Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twitarded Bloggy Board Meeting 2.0

It's that time again...

Yeah, in most situations when someone calls a random, unexpected meeting late in the day, I would say "What an asshole!" and, well, your boss might be an asshole. But I'm not. Usually (shut UP, JJ - nobody asked you). This may differ from your typical work-y meeting because drinking is encouraged here in the Twitarded board room, so go and mix up the adult beverage of your choice and join the fun! Go. Now. Really. I'll wait...

Make mine a double... Or a body-shot...

See? Now wouldn't ALL meetings be better with booze? I highly recommend putting this in the suggestion box at your office. They'll probably think it's an awesome idea, too. Think of all the employee bonding that could go on! In this economy, why waste money on price-y team-building retreats when all you really need it this:

This is a Twitarded meeting, and I say drink up!

Anyway, as we like to do periodically, here's a random roundup of all the things we want to tell you about what's going on here at Twitarded. Fine, so most of you weren't exactly wondering about any of this stuff, but humor us...

Email & Our Blogger Buds

We used to say we were just behind on email - badly - but that we would catch up eventually. I think I am just going to pull the band-aid off really quick on this one and tell you all that well, we've slipped since we made even that lame-ish plea for forgiveness in our board meeting/ops post last year. Similarly, we haven't been able to go visit as many or our blogger friends and "Awesome Peeps" as often as we would like. Frankly, RL has whupped both JJ and myself these last few months. "Wow it's a busy day!" turned into "Holy crap this week sucked!" which rolled into "This month is killing me!" and at this point we might as well just say "2010 is going to be the death of us!" and get on with it. Being busy is good, in theory; if we were sitting around in our offices with our thumbs up our asses I imagine we would be unemployed in no time flat. But JJ's boss - I don't want to name names so we'll just call her "Beelzebub" - keeps her on her toes and/or sobbing in the ladies room, and I hardly have time to gawk at the latest RPatts pics and read emails even on a good day. WTF?!

You read MY emails, right???

Even if we don't respond, or respond REALLY late, we DO read all of your emails. And we're sorry if we don't always reply or if you write something really awesome and heart-felt to us and we reply with "Thanks for emailing - mwah!" - it's not that we don't care. We do. A lot. Why else would we be here if not for you?! As soon as this whole blogging thing starts paying my bills and giving me health benefits, I'll be all over each and every Twiblog and email like white on rice. A winning lottery ticket would also do the trick. You have our address - send us one!

Are You There? We Are Here.

Speaking of mailing us stuff, there has been a curious absence of people asking for our address since we got a box at the UPS store. I know, I know - the holidays are long past, it's not our birthday, it's not even Valentine's Day - and Hallmark is totally screwing the pooch by not putting out a whole line of Twilight merch for us to send to each other (seriously, Hallmark - you are losing out! If it's got Edward on it, we'll buy that shit! I know some of you have Hallmark connections - pass the word! I only want a small consulting fee... And to have 1/8th the amount of Twilight stuff in the store as there is Hannah Montana merch). So send us a postcard from the road--the address is on the sidebar! And in case you don't want to look waaaaay over there, it's as follows:

Snarkier & Jenny
55 Raritan Ave STE 2142
Highland Park NJ 08904

And now more exciting Twitarded news:
Latchkey Wife Becomes An Ordained Twitard!

There's a new slut in town...

As you've likely noticed, Latchkey Wife had officially put her blog on hiatus [read: her back-up plan in case we turn out to be as bat-shit crazy as she suspects we might be] and has officially joined Twitarded in holy Twitrimony. Because three whore flaps are better than two, right? We are thrilled that we actually found someone as diiiirty as we are to join our ranks - and in fact, it's possible that LKW might out-dirty us on occasion (I know - I was shocked, too - but tune in later this week - that's all I will say and I will leave it at that...). Things seem more manageable since LKW has joined our ranks, so hopefully we'll get caught up on some other shit soon.

I'm so glad the three of you are all in one place... Foursome, anyone?

Other Random, Potentially Uber-Cool Shit On The Horizon

Our friend Myg, who I sucked in to the Twilight universe with a ding-dong-dash (I left a copy of sweeeeet book-one Twilight Saga crack on her doorknob on a blustery day over the winter), fell into the fandom h-a-r-d. Like as soon as she finished Breaking Dawn, instead of discovering fanfic like the rest of us, she started writing her own story. And it's fucking awesome. Take my word for it. We'll be posting the first chapter here in the next week or so, and JJ is also promising to continue Fifteen Step, which I love and miss just as much as the rest of you.

In other news...

We'll be updating about FOOOOOOOOOOORRRRKKS!! soon... And we'll have a separate blog for that so we don't drive you non-Forkers insane.

We'll also be setting up a date in the next week or three to watch New Moon together - we had a TON of fun watching Twilight with all of you and can't wait to do it all over again - only better! - for New Moon. WOOOOT!

In Closing...

That's it for this quarter's update! In out true always-late fashion, we'll do it again next year. Or something like that.

Got something on your mind? Have an awesome idea that you want to share with us? Something we are doing driving you nuts? Tell us about it in the comments! Now I need a fresh drink...

Laaaaadies... Until we meet again...


  1. A three-some makes it even better!

  2. I really hope to see you ladies on Oprah. Dammit.

  3. here's an idea for the boardroom:

    *sidebar - ok i'm reading the office and this br shit is making me all hot & bothered. gah.* anyways...

    why don't you take paid cat exclusive blog sponsors?

    you have over 1400 blog followers; twitter ++. Add add an official FB page and a street team page and you could go ballistic w/twitarded.

    ex. how 'bout twitarded tweet up events at the eclipse midnite show in all major markets?

    what kinda sponsors? oh idk, but i seem to recall billy of the burke fame mentioning he drinks sugar free red bull. how hooked up is rb into pop culture? now that's a good question. so hmmm. how about a twi-h00r skype nite, powered bull?

    i got skills. marketing skills. just sayin.

  4. I have one hell of a time keeping up with blogs, emails, etc. I've gone to posting about once a week so I can still follow you and some of my other bloggy besties on a regular basis. And I'm just a small fish in a big pond. So no need to apologize. Thanks for the "agenda" though. Looking forward to the upcoming events ;)

    Welcome again, Latchkey Wife!



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  6. 1st: So excited about LKW joining this joint, and yes, I think she might be the only one that can be a tad bit more foul than the 2 of you. And that means she's super fucking fowl.

    2. I'm honored you gals even take the time to comment on my posts at Twired. Seeing as Twitarded is the equivalent of Twi-Heaven...*MUAH!*

    3. I think work would be better overall if we'd be allowed to drink. I can't tell you how many Sunday mornings my colleague and I have said that we'd kill for a bloody mary. I swear, it would make me a whole hell of a lot more pleasant with the hotel guests. ;)

    XOXO Jen

  7. That's really good news: LKW, and 15 steps, and a new FF with which to forsake RL! Yay to all.

    Though, I really think you should be careful in implying that LKW is the ONLY one who can out-dirty you. Could get ugly, people trying to prove that it can be done.

    I have this little notion that I'm just going to wait and see about FOOOORRRRKKKS! and wing it. Maybe come at the last second. Which would require me sleeping in my car, I'm sure, cuz Twitardia will have all of Forks booked. But, I can sleep in a car. I can do all sorts of things in a car.

    In Montana, up until pretty recently it was legal to drink while driving. Couldn't be drunk, mind you, but you could drink. I think workplaces should assume that rule as well. As a work from home sort, I don't have benefits, per se. But, I can drink. That's got to equal a 401K, right?

  8. I think LKW absolutely belongs here, and I for one am ecstatic to see her as a permanent addition on Twitarded.

    I totally get what you're saying about lack of time. I always feel like I'm behind on something, but to tell you the truth, I'm lovin' it, because it makes me feel useful. Ever since I fell down this Twilight rabbit hole, I haven't once uttered the "I'm bored" sentence.
    This is also a perfect opportunity for me to tell you both that I am grateful and humbled every time you do make an effort to come by my blog and leave a comment, because I know just how swamped you are.

    Laters, babes.

  9. I remember the first board meeting...that was the day I branched from lurker to official follower. Aaah...the memories!

    Welcome home LKW, you belong here!!

    OK..I bet SoTwired made a mistake in her comment and deleted I right Jen??? LOLOL!! (P.S. did you call LKW a bird when you said she was "fowl"??)..

  10. Mrs. P I will follow in your footsteps and come out of the shadows at the 2nd Board Meeting.

    How could I not? I just sent my first email here today, and now this? Seems a lot to go through just to let me know you won't be getting back to me right away, but color me flattered. :)

    Hungry for any FFFOOORRRKKKSSS news, so looking forward to the new blog.

    Thank you for the positive impact you have had and continue to have on so many lives, including mine!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Ah that model looks weird with that golden beard. No man should try that because I am sure no girl will like it.

  12. So awhile back i had sent an emial- but figured you was busy or what not- and you kinda hit the topic of it here- Twilight Cards... Wal-Mart had few birthday ones... just so ya know... Lemme know if you need some- well if your wal-mart doesnt have em

  13. Ahem.... {{taps on microphone}} testing, testing... Is anyone listening?

    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the "welcomes" - I'm so excited to be here! I just hope I can live up to the Twitarded reputation! And I really hope I don't fall flat on my fucking face!

  14. Oh I love these meetings!! The last one brings back such memories.

    1)Email et al - you guys are busy, I understand. Enough said.

    2)*scribbles down address for upcoming trip*

    3)Yay for LKW officially joining the team! I do love her posts. But you'll have to change your "Obsessed with Twilight? Think you're too old for this? You've come to the right place!" Cause the next part should read "We're three over-twenty (b/c of LKW's age and all) chicks who never really meant to fall in love with Twilight...

    4) Can't WAIT for Myg's fic! And JJ when that whole RL kicking you in the snatch stops, I'll look forward to 15 step. No worries! :)

    5)Yay for new moon viewing. I hope I'm not on vacay when you do it!

  15. I have trouble getting to meetings on time, what can I say?

    Since I haven't been posting all that long here, it seems...I dunno...pretentious of me to say welcome to Latchkey Wife, but since I love this place, I'm doing it anyway, okay? Welcome, LKW!

    And I also want to say that in that "foursome" pic up there, Rob seems in need of a good hard...pluck.

  16. I just have to say, I know I'm a relative newcomer around here, but I do believe LKW makes an awesome third spoke in the unholy trinity of Twitarded. Match made in whore heaven.

    As for the epic work of fanfic I'm working on, I really cannot wait to get it out to you all, and I am beyond honored it will have a home here, in the epicenter of all that could possibly be construed as cool when it comes to Twilight. I am nervous as shit about having people actually, you know, read it. But then I suppose that's part of the nail biting hand wringing fun of it all.

    Happy Monday! Please pass the blueberry infused vodka. It's what's for breakfast!

  17. @Jude - normally the unibrow would be a total dealbreaker but that pic is smokin' hot enough to ignore it! but it did make me want to hold him down and tweeze. amongst other things...

    @That's Mr. Pantz to you - welcome! And thanks!! We don't get too many dooood lurkers over here, let alone commentators! Which is probably for the best - lol! I think some people might get banned from the internets if their s/os knew what we were up to over here! : )

    @CC - can't wait for a postcard!

    @IPW4F - sorry I didn't email back - lol! now you see what i mean! we are ok on NM cards for now - i just wish they would make some more of them! but thanks for asking & thinking of us. : )

    @Mrs P & SoTwired - "fowl" - lol - i saw that too and was trying to determine if there was some sort of name-calling going on - ha! LKW's been called a lot of things in her time but that's probably a new one.

    @Jelena - "bored"?? never! not anymore - so true!

    @Munkee - we'll see about Oprah - it's kinda scary to think about - lol!

    @Kintail - if only the three of us would share - not sure if it would happen!

    @neverthink - we DO need to consider an add or two i guess. or a sponser. i am pretty sure there is a pic of me on here somewhere (at the NM premiere) clutching a can of diet red bull (mixes with vodka SO nicely!) - just one more thing we have in common with BB (that and JJ's b-day). oh and we DO have a facebook fan page - it's under "Jenny Twitarded" (see sidebar) - get over there! : )

    @17 Forever Lisa - it's hard to keep up! but still fun trying... : )

    @itallhurts - i honestly can't imagine driving down the road with a bottle of hootch in play - that must be (or must have been) bizarre!

    Off to the grind - catch you WFs later! heh-heh... (hope i didn't miss anyone...)

    : )

  18. There's also a Twitarded facebook page...

  19. May I hold the sparkle peen to talk for a moment? Thanks.
    I know I'm just a little ol' reader and sometimes quick commenter, but great job again bitches!
    You have made it to my daily-websites-I-must-go-to. Like seriously, right after checking my email and facebook. Also, thank you for adding Latchkey. She fits perfectly with you 2 like anal beads and sparkle peens.
    *hands the peen over*

  20. Another excellent meeting ladies. Gorgeous pictures too.

    I look forward to LKW as part of the Unholy Trinity as someone called you at some point LOL

    I look forward to the FFOORRKKSS blog :) wee hee! My bestie DangrDonna is soooo excited to go and to meet all of you (ok I added the last part as I think she might be a little scared LOL)

    STY I have something to send you, I will get right on that! I will look for the winning lottery ticket too but you might have to share a little of it as I always ask for the winning lottery ticket too when someone asks if I need anything from the store - so if I choose to give it to you instead, well I'm just saying I might need a little compensation LMAO!! :)

    I also echo the comments about how special it feels when you ladies comment on my blog, tweet to me or answer my emails. You ladies are rock stars and I love you! Thank you for all you do! If there is ever any way I can help you out, please let me know.

  21. i just want to say that i'm happy to contribute so you girls can quit your jobs and be FT twitards. If all your followers pitch in $5/month... or we can do a one time subscription fee. i also like the idea of an ad. but if you get on oprah then you for sure need some sponsorship! then you can laugh all the way to the mother fuckin bank. sorry, doesn't feel like a real comment until i write a swear word.

    dream big bitches!

    i just want to add that play dates with adult beverages (yes, i'm kidding) can also be fun and i'm pretty sure chuck e cheese still serves beer.

  22. @STY - Thanks for the welcome. Too true about SO/s and internet banning. It makes my heart hurt to hear about it because I do read and follow in various places and I am quite adept at reading between the lines in many comments which are probably more telling than the ladies want them to be.

    I was discussing with Stoney the other night about how as wonderful of a healing and change agent that Twi-mania has brought for many women, it has also stretched amny relationships to their breaking points because we have a hard time maintaining balance.

    Rest assured, as a male presence here, it is a problem I am continually working on because I want to help. I am near fluent in the general female style of communicating. (i.e. I can follow a half hour long story that deviated from it's main point 30 seconds in, while realizing how all topics from that point are interconnect to the main point) So I am working on learning mroe about myself during this change, as well as the effect it has had on our relationship, and then turning those challenges in growth opportunities and communication builders. When I know a little more, I'll share it in full somewhere for everyone. This craze has actually strngethened my relationsihp in so many ways, I grieve to see it not work that way for everyone.

    Don't worry ladies, help is on the way!

    (no time to proofread, I hope it's not jibberish!)

  23. Well, I'm thinking that the annual quarterly board meeting is a good time for my first comment!

    I think you ladies do a frickin fabulous job with your blog. I'm loving the addition of LKW over here! The three of you crack me the fuck up!!

    I am surprised that I haven't gotten fired yet for laughing and drooling so much at my desk. However, it was my boss that convinced me to read the books in the first place, so I can blame my Twi-obsession on her!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write every day(usually) and post such yummy pics of the precious. I would be one sad panda if this blog ever went away.

    Oh, and italhurts, what part of Montana are you in? It's nice to know there are other twitards in the area!

    Keep up all the whore-flappiness ladies!

  24. Hoooray! Can I just say how excited i am for the New Moon watching party? I missed the Twilight one, so I will be all over this like a Twitard on the Precious.

    Also, looking forward to the FOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKS blog! I'm currently "not going" because I happen to owe $6K to my parents, but I'm holding out hope that I can save some cash and meet you whoreflaps in person! Although another obstacle is how I will approach this subject with my friends and family, as I'm not "out" as a Twitard. I mean, they know I love all things Twilight, just not quite HOW much I love it. I'm easing into it slowly - I've started to wear my Alice-replica-necklace in public, even. Anyway, this is how I picture the conversation going.

    Amanda: So, mom, I wanted to let you know - I'm going to be taking a bit of a trip at the end of September, so I won't be home for my birthday.

    Mom: Oh, that's nice, honey, where are you going? Who with?

    Amanda: Um, well... I'm going to Forks. It's in Washington. State. With some awesome bitches, cough, I mean ladies that I met on their Twilight Fan Website. You see, Forks is where the series -

    Mom: You're going to Washington STATE? With people you met on the INTERNET? What did I tell you about chat rooms?? And wait, wait...I thought you hated that Twilight stuff? Didn't you say how stupid it was that Bella gets married and knocked up at 18? (Slowly backing away)Mitchell? Our daughter... I think we need to intervene. MITCHELL!!!!

    So I'll be needing to work on that.

  25. @that's Mr. Pantz to you - OK i've read your follow-up comment (twice) and it made me snortle (more than once). are you available for "how to listen for 1/2 an hour" coaching sessions with other people of your gender? because i think you may be really on to something there.

    @Dangrdafne - if I won the lottery, i swear on a stack of twilight novels and other things i hold holy that i would not be one of those tools who turns into a raging asshole. nope, i would throw a HUGE party in forks and it would all be on Twitarded - lol! : )

    @RobzSinger - i like the way you think... yes, if against my better judgment we somehow end up getting oprah-level exposure, i might want to cash in on it a tiiiiiny little bit. or i'd be a total idiot - lol... and i thought playdates were an excuse for parents to get together and drink wine? like book clubs but with more tykes? no?? huh...

    @Amanda - If it makes you feel any better, i will NOT be telling my parents that I am going to Forks - lol! i'm hoping it doesn't come up - and if it does, i am certainly not telling them that i pitched the idea of the trip for all of us twitards - lol!

    @Jenna_Cullen - thanks!!! and hooray for coming out of the lurkdom... aaaand i am also surprised i haven't gotten fired. yet.

    @Catherine - we might actually need a sparkle peen to take to forks. we can pass it around as we speak & tell stories around a campfire in La Push - hahaha!!

    @Myg - blueberry infused vodka for breakfast?! huh - never occurred to me, but there's always tomorrow morning - and what better way to start the day than with a healthy shot of antioxidants?? and i adore your story and we're honored to help you get it out to the masses (where it belongs!). : )

    oh and P.S. @ Jelena - looove your new Bella-ized hair color! let me know if Edward shows up... : )

    later on peoples!

    oh and if you haven't signed up to follow the blog, please do! we love followers almost as much as we love comments. ok it might be a tie. so really - do it!

  26. Yeah, I have to say your blog is the only one in my Google Reader that I read consistently every day. Thanks for the good work ladies! Rob, as always, you make me utterly miserable. *sigh*

  27. Welcom to LKW! Woot! Hmmm this means three pairs of panties now... Rubs hands together...

    I hear you about this year kicking the shit out of ya! This month has just kicked the shit out of this year so far, I'm hoping to pull it together so I can still do FFFFOOOORRRRKKKKKSSS! If I can't ya'll will just have to go to Port Angelese and raise a glass in the direction of Victoria!

  28. Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me...can I sit there? Umm, OK, sorry I am so late to this meeting...damn coastal time difference and parental and work obligations. So what did I miss? Just kidding.

    @JJ @STY @LKW--I just want to spread some love (see even that sounds dirty to me now thanks you twat waffles) and let you know you can sign me up for another year as Chair of the Minion Committee. I aim to serve and comment.


    @LKW--It's like getting a two-fer. I only have to stop off at one blog instead of two to get my LKW fix. ;-)


  29. OK, when I worked in the "real world," I never made it to a meeting on time, so now that I work from home, it appears nothing has changed in the slightest bit.

    You ladies should be making money off this blog.

    Some other ideas for sponsors/selling ad space:

    Alcohol - it seems we all like it. Probably too much. And most of us aren't picky

    Sex toys - nothing further needs to be said. Although you could work with a sex toy company and come up with the Twitarded Sparkling Peen Vibrator. Of course, I would offer up my vajayjay for testing. For the good of the group and to make sure the product is nothing but stellar. And with 1431 followers, you would probably sell 1430.

    @that's Mr. Pantz to you - you need to make a product on how to follow a half hour long story that deviated from it's main point 30 seconds in, while realizing how all topics from that point are interconnect to the main point. There are many, many husbands who just don't get it.

    And finally, LKW, I am glad you are here. I can get my LKW fix with one click.

  30. @ LKW - if you fall flat on your fucking face, could you at least get it on video? Thanks!

    @STY - NOOOOO!!! Us non-Forkers want in on the action too (TWSS), you know. Please don't ban us from any separate FORRRKKKSSSS blog - I have to live vicariously through all of you!

  31. Thanks for the "formal" update, bitches! It's nice to know I'm not being completely ignored when I send emails your way.

    I feel like I should have been taking notes and nodding into my Sauv Blanc while this meeting was held (which I showed up late usual).

  32. I think RL has been kicking most of us these days. *raises hand*

    Congrats LKW on the permanent job assignment. Your fucking dirty whorish ways, fit in nicely here.

    *hugs and kisses*

  33. I'm not sure I should be honored or offended at how well you all think I fit in here... I'm going with honored... very, very honored! LOL!

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  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. @hippevag. you owe me 2 bucks.

    mmm hmmm...i'll take 'em in semi-circular motions, with rapid continual thrusting until the debt is paid in errm, full.

    fai dollah if you can follow THAT fucking logic.

    vw: thascos

    i'm fucked, cuz thascos me a lotta sumpin' sumpin' to start bettin' with the vagmeister.

  37. Welcome LKW to Twitardia, where a drink is a must and a good sense of humor is required. So far you fit in a very well. Love your posts.

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  39. @hippievag. what, are you the fucking pit boss now, biatch? ahh shitola - and i was sooo ready to double down on you.

    vegas baby. some day. gah.

    ps. hey, it's your cootch. i just supplied the goo er glue & craft shit. you're the one playing with the pussy...

  40. @HV - Don't stay away. I can't wait to see what your comments are going to be, especially when you and neverthink get going. LOL!

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  42. @HV - That's fucking brilliant! LMAO! Man that was a great movie, too.

  43. @STY - I love that you posted a Shag picture!

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  45. @hippievag. yeah well, you don't even say hi to me. email-ians - that's what's in lindsville.

    oh btw - mary - i did pull this old vidi out from when we first met. good times, good times.

    vw: naberpen

    i naberpen so happy as to see LKW is now working the twitarded corner.

  46. i will be a happy twitard if you three just keep posting these hawt pictures of rob accompanied by your witty captions. i swear if this acting thing doesn't work out for him he can just show up for photo shoots twice a year. that's enough for me. as long as he is in a white button down and tie smokin a cig in a few of them. helloooo lover.

  47. Shit if the quarterly reviews at work were this entertaining (and Rob-licious) I might actually show up.

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  50. question: Am I a dork for furthering my study of the spanish language by watching Twilight and New Moon always with the spanish subtitles on?? Sorry CrepuscUlo and Luna Nueva ;) How do I get an actual spanish dvd of either/both movies? is no help - I have no idea what region I'm in in the states!

  51. @hydratedvagizzle: Aww, come on, now! You were gone for like...a split second. Can you say three-way? I mean, between you and I with the Martha Stewart vajazzles, then neverthink with the all over fucktardedness...match made in firkin heaven. I vow to get to know you all the right places.

    vw: turelat

    It ain't turelat to get HypoVag in my hotel suite...

  52. @STY - call me Mr. Pantz, please. You know I think I could do that. As long as the students were willing and engaged.

  53. @jenna_cullen. Anywhere in MT qualifies as 'around these parts'. But for me it's Missoula. Where you at?

    Also, I forgot to throw in my belated enthusiasm for a New Moon viewing. I have to admit to feeling a bit ridiculous after the Twilight viewing- not for missing it, but for being totally entertained while reading the comments a full 24 hours after the event went down.

    Always late.

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  55. @hippopatamousvaginalcavity:

    ok that's just fucking eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    vw: shedger

    after THAT fookin picture, ima gonna have to shedger some time with dr. banner. gah.

  56. @neverthink and @HypoVag, I swear, I could read your banter all day :-D HA! Also, a trip to Dr. Banner? Priceless. :) I'm currently knee-deep in the Lost Boys and I'm getting all my fanfics mushed up.

    Oh, and it's almost 2 am, and I should probably go to bed and try not to read it at work so I don't get fired. Shit.

  57. @hypovajayjay - ok that video is hysterical! except at the end where it gets a tad!

    and hijackers are always allowed (& possibly encouraged) in the comments (uh, as long as it's someone we know & love, anyway) - so go for it, babes! you all crack us up, too, you know - this is a two-way street, twat waffles!

    : )

  58. Speaking of buying stuff w/ RPatz on it... I will be turning 30 this year and my Mother has already said that she will be throwing me a Twi-themed party (I saw the paper plates and everything, may be the only time I get to eat off Rob). The looks people gave us in the store when they heard this were great. I thought I'd share with someone who could understand how thrilled I am. LOL

  59. I love this blog but by the time I get around to reading a post there are 90 million comments and I never have time to read them all, I'm lucky to catch the original posts, LOL

    Yay! Been waiting for the New Moon watch-along, can't wait!

    Hallmark items--it's not out to the full public yet, I don't think, but they have added a Twilight ornament to this year's Christmas ornament collection (my mom and I got the Dream book catalog in the mail last week.) Frankly, I was't wowed...they could have done better AND since they do 50 million Barbie and Disney ornaments every year, they could have done more than just one Twilight ornament.

    Here is the pic:

  60. @cherbella. WTF? it looks like our little edward is fucking bells up the ass!


    vw: jably

    that ornamentward is jably bellament right up her tuchas.

  61. @neverthink HOLY CRAP I am laughing my ass off!!! (It kind of does now that you say that) Oh not good...I will never be able to keep a straight face now when I see one in a store. :D


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