Sunday, May 29, 2011

Random Video Madness

Happy Memorial Day weekend to those of you in the States! Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing long weekend. I got to sit down for five uninterrupted minutes earlier and it was glorious. I spent those minutes catching up on the happenings in the Twidom.

Michael Sheen, who played Aro, did a dramatic reading of some Twilight fan fiction on VH1. It was pretty awesome. I would pay to have him read the dictionary to me. "Anus: noun. The excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal. Related: anal" Can someone make this happen?

Video by RoseArcadia

This next video is completely unrelated (just like most items in my posts), but I thought it was hilarious. I lifted it from Thinking of Rob. Robert Sean Leonard has been in a million movies and TV shows, but I will always remember him as Neil in Dead Poets Society. Apparently he played a vampire in a movie I never saw, but will rent immediately. He gives advice to Robert Pattinson (sort of) on playing a vampire and embarks on an extended soliloquy on vampire and werewolf battles. It made me laugh pretty hard, but I'm easily entertained. You be the judge.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


  1. MusingBella CullenMay 29, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    Hilarious!  Can we pool some funds and get Michael Sheen to read MoTU or something? 

    I have a handwritten letter and a signed headshot from Robert Sean Leonard - I had *such* a crush on him when I was younger - Swing Kids and Newsies and all that... *swoons*  That was a great interview - I love that he's like, "rip off their heads? I don't buy it. You need a stake!" LOL - tell it to SM, RSL. ;-)  Thanks for these, TK! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  2. I want RSL to now watch all Twilight movies and turn his reactions into a commentary.  Would be very amusing after seeing that interview

  3. Michael Sheen reading MotU would be amazing!!!

  4. Michael Sheen should voice the Twilight audio books! Would be amazing!

    I wonder what that fic's author is feeling right now - bet she's reeling.

    Shame I can't see the second vid (damn you regional differences) but I love RSL, sure he's awesome.

  5. You can't see the 2nd one? I prolly screwed it up. It was a bear to embed. I had to "improvise." Check the ToR site. I think the video is on page 4-ish. Or you can check VH1. I think they did that interview as well.

  6. Yes! That would be amazing!

  7. Trying to comment from my phone when I should be asleep. I've managed to like, un-like & almost delete 3 comments with my fat fingers. I'm going to log off before I screw up anything else.

  8. HELL YES!!!!!! Let the man narrate MotU. Hell let him narrate my shopping list!!

  9. I'll never look at the Volturi the same way again... I only wish he had been reading Osa Bella or 15 Step! I can't imagine what went through the author's head when she found out about this! Too funny...

  10. Bwahahahaha! I flurve Michael Sheen's reading! He takes the ridiculousness (and yes, I read and write fanfic) to a whole 'nother level! Fantastic!
    Sadly, I was unable to watch the second vid with RS Leonard - some shizz about it not allowed to be shown in my 'region' - bollox to that, I say!
    BTW, I had absolutely NO problems commenting on the blog this evening - but I haven't cleared my cookies since last time. Wonder if that'll make a difference?

    CC x

  11. I laughed SOOOOO hard when I saw the dramatic reading!! It's really quite funny, especially because that fic is one of the ones I read. LOL!


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