Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Time...for a Breaking Dawn Clip...Almost

I think the official release date of Breaking Dawn: Before the Spawn (as JJ has dubbed it) is still roughly 648,834 days away, but we are being promised a first glimpse of the movie this Sunday. Or, a twentieth-something glimpse if you saw the leaked photos or the new video clip.

Sunday, at 9PM ET, the holy trio (Kristen, Rob and the wolf dude) will introduce a preview of BD:BtS during the MTV Movie Awards. I've always thought the trailers were a thousand times better than the actual movies, so I have high hopes for this. And it had better be good, dammit, if I have to sit through another entire shitty awards show for a glimpse of my fake, sparkly boyfriend. I hear the clip is supposed to be from the wedding, so I figure I can't lose with Edward in a tux. Well, I might lose my panties, but I digress...

OMG, this looks like the sexiest New Hampshire wedding ever! Edward and Carlisle are getting married?! Can I come on the honeymoon?

Tune in Sunday night to watch the award show with us. We'll be live blogging with the TwiCrack Addict team. Someone more technically savvy than myself will be setting this up. It sounds complicated and I've been scouting Ebay all day for a flux capacitor and a used Delorean. This will all be happening at 9PM ET, so set your clocks. (And someone remember to remind me...)

In related news, Summit has released the first official movie poster. I hope you're sitting down; they really broke the bank on this one.

Ta da! What happened, Summit? Did you blow the whole marketing budget hunting down the photo leakers? Next time, hire that elephant who paints to be in charge of your artwork.

What do you expect from the clip? Are you excited or apprehensive? This will be a first for me since I've always worn my movie chastity belt. Is anyone else guarding their Twi-virginity? Will anyone still watch the MTV Movie Awards after the Twilight series has ended?


  1. The day the poster was released, my BFF sent me a text saying that he had the same picture as his laptop wallpaper. Summit knows how to spend that $$ we give to them don't they!

  2. I'm AddictedJune 2, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    I have high hopes that Edward will look so much better in BD than he did in Eclipse. No track suit for Edward please. I do hope they don't show Bella's wedding dress in any of the trailers. It would be great to have some surprises. Hopefully Bella's dress will be more Pippa Middleton than Lady Di.

  3. OMG! I can comment again!

    Why in the hell is the wedding outside? Why do keep changing these kinds of things? Wasn't the actual ceremony inside? I distinctly remember her coming down the stairs.

  4. LMAO! This post is awesome. Also: JJ is a genius.

    Super excited about this clip... except that Edward looks like a total dork. What's with the Zack Morris the-college-years hair?

  5. @Lila they had the wedding at the Cullen house but the actual ceremony was outdoors I thought. I can not wait to see the clip on Sunday!!!!! I watched the commercial like 5 times in a row...Rob looks so fuckin hot in his tux yummy

  6. Dont you worry your pretty little face TK. I will set my clock to remind me to remind you on Monday! How fabby a friend am I?

    I think @AGirlintheSouth is still holding out with her old chastity belt but who knows, throw her some vodka, place her in front of the TV and she might just fold.

    I'm with you, the trailers are usually better than the actual darn movie.

    Am I the only one but I'm not quite sure of Ron's look in the wedding scene. I can't quite place my finger on it (TWSS). I'm just not sighing in places I should be YET. Time will tell.

    Anyhow, expect my reminder on Monday!


  7. On reading through the comments, I see that *My After Car* is in agreement as well. Ron looks like a dork, grrrr, bring back the peacoat tux.



    and then begins the loooong fucking wait 'til November.


    make it worth waiting for, please!

  9. I can't wait to see this! I couldn't breath when I first watched the clip. Then I had to watch it about 20 more times just for fun.
    Bring it on Edward/Rob in a tux Gahhhhhhh!

  10. Oh Oh, I hope like hell they make the full size standup of Edward in that Tux.... Oh the fun I could have with that!

  11. WTF? Edward looked like he escaped from the Bel Ami set.

    And who is the chick with the neckline cut to her navel? Didn't anyone tell her how to dress for a wedding? (Hint - you shouldn't have to use boob tape to keep your dress on)

  12. @Red_Bella That's exactly what I was thinking today! Gimme FSE in a wedding tux, yes please! I think Edward in a tux is even hotter than Rob in a tux. [Luv me some Edward!]

    Why does the teaser say it's the biggest SUMMER EVENT we've all been waiting for? The movie isn't coming out until freaking November! Although they sure got the 'waiting' part right. We've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting and waiting . . . .

  13. @Red_Bella--from your lips to God's (Summit's) ears

    @kintail--I've never heard this rule before. I wish I had known this years ago.

    @laxplays--Are you reminding me on GMT? The show airs on Sunday in this country. You are the suckiest unpaid assistant ever.

  14. I can't wait for this preview.. finally throwing us a bone! Not the Robward bone I'm looking for but meh I'll take what I can get.

    Lets see.. will I watch the movie awards after Twilight is over? If Rob is still making movies and being shamelessly used for his holy hotness I will plop my ass down and sit through 3 (or more depending on if Rob walks the red carpet) hours of shit for even 1 minute of Rob. And that counts for any awards show. CMA, AMA, GG's, Oscars, SAG, VMA, MMA, Kids Choice, the thing with the surfboards. I will persevere!

  15. if that 15 sec clip is anything to go by i wouldn't get my hopes up, maybe its just me....or did i read the wrong book but the wedding was inside her hair was suposed to have fancy brading and her family saphire clips ...there were two and they went under the vail. i mean COME ON PPL you can't even get the basic shit right and its written in the fuckin book for you so you dont have to try and think this shit up. what r they thinking srsly??? edward looks ok, but if i have leant anything from the twilight movies its not to get your hope up.

  16. I was tweeting with @Mama_Cougar tonight and we were coming up with some new 'ward' names for Breaking Dawn: Groomward? Thrustward? Bangward? Whambamthankyoumamward? Piledriverward?(This was for you @Myg) Drivinithomeward? Wenttoolongwithoutdippinmywickward?Crunchward? CherryPopward? Barebackward? Nogloveyesloveward?

    @Red_Bella We NEED full size Groomward STAT!

    @TK-That is the lamest poster ever. They could have at least used an enlarged outline of Thrustward's thrusting back for the tree outline with Bella's tiny bewbies as part of the scenery too. Come on people! Be creative for cripes sake. Maybe they are breaking the bank on making Renesmee appear to be even halfway believable. Decisions, decisions.

    Can you tell my commenting has been gagged for a while? I will shut up now.

  17. I saw this poster before and thought it was a joke. SERIOUSLY! Can't believe that's the official poster.

    As for Groomward's hair, well, I miss the days of his Twilight bouffant.Not many (straight) guys can wear that hair and carry it. He did. *sigh*

    Wenttoolongwithoutdippinmywickward? LMAO.....

  18. Great to be able to post again. Like Lila and anonymous, why the changes? I know it's my standard complaint with the movies but why change it if you aren't making it better? Budget? Outdoor weddings can be beautiful but they look like they are in a forest. What are they, wood nymphs? I think that's Kate with the dress cut to her navel cause isn't thatGarret next to her?

    "OMG, this looks like the sexiest New Hampshire wedding ever! Edward and Carlisle are getting married?! Can I come on the honeymoon?". Ditto

    I'll pretty much watch Rob anywhere, anyway, anytime.

  19. If there is anything I have learned with the last three movies is not to expect anything...and to just enjoy the movie for its interpertation of the book. SM producing the movie, she has blessed the changes and we just have to suck it up.

    As for keeping my "virginity" and not watching any clips, leaks, etc. You cant unring a bell, so why withhold now? November is a long time to wait and the final is still a year from now. I almost dont want to see this until the last one comes (TWSS) out so that I can have it all at once. Yes, I'm a greedy h00r.

    I cant believe September is fast approaching and Im ditching my daughter on her birthday weekend to meet up with some of you in Fooooorrrkkkkks. She will only be 8 so I have many other birthdays I can be there for.

  20. Yay!!! Thanks for putting the old comment system back!!!

    They screwed up the engagement ring in Eclipse so I am not holding my breath that this wedding is going to be much better.

    My expectations for Breaking Dawn: Before the Spawn are set really low. I mean other than the wedding and the honeymoon nothing happens. There will be 20 minutes of good stuff filled in with
    Jacob running back and forth (shirtless, I hope) and Bella lazing around the Cullen mansion like a beached whale until the last 10 minutes of the movie when Robward has to rip the spawn out of her naked body with his teeth - which we all know they are not going to show.

    Actually, this may be the one movie where the porn version could be better.

  21. Yeah, it's funny... I was just thinking the other day that (since the Twilight saga came out) I hadn't watched MTV this much since I was 16... And I doubt there will be any reason to watch after Twilight goes to sleep...

  22. I hope I remember to watch it! I usually forget & then I end up not seeing the movie clip until a week later. The movie trailers always get me SUPER EXCITED for the movie and it will probably be the same this time around too. The only thing that sucks is the 678,321 days until it actually is out in theatres. BOOOOOOO!

    @VitaminR I love all the "ward" names. LOL!

  23. I am looking forward to the clip - it will be one of the first things I will see for BD - I did not look at all the other stuff.

    I watched the MTV Movie Awards before Twilight and I will watch them after BUT I will say they are more fun with Twilight there :)

    Let's hope that a simple poster means an intricate and great movie :)

  24. That is the lamest poster I have ever seen. It's like they're not even trying. Not that I'm surprised.

    And Robward does look he stepped off the set for Bel Ami! LOL!

  25. BD:BtS is the best title ever. Leave it to JJ to come up with catchy shit like that.

    Great post, TK. You know just how to start building the antici...

    pation. I wonder if they'll be showing the awards live on the west coast, too...Otherwise I'll just have to get on to youtube lickamyclit in order to see the preview. Ain't no way I'll be able to wait 3 hrs.

  26. I saw on another site (I am a big whore) that when you watch the clip Stephenie Meyer and the producer (forgetted his name) are standing on the left side of the aisle. And it's true. So maybe this is actually like a teaser promo and not really the actual wedding from the film because if SM and the producer are guests at the wedding in the actual movie then Summit is majorly sucking some big time sucky stuff. It was bad enough she had a diner cameo in the first film. Just because you *created* these characters doesn't mean you get invited to the Cullen house. Geez.
    That said, the clip gave me goosebumps and I got all excited about life in general just from watching for 30 seconds...

  27. @FreakyBella - ditto on the MTV watching. Less music now than ever so why bother?

    @kintail and @likeitlemony - That's Carmen (navel vneck) and Eleazar standing in front of Carlisle and Esme.

  28. I dunno if anyone clarified this but...

    The wedding was in the Cullen house. The reception was outside.

    I'm on the fence about watching any trailers. They're almost always the best parts and by the time you've seen all the trailers, you've seen the entire movie.

    that and the hubs is sitting right here watching some stupid mutant movie and asking me if it's supposed to be in the future or the past or is it alternate reality. Aren't all movies alternate reality? Even the one's based on real events have made up crap to push the action of the story along...BUT I DIGRESS. (FYI, Twitarded should use that line in every blog at least's awesome, not annoying.)

    Side note, can everyone pray or cross your fingers, whatever you think will work, that I don't go into labor while I'm standing in line to go see BD opening night? I'm due Nov 19th. Could we cut it any closer? THANKS!


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