Sunday, May 24, 2009

Robert Pattinson in Cannes (Encore Presentation)

Why yes, I have been a very naughty boy...
Photo from Everglow
If you've been reading our blog for more than a few minutes, you've probably noticed that we generally don't write about the day-to-day comings and goings of the Twilight/New Moon cast. Mostly because everyone else does an awesome job of covering those details. And because keeping up with all of them looks like it involves a massive amount of work, and frankly we're just too lazy for that sort of undertaking. But when Robert Pattinson touched down in France last week, I knew all the usual rules were going right out the window. Because he looked spectacular. Maybe it was the total sex-hair thing he was working (even more than usual...), or the beautiful ocean behind him - whatever. All I knew was that it wasn't going to be enough to just stare at him on everyone else's blogs: if I don't get to see those pics right here on my own dinky blog every single day for at least the next week month or two, life just isn't going to be worth living.

Sure, he looks great all the time. And strutting down the red carpet or rushing off for a late-nite nosh with Brangelina were no exceptions (ok I made that last bit up, but it came thisclose to happening, right?). But forget all that and let's get to the important stuff: the Cannes photo-call. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. I may have to go back on my "ha-ha of course I would never stalk him... that's crazy!" stance and but a ticket to Italy, stat. I used to kid myself and say that I was only completely and inappropriate fixated on the books and Edward (which is bad enough...), but can I really be blamed for transferring (er, or "expanding") my obsessing to include Robert Pattinson? No. I cannot. You read the birthday post: I have been rendered completely helpless against his natural appeal. I'm actually kinda embarrasses for me but I can't help myself. (((sigh)))

I was going to post a montage of the stills (you can find tons of amazing photo and multi-media galleries here at Everglow), but when I went to YouTube and checked out the offerings, I thought that they were all really annoying. OK, fine, maybe it's just because I was a little hung over, but fuck - I don't care about your mad album-making skilz, ok YouTube people? I don't want to sound like an ingrate and I appreciate your putting all this stuff together for the rest of us, but do me a favor and save your "star wipes" and your "fades" for albums of your puppies or Barbies or whatever and just. show. me. the. pictures. Maybe I was feeling a little squiffy at the time (it is possible that copious amounts of wine were consumed the previous evening but I'll never tell), but do we REALLY need him fading in and our or (even worse) spiraling in and out of the screen? No, we do not (and I nearly threw up, ftr). So I found this instead. I watched a few versions of this and let me just say holy CRAP those people taking the pictures are effing annoying!!! Seriously, if I never hear 50 French guys shouting some version of "RHO BHER! OVER HERE! SHOW ZEE ZHEXY FACE!!" over and over again, it will be too soon. This might be a slightly less-annoying sound that the deafening "SQUEEE!!!" of several thousand fan-girls (and, let's call a spade a spade: their equally-smitten moms) at ComicCon last year (which R-Patts likened to "what hell must sound like"), but not by much. Thankfully, this one has nothing but nice, soothing music. Regardez le magnifique Robward!

P.S. You can also find a great selection of wallpaper over at Everglow. Which is good for me, because I HAD been using the pic below (from the V-Man outtakes I had drooled over here) as my wallpaper until Twilight Widower had to go and compare it - with eerie, spot-on accuracy - to a circa-1980-something pic of the New Kids On The Block. And now I only see Donnie Wahlberg and crew every time I look at what used to be one of my all-time fave pictures of the Twilight cast. Thanks a lot, dude. What did I ever do to you???

We are NOT a bad eighties boy-band and we are here to stay!


  1. Oh my fucking eyeballs! That video was delicious! OK, must go pour cold water over my head. Need... to... restrain... myself from listing all the things I want to do to him (and him to me) -- don't want you all to know just what a Twi-slut I can (and would) actually be given the opportunity! Love you guys!

    PS - Very anxious for the next installment of 15 Step.

  2. The look on his face just says: "WTF is my life? This is freaking bizarre."

  3. My favorite part of the video (just incase you were wondering), between 7 and 11 seconds, a nice soooooow pan from toe to head! woooo ;)
    Did ya ladies see the pictues of him in a suit?!?!! My goodness he can wear a SUIT!!!

    Why so do-able rob, why?!

  4. he is so fuckin delicious... but all these media /fan attention is making me sick and feel so sorry for him...but heck, he's still so fuckin delicious! lol!

    btw, loved that you titled your fic 15 Step. I love love Radiohead. :)

  5. Yes, I too have spent the past week swooning over this pictures. And I for one don't care that several people said he was wearing on old man's golf shirt in those pics. He can wear whatever the hell he wants and still look sexy! However,like track 10 said, the pics of him in his suit/tux at the charity event was simply yummy!

  6. I'm liking the pic at the top of the post...

    I used to work with little kids and I'd be willing to bet by the look in Rob's eyes that he was an ornery little monkey as a child.

    and just because it would be wrong not to mention it--damn! he is fine :)

  7. Swoon - fall off of chair again! Been doing that all bloody week.

    Ok, so I watched "How to Be" WTF was that all about?? Sorry being a fellow Brit I was soo disappointed. I was so pissed off that I paid $6.99 for it that I made myself watch it to the bitter end the only bit I found funny was the part where they were supposedly really drunk in bar apart WHAT THE BLOODY HELL? Sorry I love RPattz but thank god for Twilight it really did turn his career around.

    Waiting with bated breath for 2nd installment of 15 Steps.. :)

  8. I have been the same with checking out the photos of the R-man. All I have to say is... W-hiskey T-ango F-oxtrot (code words that I use when young eyes happen to be present). He seriously looked HOT in Cannes. Scruff, hair, jaw, tuxes YUM!

  9. What a way to start a Monday morning, just lovely. I just checked out a nice similar one over at Random Acts of Rob (I guess everyone is on the same wavelength today). Check it out - especially the video of the "auction" , it's too damn cute. As a math teacher I'm trying to figure out the formula with ages that makes it OK for me to be getting that warm feeling over a 23 year old. Unfortunately, seems I just can't think straight.

  10. oh well thank GOODNESS! i was starting to think that i was the only person left on the twi-blogosphere who hadn't went off the grid and gone camping or something - even JJ is off communing with nature (or a bottle of whiskey) out in the woods somewhere and if the freak thunderstorm that rolled though our neck of the woods last night didn't do her in, with her luck the bears have found her by now...


    @Stacy207 - oh believe me i know exactly what a dirty duhrty twislut would do with him... just sayin'!

    @brightredink - agreed - it seems so surreal! i don't think that anyone in his situation cold be less than baffled - lol! at least he seems to keep a sense of humor about it!

    @track 10 - i didn't even have to think twice when you started to say "favorite part" - i wish i could have actually done a freeze-frame right there in the middle of that pan and posted it here - lol! and i saw the suit. several times. damn he cleans up fine.

    @faith - we love Radiohead, too!!! i am still wondering why they were not included on the soundtrack, but that cd has been in heavy rotation for quite some time. they are genius!

    @Aggie99 - let's face it: R-Patts could wear and barrel and suspenders and work it. but yes he looked amazing in a skinny tux. now can we just make sure he never gets that close to sharon stone again? 'cause she's crazy!

    @SusanaSun - i have no doubt that he was a mischievous tot - it's definitely written all over his face!

    @limey_1996 - JJ and i actually thought "HTB" was cute. perhaps it was the wine talking, but he was just such a dork. in a good way. it wasn't an award-winning flick, but he played "adorable doofus" with aplomb! whouda thunkit from someone who pulled off such a spot-on Edward???

    @Bobina - W-hiskey T-ango F-oxtrot?! lol!! i'm going to have to remember that next time i am hanging out with the nieces and nephews!

    @GivMeVenom - i am definitely off to make my rounds, bloggy-wise! i think they posted the video at LTT or LTR yesterday but i haven't has a chance to watch it yet (although i certainly wish i had waaaay more disposable income or really generous parents right about now - lol!!). and when you come up with that formula, please let us all know what it is - there's gotta be a way! : )

    All - JJ is working diligently on the next 15 Steps chapter. if i need to take matters into my own hands to um, "motivate" her using forcible means or blackmail of some sort, i will make it happen. once she gets her new netbook, i expect great things to happen at a much faster pace (er, no pressure, JJ, but i want to read more, too, you know...)

    : )

  11. The thing is, in your ruined wallpaper shot, beautiful RPattz actually looks eerily like Brendan Fraser. So there's that.

  12. I love you Snarkier Than You! Can you do a guest post on our site pleeeeeaze! Amen to everything you said here. We are souls sistas I tell ya. Can I just add how much I heart his jaw! His whole face really but the jaw is so amazing.

  13. The Twi-dower also ruined that picture for me, as well. That was an extremely painful post to read. I actually didn't even finish it to be honest. Far to many early 90's flash backs. Geez, is it okay to start drinking now? *wink*

  14. @STY - Definitely the whiskey, lol.

    Twi-dower also killed that picture for me, mainly because I HATED NKOTB back in the day (well, still do).

    And I'm working on 15 Step this week. Should hopefully have something for all of ya!!


  15. @JJ I'm dying for the next chapeter of 15 Step. You'll be posting on here, right?

  16. I only post them as I see them. And when I saw that fang group photo, I just had a huge rush of deja vu.

  17. @Twilight Widower - yeah yeah I get it - I certainly can't blame you for pointing out the now-obvious. But I still secretly hope that you are stuck sleeping on that sofa for a while and that it's not comfy... (I kid, I kid...)

    : )

  18. The thing is, in your ruined wallpaper shot, beautiful RPattz actually looks eerily like Brendan Fraser. So there's that.


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