Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Of all the vampires in all the books in all the saga, she had to pick THIS one: Bree.

WTF, Stephenie Meyer?!?

Yesterday-or-so [-ish], THIS burst into the Twilight fandom -

Fine - Stephenie Meyer can write whatever she wants... Or publish whatever she wants, regardless of whenever she wrote it... That said, BREE TANNER?! Why?! Of all the story lines you could have chosen to follow, you pick... Bree Who-Even-Knew-She-Had-A-Last-Name-Tanner?! WHYYYYYYY???? This is akin to the insult I feel when when "Lost" spends an entire episode on some random fucking character that they had no right introducing when there are already thirty seven story lines (and even more characters) plus several functioning time-space-continuums and only seven muther-humping episodes left and I want some FREAKING ANSWERS ALREADY!!!

Really - there are a lot of stories in the Twilight Saga that we all are dying to see unfold (or have read countless fanfics about), and I think i can speak for 99.999% of us when I say that I never had the thought "I wish I knew more about that newborn what's-her-name who might have made a good Cullen/vegetarian vampire but we'll never know oh well..." cross my mind. Nope - not once. We want to know more about Alice's story. About Esme. Carlisle. Jasper and the vampire wars. [JJ's note - LEAH!! What the fuck happens to Leah??!!] Hell, I'd even read more of Rosalie's story, and I think that one was pretty well-covered. And did I miss the part in the books where Emmett's back-story was given? Because all I know it that he was totally bear chow when Rosalie found him and then she hauled his Abercrombie-model-attractive almost-corpse 100 miles back to Carlisle to make Edward jealous save her vampy soul mate. And this is as good a time as any to say that the other day I was watching a Discovery Channel show and there was a bear just coming out of hibernation with its cubs and the narrator was saying how it was vulnerable and weak and hadn't eaten in months and all I could think of was "Wow - I guess Stephenie Meyer doesn't watch the Discovery Channel because now Emmett seems like kind of an a-hole for eating just-woken-up grizzly..."

Bear: OMFG I am SO hungry and I had better eat so my cubs can nurse HOLY CRAP WTF IS THAT?!
Emmett: NOM-NOM-NOM!!!

How about the history of the Volturi? Jane? Alec? The Denali clan? Peter and Charlotte? Maybe any one of the nomads who come to bear witness in Breaking Dawn? Seriously, I would take an entire 500-page book devoted to Garrett before I would graciously open my Twilighty arms to the story of Bree. Mostly because I think Garrett is probably totally hot in a Hugh-Jackman-Wolverine kinda way (not entirely my type but certainly a gazillion times more intriguing than an adolescent girl - just sayin').

P.S. I was well into my rant before doing any actual cursory research and discovering that 1) this novella - The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - will be available at as a free download the first month of its release - June 7th thru July 5th (bring on the server crashes!) because it was too big to add to the Eclipse movie companion and she decided to give it to her fans for free as a gift [did I mention I am a jerk?] and 2) if you DO buy the print copy to add to your collection, Stephenie Meyer will donate $1 to the Red Cross but since none of that really makes any difference to my main gripe with the release of this short story, fuck it, I decided to soldiered on. What can I say - Stephenie Meyer is much nicer than I will ever be (in case there was any doubt in anyone's mind). Now that I read the full details on the novella (and you can read it HERE at Stephenie Meyer's site if you haven't already), I am kind of intrigued. I admit it. I am not sure how this child vampire will have much of a story to tell, and I don't think I will read it prior to seeing Eclipse for the first time (does that count as a potential spoiler? I don't even know any more...), but I'll definitely read it.



  1. Bree is TOTALLY the Nikki and Paolo of Twilight. I agree completely (and there are only 6 eps left, I believe). ;)

    I always love my w/v: today is prepousz. It's prepousz-terous that SM wrote a book about Bree.

    I may have been drinking tonight... what's SM's excuse?

  2. @MusingBella- Nikki and Paolo- BRILLIANT!!

    The reason for Bree's story...

    She is the long lost sister of D.J., Stephanie and Michelle Tanner.

    Have Mercy.

    ...maybe not
    I want Alice's backstory. Before she was put in the asylum and how she found Jasper.

  3. I'm holding out until she publishes Midnight Sun.

  4. You show her CC! Me too.

  5. Midnight Sun was totally my first thought when I heard about this book. You have got to be kidding me with this. Give the fans what they want! More mentally tortured, sexually frustrated, and eat him up yummy Edward!! Bree Tanner? I swear if Uncle Jesse or the Olsen twins are a part of this story and there is some kind of family hug, I'm going to be pissed. And because SM has turned me into a huge tool, I'm going to buy it. FML.

  6. I don't care. I'm fascinated as fuck for anything she freaking wants to write about. (3-headed aliens with a speech impediment and a oddly situated ball-sacks? I'm there.) I have no doubt I will obsessively read this little novella, and Bree will pwn me just as much as the rest of the characters. Bring it on Steph. Bring. It. On.

  7. A-fucking-men, STY. There are so many characters I would rather read about instead of little psycho-newborn Bree scratching her nails off by the fire.

    Give me the rest of Midnight Sun.

    But I will read this "novella" because I can't get enough Twi.
    Insert very large SIGH.

  8. On a postive note, when I saw the kid chosen to play Bree in the movie, she was the exact girl I had in my head when reading. For the whole 2 pages she was in the book.....anyway

  9. @Musing Bella - Bree is TOTALLY the Nikki and Paolo of Twilight - TOTALLY!! i was SO mad after that episode!! they had so much other stuff to cover, but nooooo...

    @Cupcake Donna - lol! JJ was laughing at the "Tanner"/Full House connection when I asked her to read this, too!

  10. This little book brings me hope that Midnight Sun is just around the corner. She said on Oprah that her and vampires were on a break. And now...surprise? It wasn't even on that future projects tab she has on her web site. This can only mean Edwards pov is around the corner. And I would totally read a book about Garret and what's her name. He sounded totally hot. And on an off the topic note...Lover Mine less than one month away!

  11. ZOMG @Musing Bella - hi-fucking-larious. It is SO true! Muahaha.

    STY, I was soooo looking forward to your thoughts on this. I will, of course, read it all the same, and lap it up like the twi-whore I am, but nevertheless: any other Cullen or random character (@JJ: LEAH! LEAH!) would have made soooo much more sense to me...

    But like I said. I'm such a ho, I'll read it and gush about how awesome it is. Sigh.

    Maybe she'll get it on with Riley and there'll be some sparkly peen action? Wishful thinking.

  12. Screw Bree's story, I think a painfully detailed account of Charlie packing his tackle box would be more interesting. Who wouldn't buy the special edition book-in-a-Vitamin R-can?

  13. WTF?? I may read this on the website, but I won't be buying it. All Stephenie touches is not gold. If I had Midnight Sun on my shelf, maybe I wouldn't be so negative about it, but who knows? It's not there yet, dammit! :)

    At one point, I thought, "But Pam, $1 goes to the Red Cross!" Then I thought, "Fuck that, I'll donate $5 to them myself."

  14. A 500 page book devoted to Garrett, LOL! THAT sounds good, actually!

    @MB--"Paolo Lies" was the only episode of Lost I actually got. Does that mean I'll like this?

  15. @taraist: LOVE IT!! I'd buy that special edition!!

    Who gives a flying squirrel turd about Bree? I too would like to know where the hell Emmett came from. How about what Edward has been up to for the last 100 years? And seriously...WHAT ABOUT LEAH?!!

  16. I too am holding out for "Midnight Sun". What the crap is this? :(

  17. I'm kind of PO'd at SM right now. How long have we been begging for her to finish MS?? I know, I know, I get it, SM. You're all devistated because someone leaked the copy online and now you're not in that mind set. Well, shit happens. Put your big girl panties on and just give the fans what they want! I read in some interview she did that when she submitted this for the movie companion, it was too long for it so they suggested it as its own book, so she agreed. She said that she knows everyone is expecting her to finish MS, but she's not thinking about vampires right now. WTF SM? You're Stephanie created-Edward-Cullen-vampire-god Meyer! You're always in vampire mode! Just give us damn Misnight Sun and we will all be happy! I'm not buying this crap about Bree. Who cares about this girl who shows up for all of 10 pages. I'll happily purchase MS and donate $5 with purchase to the Red Cross instead of having $1 from the Bree book go to them! Now, get your head out of your butt and get to writing for EC's point of view!

  18. WTF?! She can't bring herself to finish Midnight Sun (neeeeed it...baaaaad) but she can write about a character no one gives a crap about? Someone needs to kidnap her and hold a gun to her head till she finishes MS. THEN she's free to write whatever the fuck she wants. Preferably about someone more interesting than fucking Bree. Any volunteers for the kidnapping? I've got some outbuildings we could use *evil grin*

    @CupcakeDonna: I'd love to know Alice's backstory too! That'd be cool. Stupid SM...

  19. I have to say I'm excited, it's gonna be dark (a first for SM) it shows the vamp army, the Seattle massacre, and what a bitch Victoria was when she played everyone (I'm guessing)

    It also says to me she's interested in writing/thinking more about twilight and expanding the world.

    Also, if it sells well, Scummit may think that there's enough support for two BD movies ...

    I say a bit more and stuff here

  20. and it gives me hope she'll finish midnight sun eventually ... which is good, cause as of a year and a half ago, it was sounding like she wasn't interested in finishing it.

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  22. @STY - either that, or she's the Bai Ling / Thailand episode. WTF was that shit?

    I will be buying and reading this "novella" still, because I am a Twi-whore. I might take it up the ass, SM, but I don't have to like it.

    I'm hoping, as others have said, that this means she's still writing Twi stuff, and still thinking about vampires, despite what she's said in the media.

    Now, Steph, give us the Midnight Sun and no one gets hurt...

  23. @Banshee- Your insistence brings to mind that Kathy Bates movie where she hobbles the author (can't think of the name of it)

    @ HypoVag- No shit. 140,000 fanfictions cannot lie. No one has ever thought about Bree. Nobody has even named a tertiary character 'Bree'. No one has felt a void because of it.

    Anyhoo, I'm not surprised. Somewhere along the line I read that she was thinkering up Bree's story and I knew that this would come before MS.

    I'm looking forward to it if for only a diagnostic: am I really into the whole twilight universe, or just E&B? Or maybe the Cullens in general? For example, I haven't read, or felt the desire to read, The Host, so I know I'm not all hot and bothered for SM in general. If I give a shit about Bree's story that'll be news to me.

    But then again, the karate kid thought he was just waxing cars and painting fences. Who are we to question the master of this universe?

    Random non-sequitur (fuck spelling)- I've been wondering if there's a spike in babies being named Edward. Or Cullen?

  24. I think the one you're thinking of is Misery by Stephen King

    and I don't know about anyone else, but, I have a son named Cullen that was born and named a year before she had the dream that kicked everything off ... I figure I inadvertently set him up for popularity in a few years here ... I've never heard of another Cullen though ...

  25. I am SO with you on this. And so glad I checked the blog after all of my meals have left the desk. Oh, man! Fucking Lost? I KNOW!! Is this killing you, too? I think my desk has a permanent dent from my forehead when I catch up online. Just give us fucking answers. Don't tell me how Fu Man Chu's son played baseball, don't tell me about Nikki and Paolo being buried alive (WHO THE FUCK CARES?!), just let all of the crew be "chosen ones" together and rule it like muffler-sucking NARNIA.

    I was excited that something was coming, and I immediately thought Midnight Sun (because for FUCK'S SAKE!). When I found out it was Bree? I honestly thought about inducing vomit, just so I could say I vomited when I found out. What.The.T'aint-Sucking.Fuck. I'm with JJ...Leah would have been a more welcome choice.

    I don't know about you, but I'll read the damn thing for free online, then run to the nearest Red Cross and donate a pint of my own fucking O+ Vamp Juice. Just to appease my charity loving black rimmed heart.

    F.M.L. *thud*

  26. @ Banshee LMAO @ italhurts, was thinking the same thing.
    How very Annie Wilkes of you, Banshee! LOL
    SM, you best be careful not to get caught in a blizzard.. a diehard twihard may be lurking and waiting to 'save' you!
    Muuahaahahaha! Nah, we'd just hold you hostage until you finish Midnight Sun.. (I'll get the smudge proof paper!) And maybe throw in a little Breaking Dawn rewrite for good measure. Sans: Renasty, imprinting, and the cock block fade to black!

    "now Emmett seems like kind of an a-hole for eating just-woken-up grizzly..."
    LMFAO AWww I feel sorry for the grizzlies now too! Emmett should pick on someone his own strength!

    @ Cupcake Donna: LOL Love the Full House reference.

    In all seriousness though.. my initial reaction was all too similar to pretty much everyone else's) I was all like WTF??? Wha? What about Midnight Sun? *tear* I mean why would she further delve into a majorly minor character in which we already know where her fate lies? A Leah story would have been right up my alley. I'm even more intrigued by a Gianna or Heidi than Bree.
    I mean we never find out what happens to Gianna.
    Is she still human? Did she get her wish.. turn into a bloodsucker and join the ranks of the Volturi? Or did she just end up being dessert as that oh-so-sly Jane mentioned?
    Even Heidi would have been more interesting and relevant IMHO.
    SM could have answered questions like: Is Heidi still playing lunch seductress to the many unassuming turista future entrees for the Volturi? And really, what does an insanely gorgeous, cold hearted (pun intended) vampire do in her free time? Is she gettin' it on with Demetri? Bangin' Aro? (oh wait doesn't he have a wife?.. Doesn't strike me as the monogamous type for some reason). Hhmm or maybe her and Jane are 'experimenting' together...

    Alas, I say all that and more but still I am admittedly a Twi whore.. like most who dwell here... and won't be able to keep myself from reading Twi anything and Twi everything Steph writes.

    I did however, enjoy reading Bella's pov when she turned.. (well mostly 'cause she chilled a little on the whininess) but also 'cause it was kinda fascinating to read a newborn experiencing things for the first time, e.g. senses heightened, strength, agility etc. So who knows maybe it won't be all THAT bad. I guess I'm a little, teensy weensy bit intrigued .. just a little...
    But please Stephenie for the love of Edward Cullen finish Midnight Sun!!!

  27. Hm, I never thought I would have to watch out for a Lost spoiler on Twitarded. Thankfully, you didn't reveal much. I am dreading reading the comments out of fear that someone might have said something about this week's episode, which I haven't seen yet. So, please, in the future, I beg you STY (and JJ) do not post Lost spoilers, especially not without a warning.
    When it comes to Lost I am such a fucking freak, I don't even want to know who the episode is about before I actually press PLAY.

    Now, as far as this Bree shit is concerned, I have spent the entire day yesterday bitching about it. There ain't no way in hell I'm buying or reading this thing. I don't give a shit.

  28. I am so with you. She has enough Vampire juice in her to write about Bree but not enough to finish Midnight Sun? WTF??!! I want Midnight Sun...I want it bad. She could write the whole series from fucking Edward's point of view and I would read them all...and buy them in hard back so they would stand up to all the repetitive reads and drooling. Are you listening Stephanie Meyer? Lots more $$!!!!!

  29. Thanks for your POV on this Bree thing. My jaw dropped when I saw this news. Who cares about Bree? She was in the story for about 10 seconds. Just because they got a cute girl to play her in the movie she rates a whole story???????
    Bring on Midnight Sun.....Alice's story....More on Carlise....the complete history of the Volturi...and Leah's story would be great.....

  30. I'm waiting for SM to publish:
    THE JOY OF SEX After Marriage; Vampire Style.
    In it she will describe word for word, cheek stroke to throat kiss exactly how bella ended up with those bruises on isle esme. There will also be graphic pics of edward and bella doing some vampire on vampire positions after her transformation.

    @cupcake donna- totally agree about learning more about alice.

    @toefunny-yes, more about edward please!

    @Molly Twitanic- I have a daughter named Isabella Marie! No, I did not name her from Twilight either. I'm more grounded in reality than that...I named her after a soap star:)

    Bree??? I'd rather read about Jacob and Renesmee's love story.

  31. @RobxSinger - looking for the THOSE details is what led me/us to fanfic in the first place! there are quite a few "Isle Esme" one-shots out there - lol! Seems like just yesterday I was sending JJ an email saying "Huh. Did you know that people write porny Twilight stories???" - aaaaaand then we jumped in with both feet (and all our girly bits).

    : )

    And jftr, of course I will be reading this - probably buying it too (I am on autopilot when it comes to buying Twilight shit - it's like I don't have a choice or something...Don't tell Mr. Snarky...). Hell, I'll even likely enjoy it. But I stand by my "WTF?!" - lol...

    How about a nice back-story on the bad vamps? Really, ANYTHING else...

  32. I am in total agreement!
    WTF Stephenie????????
    You're killing us slowly, you know that right? Just finish Midnight Sun! Please!!!!! Pretty please, with some sparkly vampire on top!!!!

  33. okay, i need to start reading fanfic. can someone give me the best story to start with? i'm not exactly sure where to find the fanfic...

  34. Let me add my voice....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reading Twilight (again and again) after reading Midnight Sun just makes me love Edward more because I know what he is thinking.

  35. I think we all agree with you, but given the circumstances, I would read anything SM writes! And it's an interesting idea at least -- to see the battle from the Newborn's perspective. So, I'll give her that.

  36. The way I'm looking at it is, she's writing again and it's still Twilight releated. This is a good thing and this cold mean that she may finally see fit to finish Mindight Sun. fingers crossed!

  37. amen sisters! Please finish Midnight Sun ... if only The Meadow chapter!!! And she could totes make a shit-ton of money doing a series on the Volturi ... and THOSE can be rated R (thankyouverymuch).

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @Red Bella Let's hope so.
    Maybe she was just getting warmed up.
    Revving her Twilighty engine, so to speak.
    By denying us, she's making us want it more.

    Either that or she's just getting us ready for
    "The Lesson Plans or Mr. Banner: It's all prophase in my World"

  40. @Cupcake Donna: "it's All Prophase in My World" Bahahaha!! Yes!!

    After talking it over w my bf (who is versed in Twi), we've decided on a what would be worse:

    Fade to Black: A Mormon's Guide to Avoiding Sex In Print.

  41. I could quote almost everyone above ~

    I want Midnight Sun...badly ~ anything from Edwards POV = win

    I find it completely ridiculous that she choose Bree to write about!
    I would love more on Alice...Carlisle...Esme...almost any one...
    but my vote would totally be LEAH!
    How can she give every single other character the HEA and leave Leah out... alone?
    This is one of the many issues that never mane any sense to me...
    everyone gets theirs but her!

    ok ~ Rant over.

  42. Um, I just felt the need to follow up with

    I hold no negative feelings to anyone because of their religious affiliations. Just so we don't attack me.


  43. I just have to say you're especially funny today! much love to you crazy ladies!

  44. "and all I could think of was "Wow - I guess Stephenie Meyer doesn't watch the Discovery Channel because now Emmett seems like kind of an a-hole for eating just-woken-up grizzly..."

    .....So funny how Twi seeps into every part of our daily lives....
    I just got a new pair of polarized, prescription sunglasses and I swear it feels like I have a brand new pair of first thought when I put them on was that I felt like Bella - just after transformation. And then I hit myself, cuz, this shit really needs to stop (or at least settle down).

  45. I'm thinking a lot of people missed that this is not a new story. This is not a story she just wrote. This is a side bit she wrote while writing Eclipse.

    It's only coming out now because when MR went to write the movie, she wanted more vamp action in Seattle and her and DS were intrested in more of what happened there. So, SM dusted off this story and handed it to MR, DS, BDH, the guy that plays Riley, and the girl that plays Bree.

    She then thought people might want to see it and was planning on putting it in the guide. It turned out to be more than 200 pages so THE PUBLISHER asked her if they could do it seperate.

    She agreed if she could also make it available to the fanbase for free, everyone agreed.

    Now I'm a little rusty on my twi-timeline here, but, if I remember right, escentially, she wrote this before she started on the midnight sun project.

    The only reason it stars bree rather than anyone else, is she's the only named newborn that was part of the army. Riley was part of the planning. So when she wanted to flesh out what was going on in Seattle, she went with Bree to move it along.

  46. @RobzSinger-

    I popped my Fanfic cherry with "The List" - by Laura Cullen.

    Takes place between Eclipse and replaces Breaking Dawn. (no pregnancy, a sexy hot Bella-to-vampire transformation)

    Starts out with some nice dry humping (like most teenagers) and goes to the full hot sexytimes. Taking it slowly of course.

    I wouldn't suggest leaping into any fanfic with all human SM/bondage stuff just yet. You don't want any flogging, nipple clamps, and anal until you have been sufficiently prepared with some innocent Edward and Bella sex first.

  47. As Molly Twinatic says this was only a little something she started as a side bit for Eclipse. I would of course prefer Midnight Sun (who wouldn't?) but I think it would be interesting, as Bree's experience as an uncontrolled, bloodthirsty newborn might mirror Bella's experience, but in a very dark, desperate way. And with a tragic ending. We might also het to see some beloved characters through her POV - what about a little a cameo of Edward and Bella, seen through Bree's eyes, oh yeees pleeease ... It might turn out to be more interesting than it sounds. And anyway, it's for free... So I say let's give Stephenie a chance before we sulk.

  48. I couldn't agree more on the need to finish Midnight Sun. I devour that more frequently than I do Twilight.

    I was very meh when I heard about the Bree book. I'd most like to read about the Denali clan. They've got enough to tell with the situation with their mother, Tanya wanting to get with Edward and their sexytime with the human men in Alaska. I'd also definitely read Carlisle's backstory and his thoughts on creating his family, Jaspar's history with the wars and anything with the Volturi. SM better get busy, but Midnight Sun first please!!

  49. I had a different post all written out about how I smelled the pursuit of pre-teen/teenage dollars (donation aside, of course) and pressure to distance from a substantial source of the success of the series (and their tastes), etc., etc. but I flubbed up when hitting the "publish" button.

    Seems I didn't have anything nice to say, so the computer gods helped me out in not saying anything at all.


    I have little interest in reading about plans viewed in the bloodfuelled haze of rage and fear of a teenage newborn who, to be honest, came across to me as kind of vapid. There are other characters I'd rather read about, outlined by many folks in comments above.

    I have little confidence that SM will write the internal musings of an intense, intensely conflicted and intensely self-loathing SEVENTEEN YEAR-OLD BOY/MAN caught between the world of his human upbringing and the modern world, having seen the full spectrum of the human condition over a century, honestly and completely.

    But then, I remind myself that she writes in the YA rating. And a little voice continues to hope against hope for a "director's cut", a mature telling, years from now. Pfft. Dreaming. (Word up, Lindsay Rae! :) )

    This isn't to say I won't read either of them (should MS ever be completed), because, d'uh. I'll just be reading along, wishing for a more complete, visceral tale, and trying to fill in the frequent blanks as I go. And then getting my ass over to Twilighted.

  50. i think this is the easiest story to write...that's all. doesn't hav to be carefoul eith those fucking detailes/// and about the midnight sun thing...SM is such a TWIDDLER

  51. argh! i'm with the majority- who don't give a flying fuck about bree! if she wants to write a newborn story- give me jasper.

    i digress- i'll buy it because it raises money for the red cross. but i won't like it. damnit steph - we are your whores- but don't pimp-slap hard enough to leave a mark!

  52. Apparently I live in a cave because this is the first time I am hearing about this.

    1st reaction: *stares at screen for a long moment trying to figure out who the FUCK Bree Tanner is*

    2nd: Haha, nice April Fools Day Joke.
    *clicks link for SM website*

    3rd: Total outrage.

    There are not even words for this. Epic fail SM, epic fail.

  53. I think maybe Nikki and or Paulo's last name was also Tanner...hence where Bree came from...I don't think I care, but yes I will read it.

    But seriously for the love of monkeys give us the freaking Midnight Sun!!! It's just W-R-O-N-G to keep it from us....I NEEEEEED it. Like my own personal brand of heroin.

  54. Okay, this coming from someone who's favorite Twilight book (even though it's not finished) is Midnight Sun. Get ready for the rant (and please understand you're a special bunch where I feel I can express myself this way).


    I refuse to read the novella, until I get to read Midnight Sun! (Unless someone says Edward is mentioned in it).

    Thanks for providing the venue to say what I really wanted.

  55. Do you guys think that SM knew that by releasing this book, she would get nothing but questions about Midnight Sun?? It's all anyone is commenting about on the Bree Tanner forum. Give us what we want Stephenie!! More Edward!! ( and an adult version of Breaking Dawn!!)

  56. personally, I am glad to see SM putting anything Twilight out there, and I wonder how many other characters she has written backstories on. In interviews with the actors who played the Volturi, I heard mention of them knowing more about their characters than I remember being revealed in the books. I'm hopeful that she will come out with more (maybe saving it for the official guide that was supposed to be released last Oct?) And it is hopeless to think she will ever write any satisfying vamporn, it's not her style. when I'm reading fanfic, I like to imagine that SM had written it under a pseudonym :)

  57. humph. midnight sun...cock blocked by this bree bitch. *scowl*

  58. Actually, I was really intrigued by Bree when I read Eclipse. It was interesting to think about how just a few months before the newborn attack, she was just a normal girl. It would be terrifying to suddenly become a vampire and Bree always made me wonder what it would be like.

  59. Bree? Bree Tanner? Will the real Bree Tanner please stand up. Who and why would we want to read about Bree Tanner when she said she needed a break from Twilight?

    I feel like a total twat complaining about this. I mean, I understand she was burned by a friend for leaking Midnight Sun, but come on... just finish the fucking story. Does she even remotely realize how painful it is for us to leave Edward driving away from Bella only to realize we're so close to the meadow scene... yet so far away! I've always wanted to find out what Edwards mental transition was that made him so optimistic after he spent so long being pesamistic. Fuck, Stephenie... WHHHHHYYYYYYYY???????!!!!!!!!

  60. Echo echo echo......I'm repeating what you all have already said. I don't care about Bree either. I will however buy the book because it'll have that cool cover that matches all the other Twi books and I'm a freak like that (and I'm all alone here, right? NOT!)

    However, I can't fucking believe that SM has not finished MS. Seems to me like the easiest cash grab in history, plus it's half done already. And what about the other books from Edward's POV? No new plot to figure out, no new development, just fall off the log writing. Duh. Plus would we not Luuuuurrrvvee that?

    I can't go along with you on the Leah thing. I never got into her nor did I care. She was a whiny, my glass is half empty and I've lost my true love so anyone who's remotely happy pisses me off pain in my ass. I still can't forgive SM for writing so much of BD from Jacob's POV and not giving us ANY Edward. Heartless bitch.

    SM: We are your bread and butter. We have much more disposable income than your average 16 year old. Give us what we want. Give us what we crave. Give us MORE.

    I'm done.

  61. @cupcake donna-
    thank you and thank you.
    and i will take any more recs you have for ff.
    me likey. holy shit.

  62. @cupcake donna - me too on losing my ff cherry to The List!

    Then i went on to Things That Go Bump in The Night by mac. funny and hot.

    then, open mike night by skeezon. tattward is fuckhawt.

    prolly the ummm scariest thing i've read -- Love Park by mac. it's a 3 some...bella is emmett's bff fag hag, and edward is the hot-bi sexual construction worker. yes, it's a triad sex thing. oh yeah, edward has a a a a ahem...cock piercing. brutalssssss

  63. Listen, I get ya. I really do! In fact, I ALSO visualized Garrett as a Hugh Jackman kinda guy. nice!
    Anyways, when I first read Eclipse I remember thinking "who the hell cares about this wailing screaming newborn vamp? shut her up already"....then they made a huge deal about casting Jodelle as Bree and I was all "who the hell cares?!" ok that's a lie. I feed off any twi-news I can get my hands on...
    but I digress, honestly I didn't care much about Bree, but now....I'm damn excited!

  64. A RobzSinger:

    I have found that anything wwritten buy LolaShoes or Laura Cullen are going to excellent with plenty of lemons.

    I prefer twilighted because you can easily choose with characters you want to read about and at what rating. My first ever fan fiction story was a continuation of Midnight Sun on that now I can't even remember the name of. The next was A Life Extraordinary by LolaShoes. The List is also a very excellent story. Definitely makes you want to go hump the hubs!

  65. @HypoVag - I'll be out with you... "Where the HELL is my Scottish Book, JK?!?!?! It' been three years, and I'm dying over here!"

    I'm rereading DH and the trio have just followed Neville through the portrait.

    @Robzsinger - Creature of Habit is great (and features Bree, ironically).

    I also love The Lost Boys. It's all human, so not Twilight-y at all, but a great story with lots of steamy and no fade-to-blacks.

  66. thanks ladies!

    it's going to be a fun weekend over here:)

  67. That perspective will be nice to have you know, a more open view of what was going on but...couldn't Meyer finish Midnight sun???? For reaaal!!! Please pretty please???

  68. @Pam R. OMG!!! The Lost Boys was the fanfic i was reading like a moth ago and i lost the link and (huh...lost the lost boys xD) and i found it again!!! THANKS!!!

  69. @LimonPower - you're welcome dear!! I can't imagine what it would be like to lose The Lost Boys!


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