Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love You, Twilight Meadow.

No need to explain why I love THIS movie scene...

Last week when I was asked by Poptart what my favorite scene in the Twilight book or movie is, I answered that it was the "reveal" scene in the movie. I am a HUGE sucker for that whole "Say it. Out loud." thing. Every time I watch the movie (which is frequently - I'll admit it), I find myself rewinding that scene and watching it a second time. Or maybe a third. In slow motion. Because I am a dork like that (or possibly unbalanced... wtf is wrong with all of us???). Anyway, I was pretty comfortable with my answer until I came across "the meadow" chapters in the book recently. It's been a little while since I have read this part, but I have gotten into the habit of lulling myself off to sleep by reading a few pages of Twilight. It's familiar territory and helps me to relax (my brain doesn't really have an "off" switch). Or maybe it's just part of my efforts--in vain thus far--to have very Twilighty dreams. I'll never tell.

Say it. You watch this dvd too much.

Anyway, I stand by my choice of fave movie scene, but I have to say that the meadow chapters are my most-loved book passages. Those pages, for me, really capture the essence of why I fell head-over-heels for the whole saga in the first place. It's easy to knock Stephenie Meyer's writing, and I'll admit that we have raked her 'style' over the coals once or twice here at Twitarded. I think most of us here willing to admit that it is not great literature. There was a recent series of posts over at the NPR entertainment blog Monkey See critiquing Twilight. And I get it (the blog posts are actually pretty funny in some parts, so if you can stand someone making fun of our beloved books - and I know most of you can - check it out). They say that Edward and Bella's relationship lacks substance. That it's all fire and no heat. But I beg to differ.

Rereading this part of the novel just brings me back to that amazing rush of first love. And let's face it: teenage love wasn't always based on much more than emotion. It's also so much 'purer' and exciting (with much less baggage) than adult relationships. Jenny Jerkface wrote about an article that summed up the "young love" appeal of Twilight a few months back - you can read it here. Falling in love as a teenager is different - rightfully so - from the complexity of adult relationships. In the meadow, they get to spend time alone, and while it's not particularly racy, there is something very pure and innocent yet sensual about the way they touch each other, exploring each other's faces. This passage in particular captures the feeling -

I caressed his cheek, delicately stroked his his eyelid, the purple shadow in the hollow under his eye. I traces the shape of his perfect nose, and then, so carefully, his flawless lips. His lips parted under my hand, and I could feel his cool breath on my fingertips. I wanted to lean in, to inhale the scent of him.

I remember doing just that, at that age (ok, maybe the "cool breath" part would be a little off, but close enough). Running your fingertips over the planes of someone's cheek, caressing their eyelids, gently touching their lips. I used to doodle the profile of my then-boyfriend's face when I was bored in class, because I was fascinated by his features. It was an exhilarating part of being in love at that age, when you were just getting the first delicious tastes of the object of your desire. When Edward runs his lips along her jawline, slowly, from one ear to another, I say there is plenty of heat, thank you very much.

So do we mercilessly poke fun at the series sometimes? You betcha. But are we certain that we love these books in a semi-unhealthy way and that we wouldn't change that for the world. Except maybe a world filled with Cullens and the cool, delicious breath of vampires.

Write it. Write it down.
Your favorite passage. In the comments.


  1. My favorite is in Eclipse, the proposal scene (chapter 20) I can reread that chapter over and over.

  2. ^ Agreed. I love everything about Eclipse.

  3. Wow-yeah, too many parts to pick just one..but one that always makes me giggle is when Bella first "wakes up" as a Vampire & practically dry humps Edward in front of his family LOL..I can totally relate to wanting to do that *and most certainly would if given the chance*

  4. ok -- you're making me want to re-read Twilight right now! It's been a while so I can't remember the details...damn you pre-menopause!

  5. I adore this post STY. It's Edward. I too gain a sense of comfort/release/or an off- switch from reading bits and pieces of Twilight. Nice to know I'm not the only one who flips through it occasionally.

    Now you have me feelin' all TWIRED & wanting to watch Twilight again. I'm not as obsessed with watching NM..GASP..don't get me wrong, I LOVE NM, it's just depressing. I shiver in pain when he leaves her. It's gut wrenching. <~~~~I'm such a f*cking sap.

    xoxo J

    PS Head on over to Twired and ask me a question...will ya?!

  6. Wow, I have my head so full of the million FFs I read I can barely remember passages from the originaly books now. But I think my favorite is when Bella wakes up and she describes her first experiences and her first hunt. We finally get so see through a vampires eyes and understand what it is like for them.

  7. When I think of the parts I pick up and read over and over....I love the scene where she comes back from licking envelopes at Angela's and Edward is waiting for her.

    And I can't help it, I like it when she kisses Jacob.

  8. Can I just say, you fucking crack my shit up. Did you really just take screen shots of your tv w/ your camera/phone? What a tool. I love you for it. I feel like I could look really closely and see you in the reflection or something.

    Are you just wondering about Twilight? I adore that there isn't a fucking Butt-Crack Santa. That's my favorite part. Pllllbt :)

    Hum....Fo' realz and fo' true, I love Bella's snarky-ass comments while she's trying to figure out if the beautiful man is an asshole or not. I always snicker at her. And it's just so real as far as getting to know someone in high school. It's not one day, it's a lot of days. And lots of questions. That was one thing about the movie that I missed, even though I knew it would never work. It's not a 5 night mini-series (and why not?!). I'm also a big fan of the reveal in the book. It's so much more....more. I can always just see Edward's shocked face while he's driving and Bella tells him that it didn't matter.

    "It didn't matter?" His tone made me look up - I had finally broken through his carefully composed mask. His face was incredulous, with just a hint of the anger I'd feared"

    You know his jaw was all tight and lickable after he said that. *Groan*

    I'm totally with you on the meadow scene, with the facial exploration...I remember doing that at 16 on the floor of my bf's (that's right, still my bf) living room, just learning him. It really was a blissful time. But then we started doin' it and the planes of his face didn't really matter as much anymore.

  9. I love the meadow scene, too - in fact, from the part in the meadow where he comes back after being all "as if you could outrun me," until the next morning when he takes her to visit the folks (and the whole "No one should be as tempting as you are right now") I think that whole section is my favorite part. And then the sleepover/proposal in Eclipse is a close second.

    I have the books in the other room and am too lazy to look up exact quotes - forgive my memory if I got them wrong, I'm sure you know what parts I mean.

    I love this post, btw. This post (and others like it) are why I started reading you guys and became such a fan of you - and then the ones where you both (and now LKW) crack my shit up, of course. ;)

  10. oh STY. a most thought provoking post. *sigh*

    while it's not my bestest fav scene per se, i have to note the one in eclipse, when bella has escaped alice to see jake on the res & tries to return home...

    bella thinks she's all clear then jeebus crisp BAMM edward whips the volvo BAMM onto the road and BAMM punches it right up to her tail lights.

    OMFG did i ever squee out loud. motherfucking panty dropping bastard. gah. what i wouldn't give to be in trouble with edward on my ass, all angryward and pouty and burning-eyes-glaring and shit. *thud*

    my heart raced all the way until bella jumped out and was inside the house.

    and THEN i had to change my panties, have a bloody good wank and finally smoke a fucking ciggie down in my bunker until i could calm the fuck down.

  11. @lindsey rae. your powers of observation never cease to amaze me. oh, and you tickle my sarcastic bone, fo' shizzy.

    and i love the way you pen a phrase..."But then we started doin' it and the planes of his face didn't really matter as much anymore".

    so, um, writing any ff? hmmmm?

  12. My favourite is in "Eclipse" in the chapter entitled "Compromise". I just love it!! The whole bargaining for sex thing...

    "Bella, would you PLEASE stop trying to take your clothes off?"

    Poor Edward wouldn't stand a chance against any of us!! LOL!

    And The Meadow....ahhh! The Meadow! It's where Twilight was born from a dream. It is the very essence of the Twilight Saga.

    And Catherine Hardwick reduced that beautiful scene to a two minute staring contest in the middle of an LA golf course because apparently, there are no viable meadows in the Continental US northwest.

    I will never forgive her for that alone....

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  14. @HV. and now for something completely different. i don't think this scene will make it into any of the films... too hot to handle!

  15. Thanks for getting back to the basics if why we are all here together.
    Fav scene in movie is the dance where he looks delicious and finally kisses her so pained. The "You really shouldn't have said that" part in his room is also good.
    In the book I enjoy the cafeteria scene where he beckons her over with one finger and the midnight sun equivalent.

  16. Aahh yes the lovely lovely meadow scene: the infatuation.. the longing.. the first caress. So good! Oh and the day ends perfectly too with him sleeping over for the first time :)

    Another scene I love in Twilight (although not as monumental), is the blood typing scene. When Bella feels faint and Mike (never-had-a-chance) Newton is all too happy to escort sickly Bella to the nurse. Then they run into Edward and he ends up carrying her to the nurse. On the drive home I love the way he flirts and teases her. You finally get the feeling that he's not trying SO hard to stay away from her anymore ;)

    TO Twicat, me too!
    F*cking LOOOVE 'the compromise' in Eclipse. Bella's supposed to be all mad at Edward. But succumbs to his charm and forgets all about it. Oh and in here lies the infamous leg hitch.. how could we forget?! *le sigh*

    Another great scene that also takes place in the meadow (in Eclipse) is when Edward decides he wants Bella right then and there. But then Buzz kill Bella has a prude epiphany and ruins the friggin' moment! Ugh! Stupid Bella! lol

    Oooh and would have to add the skinny dipping scene in Breaking Dawn to my list. Actually the whole Isle Esme part is wonderful ... until Renasty makes an appearance :/

  17. @ neverthink
    LOL OMG You're hi-larious! Ah what I wouldn't give to endure the wrath of Angryward!!!

  18. I love how the reveal scene starts, too – her walking past him and he slowly turns to follow her with that "FME, she's finally figured it out" look on his face. And you have to understand that I saw the movie before I read the book *gasp* so I got a big kick out of him saying he was favorite number ;)

    Twilight the book and movie will always have a special place in my heart. It's our "first love." But as many of you have already said, the Compromise chapter in Eclipse is a total win. Eclipse is my favorite book. There are so many special moments between Bella and Edward. Sure hope Rosenberg and Slade got them all right.

    Great post, STY!


  19. Uhhhhh.... leg hitch makes my mind go numb and my cooch go coochy coo.

  20. I don't know that I could pick just one. I mean, the meadow is damn good, so's the leg hitch

    I think though, that pretty much the whole 'Blood type' chap would be my favourite. It was the first part of the book that induced that 'giddy in love' feeling. Him calling her over to sit with her (oh how I wished that had happened in high school for me), just picking her up and carrying her after she faints (*swoon*. He has a sense of humour in the chapter and it made me melt.

    "Can you walk, or do you want me to carry you again?"

    How I love a sarcastic Edward...

  21. In the movie it's the bedroom "I just want to thing. Don't move."

  22. Jeez- such a serious topic after yesterdays hilarious rifftracks.

    I've posted this on other blogs - and apparantly I am alone (as usual).I am steadfast for my love of the NM (my fav book, yeah, I'm a freak) scene where Alice is waiting for Bella in Charlie's house. When Bella runs into Alice (forgeting how hard she is), I burst into tears. (the only time I cried during all 4 - hard ass that I am) The previous exhausting, teenage angst filled chapters dissolve. All is right with the world. And, don't forget, Twi-lovers, if Alice hadn't come back, the rest of the story wouldn't have happened!

    I was so disapointed that the NM movie glossed over this critical (to me, anyway) plot point. My mind scripted it much differently.
    I love Alice - friendship saved Bella (and me, too). I credit Twilight and Twitarded with helping me get through a very shitty year. Thanks, friends.

  23. Eclipse was my fav book, and i LURVE the tent scene with the Jacbo and Edward banter!!! CAN'T WAIT to see this on the big screen. Also a fan of the leg hitch (siiiiiigh), Isle Esme, and oddly enough when Bella decides to go run see Jacob and finds an angry Edward sitting in her truck. I would have opened the window back up too....

  24. I have to say that one of my favorite scenes is the one wear Bella escapes from Alice and goes to the rez with Jake.

    Another one, though not the happiest scene, was the October-November-December one. I thought that was really well done and very emotional. Actually, most of favorite scenes come from New Moon...

  25. people, I cannot believe I am the first person to mention this part of the movie.....

    Angela: "Oh. My. God."

    Camera pans over to that stupid volvo rolling into the lot at which point we get to see Edward with those fucking sexy ray bans and that sexy little smirk. *swoon* I could watch that scene allllllllll day.

  26. Hi girls...

    Fav scene... I'm going to re-read the series... thanks STY! But can I "copy-paste" Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse here on comments?
    Ok, I have a few fav scenes, has you have guessed. Some of them had me sweating, some suffering, some just lusting and drooling, like the bed scene on Eclipse :)

    Kisses to you all...

  27. uh... yeah, i DID totally take pictures of my television screen - lol! yes, we run super-duper-low-tech around here - i don't know how to do any of that "official"/real screen-cap stuff. i go with what i know!

    and all of the other scenes you are all mentioning - book and movie - are making me want to go back and race through the series all over again!

    i wish there was some way to go back and read it all "new" each time - forget that you know all the story (and midnight sun) already and just let it unfold... i miss the first time - lol!

    i definitely have to re-read eclipse prior to the movie. shouldn't be a problem - i like to read at night and i imagine i can make it through the series again pre-late-june!

    p.s. sounding like a broken record (again) but i am not making this shit up - it's been tough in rl these last few weeks and work is off to a shitty start for me so if i am not around so much in the coming days, apologies in advance! if i had my way, i would spend waaay more time with you guys and waaaay less time on work-related nonsense...

    : )

  28. My favorite book moment - when bella leaves edward a voicemail telling him he's in deep shit for having her held hostage by alice. so funny. followed by edward expecting her to rip him a new one when he gets back, and then the eventual leg-hitch. lol

    Favorite movie moment (so far): victoria in the woods - with billy & harry clearwater, the thom yorke song, and the beautiful cinematography was just amazing. i know-everyone hates victoria-but it was beautifully done.

  29. I really think you nailed it...the whole thing brings you back the emotions and butterflies of first love, when everything is new and exciting and your not fighting over replacing the TP roll =)

    I can't think of a stand out favorite scene, I will have to think about that.

    I also read from one of the series to relax my brain a lot.

  30. Favorite movie scenes - When Edward enters the cafeteria, and when E walks across the parking lot. Something about the way he bounces and smirks at the same time gets me all hot and bothered.

    Favorite book scenes - I'll see you in a week after I've reread the series.

  31. @STY - We'll still be here when you get back. xoxo

    @sarah - Oh. My. God. That is definitely one of the best scenes in the movie. Robward is so playfully sexy in that scene. I love "Not that guy. No, he just looked." LOL!

  32. The meadow scene was my favorite in the book, it was so touching so pure. It does bring back memories of that first love and how simple those times were.

    I gotta say that the movie meadow scene made me laugh out loud in the theater it was so akward.

  33. @AGirlReckoning--i totally agree with you on the Victoria chase scene!! that was my favorite! i went with two friends who hadn't seen it yet ( i went opening day with my boss) and i was like, "Watch, watch!! this is such a good scene!"

  34. okay people, i should be cleaning my house but my twitarded teachers gave me a homework assignment. so i shall obey.
    i love the biology scene in the movie just for the gorgeousness that is robert pattinson's face.
    Twilight book moments:
    I groaned. "What did you hear?"
    His gold eyes grew very soft. "You said you loved me."

    "You knew that already," I reminded him, ducking my head.

    "It was nice to hear, just the same."

    "I love you," I whispered.

    "You are my life now," he answered simply.

    There was nothing more to say for the moment.

    "Shall I explain how you are tempting to me?" he said. It was clearly a rhetorical question. His fingers traced slowly down my spine, his breath coming more quickly against my skin...He tilted his head slowly and touched his cool lips to mine for the second time, very carefully, parting them slightly...

    "Yesterday I kiss you, and you attack me! Today you pass out on me!"

    okay, i have to get off of here before i rewrite the whole book!

  35. This is just perfect.
    This is why I love "Twilight."

  36. Does this mean I have to stop reading FF to think back to the books??? NOOOO!

    Although, now I really do want to re-read them again. I only previously gave Breaking Dawn one shot, but eventually listened to the audiobook and loved it. So here's hoping read #2 will be magic!

  37. SPeaking of FF (and how i need to actually get back to work) The Training was updated!! WOOHOO!!! Still waiting on Wallbanger and This Hungry World :(

  38. I think a lot of what I like about the series is how it touches real angsty/uncomfortable moments...

    (From Eclipse b4 the fight)
    "I lay facedown across the sleeping bag, waiting for justice to find me. Maybe an avalanche would bury me here. I wished it would. I never wanted to have to see my face in the mirror again."

  39. Oh man. Talk about a daunting task. Now this kind of research I can enjoy. The one that always sticks out for me is when Edward is in Bellas bedroom after the meadow scene. That entire chapter makes me squirm.

    'He bent his face slowly slowly to mine, laying his coolchhek against my skin. I held perfectly still.

    "Mmmmmm...," he breathed.

    It was very difficult, while he was touching me, to frame a coherant question. It took me a minute of scattered concentration to begin.

    "It seems to be...much easier for you, now, to be close to me."

    'Does it seem that way to you?" he murmured, his nose gliding to the corner of my jaw. I felt his hand, lighter then a moths wing, brushing my damp hair back, so that his lips could touch the hollow beneath my ear.

    "Much, much easier," I said, trying to exhale.

    You just know Edwards experiencing his first erection in over a century in thsat scene. I swear, that whole chapter is so innocent yet so sensual. Love it!!!

  40. Three favorites. First, the movie: When she is about to leave with A&J to Phoenix and he says "Bella, you are my life now" I swear to god it looks like he mouths the words "I love you" afterwards.

    Second: Midnight Sun. When he touches her face for the first time. If touching her face did that much, I can only imagine what kissing her would have done. Maybe that's why SM didn't finish it, it wouldn't have been very teen rated by the time she was done.

    Third: Proposal scene. "You have no idea". I don't know why, but I love that.

  41. @Kerri - "...his first erection in over a century..." Hadn't thought about it, but now I will every time I get to that part in the book. LOL!

  42. Favorite part of Twilight the movie, as Sarah said above, the "Oh. My. God." from Angela and the FREAKING ADORABLE smirk with the shades. Loooooove it.

    This was a great post :) It's nice to have some of these in between the rifftrax and manties-or-boxers discussions :)

  43. @Kerri: You're a mind-reader. I think the exact same thing about Edward when I read that scene, which is one of my favourites too, because somehow the innocence makes it even more sensual.

    I have a few scenes that I keep coming back to (yes I'm one of those people who just rereads her favourite parts. Sue me) The meadow is a definite, and Compromise. Ooh and at the end of Eclipse when Edward gives in and Bella (the bitch) cockblocks us all is one that I love to hate, because EVERY TIME I read that bit, I still think 'maybe the text will have magically changed and she'll give in this time' no matter how stupid I know that is. A perv can hope, right?

  44. {sigh}. ... This just really makes me want to re-read the books. I'll have to get out my audio-books though so I can be a little more productive. If I could sit and read all day i would (all night too). But then I'd wake up from my Twilight coma 3 days later having gotten no sleep, zero housework done, and starving kids. :(
    Anyway, my fav movie bits are the Oh. My. God. scene, and when Edward jumps down from the truck and Bella says," can you at least 'act' human?". I think those are the two parts he is the most Robward like.

    @Z - yup, the bounce and smirk. Gets me everytime.

    (Why did my autocorrect just try to change smirk to smut?)


  45. @Fkat - Every time I see SidewalkCandy I smile really big. I still haven't gotten used to associating you with it, but I will. Good call!

  46. My favorite chapter is "Fire and Ice" in Eclipse... the tent scene when Edward lets Jacob get in his head... loved that!

    What do you all think about Steph's new book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner"...are we all just jonsing for some more or what.

  47. Midnight Sun: Chapter 4

    Edward realizes that he is in love with Bella and will protect her from his the death.

    There are so many others but I think that is my absolute favorite.

  48. @Anonymous: Not thrilled about the new novella. I'm sure i'll read it eventually- but I would have prefered a new born backstory told from Jasper's POV.

    @Kerri - LOL, so true.

  49. I gotta go with the "Angela - Oh.My.God scene" too....(like @sarah said)...Edward is much less of a popsicle and more hot guy - love the smirk and swagger....squee!

    And, I am way to sucked into FF to go back to the books right now.....shit owns my soul and it is beginning to scare me! Just finished Tropic of Virgo, loved it! It's by - she does a great job of tying back to Twilight. SO funny how those scenes or lines just jump right out at you!

  50. @Sidewalk Candy - Is there something wrong with bounce and smut?

  51. @17foreverlisa - I know. I have trouble associating myself with the new name, too. (Nothing really beats TWGIFTKAGADIMM-from the Epic Just-The-Tip post.)But I gotta respect the dream compulsion to re-emerge as Sidewalk-Candy. Good things will happen. I just know it. :D

    @Melp - I love love love Midnight Sun. In fact I think I will protest Bree's story by not reading it because I wish it was Midnight Sun completion.

    @Jayla - I agree. There's a lot more to Jasper's story than can be told.

    @Z any - Hm, guess my computer is just picking stuff outta my brain.


  52. Twilight book favorite scene: Possibly when she goes to sleep with Edward and wakes up to realize it wasn't a dream and flings herself at him.
    Twilight movie favorite: Either the restaurant talk or "You ARE my life now."
    Entire Saga favorite: I have read the Italy clock tower scene so often the book falls open there naturally.

  53. hmm... am I the ony one that likes the restaurant/drive home scene in twilight and midnight sun? Bella has the upper hand for once and these scenes in midnight sun explained a lot of edward's strange behavior. I was so pissed when they ruined it in the movie by changing the order of the reveal...
    Oh, and, yeah, I had managed to stay a FF virgin until last wednesday's post by JJ (and all you ladies' comments).Weirdly enough, Twilight made me want to be a blushing virgin again, whereas Breaking Trinity and EP made it difficult to deal with my "single and celibate" status right now...
    TSSS, just when I thought I was getting my addictions under control...

  54. My favorite has ALWAYS been Chapter 20 of Eclipse, followed closely by Chapter 13 (The Meadow) of Twilight. I always say Chapter 20 of Eclipse has EVERYTHING in it that makes me LOVE this series so much....romance, sexual tension, the proposal, etc....I can't WAIT to see it on the big screen and am excited by the pics that have been already released....SQUEEEE!

  55. Forgot....also LOVE the tent scene in Eclipse & the final scene in BD where Edward reads Bella's thoughts. I thought that was a PERFECT ending...full circle, if you will.

  56. I adored the meadow scene in the book, and was horribly disappointed and upset with the movie not doing anything with it. I really wanted the touchy, strokey parts of the meadow scene in the movie. But no. They just laid there. Like dead bodies.

    @LJM64 and @sarah, I love the "Oh. My. God. scene, too. I watch that part over and over. He's so fucking hot and smirky.

  57. I have always loved "The Meadow" chapter & also when they go back to her house until the next day. I can read that section of 'Twilight' over, and over, and over.'s been awhile, maybe I'll read it again.

  58. ok....have to chime in here....such a good idea guys, i feel all sentimental and mushy....

    book scene- have to go with laphipps, i was waiting for someone to go there:

    from eclipse in the tent,
    Jacob: Didn't you have a nice night then?
    Edward: It wasn't the worst night of my life.
    Jacob: Did it make the top ten?
    Edward: Possibly...But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten BEST nights of my life. Dream about that.

    I love me some immature, bantering, i'm going to fight for bella, cocky edward.

    Movie scene - going with sarah on this one.....
    twilight, edward drives bella to school...
    Bella: You know everyone is staring?
    Edward: Not that, he just looked.

    And I love me some smirky bouncy upbeat edward........

    bring on eclipse!

  59. I have favorite parts of all the books, but my absolute favorite is in Eclipse, but a tie (that I cannot break) between the tent scene with all the back and forth between Edward and Jacob. AND Ch. 20, the bargaining for sex and marriage thing the best lines ever are: "How didthis happen?" I grumbled. 'I thought I was holding my own tonight - for once- and now, all of a sudden--"
    "Your engaged," he finished. "Ew! Please don't say that out loud!" (pg 451 in hardcover FYI)

    As far as the movies are concerned, I love the scene where Bella is running to stop Edward from going out into the sunlight and the conversation and kiss that follows.
    I'm going to say something a little controversial here, but I have to say it... while I love the meadow scene in the Twilight Novel, I really dislike how it translated into the movie. I just don't like it... sorry, and I'm glad I finally got that off my chest! Please don't hate me 8-)

  60. I feel like I'm the only one picking something from NM - but maybe I skimmed too quickly? I just reread the part when Bella wakes up after Volterra - definitely one of my favorite parts of the series - I think I've reread that chapter more than anything else:)

  61. "When Edward runs his lips along her jawline, slowly, from one ear to another, I say there is plenty of heat, thank you very much."

    You hit it on the head for me. The times where they lovingly explore each other's faces are it for me. I re-read them over and over because it gives me CHILLS just reading it. Steph obviously got SOMETHING right there!

  62. Damn, this is difficult. I can't committ to just one or two.
    Meadow is always a win.
    Any bedroom scenes, in all books.
    Isle Esme.
    "you named my baby after the loc ness monster"(I crack up every time!)
    Vamp Bella saves the day.
    Happily ever after.
    I now must go reread Midnight Sun, it has been way to long.
    Like many others I reread my favorite parts and keep the books at my bedside, they comfort me. Maybe like how Rob feels about his beanie?
    Off to Midnight...

  63. I'm a day late as usual lately..

    Of Twilight - my fave part is in the book - where they are in the car and he answers all her questions. I'm not a huge fan of the meadow scene in the movie! *gasp*

    New Moon: Of the book - fave part is when he takes her (piggyback) to his house for the vote, I love that scene so I was not happy it was changed in the movie..and fave quote of ALL TIME comes from New Moon - my least favorite book - go figure!

    "Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything." *sigh*

    Eclips is my favorite book of - b/c of leg hitch and Chapter 20!

    My favorite parts of BD-Isle of Esme, and the very end when he can read her mind - THAT is the second best part of all of it for me!
    I can't wait for classes to be over with so I can re-read them all!

  64. In the movie I LOVE the Victoria/cliff diving part, that was amazing!

    Also I loved when Bella shows up to stop Edward from revealing himself, that whole reunion and kiss there SIGH I think I like that better than the groaning kiss after bellas birthday!

    For me though, the movies scenes still don't beat the book.

  65. @lablab73 justrealised I said pretty much the same as you did haha. Also agreed, I didn't like the movie meadow scene, very disappointed :(

  66. Oh man... no one's gonna read this far down - but I re-enacted that scene (the reveal) in RL on accident! It is ALSO my favorite part. So my daughter, Bella, said something unbecoming of a 5-year old and I asked her to apologize but she wouldn't. After several more requests I told her "Bella! Say it. Outloud." And about half way through the word 'outloud' I realized what I was saying and we both started cracking up because my kid's a vicarious Twilight fan. That's when I knew Twilight had become irrevocably intertwined with my life. :)

  67. @ Randomly G-Licious... your story of your 5 year old reminded me of something my 4 year old did this weekend. He was playing with a couple of dinosaurs & they (the dinosaurs) were having a conversation & when I asked him what they were talking about, he said..."Twilight...they said they like Twilight better than you do"! Which totally had me defending my Twi-obsession...against plastic dinosaurs & a 4 year old. Awesome!


  69. whatever Robs is on..I'm a unicorn bitch, i think he is so much interesting than Brood bored Edward Twilight

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  71. @HV - I absolutely love your last sentence. It could apply to everything where Rob is concerned. He inhabits every page we read when we read it, and colors how we read it...whether its books, scripts, media print, blogs, etc., etc. You and @neverthink need to team up and start your own blog!


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  74. In the books I LOVE the blood-typing scene. I think it's because we actually get to see Edward excited, sort of undone.. mmm...
    I also love his sense of humor in the books, which we don't get to see a lot of in the films (no, I don't count him standing in the background smirking like some kind of retarded loner...)
    I'm also a big fan of the Jacob chapters in BD (don't hurt me!) Yes, I'm a bit (a lot) of a Jacob fan, but something about the whole 'burning man' thing Jacob talks about does things to me... Don't get me wrong, I kind of hate those chapters when I read them, but just the fact that they're getting such a strong reaction out of them makes me kinda love them... kwim?

  75. I have lots of favorite parts in all the books, but if you're asking about Twilight specifically, one part I reread a few times was when they were at lunch together after Edward had eavesdropped on Bella's conversation with Jessica about their dinner together. When he asked her if she really believed that she cared more for him than he did for her, and she said yes. Then he says, "You're wrong." *swoon* *melt* Feel like a retarded teenager admitting that, but it's true.

  76. Something very disturbed and weird inside me absolutely loves vicariously experiencing the emotional torture that is the end of Eclipse. I have the page dog-eared where it starts working up to the kiss - don't want to jump right in on it, I have to get into the right emotional climate. And the breakup scene? Where she awkwardly works in the title? "Clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse." Read it and CRY MY FUCKING TWISTED EYES OUT every time. EVERY TIME! And the part where she totally loses it, and Edward just stays with her the whole time? Love it in such a twisted freaky way.

    @Julie Winters, SO with you on the part where he says "You're wrong." I think I creamed my panties the first time I read that. For some reason, that gives me a thrill like nothing else!

    Mmmm, vicarious emotional torture... I mean, what?

    And STY, hope things get better for you soon!

  77. Oh, oh, and since I'm late to this comment par-tay anyways, I might as well wax poetic about my favorite movie scenes.

    Randomly, I love when Edward is telling Bella what everyone in the restaurant is thinking, and it's "Sex. Money....Cat." ha! Love it.

    Also, for funny moments - in NM when Jessica (the awesome Anna Kendrick) is going on about the zombie movie being a metaphor for consumerism? Hi-fuckin-larious.

    For the mushy mushy - the kiss in Twilight = panty-wetting hotness, and I love the meadow, natch. In NM, lurving the Volturi clocktower scene (but who doesn't?) and also, the Jacob/Bella almost-kiss in the kitchen, when he says something in Quileute (I still don't know what it is, should I?), and it also has lovely views of his biceps. Lovely.

    And by lovely I mean, to quote my friend Liz, who blurted this out in a silent theater when Taycob first appeared shirtless in the movie, "SHIT!"

  78. My favorite passage is when Edward is back in New Moon and talks about how it was sad when Bella believed his lie about not wanting her so easily. No I'm not transcribing it, I have 3 kids! ;-)

  79. i luv you, robert pattinson.

    and here's reason 1,2255,897... from Sweden’s Klick! Magazine.

    What was your first love like?

    - Romantic and beautiful. But then it got worse. She broke up with me (laughs) and there isn’t much more to say about that.

    How old were you?

    - I was 19 or 20.

    In an interview recently you said that you’re closest to your dog. What did you mean by that?

    - I was kind of joking when I said that. But she was special and had been a family member for many years when she passed away last year. She was as much of a sister as anyone else.

    Do you have a new dog now?
    - No.

    Are you planning on getting one?

    - I don’t think so.
    He makes a nervous laugh and lowers his eyes.
    - I get so emotional by this.

    Which would you choose – break someone’s heart, or getting your heart broken?

    - Simple – even though I shouldn’t say it: break someone’s heart.
    - It takes so long for my heart to heal. Or maybe it gets broken too often. Sometimes it feels like I have my heart broken every day.

    Interview by Magnus Sundholm.

    *motherfookin sigh*

  80. I know, I'm leaving comments on old posts, but what can I say? Like everthing in my life, I'm behind on my Twitarded reading, and I usually do that FIRST before doing anything productive at work! I agree with Snarky when she said she wished there was a way to read the series again for the first time! I was reading the book because one of my 8th graders told me to, and I expected to have to MAKE myself get through it, just so if she quizzed me, I would be able to say I read it. However, I was sucked into the vortex that is Twilight the last week of my Christmas break that year. Thank God New Moon and Eclipse were already out, because I couldn't been able to wait if I'd read Twilight as soon as it had been published. Just waiting the few months for Breaking Dawn was torture! I love stumbling upon a favorite book, and that RARELY happens to me. I'm a picky reader and I have a hard time finding things that I like, let alone love. I read teen fiction as part of my profession, and even though SM isn't what some would call a great writer, she changed my life and the lives of so many of my students. I just wish I could take that week of reading nothing but Twilight back and relive it! I don't think I showered or fed my kids during that week of reading three books back to back and then REREADING THEM! My husband told me repeatedly to "put down that damn book and talk to me". It was such an amazing experience...where's a blasted time machine when you need one? Oh, and I doubt the Life of Bree Tanner or whatever it's called will cause me to not to shower that day. Just sayin'.


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