview with the Volturi, behind the scenes with the musicians and storyboard to film - only $19.99! I pre-ordered but then could not wait so hightailed it to Target yesterday where there was a display with lots of copies. There were 6 women huddled around the display - none under 35! Plus a jean-jacketed, leather-panted, balding ponytailed Harley type with 2 copies clutched in his hot little hands!

  50. ShotgunCharlie: I'm sorry that you had to face the party alone. If I would've known, I so would've gone.
    - I went Saturday afternoon to the Rockville Tar-jay and they had lots of NM goodies. I watched everything last night. I have a little bit of a NM hangover.

  51. My plans are to send this post and then watch some of the Target 3-disc set here in my hotel room, as I'm traveling for work.

    No matter though, I have no RL like-minded-twibuds that I would be watching this with anyhoo. I pulled one friend a bit of the way into the rabbit hole with me, but then she self-arrested along the edge while I continued to plummet. When I confessed to her that I thought hitting rock bottom in this obsession would hurt more than it does she said that's because the bottom is already littered with all of you twitards who have come before me. So thanks to you all for softening the blow.

    As for everyone else in my world, they just think my judgment about everything is clouded- sure I just happen to like a nail polish called 'twilight' and liking the band Vampire Weekend has nothing to do with the name. I swear these things are true, but it just appears to them that I protest too much.

  52. @&ALLIGotWasThisCrappyName
    OMG OMG OMG!!! ARE YOU REAL? My prayers have been answered!!!! A real life DC area twilight fan? It's so nice to meet you here, wow!
    Shoot, I was in Rockville today and I didn't even think of target. I think I'm resigned now.NM on demand is going to have to do the trick...
    My email in case you want to talk some more about our experiences in the twidom :
    Take care of that NW hangover my friend! (may I suggest a healthy dose of eclipse sneak peek?)
    Talk to you soon!

  53. @shotguncharlie: Haha, yeap! Just moved here from good ole' NC!

    Holy traffic shock.Glad that I'm not alone:)

  54. Checked out local Walmart here in Quebec and the version they had did not have extra features. Guess I'll wait until we make a trip down south.

  55. Hey Guys, is the US Target version of this the same as the UK double disc release? Does anyone know?

    I only got mine like an hour ago, as ironic as it was I was in London until yesterday, and it wasn't released there until today, while it was released here (Ireland) FRIDAY while I was in London!

    Anyhow, I was also going to say if anyone wants the UK version/s of NM, maybe we can do a little bit of a swap for different versions?? I wouldn't mind getting the Forks Doco if I can.

    I am counting down the clock until home time so I can finally go and watch the DVD.... Just look at for the versions I can pick up here.....

  56. I'm late to the party with this blog but THANK YOU!!! Space where I can "openly" (RL friends still don't know) share my complete obsession with Twilight! Who knew there was a place where there are sane posters with objective opinions and the ability to fangirl together OR agree to disagree!

    That being is beyond obvious that Summit just did a big F-U to everyone with their 85 DVDs. I pre-ordered Target (it should arrive today) but have already watched all of the extended/deleted scenes online (oops)! However, it's all still a placeholder for Eclipse! That was my favorite book and I'm excited for E/B, fight scenes, and yes even E/B/J. The dialogue makes me cringe, but I guess that is what I should expect from Twilight.

  57. Ok, so I pre-ordered the Target version figuring I would be fine getting it Monday. When I found out I had a wedding out of town that Saturday AND I had Monday (Today) & Tuesday of work to watch it over and over away from the mocking eyes of my hubby - even better.

    Then, Friday night happened. After a week of having cast member after cast member (Ashley, Jackson, KStew & Dakota) dangled in-front of my face AND knowing I was going to miss the TX Gang Bang with JJ and the gaggle of Texas ladies Saturday night, I needed a small consolation prize.

    My best friend, that I have slowly been pulling into the Twi-world ended up being free, so there was a glimmer of hope. We had dinner, drank and drank, then at 12:01am looked for NM on our On Demand. No luck.

    Out the door we went, fearing the worst, but we got to Borders and there were literally only a dozen peeps there. We watched the movie (she hadn't seen it), then drag our tired asses to bed. The next morning we wanted to squeeze in the extras before I left town & she went home, but hubby woke up and wanted to pick up where he fell asleep the night before - at the beginning, so we watched it again.

    I just finished the extras this morning and am sitting here with my necklace on and wondering what the hell to do with the film cell - Jacob and Bella fixing a motorcycle - boo hiss. And can't wait to hear about all the drunken debauchery I missed Sat night in ATX.

  58. Sorry for the book of a comment - just an emotional, busy weekend for me, and I'm still not over the SXSW craziness I missed in my own freakin back yard!

  59. SUPER pissed right now because this whole time I thought I had a copy with all the extas. Turns out my copy doesnt include the deleted scenes, or like half of the extra bonus footage. I thought they were just being stingy with New Moon. Now I'm tempted to buy a different copy of it. And Twilight as well since even though mine has a ton of stuff...I doubt it has everything. :(


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