Monday, May 4, 2020

The Sparkly, Viral Elephant in the Room

Diamond Elephant brooch by E. WOLFE
The vampire elephant in the sunlight was shocking...

Greetings from Quarantineville, USA! Population: Most of Us.

While what we really REALLY want to be discussing right now is the urgent fandom matter of Midnight Sun, first we need to deal with a bit of unpleasant (but probably not unanticipated) news. (But have no fear, we are coming for you soon, Midnight Sun, and your pomegranate, too.)

Amid taking in the deluge of coronavirus-related news, late nights spent trying to get a grocery delivery slot, and coming to terms with your new-found job as your kid's schoolteacher (bet they've learned some colorful new language recently!), some of you might have also found time to wonder if we'll still be heading back to Forks this October, as all of our meticulously crafted, crystal-clear plans [cough-cough] had us doing.

Unfortunately, it's looking like FOOOOOOOKS!!!2020 is not going to happen, and instead, we're looking ahead to FOOOOOOOKS!!!2021. Because isn't an eleventh anniversary just that much more special than a tenth??? Traditionally, a tenth anniversary gift is weak ol' aluminum. Tin foil! A cheap six pack of beer! Meanwhile, eleven is stainless steel, baby. Flasks! Knives! Handcuffs! [And as an aside, is it just me, or do all years after 2019 sound like some sort of science-fiction future-times???]

We hate putting this trip off. We haven't even wanted to talk about the possibility of putting it off amongst ourselves until now. We've been looking forward to this long-weekend bacchanal, too! But we also realize that things are very uncertain at the moment for many of us. Nobody knows for sure what the next months will bring, or what fall will look like virus-wise, and many of us likely have encountered related unanticipated financial burdens (laid off person here!).

Fuck You 2020 Coronavirus Women's Tshirt – Crazy Dog T-Shirts
Yep, this about sums it up. 

But let's try to look on the bright side: you can bet your dusty ol' Mini Edward that we'll be rescheduling this trip to the PNW as soon as we are able - you can't keep these hoes from the Hoh!

In the meantime, bask in the glory that is the one, the only, the original "Pocket Edward Goes to Forks," shot entirely on location way back when by our very own VitaminR70 (we love you!):

(I don't know about you, but I'm tearing up a little.)

See you soon, rainiest little town in the continental United States (((sniff))) - we miss you!

TWITARDED: What to Bring to Forks, What to Leave at Home.
I predict JJ getting at least 2' more air in 2021, and my feet being unable to leave the ground.

Let us know how you're doing during the craziest of crazy times in the comments!


  1. "This is a sadness" - Aro but also me.
    Even though I expected it, I still hoped it wouldn't be true. But alas, COVID has f'ed our plans and our lives up royally. Also so have those damn murder wasps. But you know what hasn't f'ed up our lives? MIDNIGHT FREAKING SUN!!! FINALLY! Can we have a blog post on that soon please? It's what the world needs right now.

    Anyway I miss you I love you and I better see your gorgeous faces in 2021.

    1. Soon... (Probably first of many related posts.)
      Love & miss you guys, too, and if the current state of days flying by crazy-fast is any indicator, it will be fall 2021 before we even have time to click our heels together three times while saying "Sparklepeen."

  2. Can you revive the bloggy page? While the rescheduling is a disappointment for this year, it's something for next Year. Hoo woo. May the rest of 2020 be uneventful. Seriously, I've had enough.

    1. "Revive the bloggy page" as in post more than once every three years or so??? If that's your request, YOU GOT IT. Just be prepared for a super-granular, drawn-out dissection on all of this MS stuff. Can't blow our proverbial load all in one post, amirite???

    2. Yes, please.

  3. I stumbled on the 2020 post by accident...and although I was stoked, I assumed (by the date) that much has changed, as it has here in the Midwest on the home front..but thrilled to get on board for 2021, and even more thrilled to share the anticipation of the new release with the Twitards page. Look forward to posts!

  4. Disappointed but kind of relieved because I think a trip this year would be missing too many lovely Twitards under the current circumstances. By next fall we'll all be ready to move heaven and earth to get there after this hellish year. Now excuse me while I go create a countdown calendar for August 4th... Suzspetals xo

  5. Sad but necessary. It wouldn't be much of a party if we still have to stay 6 feet apart...

  6. I was a whole bunch younger the last time I posted on Twitarded. *cue heavy irony music* Now that I can finally travel, I can't travel? Oy. Stay safe, all. x

  7. And can I just say that it speaks VOLUMES about how long it's been, given how annoyed I am that I can't just "Like" each of these comments? Damn - no wonder nobody blogs anymore - too much work!

  8. I am so bummed we are missing Forks this year, but I am pretty damn excited to read more STY posts this year, so 2020 may have one single redeeming quality after all...

  9. It's a shame, but definitely the right decision to make. I hope to be there next year!

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