Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They Don't Call Us Twitards for Nuthin'!

*image filched from Vampire Daze, coincidentally.

We interrupt our previously scheduled (er, or posted) post due to technical difficulties!

Please to enjoy this hiLARious video that has absolutely, positively nothing to do with Twilight while we sort our shit out (note: if I had five minutes to spare, I could draw some some connection to Twilight. I'm that good).

Caution: the volume seems LOUD on this vid and it starts like a muther-humpin' chainsaw! You've been warned.


  1. I am so aroused right now. . .

    Okay. I'm better now.

    The Fred Effect

  2. @STY "LMT" would make a great t-shirt.

  3. STY, That last line is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  4. ha! a shirt (oops almost typed "shit" instead) would be funny! regardless, i am definitely using "LMT" on twitter and in my texts from now on...

    : )

  5. LMT!!!! OMG funny shit! Truly made my day LOL!

  6. "I guess what I'm looking for is that look in their eyes after I get them to lick my twat."


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LMT - Hiiiii-larious!

    @twilight mommy - kewl tat in your profile pic! Lurve it!

    @MACisanXKR - yea to you for providing a rec! I'm just 'bout to finish up a couple of fics and was looking for more. :)

  9. OMG! Derry/Neverthink posted this on FB a little while ago, and we already decided:

    Lady in the middle "And I'm gonna grab that title by that balls. Or, you know. Labia." = Derry/Neverthink

    Pink on the left "Can you tell what number I'm doing?" = Toefunny

    Bitch with the glasses "I guess I"m just looking for that look in their eyes right after I get them to lick my twat" = Pimpy


    (kidding, of course. :-P)

  10. LMT!! Holy shit that was hilarious. Take your time fixin' shit if it means you'll put up fun things like this.

    Oh, and don't forget about Twi-porn. That's always a good apology, too.

  11. LMT...killed me!

    'you see those little signals and then you rrrrrrr...'

    I'm still pmsl...

  12. LMT baby, LMT!!

    @MAC is an XKR I 2nd that fic rec!!

    I remember when I had glasses and the hair-do of that chick on the right, yeah it was 1982.

  13. Yeah, baby. Where were they when I was puking on the lawn in college?

  14. I love it. Their wigs were only marginally worse than the ones we've all accepted from The Saga.

    And, how 'bout confusing the whole scene and making a shirt that has 'get off my dick' on the front and 'lick my twat' on the back?

  15. If you're looking for a rec, I'm all over "The Practice of Love" by BellaDonnaCullen right now. It's SO GOOD!!!

    @italhurts - you are so right about the wigs... and the t-shirt. Your post made me spit on my keyboard.

  16. Buahahahaha. "LMT"! Hil-fucking-arious.

    @MACisanXR8 - 'His Personal Assistant' is awesome! Great fic. Read it at work, felt super durty... one of the hottest, juiciest lemoniest fics I've ever read.

    Excuse me while I go ride an elevator!

  17. @italhurts: "And, how 'bout confusing the whole scene and making a shirt that has 'get off my dick' on the front and 'lick my twat' on the back?"

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I'd have one! :-)

    Though on second thoughts, I may need it to read GOMD on the front and LMT on the back - teen offspring y'know ;-)

  18. LMT!!!

    Awesome find.

  19. Okay, ha ha. EXCEPT, what if they were 42 year old MEN? And substitute 'lick my twat' with 'suck my dick'?? YUCK! Picking on the young un's (ESP. drunk ones) is gross, NO MATTER if they are female cougs or male douchebags...Just sayin'. Don't we all know better than that????

  20. @anonymous. yeah, we do all know better. thats why we're ovah here on twitarded. its called a 'parody'. as in 'adult humour'. now fuck right off. love and fucking kisses, neverthink x0x0

  21. ZOMFG!!! My wifey is back from the deeeeaaaadddd!!!! And she's got claws out!

    <3 you my dear, sweet, bitch on wheels ;)


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