Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishing My Life Away in the Name of Twilight

Remember when you were a kid - the anticipation you felt as you agonizingly waited for summer vacation? The closer you got to that last day of school, the more your schoolwork started to suffer...your attention span fizzled to virtually nothing... Well, this is how I feel right now. The older I get, the more aware I am of not trying to wish the time away. It means I'll reach 40 faster and, well, I'm really not looking forward to that fucking birthday. At all! Time goes by fast enough when you get older and here I am, wishing it away like an overexcited 10-year-old.

But this has been a year of anticipation. With so much happening, I can't help that my life has become a series of dates that I just can't get out of my Twi-infected brain. I haven't been this excited about shit since Mr. Latchkey and I planned our last vacation almost four years ago. Ya, we don't get out much. And wow, I sound like such a fucking loser right now.

March 12. I'm firmly focused on this date right now since I can almost reach out and touch it. This movie better be fucking awesome or someone's going to get a nut punch. And even though I don't want that skinny, blonde bitch putting her filthy paws on RPattz, it will be nice to see him get all down and dirty with a girl without wanting to drain her blood. Oh yes, I've seen his earlier, non-vampire movies and I didn't even make it through them. Fucking painful. Sorry, don't hate me but I really wish I could un-see them all.

Hands off bitch. I will cut you!

March 20. Halle-fucking-lujah! Just in time. My poor Twilight DVD now begs for mercy when I put it in the player. It's worn out and tired (kind of like Jenny Jerkface's vibrator). Like Twilight, there will be parts of New Moon where I'll have to look away... *cough* dream sequence *cough*. Sort of like the whole spider monkey ridiculousness. Gag! And there will be parts where I pause and stare. For a very long time. And now that Taycob's legal, there'll be no need to purchase soap-on-a-rope.

Hahaha. Jacob gets stuck in the back, even though he's supposed to be the star!

June 30. This is the day I could die. My lady bits could detonate and kill everyone in the theater. Sorry. It's the truth. I fucking loved this book like a fat kid loves cake. And if David Slade doesn't bring that leg hitch to life in a way that makes my vag whimper, heads are going to roll. Please... all I'm asking for is the leg hitch and some serious, open-mouthed making out and I'll be happy. (Not as happy as if you'd just let the poor 109 year old virgin bone her... hey, a girl can dream!) I hear there were some leaked photos from Eclipse that I may or may not have peeked at, that may or may not have given me a glimpse of heaven... just sayin.

Like this but lots more tongue please.

July 27. Huh? How'd that date get in here? This is the one date I'm NOT looking forward to this year. The day I turn 40. The day my life is officially half over. Just please mark your calendars... if you don't hear from me, there's a strong possibility I swallowed a bottle of pills. I don't do well with these types of birthdays. When I turned 30, I broke up with Mr. Latchkey by phone - we were dating at the time - and I started chasing a much younger man... hmmm... sounds familiar... Ok, never mind.

September 29. FOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSS! At least I hope I make it there without JJ and STY getting me booted off the plane. Guess we'll have to be on our best behavior - although I'm not sure JJ even knows what that is. I'm not happy about having to get up at the ass crack of dawn for this flight, but holy FUCK, I'm going to fucking Forks! The holy land. The Twilight mecca. My own personal Twicrack den. The Twi-whore house. I don't think I was this excited for my own wedding! I swear to all that is holy, if anyone tries to fuck this up, they will end up with a bullet lodged in their stupid, Twi-hating brain. Don't test me muthafuckas!

Oh Forks, you have no idea what you're in for!

December 25. Fuck you all. I always look forward to Christmas. I love presents! *hint hint*

Are you all with me? What important dates are you looking forward to in Twiland and beyond?


  1. New Moon already pre-ordered from Target and I am just about dying for Eclipse. I am way to old for this crap! NOT!

  2. March 16th the night I'm going to go see Remember Me.

    April is a trip to the Caribbean for Mr CC and I with the tax return.

    May is Mr. CC's graduation.

    Then there's a whole bunch of unknown dates around Mr CC getting employment. I think that twilight related stuff is going to be my distraction from that stress!

    There's of course the trip to FOOOOORRRSSS.

  3. I'm going to go see Jackson's band 100 Monkeys in St. Louis on March 7th!!! I just saw them here in Des Moines IA on March 2nd and they were awesome!

    I can't wait for Jackson's movie The Last Airbender to come out in June.

  4. Well here is my year, all done and dusted...ready for the next one.

    Jan: Italy
    Feb: Colorado
    March: Dallas (Bobby Long)
    April: Las Vegas
    May: drink (last month before kids get out of school for 3 months)
    June: Florida / Eclipse Party
    July: Canada
    August: Scotland
    September/October: Highlight of my year is definitely going to Forks
    November: I'll think of something
    December: I heart Christmas Eve, my favourite day of the year, it really is *sniffle*. Brings back childhood memories of happy times.


  5. Definatly looking forward to Remember Me. I have a friend at the movie theater so I will be going to a private screening on the 11th. Yay, no screaming fangirls!! I wish Twilight was rated R so that those little annoying twats couldn't get in. I also wish Twilight was rated R for other reasons...wink wink

    Can't wait for March 20th. But I still haven't pre-odered yet! I don't know which place to get it from because don't all the stores have different stuff on them? Too much for my brain to handle. And sadly I have no one to go with to a midnight release. Lack of Twi friends. I need new friends. Anyone in eastern Pennsylvania or in New Jersey need company to a midnight release party?? haha...midnight, this blog has really corrupted my mind.

  6. You pretty much hit the high points there there. I also look forward to the day that Edward Wallbanger is updated.

    @Cazza, that's a hell of a year, and I appreciate the fact that the highlight of your world travels is FOOORKS!

  7. March 8: Returning to work after maternity leave. I am SO not made to be a stay at home mom. And I'll FINALLY have time to properly surf the net for all things Twilight/Rob. I've missed alot the past few months.

    March 12: Remember Me AND my birthday!!!! The husband has agreed to see it with me.

    April 2: My five-year wedding anniversary. We're getting a new front door as our gift to each other. Romantic, huh?! I actually told him no when he offered to get me another diamond band...I know, I'm crazy.

    Memorial Day(ish): celebrating the birth of a dear friend's baby girl (and forced best friend to my baby girl).

    June 30: fav book in the series and I'm looking into renting a theater and throwing a kickass shindig.

  8. Here is my year in a nut shell!!!1

    MARCH 12- REMEMBER ME ( i even have what im wearing already hanging on closet door)
    MARCH 20- 3 copies of NEW MOON on order (dont judge)

    JUNE 30- ECLIPSE!!!!!! should be fun watching this drunk with my daughter (who turns 21 on the 29th) and a bunch of fucking screaming teenage girls!!!!!! and since i dont wear panties out(yes im slutty like that) i wont have to worry about mine going *POOF*

    AUGUST 19_ my 42 BIRTHDAY........wait i meant *29th*
    hey i still get carded!!!!!

    SEPT 7 - VEGAS BABY,drinking,dancing,gambeling,
    drinking,partying,did i mention drinking???????
    and my fun ends there, since i suck and cant go to FOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!


  9. I turn thirty-eleven next week. Thirty-ten is ok. Promise.

  10. LKW - i'm w/you on the leg hitch. slade better fuckin represent.

    heads will roll...

    ps. 40's not so bad. you'll see. age is just a number, baby.

    besides, rpattz just admitted he finds older women sexy. and i know you're not as old as betty white.

  11. @aggie99 -

    i'm an aggie too. fighting texas aggie class of 87. damn glad to meet ya.

    we should team up on that eclipse party...i know people at santikos theatres.

  12. LMAO! I knew immediately when I started reading this that it wasn't STY or had a different "tone"...slightly dry, slightly dirty.

    Did you see my post about Remember Me...are you proud that I'm actually ridiculously beside myself excited to see it?

    Cheers, glad your back to posting!

    xoxo j

  13. LKW,

    Another superb post from you...

    40 is fucking awesome! Nothing different than 30 except you can't remember a damn thing. I find most of the time this comes in handy.

    Important dates for moi:

    March 12 - Sweet baby Jesus, I am looking forward to a big screen Rob eye fuck.

    May 26 - 41 baby! It just gets better for me. Really it does! The older I get the freer I feel I can run my mouth and do what I want.

    June 30 - you said it. That leg hitch better be something hot or I may stab the person sitting in front of me. I hate unnecessary violence, so they better deliver. This is my favorite book as well

    This fall, although a date hasn't been set, my non Twilight (I have tried to get her to jump down the rabbit hole, but she can be such a stubborn donkey twat) bestest girlfriend from college who lives in FL (I am in AZ) are meeting in one of three cities to do the Susan Komen 3 day walk.

    I, however, will be letting my Twitardness fly wearing the gear during the walk.

    I love love love Christmas! Always my favorite day of the year, especially with a little one in the house. I love the Santa build up, the baking cookies, leaving them out for Santa, and then the priceless look on the the little guys face Christmas morning. Even if it is at 5 fucking o'clock.

    OK, probably too wordy, which is always an indication of too much wine.

  14. I agree with others LKW, the 40s have been pretty damn cool. I've accomplished things I didn't dream of in my 30s. Breathe.

    March 12- My daughter's 8th birthday.
    March 13- The day I lovingly let her spend quality time with grandparents so I can spend quality time with Rob. (And a box of kleenex, from what I hear.)
    March 20- No idea what a midnight release party is like (for DVDs anyway) so not sure if I should plan one. Still shopping for perfect version.
    Next few months- Scouring the net for Bel Ami spoilers cuz I'm going all slutty for THAT movie. No virgin, no tip, no modesty-fucking-pouch.
    June 30- Now that I figured out what to do right/wrong, it'll be a blast. NM was my fave book, so the pressure's off.
    Sept/Oct- Haven't booked yet but I will. Thanks to twitter addiction and fanfic adventures, I can't WAIT to meet certain people.
    Nov. 16- Still in my 40s but still acting half my age:)

  15. I *know* I wasn't as excited for my wedding as I am for FOOOOORRRRRKKKKSSSS, because there was WAY too much stress involved with planing the wedding! FOOORRRKKKSSSS, by contrast, involves very little planning (for me)!!!

    I however, won't be there until Oct 1.
    Other than that, March 12, Mrs Fashion (my Twi-BFF) and I are headed to see Remember Me (and the Eclipse preview, hellloooo).

    June 30, I don't need to tell you girls.

    July 19, I turn 30. Let's not talk about it.

    August 13-15, we're going to San Francisco to see my baby cousin get married.

    Not many plans, but some good ones! I'm jealous of some of you world travelers!
    Oh, and I agree with MyAfterCarIsAnXKR - any day Edward Wallbanger updates will be a good one, especially where that story is right now! *fans self*

  16. LKW there you go reading my thoughts again! I was just thinking how weird it is to wish for time to go faster at our age..but then again as @Suzspetals pointed out it is not as if we are acting our age.

    Here are my important dates breakdown:

    March 10: Possible early RM screening op

    March 12-14: NM viewing/ogling if I don't go to thing on the 10th.

    March 20: DVD will be purchased and watched and then watched again. Thank goodness I have daughters I can blame the re-watching on.

    March 23: Trip to England with the family for two weeks!!!

    May 4: Eldest daughter turns 8.

    June 11: Youngest daughter turns 5.

    June 29/30: Midnight show of Eclipse.

    August 20: Family Reunion in the San Juan Islands.

    Sept. 14: 14th wedding anniversary.

    Sept 30-Oct 3: FFFFFFFOOOOOOORRRRKKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I am so stupidly excited to meet everyone.

    Nov. 21: I, too, will be turning 40 and will be somewhere hot and sunny with my bffs...exact location TBD.

    Crazy, crazy year indeed. Fuck I am old.

  17. I'm not a planner and due to the amount of drugs I took in the 80's and 90's, I don't have much of an attention span or short term memory. The only date on my brain right now is March 12th.....Remember Me. (if I remember to go...after all, it is 9 days away)

  18. I'm looking forward to seeing the precious in Remember me on 3/12 with F-Kat & Z any Mouse, then I'm headed to the Twilight convention in LA to lay hands on Pfach :)

    ...and of course I'm counting the days until we go to FOOORRRRRKKKSSS!!

  19. All of those dates are life altering days! I can't wait to go see beautiful Rob in Remember Me, plus see theEclipse trailer!!!!! Watch New Moon whenever I want!!! Go see eclipse! And this year I turn 30! I live in Portland, OR, are you going to go see anything other than Forks? I went to all of the spots from the Twilight movie. I'm just saying seeing the Cullen house is magical! Edwards room. Hmmm. Good times.

  20. I saw a friend on cb day she was looking forward to the 12 th and I commented that I was too. She was taking a vacation... Stupid me didn't realize that everyone isn't as crazy as me...oops

  21. I meant Facebook... I don't own a cb though.that would be awesome

  22. Looking forward to tomorrow when I'll finally have miniE in my hands.

    I have a problem seeing anything past that, but let's say I'm kinda (not) looking forward to March 29th, my 30th birthday (oh, gawd, it looks frightening even when I type it).

    And of course, June 30th.

    That's pretty much it. I don't do well with plans.

    I do have a question though: what's "soap on a rope"? I mean, I can guess what that means, but would like to hear an actual 'definition' of sorts.

  23. Jeez Cazza, who the fuck are you? Ferninand Magellan? I don't think even he visited that many places.

    Sorry. Don't mind me. I need a vacation that will never come.

    At this point, I just take it day by day. Wanting to see what Rob does next is incentive to get out of bed and head off to the saltmines. I guess I'll just have to endure it - for his sake.

  24. HA! Looks like you're all with me! I just realized in reading the comments that I forgot to add in my wedding anniversary! LOL! Probably because it takes place 3 days before I depart for Fooooorrrrkkkkkssss and I think I may have other things on my mind!!

    @Jelena - "Soap on a Rope" - kind of a prison joke... men in prison need to get soap on a rope so they don't drop it... bending over to pick up soap in prison = being made someone's bitch. LOL!

    It's so nice to see I'll be in good company in my 40s. And I've never been one to act my age. That's for pussies.

  25. Ok, so same as everyone else with 3/12, 3/20 (having a party), 6/30 (favorite book - SO excited). Plus the following...
    April - Twi convention in N.VA.
    Sept. - week vacay in Breckenridge, colorado
    October - 41st bday. Age may just be a number (baby), but it's a sucky one.
    Holidays - love them all.
    January - running my first marathon (eeeek)
    Have a lovely day ladies.

  26. I'm really enjoying your posts Latchkey Wife! You're a great addition to an already fantasmic blog!! =)

  27. @Latchkey Wife - OMG! It's a good thing I asked because that totally was not what I was thinking. My imagination was actually quite childish in regards to that expression. The true meaning is fantastic!

    @All - You can expect a lot of questions like this from me in the future, because I have decided to expand my dictionary/vocabulary. I ask that you have patience with me, because, as you may or may not know, English is NOT my first lingo (nor is Spanish for that matter, I don't even speak it, LoL) ;D

  28. Right now I can TASTE March 12th - and it's delicious! nom nom NOM!!!! Seriously, I am so making a spectacle of myself that night. OK I won't but it's not gonna be easy!

    I am trying not to focus on 3/20 as much because SOMEONE isn't going to be around to share in the special moment with me... AGAIN. Hey LKW, what are YOU doing that weekend, bloggy friend?? ROAD TRIP TO JOISEY - YAH!!!! [yeah, i meant to say "yah" too...]

    : )

  29. @STY - Oh that's right? You're looking for a new Twi-bestie for the New Moon DVD release! Hmmmm...

  30. @Cazza - holy shit, girl, is there any place you're NOT going?! I'm jealous. See ya in Forks, though. :)

    Okay, my turn. I'm looking forward to TONIGHT because I'm going to see Man Man and I am stupidly excited about this. This is like the music version of me getting to meet RPattz. Trufax.

    Of course I'm looking forward to March 12th and June 30th but LKW left out something VERY important.

    The Last Airbender - July 2nd. I am DYING to see this movie.

    I also can't fucking wait for the pilgrimage to Forks but I'm not so sure my liver is as excited as I am...

    Oh, and since STY is apparently on the prowl for a new Twi-bestie for the New Moon DVD release, I don't feel too bad saying this but...

    Holy shit I can't wait for March 17-21 because I'll be at SXSW!!! Boo-yah.

  31. Last night I dreamed that Mr. XKR and I were on a tropical vacation with Robsten, who were just married. I tried to be sultry and sexy and seductive in front of RPattz, but for some reason I kept getting drunk, crying, throwing tantrums, and generally embarrassing myself to a horrific degree. I woke up this morning freaking out because I couldn't remember the plane ride home from vacation and was afraid that I'd gotten drunk, blacked out, and done something really stupid (/awesome) with RPattz in front of Mr. XKR. I lay in bed half awake for like an hour this morning racking my brain to remember coming home from this vacation and hoping I hadn't embarrassed myself past the point of no return. Eventually I fully woke up and felt stupid... but I can still picture tan RPattz in swim trunks :)

  32. "And if David Slade doesn't bring that leg hitch to life in a way that makes my vag whimper, heads are going to roll."

    lol this killed me...and i totally agree :)

  33. Oh I really, really wish I could make it to FFFFOOOOOOOOOORRRRRKKKKSSSSSS, but I have my own date with destiny on 08.08.2010 when I embark on a Twilight themed Alaskan Cruise. Have I mentioned that Alex Meraz's yummy ass will be there? Yeah, I'll totally be tweeting y'all when I get to see Mr. Feisty wolf's tight ass with my own two eyes.

    You really didn't like Sparkly's other movies? Hmmmm. I did, but only in the context that they fed my addiction.


  34. 3/12 - RM with the bitches that started me on this wild ride


    3/26 - Spring Break - all my kids will be home (thinking motherly thoughts, then it hits me)... ALL MY KIDS WILL BE HOME, HOLY FUCK!!! That means no peace or privacy, empty TP holders, lots of stoners and/or underage drinkers attempting to hang out here, astronomical grocery bill, shit lying all over the house, perpetual cleaning and cooking... I love my children, I love my children, I love my children

    APRIL - Snow melting? A day above 50 degrees perhaps?

    MAY - Magnificent Mile shopping trip with the girls, serious martini drinking

    6/30 - Eclipse - Fire and Ice baby!!

    AUGUST - Camping. Yes I typed that correctly, we are going on a family camping trip, first one in 5 years because the kids want to go. They are growing up and there won't be many more trips like this left.

    9/30 - My 21st Anniversary... too bad, so sad MrM but I'm GOING TO FFFOOOOOORRRRKKKKSSS!!!

    11/13 - I'm not necessarily looking forward to this, it's just another day, but it's my 45th birthday. For those of you who are freaking out about turning 40, my 40's are WAY better than my 30's.

  35. Ok here is my year....

    March 12 Remember Me
    Told hubby since he didn't go to New Moon with me he has to go to this!

    March 19 Runaways
    loving some rockn Kstew!

    March 20 New Moon DVD
    ordered three different versions... yeesh I need help!

    May 14-16 TwiTour Vancouver
    Yah baby gonna get me some autographs and some pictures!

    May 23 My 48th birthday!
    And still acting more than half my age! I also share my birthday with my neice who will be turning 28 and my other neice is the day after May 24!

    June 30 Eclipse
    Leg Hitch=Panty Combustion... enough said!

    July 2 Last Airbender
    gotta get me some Jackson!

    September 25 My 6th wedding anniversary.

    September 30 - Oct 3

  36. I'm definitely looking forward to receiving my New Moon DVD, so I can stop watching it in shitty ass quality on the Internet. (My hubby hooked it up to the TV so we could watch it for the 15th time last night! I love him.)

    Also looking forward to Eclipse and equally worried that I'm wishing my life away between now and then. Oh well.

    I'm looking forward to my 1-year review at work next month...I'm scared of it, too. The bitch that had the job before me got a 75-cent raise at her one year so I better get at least that much dammit! My 1-year also means I get one week of vacation...I've never officially had vacation time.

    Since I live in WA State, Forks is in my back yard and I've been there way too many times. I would rather do a tour of northern Oregon and see some of the spots from the movie. So maybe I'll spend some vacation time doing that, if I can talk hubby into it.

  37. @LKW--I love you & DH is pissed that I read this in bed last night & woke him up with my cackling. I told him it's your fault. Gave him your phone number. That's ok, right?

  38. @JJ WTF?! Man Man tonight! Jealous. They were here the DAY before we moved into town and since we were driving cross country, I did not think to plan such a thing.

    @TooMuchCoffee I live in Eugene, wanna meet up to do a Northern OR tour? You drive down, I drive up...we party like Twi-hoors?! If we could do it, it could be like a Foooooorks! pregame, or victory celebration.

    As for me...I've been looking forward to THIS week for months. I should know if I made it into my grad school of choice. *Come on, UofO. Don't be asswax* Other than that:

    TOMORROW!! - Alice in Wonderland! ...Am I the only one excited as FUCK to see this? And I'm not the only one who kept their Avatar glasses for this, am I?

    March 12 obviously...

    March 19 I fucking hate myself for loving you...

    March 20 Upping my masturbatory threshold and eagerly awaiting the Twitarded New Moon Blogathon *No solo snatch scratching during that...that's just rude*

    April 2 Clash of the Titaaaaans!!! Mostly because Sam Worthington will look good in armor kicking Kraken's ass. There's no way it can beat the original, unless you count the CGIs.

    June 30 I'm with you on the leg hitch, LKW...I think I will scream a big ole WTF if it isn't causing me to regret wearing pants in the theater. And it was also my favorite book.

    SEPT 29 FOOOOOOOOOORKS!!!! I think I manipulated my bffs to start saving and fly out to go with me, but it all depends on my grad school status as to whether I'll be able to go the whole weekend, or just drive up for 36 hours of tomfuckery with all yous bitches.

    I've got more, including the HP release in November...but that's enough.

  39. @Lindsay - I am SO excited to see Alice In Wonderland too. I'm going tomorrow to our local 3D IMAX!

  40. 40 sucks smelly balls.

    That is all.

  41. The majority of these dates may or may not already be in my Google calendar, complete with count down alerts. I confess, there are a few other non-Twilight dates on there, but they do not have the bells and whistles and red color coding of Twitarded engagements.

    Probability of tongue in Eclipse:
    Slim to none. I don't think Bella and Edward *can* tongue kiss. Wouldn't she be infected with his venom? This thought totally shattered all my brain-pictures of Bella and Edward kisses from pretty much all of New Moon and Eclipse. So sad.

  42. Shit! I just realized that means they got it without making out. Somehow this is just makes me feel all squicky...

  43. March 12th! There's Remember Me, an Eclipse trailer, and it's my birthday (I still like those occasions).

  44. BTW I LOVE this blog. That said I can not wait to see The Precious March 12 doing a love scene.
    March 16th : Graphic Novel release
    March 19th-20th I'll be getting my movie at Borders at 12am so I can go strait home and watch Twilight & New Moon back to back. If I have the energy I'll go catch KStew in The Runaways.
    April-Woo hoo income tax check $$$ so I can buy more Twilight stuff.
    May- New Sookie Stackhouse novel!!
    May 25th:Hubby's b-day. I have to give him head for his WHOLE Birthday weekend not just that day. Oh well wifely duties are what I signed up for when I said yes.
    June 30TH (only 117 more days) DUH!! I'll be the one with the custom made Eclipse t-shirt. I'm already getting ideas of what to put on it. My 11 yr old rolls her eyes and complains bcuz I wear in public.
    July 1st I'm taking the day OFF!! So i can go see it again!!

  45. Okay, okay, you all forgot a very important date:

    MAY 13--Rob's birthday (shame)
    24th to be exact and my count down calendar says it's 69 days away.
    Seriously! We can celebrate that can't we?! HELL YEAH!

    Everyone over 40, or gonna be, no worries, it's just a number. (I'm 44 btw) Your age is however you are feeling. Some days I feel too old and other days I just wanna slap myself for remembering what it feels to be young again--You know the crazy-carefree-before marriage-kids-yadda-yadda days! (LOL)

    I'm with the rest of you on the movie/dvd dates.

    June 10--daughter graduation from high school! Last kid!

    Can you believe it's MARCH! Ahh!

  46. All of the above... and worth mentioning is my 35th birthday is 9/27. Since I'm just a few hours' drive away from FOOOOOORKS, guess how me and my gals will be celebrating my birthday weekend?

    See y'all there :-)

  47. all of the twi-dates above.
    april 21 - my last, final exam of the semester
    november 27th- my 19th birthday!! raise the roof bitches!!!

  48. Where the FUCK have I been? I didn't Know LKW was writing here now?! Oh, that's right, taking care of my 3 kids *sigh* .
    Awesome post LKW, I have a whole bunch of things Im looking forward to, not least of which start with getting the fucking MAIL today because one of my friends sent me RPattz, um, well the Details mag, in the mail.
    I am also looking forward to the various dates you mentioned. But I am NOT looking forward to Esme, my baby girl, turning 1 year old in April. I am also NOT looking forward to my 33rd birthday in July.

  49. 03/02 almost alice soundtrack is out - got my copy!

    03/05 red carpet premire SAN - Alice

    03/12 remember me (pre-bday celebration w my NBs)

    03/13 rm saturday event

    03/15 bday! turning 47. yes, that's right. i do believe i am the oldest twitwat in this venerable group, non? who else will admit to being older? sooo glad to hear rob say he finds older women sexy.

    03/15 - 03/20 celebrating at disney world

    04/09 runaways (cha-cha-cha-cha-cherrrrryyy booommmmbbbbbb)

    06/28 eclipse private pre-screening (includes gratuitous fucking w my hubs @ 11:30pm)

    06/29 eclipse midnite showing
    (includes gratuitous fucking w my hubs @ 2:45am)

    06/30 eclipse again (again w the hubby fuckin -he's a sport. i'll throw in some head too)

    duh...can u guess by now...eclipse is my fav book in the saga...whoo hoo tent scene & fuckhawt leg hitch *ungh*; broken hand/jakers jaw punch *gah*; pissed EC tailing bella in his volvo when she sneaks off to see jakers *squee*; iron bed/bella cock blocked *thud*

    07/02 last airbender

    09/14 happy anniversary - 20 yrs to my very own EC and most delishiously fuckable hubs. he not only puts up w/my twitshit & robfuckery, but he gives great 'gasms. makes me fucking scream. i just know one of these days tho, i'm gonna scream out edwaaarrrrrrard. his name is not edward.

    10/31 my fav holiday! i'll make my hubs dress up as EC w/the peacoat from hot topic. halloween at WDW. we'll re-create the leg hitch scene...MOU style.

    11/25 thanksgiving w/the ultra conservative republican side of the fam. we'll cap the visit w/reciprocal handjob fucks in the car on the way home, like last year. *sigh*

    12/25 xmas. mandatory ELF every nite the 12 days b4 xmas. we won't behave during this holiday either. fuck fuck fuck. luvs luvs luvs my hubs.

  50. Well, as I live in Europe (which sucks sometimes because I have to wait longer to see the good stuff), my twi-related dates differ from yours. Remember me will start two weeks later (March 24th), New Moon DVD release on April 15th (but I´m considering to order the UK version from Amazon to get it earlier), Eclipse will start on June 15th (still hoping that they will start earlier as they did with New Moon). No FOOORRKKSS in September, I´m so sad. One thing I´m really looking forward to is the RinCon fanconvention in Germany from Oct15th-17th, where I hopefully will see Peter Facinelli and Alex Meraz and actors from other Vampire series (Blod Ties), The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Films. And I have seen Alice in Wunderland yesterday, it`s amazing!!

  51. I so agree about Rob's other movies. Like a good fan (stalker) I bought them all. The only one I watched all the way through was "How to Be" and I only understood 1/2 the dialogue in it.

    I stopped counting my bdays at 29. I honestly don't know my exact age, only I am somewhere in my 30's.

    Don't forget the MAJOR bonus of RM (besides hot shower sex) is the eclipse trailer!

    March 12 - date night w/ huby at RM
    March 13 - RM Sat - girls night
    March 14 - RM, again, this time alone with my vibrating panties
    March 20 - NM, alone, with other vibrating things

  52. yeah, yeah, yeah . . . same same
    3/12 RM
    3/13, 14, 15 . . . again
    3/20 NM DVD
    6/20 my Favorite book - it better be epic!
    9/20 my b'day
    what can possibly follow that?

  53. Hi Ladies, I've been reading you for a while now, but this is my first comment.
    Like many of you, I can't wait for the leg hitch, except according to this article ( on TwiCrackaddict, there isn't going to be a leg hitch in the movie, nor a making-up in the huge bed after kidnapping scene. (click on the second scan, "how the book's been changed", and you'll see it too). Please, tell me it's not true!I might just commit suicide by vodka if nobody formally denies this.

  54. @shotgun - well, some of my twitards sent me the eclipse script that jacksbone had lost and some twat posted on the wwweb. so i've got a copy but refuse to crack it open. and my NB twitards have been very firmly told that spoilers will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. and not in a domward kinda way!

    so will there be a leg hitch? who fucking knows - i'm waiting for the big reveal in theatre. and what do i keep seeing in screen shots? leg hitches - perchance not the same scene? either way, there will always be the big LH in the book. as for the movie, i'll take the ride however it may er, cum. i have really appreciated - for the most part - that the books vs films have their own strength/weakness.

  55. Here's the rundown:

    THIS Weekend - Alice in Wonderland! Yes - I'm also ridiculously excited about this movie.

    March 20 - NM DVD, natch!

    June 24 - My 33rd b-day.

    June 30 - ECLIPSE!!!

    Sept. 13 - 13th Anniversary with my own non-sparkly Edward.


    Dec. 25 - CHRISTMAS! I'm with you LKW - It's my absolute favorite holiday!

    @Lindsay Rae & TooMuchCoffee - I'm in Vancouver, WA (just across the river from Portland, OR)!!! I'm totally IN for the northern OR tour! And I'm IN the middle already.

  56. @kneeds...OMFG - i'm gobsmacked. vibrating panties. fucking brilliant. do tell - can anyone hear them when you turn them on in the theatre? the possibilities are endless...

  57. Did anyone else notice that the girl who is turning 19 decided to stay anonymous?? Smart move anonymous. haha

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. can't wait til fri...SQUEEE!videos=_e-rCKPt3T4&v=vyDRbx8nWFg

  60. 40! that's nothing sister....try turning that sucks....I could be a grandmother. It scares me to think that I am old enough to be Rob's mother, but fuck it.....I'd fuck him anyway....;)By the way, did anyone see Rob on The View? He said he finds older women sexy!!!!! Count me in, baby!

  61. March- Remember Me and NM on dvd!

    Then I'm torn, on one hand, I can't effing wait for June 30th to get here so I can see Eclipse...on the other hand, June 30th is also my 30th birthday, which I am in no hurry to celebrate! I'm sure I'll get over it though as soon as the pretty slowly walks across the screen :)

    July is Comic Con...last years Twilight festivities were AH-mazing, hopefully this year is even better!

  62. I have a feeling that the Eclipse DVD will be out in like October or November of this year. So that date can be added to this list.


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