Friday, August 7, 2009

Twilight + FACEinHOLE = Friday Funniez!

Our bloggy buddy Latchkey Wife has been up to her usual "hubby's away and the wifey will play" shenanigans and was in RARE form yesterday! [As in, JJ and I were in near-seizures from laughing so hard... It's a miracle we got our own disturbing post up although frankly now we're thinking it's time to move on from "twi-craptioning" before we all get arrested or worse...]

I know some of you have already seen this because I read your comments on her pee-yourself-funny post, but just in case some of you missed out or have somehow managed to remain unaware of the twisted awesomeness that is LKW, please enjoy a sneak-peek of the adventures of "Robkey" (and don't say I didn't warn ya' about the lizzing, ok?):

I did a little experimenting with my new favorite website - I've got to tell you, I've never giggled so hard in my entire life! And the naughty part is I was doing this at work so as you can tell, I got absolutely nothing work-related done yesterday. Whatever. I think my boss may have been out of the office getting laid or drunk at a meeting or something. This was way more fun than work. Hope you enjoy my photo shoot with the ever so fuckalicious, Rob Pattinson. I know I did!
My tryout for Twilight didn't go so well... I think it's because I don't look so hot without bangs. Or maybe because it's pretty hard for me to pass for 17 these days... so sad. Not a lot of 17 year olds with double chins and wrinkles. Fuck this aging shit. Someone make me a vampire now before it gets any worse!
Another very serious pose... pay no attention to the fact that I'm trying to dry hump the shit out of him. And is it my imagination, or does the look on his face say "holy fuck, get this crazy cougar off me!?" Or maybe he likes it. I just can't tell...

Jump on over to Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife to read the rest of the funny & snortle yourself into a tizzy over the pictures she created! C'mon - it's Friday afternoon, it's summertime, and you didn't really feel like actually getting anything accomplished today anyway, did you? Ok then. Go!

Oh and Latchkey, if I send you a picture of me JJ, can you make cute -yet-somehow-also-disturbing FACEinHOLE pics for us, too??? Pretty please with Robert Pattinson on top???


  1. This really made my pee in my panties and I was at work!! Love that you posted it here, this is one of the most hilarious post - ever!

  2. Bravo to your selfless promotion of LKW - As I tried to fall asleep last night I kept having episodes of Laugh out Loud visions of LKW's post! I can't wait to see her Face inthe Hole pics of the Twitarded Ones.
    Giggles that keep giving!

  3. i LOVE that site! i spent a whole afternoon making silly twilight pics of my friends and sending it to them on myspace. (the best ones were of my friends who continually think i'm crazy for my obsession with it all.... they LOVED it!) my friend and i traded a few photos on our myspace pages. the best is the one of her head as the apple from the cover of the book... PRICELESS!!!

  4. Holy smokes, I fucking SNORTED! (looks around for witnesses.)

  5. yeah after reading LKW's post last night i had to go and make some of my friends and i. we now have facebook pictures of very bad photoshops of rpattz in bed with some chick with our even more badly (i have awesome command of the english here) photoshopped faces on them. its epically awesome.

  6. Love @Latchkey Wife's post. I can't get through to the website though. Wonder if a bunch of fucking twihards are hogging it up! J/k. Happy Friday to all!

  7. Many THANKS to JJ & STY for giving me a big ol' shout out!! And I haven't been able to get back on the FaceinHole website either so now I'm really pissed!! Looks like I got in just in the nick of time. Love you guys!

  8. WTF is NOTHING working today?! Sheesh - JJ can't get into Blogger or Twitter, FACEinHOLE is all cacked up - crikey, the hackers are everywhere! They better not touch my RobCrack sites or my Twiporn or there's gonna be T-r-o-u-b-l-e!!!

  9. Love Latchkey Wife!!!! Mwah! Brilliant! Fucking hysterical!

    I was searching for John Hughes movie quotes (RIP) last night and opened a website and my computer had danger pop-ups everywhere. WTF is going on? If I had Alice's freakin' power I might be able to help you all out.

  10. the internet is blowing up! i was also having trubs with FB earlier today, PLUS i forgot to charge my icrack so I'm useless today.

    I'm off to try the faceinhole....muuahhahahahahha.

  11. My first thought when I read "FACEinHOLE" it didn't even come close to what it really means!

    Fanfic is rotting my already rotten brain. Who knew that could happen!

    LW-that's some funny shit! :)

  12. Holy sho-sho! That some funny shizz. I love the dry humping!

    I'm on my way over to take a looksey at her site!


    my WORD VERIFICATION sitrat *snort*

  13. Thank you very much - faceinhole is really nice site. Another site like this is - funny pictures - they make a new effect every day!


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