Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're Going to BlogHer! And of Course We Are TOTALLY Prepared...

OMG, who let those twat waffles from Twitarded in?!

Last year, when BlogHer was held in Chicago, Jenny Jerkface and I considered a last-minute halfway-across-the-country dash to attend. We had been nominated for an award from Socialluxe and because we were finalists in their "Funniest Blog" category (which we were also nominated for this year but they made it such a pain in the ass to vote that we didn't even bother asking you to do it), we thought it would be fun to be there. But Chicago? Too far. I mean, seriously, it takes JJ and me days to plan a get-together and we live mere blocks from one another. Lazy? Yes. Honest? That too. So when it was announced that BlogHer 2010 would be held virtually in our own back yard, we knew we were going. Fine, fine - New York City is a BIG backyard, but it's ours and we're going!

So YES, Jenny Jerkface and I are going to the BlogHer 2010 Conference in New York City this Friday and Saturday, and I am freaking out a little bit. Or maybe a lot. One of those. Aside from the fact that we managed to pull ourselves together long enough to pre-register months ago and book a room at the hotel where it's being held, we are pretty much running at our usual pathetic level of preparedness - aka Totally-Un-Fucking-Prepared. Emails about the event have not been read, we have no idea how anything works, and (most tragically) we didn't RSVP to several parties (er, or any of the ones you actually had to RSVP to) and are now relegated to the waitlist (although I am really REALLY counting on Barefoot Foodie to come through for us! We met her at a previous Aiming Low party. I don't know why I am hoping this will work in our favor and not against us, but I'm trying to be optimistic here). Apparently the parties are one of the main reasons people attend BlogHer. Yeah, yeah, you are also supposed to be able to learn some stuff I suppose, but really it's all about the networking, baby. Er, did I mention my people skills suck balls??? And not in the good way that makes people like you, either.

What we have really been trying to work on is saying "We're Twilight bloggers!" with a straight face and without sounding even remotely apologetic or qualifying it by saying something along the lines of "but we kinda make fun of it too!" This is harder than it sounds, people. You try!

There are a lot of serious mommy bloggers out there, and I have the feeling that it will be up to JJ and me to represent the Twidom. {{{gulp}}} We're going to be surrounded by mommy-bloggers, arts-bloggers, fashion-bloggers, political-bloggers, alien-bloggers... well, you get the idea... We're going to be the Twilight-bloggers. Who have the Pattinson Panties. And talk about humping Robert Pattinson (hard and often). It's not that we're not proud of that, because we totally are but... holy shit. holy. shit.

What we NEED our attitudes to be! And they are. When we're drunk. Which we will be. So maybe I should stop sweating it.

The response I FEAR getting upon answering the sure-to-be ubiquitous "So what's your blog about?" question.

So what, you may be asking, are we going to do to make sure we are ready for this massive undertaking (for which we will have to get up at some ungodly hour this Friday - like waaaaay earlier than I would normally get up for my daily schlep to Princeton)? Do we know exactly where we have to be, and when? How to make the most of our time networking and preaching about the good book (you know - the other one) and extolling the virtues of letting him (er, the other "him") into your heart and nether regions? Nope. Of course not. Because that's just not how we roll here.

I've narrowed down our preparedness to three bare essentials. I've decided this is the super-short-list of what we REALLY need to make this event a success - the "The Three Bs:" business cards, buttons, and booze.

We're all official-like, people! BAM!!! Here's our card!
HUGE thanks to Suzpetals for designing it for us!

Buttons!!! Everyone loves buttons... Right???

Booze = Breakfast. Friday. And possibly lunch and dinner, too. They'd better have this at Starbucks or there's going to be trouble.

So we're meeting TJ [note to TJ: I'm nervous too] at the "Newbie Breakfast" bright and early Friday morning, and then I guess we are doing what we do best (by default): winging it. I can only hope that JJ doesn't murder someone on the train, because mornings aren't her thang and the early hour is going to have her on a hair trigger. Thankfully we won't have to cart our drunk asses back to New Jersey later that evening; we did scrounge up enough dough to stay over the one night (but not the second sadly - maybe next year we'll have our shit together enough to ask for sponsors! - oh and people riding NJ Transit laaaate Saturday night, consider yourselves warned: it ain't gonna be pretty!). Hopefully we'll learn a few things. Meet some awesome people, and I'll get Jenny the Bloggess to autograph my tit. Or at least the scratch-off ticket I bought because it has her picture on it. I'd be ok with either one, really. Or both.

So - have any of you ever attended BlogHer? WOULD you ever??? Any tips for us newbies?? Tricks for getting into the cool parties with the best schwag??? We need to know the secret handshake, people!!! Oh and we will be tweeting and possibly posting from the event if we are coherent enough to do either. Wish us luck - we're gonna need it! And then some...

Update: After reading the comments, I am terrified by the prospect of taking the train home on Saturday night. We'll add more on this later (like it or not - lol) but it's time for a little semi-shameless bloggy pan-handling. If you can help us get the $250 or so it will take to spend the night at BlogHer Saturday, we promise to work that much harder to represent the Twidom at the conference (and to not make TOO big of asses of ourselves).

Clicky below to donate!


  1. Good luck on this thing! I wish I had known about this earlier, I would be there lending moral support, twitarded style (read: running around with the-intimate-garment-which-shall-not-be-named on my head). But hey, if all else fails, take Mini-E with you... after all those stiffs get their drink on, everybody's gonna want a piece of the prethay!

  2. all I wanna know is how do I get a Team Twitarded button!?!
    srsly girls, have fun and be yourselves - no doubt everyone will love you! good luck!

  3. Good luck, not that you’ll need it!

    It's a BlogHer conf. that's not all things Twilight related – it’ll all be verbal diarrhea, so 'nut up'

    ... and wear your buttons with pride!

    Just know we love you and what this blog stands for!

    Yeah,and I'm with Liz, how do I get a Team Twitarded button?!

  4. Listen Ladies, you're gonna kick ass. You go represent all of your loyal subjects of Twitardia with pride. Remember that we love you and that you have created a community of h00rs that are following you all the fucking way to FFFFOOORRKKSS!! How many other bloggers can say that!

    Your business cards are amazing and if all else fails, dazzle them with pics of the Precious!

  5. Those business cards rock!!!
    Good luck, have fun & you'll be just fine! If not, wear adult diapers. I know how JJ & I tend to get poopy :)

    xoxo J

  6. good luck you guys will be epic. your blog changes lives. on a side note- am i living under a rick- i just saw a preview for vampires suck. totally ragging on twilight movies. i must see this craptastic movie.

  7. I'm just here to say Good luck and have fun.

    No tips. I think you'll do just awesomely. And, don't forget to take lots of photos, 'k?

    P.S. Are you taking the mini E with you? You totally should wave him around, LoL.

  8. wow, sounds like a blast!!!! have fun and drink one for me, i would LURV to be a fly on the wall with u ladies, but its not to be!!!! hey and BTW....HOW THE FUCK do i get my hands on one of those FUCKAWESOME Twitarded buttons????? that would be a GREAT conversation starter when im in vegas next month!!!!!! LOL......LOVE U HOORS!!!!!

  9. You will be awesome and you shall represent us well. I think you should just say the name of the blog and see what their expression is and then go from there. Oh and you totally need to brag like a lot about the trip to FFFOOORRRKKKSSSS! Like @Toefunny said, those are some serious bragging rights.

    I wish I was going to be there with you. I am a good schmoozer and boozer. I will gladly be your Twitter lifeline. ;P

    Make us proud fearless leaders!

    Love the cards that @suzspetals made...she is the bestest.

  10. Ladies of the Castle!

    You'll be awesome. As long as you have those awesome cards, buttons, mini-Edward and a flask, all will be well.

    One thought - is it time to update the Twitarded logo with three twitards? Poor ol' LKW...

    Can't wait to read the upcoming post about mini-E's partay adventures in NYC :)

  11. Just remember, lots of people will be from out of town and have their gameface on because they're scared shitless six different ways about being in Noo Yawk Sittay. You, on the other hand, think of Gotham as your backyard and hail from the suburb next door, home of both Newark and Camden (you hang there all the time, right?)--two cities that make Baltimore look like the French Riviera. If you're even slightly friendly, people will be impressed and relieved. You don't and won't have to explain shit--it's not like you're running a Sookie Stackhouse blog.

    On a scarier note, the Yankees play Boston at home on Saturday. It's the second of a four game series. You haven't seen ugly until you've been on the drunk train after a Yankees-Boston game. Just be thankful it's not fucking freezing and it's Devils vs. Rangers. I'd take up a collection now and stay at whatever hotel you can find, even if it's in the Bronx. Any flea bag in Queens will be heaven compared to that 66(6)-minute local from hell on NJ Transit. Then come home before Game 3 ends on Sunday.

    And make sure anyone who takes a button agrees to wear it immediately. Otherwise, "accidentally" stick them with the pin when you hand it to them and apologize disingenuously. If they complain, tell them matter-of-factly that they should get tested for hepatitis.

    Have a blast.

  12. I was all prepared to come on here and say good luck and all that stuff, then I read Mr Myg call Baltimore the French Riviera and spewed coffee all over the place...I live in Baltimore, no riviera here, trust me on this one. I thought we were better known for our murder or STD rate not our similarities to the French Riviera.

    Have fun at Blogher and can't wait for the follow-up post.

  13. You girls are karazy. First of all, well. You're nuts. Blogher is LUCKY to have you two there. A nice offset from all the moaning, bitching mommy bloggers who will guaranteed be live blogging about the swag riots just like last year, making sure that any little glitch or problem or agony is well publicized analyzed and bitched profusely about. I know, I was a mommy blogger who followed all that shit online last year. It wasn't pretty. So hey Mommy Bloggers? Lighten the fuck up, learn a thing or two from Twitarded, maybe how to talk about pooping AND sex for once in a way that makes friends and family alike giggle and blush. In a good way. And a little eye porn is never a bad thing for a blog. Thank you, Robert Pattinson.

    Anyway, you will be stars there. Oh how I wish I was going with you! I am such a fucking idiot for forgetting to register. So when you get there, mug somebody for their pass and call me. I'll be right along.

    Love you gals. Now go fucking represent.


  14. First of all, I have to agree with Mr. Myg... I've been AT one of those Sox/Yanks match-ups in the Bronx and as a die hard Sox fan, it's fucking frightening as hell!!

    Secondly, I totally wish I had spun BlogHer as something I NEEDED to do for work so I could've come down and hung out with you guys! That would have been awe-some! I'm feeling a little... left behind... *sniffle sniffle*

    You guys will be so great and be proud of your accomplishments. I bet Twitarded kicks the shit out of some of those mommy blogs as far as followers! Can't wait to follow along on Twitter and shizz!

  15. @Myg & Mr. Myg (and everyone else) - we'll do our very best to represent and I'll try to keep my "deer in the headlights" look under wraps as much as possible. Alcohol will help. High heels will help, too; it's hard to be totally sheepish when you're standing six feet tall. Aaaaannnd hope fucking crap I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THAT TRAIN!!! But even after some haggling, an extra night at the Hilton is $250 and we just can't swing it. It would totally have made the whole experience more enjoyable (I have NO clue where we are going to get ready for the par-tays that we want to go to Saturday night since we'll have to be out of our room at noon and frankly I like having a home-base to retreat to but there's always the Serenity Suite I guess...). Fuck. Damn Yankees. My stomach seriously dropped out when I read that. {{{shudder}}} I wonder it it's too late foe a PayPal button and begging... Not even kidding.

    : /

    @mmMoxie - I HAVE heard of Klonopin - it's all over Myg's Osa Bella - lol! but too late for me to come by any at this point. Legally anyway. they should really have them out in candy dishes at BlogHer, though, don't you think??

    People who want buttons: I'll get some more made when we get back and see what I can do. We used to offer them for sale but it was a pain in the butt and expensive (I can't keep up with the increases in postal rates!) but I DID like sending them to people! : )

    @i heart fifty: YES. It IS time we have LKW on the logo. And it's breaking my heart to not have her along with us and to not have her on the cards (the buttons were made waaay pre-LKW on Twitarded) but I ran out of time and room on the cards. we'll make it right before Forks though! Promise!

  16. And now I feel like a jerk for lumping all Mommy Bloggers in the annoying category. They are not. Some of my favorite bloggers are Mommy Bloggers. But I will say I had to stop following Mommy Blogs, even good ones, because they were too full of drama. Real life drama. And I just don't want that in my blog reader 24/7 because, shit, my life has enough of it. I still feel guilty. Fuck me. Have a great time!

  17. $250? Hey, you all do this for free. Put up that button! A couple bucks from 1/6 of your followers and you've got the dough.

    Really- as much as we depend on you guys, we can't let anything happen to you! Who else would understand?!


  18. Okay, Mr. Myg, I lost my shit at your comment - HILAR.

    Although I have to say... have you ever been to an Eagles game? I don't live in Philly anymore, but let's just put it this way. There is a GREAT REASON why we have a little mini-prison underneath the Link.

    I'll repeat what everyone else said and say BE YOURSELVES, my darlinks! You guys are gonna be so fuckin' awesome - BlogHer isn't gonna know what hit it. Practice saying the "I have a Twilight blog" thing with confidence, because you have like, a zillion chicas following you to FOOOORRRKKKSS which is just about as far as you can get from where I live in the continental United States, so you KNOW we love you guys. I swear someone above mentioned putting JJ in adult diapers, that might be a good idea too. You know. Don't want her pooping all over the conference.

    But seriously, you guys rock my world. Don't be nervous :)

    And @Myg! Don't feel guilty - I know that there are some really great moms who blog out there - even moms who blog about being a mom - but I will not lie, the term "Mommy Blogger" sends an icy shiver down my spine. Totally with you on that.

  19. I'm with Cheryl--$250 is easy if we all buy you a cup of coffee, and then you'll feel indebted to really make BlogHer '10 the Year of The Twitards.

    But it's really the Beantown folks who make the Yanks/Sox matchup scary *glares at LKW's insinuation* the train is just a puke fest. Okay, sometimes there's a fist fight, but there's usually a cop on the train so it's all good. The drunk train is good for all kinds of story material, you could easily get 2-4 blog posts out of it. Remind me to tell you about the couple who thought they were going to Long Island who had to detrain in Newark at 2 a.m.

    @Fooorkspimp: I used to live next door to an Eagles fan, I know better than to say anything other than: the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans represent the City of Brotherly Love with great distinction and the appropriate demeanor.

  20. The mommybloggers shit rainbows and My Little Ponies compared to ya'll. Try not to scare them too much, haha.


  21. Awww, I love you guys! Thanks for all the support.

    @Mr.Myg - As someone who rides the trains on a daily basis, I've seen the clusterfuck that is drunk-ass sports fans acting like total dick-drips on the train. I thought I was going to stab people with my fucking eyebrow pencil when the Yankees won the World Series and I actually got into a pissing match with two very drunk Giants fans when they whatever football version of the World Series is. (I seriously can't remember. It's frightening)

    Did I mention that the drunk Giants fans were on the train at 7:30? As in... THE FUCKING MORNING??

    So yeah, I can only imagine what the last train out of NYC is going to look like. It usually looks like a gahddamn refugee camp of bridal parties and club kids anyway.

    Hey STY!! Remember that one time we took the late train home and I yelled at those kids and threatened them because they were throwing shit at us?? It's gonna be like that -- but 50 gazillion times worse. :)

  22. Hell, I'd donate to the cause!

    I think you two will be the stars of the show! I say ladies put your pattinson panties on heads and your twitarded buttons on your lapels and hold your heads high and march right in there and give everyone the bitch brow!

    Just cause you’re a twilight blog is nothing to be ashamed of. Tell them it’s and irreverent original blog that can never be duplicated. Anyone give you crap about it ask them if there blog has been displayed on national TV?!?(Remember MuchOnDemand were Kellan and Bronson were shown the site?) I don't think many could match that.

    In short ladies you have a lot to be proud of, go forth and kick ass!

  23. ME!! ME!! I want a button!!

    *waves around hand in 3rd grade fashion*

    What do I need to do to get a Twitarded button?

  24. I echo all the h00rs sentiments above (or is that sediments?? ;) You will rock the BlogHer!! Of course, I have no idea what a BlogHer is so what do I know?! But you ladies rock the plastic so I feel confident you will leave the other attendees of the BlogHer shivering in their skivvies with envy over your awesomeness kingdom that is Twitardia.

    Oh and I want a button too. Gimme, gimme, gimmee!! Please?! Can you put them on CafePress? I don't know how that works exactly. A friend of mine desinged clothes n' knicknacks on there for her horse and I didn't think there was any expense to her. But again, what do I know?

    Alright, I'm gonna stop talking out of my arse now. Have a fabu day ladies (and Alex) of Twitarded!

  25. You will be awesome. Please scare the mommy bloggers. Hell, I would pay just to see that. Really crossing my little twi-fingers you get enough to stay the second night. Keep us posted.

  26. All right! We took your suggestion and added a PayPal button to the bottom of the link!

    If we get enough to stay the second night I'll totally try to find a sexy nightie to wear to bed, since we'll be sharing one...

  27. I'm with everyone else. You're gonna be fine, just throw down the "Are you seriously gonna fuck with my blog? I will cut a bitch" card when needed and represent us proudly!

    You need to find a way to say "We're Twilight bloggers" with a straight face? The fuck!? You have national recognition for your hilarity, snark, and all over awesomeness, and you have a women's correctional facility's worth of loyal fans who are meeting up in FOOORRKKKSSS!!! with the only goal being "Get drunk with my bloggy buddies and maybe do some sightseeing." I mean, for chrissake, the Swede chicks are flying in! How many bloggers can say they had readers fly thousands of miles for 3 days of debauchery all in the name of your blog and one man who makes their panties burst into flames?

    Say It. Out Loud.

    Twilight Blogger.

    Are you afraid?

    No. I'm only afraid of my loyal readers, and their abilities to call me a twitchy, shifty-eyed cunt flap for not nutting up to you namby pamby bloggers who have no sense of humor. I'll be over there with my team of functional alcoholics.

  28. @Lindsay Rae, I'm laughing my ass off because it's true. And it's scarey.

  29. @Lindsay Rae - I love you, woman. For real.

    My keyboard, on the other hand, thinks you're a total vag-sweat because I spewed coffee all over it when I read your comment.

  30. Oh jesus bear these are some of the best comments ever.

    @Lindsay - I may hate you a bit for turning my laughing into a coughing fit.

    And someone needs to make:
    "Say it out loud"

    "Twilight Blogger"

    into a t-shirt. Quick JJ and STY get some of those iron on shirt thingies.

    Have a blast and be sure to tout your general awesomeness.

  31. @cullenarycurser - Best idea for a t-shirt ever. If I have time I'm totally going to try to make one.

    And thank you donating to the cause!!

    Thanks to everyone who has already chipped in. You guys rock!

  32. @cullenarycurser - Best idea for a t-shirt ever. If I have time I'm totally going to try to make one.

    And thank you donating to the cause!!

    Thanks to everyone who has already chipped in. You guys rock!

  33. JJ & STY - YOU ARE GODDESSES (SHOUTY CAPITALS - Guess where I've been) I love you (including LKW) so much I can't even find the words (and I usually find too many). I enjoy this blog and your humor - it's my Cafe Mocha Vodka Valium Latte every day. So, even tho I was laid off from my job and am doing some real creative financial juggling, I want you guys to enjoy the fuck of BlogHer 2010 and I'm chipping in a few bucks. You should be able to attend this event as the Goddesses you are.

  34. You can be apologetic on the inside, but you don't let that shit show. You guys are fabulous and if anyone wants to judge you for being twilight bloggers, well then they're just judgey assholes and you don't wanna hang with them anyway. Besides, The Bloggess likes you and she's awesome, which automatically makes you just as awesome.

    w/v: bhnieth. Bloggers who judge twilight bloggers are bhnieth you.

  35. @Lindsay You are brilliant.

    Twitarded gals. Have fun and represent. I know you know, but I just want to say my piece. This fandom is awesome and your blog is a part of what makes this fandom move mountains. I mean, all kidding aside, you have almost 1,700 followers and look how much we twitarded fans raised for Alex's Lemonade. I am dumbfounded by twilight fans. We are awesome and not to be fucked with.

    Please do share your experience when it is over.

  36. @ Lindsay Rae - you are so right on! This blog is totally awesome and kicks ass.

    I was a romance writer - the bottom of the fiction snobbery pile, and the only way to deal with the 'tude it is to look them in the eye and say "So? At least people read my stuff." Or try: "I've got people from SWEDEN coming to my blog party".

    Gee if I'd known there was such a demand, I wouldn't have tossed so many Team Twitarded buttons at the 100 Monkeys show. I seriously depleted my stash. Make more and then bring them to FOOOORRRKKKSSSS to cut down on the mailing hassle! I'll take another 20.

  37. All I can say at this point is I LOVE YOU GUYS and I am totally printing out these comments and carrying them around with me this weekend. I might even sleep with them under my pillow.

    Oh and speaking of sleeping, I should probably tell JJ that I STILL don't have anything to wear to sleep. I hope she's ok with naked spooning.

    and I NEED that t-shirt. it might come down to a Sharpie and me, but I NEED it.

    p.s. thank you SO much to everyone who donated - you guys never fail to amaze me! we're getting there...

  38. First of all, I'm totally supporting the "Get The Shit On A Shirt" campain. I didn't realize how much sense my little play on text would make until I read the comments following. Seriously though...If the shirts get made (via Sharpie or screenprint, I don't give a shit), you all MUST wear them for at least 1/2 a day in FOOORRRKKKSS!!! (That includes you, Latchy), just sayin'. And a "TM: Lindsayrae" wouldn't hurt :)

    I have $0 to donate right now...So I'm sorry about that, but I blame it on spending all my extra cash on the Alex's Lemonade Stand Osa Bella outtake. I hope you can forgive me!

    So uh...Kick that shit! Wear your strap ons and rape anyone who crosses your path with negative thoughts. If we (the loyal as fuck readers) were there, you know we would take care of the chodes. Just remember us when the fuck-faces show up!!

  39. I'm a broken record here:
    Yes, figure out how to painfree distribute buttons (or other merch) and I will totally be on board.

    Also, totally agree with VitR- say the name "Twitarded" and see how much you have to explain. It's such an awesome name that if someone realizes you aren't haters then they have to immediately appreciate the self-deprecatory how-the-fuck-did-this-pop-phenomenon-grab-me-by-the-short-and-curlies? quality.

    I just donated my $5 to the cause. I appreciate the community you have created for me, and all that you do for us for free. So here's a few bucks towards self-betterment, or, self-whateverment that BlogHer has to offer (liver cell destruction?)

    If nothing else, I consider it my neighborhood association fee for the month. And furthermore, if you want to figure out how to charge a few bucks, or have a membership or some such thing, I will continue to give some money to Twitarded repeatedly. I'm a public radio donor, and you ladies mean as much to me as Ira Glass. This is my American Life, baby.

  40. I know we can't all physically be there, but say the word and we'll be a virtual ahhmee. We will tear shit up.
    Trust me, when I go on a verbal rampage...well, okay, nothing really happens, but I feel a lot better and people do think "I probably shouldn't mess with that psycho bitch." And that would help, right?
    So if they even think about snorting at you derisively because you're Twilight bloggers...tell us.
    I'm flexing my verbal muscles just in case.

    (All that said, you'll be fine and have tons of fun!)

  41. OK, I succumbed to your heartfelt plea and made small contribution to the cause. Wish I could fund your entire venture - sure hope other Twitards come thru for the cause.

    Get a brazilian, enjoy (?) a facial, take a shit, get drunk, go crazy. You know, a normal weekend.

    Love, me

    PS STY - did you get my tweet about the "Vampire Sucks" movie??

  42. *Donated*!!! I've never donated to a blog before, but I didn't hesitate to help a sista(s) out on this one! I can't wait to hear all about it. DON'T SKIMP on the deets! (Including the naked spooning!!!)

    You guys are going to be so unique compared to all those drama lama mommy bloggers. If I were youz, I'd go there and throw my shit around like I own the place. When someone asks, say "Twitarded" and then throw a nut in the air and catch it in your mouth, all cocky-style, as you watch their reaction...and subsequent RECOGNITION BITCH! HA! Bet LOTS will know of Twitarded. You were freaking quoted in USA Today ladies!!!! How many bloggers besides 'Dooce' can say that? Suuuriously?

    And I 100% agree that you need to make a t-shirt per Lindsay Rae's funnyass comment. I laughed out loud when I read that. (Thanks LR!)

    Now I'm feeling a pull to go to Forks!!! Damn it, this sounds like fun. And you all sound crazy, so that should be a red flag. But I like your brand of crazy! ;)

  43. @itallhurts - omfg the this american life/ira glass thing fucking killed me!! i even listen during pledge drives - lol!

    @adonica - okk gotta go look but i need to see that! but not in the theater : )

    g'night ya'll! wow what a good day you have made it for me. for real. mwah!

  44. I know, even during pledge drive I'm still shooting up, WTF?

    OK, I'm also late to the party or living under a rock, but I'm pretty damn excited about Vampires Suck. Just saw a trailer tonight for the first time. They don't make these things for people who don't know any better, people, they make these things for us who can appreciate ever nuance. That's what I love about the whole Hillywood, Rifftrax thing: you gotta pay attention to make these kind of funnies.

  45. Really trustworthy blog, please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know they would enjoy reading it. Incontinence Products

  46. I know, even during pledge drive I'm still shooting up, WTF?

    OK, I'm also late to the party or living under a rock, but I'm pretty damn excited about Vampires Suck. Just saw a trailer tonight for the first time. They don't make these things for people who don't know any better, people, they make these things for us who can appreciate ever nuance. That's what I love about the whole Hillywood, Rifftrax thing: you gotta pay attention to make these kind of funnies.

  47. @itallhurts - omfg the this american life/ira glass thing fucking killed me!! i even listen during pledge drives - lol!

    @adonica - okk gotta go look but i need to see that! but not in the theater : )

    g'night ya'll! wow what a good day you have made it for me. for real. mwah!


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