Thursday, April 7, 2011

Even Robert Pattinson Thinks 'Jumping Rob' is Funny

What I love about Robert Pattinson - other than his heart-stopping good looks - is his sense of humor. When Rob first sparkled his way into our lives, he often came off more awkward and adorkable rather than just plain funny. I love that while his star status continues to rise on a daily basis, he seems to be his old self. He never ceases to amaze me. With each interview I watch... and thank GAWD that fucking drought is over... he appears to be getting more and more comfortable in his own skin, and with letting his real self shine through.

MTV's Josh Horowitz--who has a ginormous boy-crush on RPatts--seems to be one of those interviewers who sets Rob at ease. Just watch the infamous 35 minute online interview [we kinda live-blogged along with it in the comments HERE] and you can see that once he's become familiar with someone, he tends to be less fidgety and nervous in that setting.

In his recent sit-down with Rob, Josh brought up the Jumping Rob meme. (Aside: I had no fucking idea what a 'meme' was - and even thought it was pronounced MEH-may, like a French grandmother. ::headdesk::) Rob's reaction was priceless...

From the looks of it, Josh chose some pretty innocuous examples from the enormous collection over at Fuck Yeah Jumping Rob. I'm still not sure how he picked just three.

This one cracks me up because didn't he just talk about being a horrible driver in that Elle interview?

Please pass the eye bleach. Especially if this picture is from the Arthur remake. I've already stated my utter annoyance at this remake on Twitter - the original was already perfect [note from STY: sorry, but I lurv Russell Brand.].

Why can I only think of Donnersun when I look at this photo. Dude, how much would you pay for that horse on the right? Wonder if he's hung like a horse? NOTE: This just in! It has come to our attention that one of our own, @cetacean34, is responsible for this masterpiece... that's right up there with VitaminR's twitter question getting asked in the MTV interview. WOOT WOOT!

Jumping Rob has always turned my frown upside down. Feeling blue? Annoyed at your boss? Pissed at your husband? Jumping Rob is the perfect cure. He's cute and nearly naked, and comes in all sizes. And apparently, he's now being used as an award.

Combining my two favorite things... FTMFW! And PS - is it just me, or does it look like the lines on Johnny's jeans are pointing directly at his cock? I know it's where my eyes immediately went.

So here's my question for Josh. Dude, did you realize you forgot one? I'd love to get Rob's two cents on this masterpiece. Maybe he would like to recreate this for realz this fall.

FORKS2011 - Twitarded will be BACK, bitches!

Do you have a favorite Jumping Rob? I wonder if Rob has a favorite Jumping Rob? I honestly think that poor, precious man is going to think twice the next time he gets the urge to strip down to his skivs and leap into the sea!


  1. I can't even think of a favorite jumping Rob... there are too many out there and as soon as I think I've found my favorite, BAM! Another one comes a long.

    I really want to be in that beach jumping picture this year. Just sayin....

  2. AHH!!!! I had to take a fucking week off while the in-laws were in town, and it drastically hampered my twi-life. Who knew it would be so hard to check on Rob porn and fan fic with your MIL over your shoulder?!

    So now I'm back, and damn did I miss you!!

    ...Dude. The Twitarded Jumping Rob is by far the best. There isn't even competition. ...Although I do giggle at the iPod Jumping Rob. It's so silly.

  3. @Jaymes & Lindsay Ray - hope you are BOTH in the next Twitarded Jumping Rob pic! Seriously, we need a HUGE group shot this year!!

    We have to figure out how to have people post pics in the comments here - i think it can be done, but damned if i know how! blogging has only done so much to pull me out of my tech fail...

  4. I absolutely LOVE Jumping Rob and am way more entertained by him than I should be!! My favorites are our group pic from FOOOORRRRKKSSS that looks a lot like yours, except my hand is on his ass (thank you @17foreverlisa!), the mama bird feeding JR to her baby birds, and the pokemon ball. Rob actually handled it quite well, didn't he? :)

  5. @Snarky Psh. You know I'll be there. I'll be the one with her own tits covering her face b/c they're big...and you're gonna make me jump into the air. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS AS A CASE OF SELF-ENDANGERMENT?!

    :) I can't fucking wait.

  6. Glad to see Rob can laugh at himself. Thanks Josh for bringing Rob up to date on what's circulating out there. J/S. I don't have a favorite, 'cause yes there are too many.

    @STY, I think you will have to coral everyone down to Rialto beach to get a panoramic JUMP!

    @Lindsay Rae, I'm with you there sister. Might have to keep a eye doctor on call for me too when I jump. LOL

  7. Sounds good to me!!! I'll need to start practicing my jumps. Good thing I have years of cheerleading under my belt. Sad thing is that it's been about 10 years and 20 lbs since then. Knowing my luck, I'll land wrong and break my ankle, but hopefully Carlisle will come out of nowhere and fix me.

    @lindsay rae- lol I'll bring the duct tape so we can your boobs down...we'll make it work.


  8. I totally made the horse one (squee). When this interview was posted miss Sloppy_scnds woke me up screaming into the phone at 6:30 in the morning - I believe she said something along the lines of "OMGrobsawyourjumpingrobpicandlaughedanditsonlineturnonyourcomputerNOW!!!!!"

    I *might* have watched this about a million times and sent it to my mother.

    If rob thought my picture was "actually pretty funny" does that mean he thinks I'm "actually pretty funny"? It probably means we should hang out...

  9. I love that Josh not only brought the meme up to Rob but also had examples to show him.

    Here's a jumping Rob video TwiloveSue sent me a while back. LOVE IT! Instant pick-me-up!

  10. LOL I love jumping Rob! He unintentionally provided so much entertainment just with that one swim.

    @cetacean34 - Now you have the perfect opening line. "Remember that picture of your torso on a horse? Yeeeeeeeah. I made that. Let's make out."

    I want to be in the FOOOOOORKS jumping picture this year! I'll have to remember to wear Depends, for when I land. I hear postpartum bladder control ain't the best.

  11. @cetacean34 - that is fucking great!! Go you!!

    I love the jumping Rob. Makes my day every time I see it.

    And I miss Forks with all my Twitarded girls!!

  12. @cetacean34- I had to give you props in the post for that one! That is awesome!!

    I agree with JJ... I miss Jumping Rob too. I'd like Jumping Rob to jump on my bed.

  13. @LKW "(Aside: I had no fucking idea what a 'meme' was - and even thought it was pronounced MEH-may, like a French grandmother. ::headdesk::)"

    I thought the exact same thing. Don't fret.

  14. Love this post and adore Jumping Rob. I have to say my fav is the FOOOOOOOORKS group pic because that is the very first time I saw Jumping Rob. I couldn't stop laughing! Two thumbs up for Josh bringing Jumping Rob up.

  15. I love that it was one of our Jumping Robs that made the cut!! And it is an awesome Jumping Rob at that!!

    I love this one with the Mayflower that Living with Edward made for Mrs. P's Thanksgiving post LOL

  16. Yes!! Living With Edward's Mayflower one is my absolute favorite! That was the only one I saved. The pic and caption was brilliant!

  17. Yes!! Living With Edward's Mayflower one is my absolute favorite! That was the only one I saved. The pic and caption was brilliant!


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