Thursday, February 3, 2011


STY here... Today, I'm handing over the keys to the Twitarded castle to two of our Twi-bffs, Dangrdafne and My After Car is an XKR. Once again proving that Twilight fans have the biggest hearts in the blogoshpere, they did something so amazing and so wonderful (and took the time to write about!) that I am going to let them do the talking... Lllllllaaaaaadies, take it away...

If you're new to Twitarded, your first impression might be: Robporn. Poop jokes. Words that sound like insults being used as terms of endearment. Lots of laughs.

If you’ve been around for a few months, you might be thinking: FOOOOOORKS. Twitter. Fanfiction. Even more laughs. By now, you’ve cleaned coffee off your monitor enough times to know to set it aside before reading.

If you’ve been hanging around for a long time, you might notice that below the creative cursing and the references to RPattz’s junk, there is a feeling of community - of caring for one another (yes, that includes recommending a hot new story or linking to your Twiporn-filled tumblr account – sharing is caring). On occasion, though, in between the rants and rages, the squees and swears, real emotion is shared (yes, lust is a real emotion, but that’s not what we’re talking about here - focus!).

Last year, in one such post, Snarkier Than You shared a piece of her grief with us when her beloved mother passed away suddenly of a heart attack.

Mama Snarky, although most of us never had the opportunity to meet you, you’ve given us an irreplaceable gift. Your daughter, along with several partners in crime, has made us laugh every day for two years – a rare gift in life. Truly, thank you.

In honor of Mama Snarky, and of all of the women who gather here regularly to laugh and to share a little piece of life, we would like to introduce Twihearted: a February fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Every life lost to heart disease is one life too many, and the women of the Twidom (and a few men...) CAN make a difference! Go here to donate or click on the heart below – any amount is welcomed, and all donations go to fund the fight against the #1 killer of women: heart disease.

Clicky to go to the tribute page.

The Twihearted page will be up for the month of February and you can donate through the link in this post above, by clicking on the Twihearted heart on the side bar or by clicking on the Twihearted heart on other blogs. If you would like the Twihearted button and link for your blog or need help setting it up, please email and she will send you the picture file and link information.

As a fun way to show support, we would love to have those on Twitter set up a conversation heart as their avi for the month of February. You can either use the Twihearted picture which you can get from or you can create your own here. A hashtag of #twihearted would be pretty cool too!

It is also perfect timing that Friday February 4th is National Wear Red Day. Be sure to wear red on Friday to show your support of the American Heart Association (and you can tweet pictures of yourself wearing something red!). In a "six degrees of Twilight" coincidence, we were thrilled to find out that the spokesperson for National Wear Red Day this year is Jennie Garth - Peter Facinelli’s wife. What a wonderful connection to Twitards and the fundraiser for Snarky’s mom.

We know that times are tough and not everyone has the means to make a donation, but please remember that even just $1 can make difference in the fight against heart disease. If every follower of Twitarded donated just $1, we would have almost $2000 to donate to the fight against heart disease.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your donation. If you have any questions or need a different option for donating, please contact either or and we will help you.


  1. I love you My After Car for thinking of this idea and allowing me to be a part of it.

    I love you Snarky and as much as I love doing this fundraiser, I wish Mama Snarky were here with us instead.

  2. This is amazing. You ladies are amazing. I just cried at work. I cannot believe how awesome this community of woman (and few men) is, I've never seen so many people so supportive of each other. It blows my mind and I'm so thankful each and every day to be a part of it.

    As most of you know (because I announce it 24/7 on twitter) my birthday is on Saturday. If I lived closer to all of you, I'd make you each buy me a drink. Instead... you can each donate some money to this cause.

    I love all of you h00rs so hard. And I will definitely be donating, putting a button on my blog and blogging about it as well.

    Let's live this February in honor of Mama Snarky.

  3. I'll be donating! Also, I'll be sure to mention this post on my blog and will keep the heart on my side bar.

  4. I can't thank My After Car and Dangrdafne enough for this - and everyone else here for being so supportive - of all of us, all the time! I love you people hard.

    OK gonna go have a teary moment now, but it a good one. xoxo

  5. someday i will leave a comment that doesn't have a typo... today is not that day... : /

  6. Heart disease is one of the deadliest killers to women, and we as women need to really pay attention to our bodies, and take care of ourselves and each other. I lost my first nephew to a massive aortic aneurysm almost 2 years ago and he was only 29, leaving behind a beautiful wife and baby boy..Your never prepared for loss of a loved one from this grabs you and leaves you devistated. Big huggs to you Snarky..We love you. And yes of course Thanks to you girls for doing this..It truly is a GREAT cause.. I'M IN.. Take care of your Hearts..

  7. What a wonderful thing to do! I'm so lucky to have found all you and the selflessness and generosity and caring and love I feel every day from this community makes me all warm and fuzzy in my heart.

    Our office participates in National Wear Read day and I'll be sure to tweet a pic of me wearing my (only) red sweater tomorrow! Dangrdafne and MyAfterCar - you guys rock. *mwah*

    And Mama Snarky... even though I never had the honor of meeting you, your amazing memory lives on in your beautiful daughter who I love very much and I couldn't imagine a world where she didn't exist. Thank you for raising her that way. <3

  8. Oh my goodness! I love you MyAfterCar and DangrDafne so much and Snarky I love you, too!

    While I literally can't afford much more than $1, you bet your ass I'll be donating.

    Button on as well as a reblog! :) Love you ladies!!

  9. What an awesome/amazing thing this is! I'm off to donate...

  10. Every time I think I can't love our little corner of the fandom anymore, something like this comes around. You are really an amazing group of people. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  11. @Dangrdafne and My After Car - you are some seriously kindhearted, loving and amazing women.

    If there is one thing I've learned in the past two years of blogging, it's that there are countless people out there that are so willing and eager to help one another. It literally brings a tear to my eye when you folks do amazing things like this.

    I've never met Mama Snarky but I know she was a pretty kick-ass woman, because both her daughters are brilliant, kind and wonderful. It would be an honor to donate to this cause. Thanks for giving me an awesome BFF, Mama Snarky.

    Fuck, my glasses are getting all foggy. Think I've got something in my eye...

  12. DD, you know how I feel about you and your big heart. This is an amazing thing you and MyAfterCar have done. What a beautifully written post too. I will gladly do all of the above...donate, blog, and tweet.

    STY, this is a great way to pay tribute to your mom. Never forget that you are loved.


  13. A huuuuuuuge THANK YOU to @Dangrdafne and @SnarkierThanYou who totally took this idea and ran with it - and the credit goes to them for doing a TON of work to get this off the ground! Love yall :)

    Another ginormous thank you to everyone who has already supported Twihearted with your donations, retweets, and blog posts. NO donation is too small - with just $1, you can join the fight against heart disease! Please give if you can!

  14. This is a great idea and I love you guys for thinking of it. This is just another shining example of the awesomeness of Twitardia!

  15. Ladies you've inspired me to get my butt back in fitness blogging gear! Heart Healthy posts here I come!!

  16. This is a beautiful idea. I can't wait for tomorrow (payday) so I can do my part to contribute!

    I may not be a religious person by any means, but I believe I have been blessed by yous guys. At first I was going to say "I don't know what I would do without you," but I know one thing is for sure, I would have more money. And I say that in the most appreciative way possible. I have the HONOR of having less cash this year. No regrets, just kick ass pride.

    I helped cancer patients. I helped flood victims. I helped preemies. I helped a friend give a fuzzy puppy a forever home. And I'm gonna help beautiful women just like Snarky's mom and smokin' hot men.

    Because of you guys. Thank you for being so fucking inspirational. DD, XKR, thank you for being inspired and for bringing another AMAZING cause our way. This is close to our little Twitardia home and I can't wait to be a part of it, in honor of Mama Snarky.

  17. Is it just me or is it a little dusty in here? *dabs eyes* DD, XKR, & STY - what a phenomenal idea and thank you for doing this. You ladies continually blow me away.

    Like LindseyRae, tomorrow is payday for me, so I'll be back with debit card in hand to make my (pitifully small, but helpful nonetheless!) donation then. In the meantime, I'm setting out my red sweater so I'll remember to wear it tomorrow. Mwah! I love you all.

  18. This is simply beautiful..the idea, and post itself. We are truly a phenomenal group of women that have met, bonded and have continuously striven to be "there" for each other in times of need.

    Love you girls.

    xo J

  19. You all are AWESOME!!!!

    I seriously just got home from a torture session with my trainer and was ready to throw in the towel. I seriously just finished telling my hubby that I had no idea what I was thinking and why I thought I needed to do this to myself multiple times a week and then I logged on and read this post and now I remember why. You h00rs are the best!

    I lost my father suddenly to a heart attack one week after his 53rd birthday in 2006 and then I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last year. I made a vow that I was going to do everything in my power to overcome this disease and make the most of my life. I got a gym membership and a trainer and I torture (aka better) myself 4x a week.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this and now I know I can haul my lazy, out of shape arse back to the torture chamber (gym) tomorrow morning. :)


  20. Such an amazing idea!!! Kudos to you all!!!

  21. A lovely idea, DD and XKR. And thanks STY, for sharing your story about your mom with us. We had a cancer scare with my mom recently (turns out they were just really big arse tumors!) It makes you think, don't take anyone for granted, get invovled with a cause you feel connected to and do what you can. Every little bit makes a difference.

  22. @mel in the atl - stick with it!! i'm actually just starting to work out for the first time in a loooooong time and it ain't easy going! wow am i ever out of shape! i might not carry a ton of extra weight, but what i have definitely needs some work - lol...

    thank you thank you thank you all for being as amazing as you are and making this community what it is!


  23. Brilliant idea ladies! I'm continually amazed by the wounderful kind generous people that I have met through the twilight fandom. I am in awe of you all.

    My donation has been made.

    Hubs family has heart disease, his father had his first heart attack in his early 40's. After having two stints successfully inserted, unfortuantely he did not survive an operation to repair a heart valve last year. It was very unexpected. So I'm extra dillegent with Hubs, trying to make sure that he eats right and looks afterhimself.

  24. STY - Your post on the fundraiser page is beautiful, as is the picture of your mom. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I've made my donation, signed the Guest Book, posted on my blog, put the Twihearted button with link on my sidebar, am using the red sign as my twitter avi for today, will switch to my Twihearted candy heart avi tomorrow... Yep. I'm all over it ;)


  25. You are ALL awesome!

    I am truly blessed to be surrounded by a bunch a people who are Twihearted!

    I donated and it feels great! Now go, shoo, donate! We are half way there!

  26. I want that heart on my blog. I'll be emailing DangrDafne. YOU my friends are amazing! Quality people!

  27. Great idea by great grrrlz for a great cause iho a great lady w/ a great daughter... done and done (donation and twitter heart;) Thanx for the opportunity!

  28. I'm soooo l2tp on this and cannot apologise enough - I've had some internet issues this past week which have prevented me from reading my favourite blogs.

    I have, however, just changed my Twitter avi and will be looking at ways in which I can publicise this cause in the UK.

    Heart disease affects us all. And it's within our power to fight. Even if you don't have a history of it in your family, don't let it creep in. In this era of excess, it cannot be stressed enough how important a good diet and exercise is. I know, I'm my worst enemy - I live a relatively sedentary lifestyle, but at least I'm pretty careful with food. But when I think back about the number of work colleagues and acquaintances I know who've succumbed to the effects of heart disease, it's pretty sobering.

    Thank you @DangrDafne and @MyAfterCarIsAnXKR - and STY - a worthwhile blogpost xx

    CC x

  29. I tear up every time I read these comments - sometimes I can't believe what an amazing online family we have here I am in awe, too!


    Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far or has just taken the time to read (and perhaps comes away with a new vigilance for their own health or that of a loved one).


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