Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Saturday! Time Warner Cable's Twilight-Inspired Commercial

Time Warner Cable has hopped on the Twilight train. I guess their trying to get a piece of the action before the Saga comes to its *sniff* conclusion *sniff* in November. I saw this commercial for the first time this morning and laughed right out loud. I will admit, it does make me hate them just a leeeeettle less and will probably decrease the amount of times I want to hurl a brick at my television. Maybe. Well played, TWC.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. I dropped cable 3 months ago, but I'd turn it back on if they throw in Kellan . Hubbahubba

  2. Bwahahaha!!! Although it makes me a lil sad cuz no one has ever loved me enough to give me Kellan Lutz for my birthday :(

  3. Clearly I need to switch to Time Warner!!!

  4. I saw it too and I have Dish Network. Much less expensive than Cable. I love how they used Kellan. He's overlooked a lot. His parts in the movies always make me laugh. Hey, imagine having him for a brother in law! Id suggest a visit an indecent amount of times. Lol

    1. Agreed. He's hot. And seems much more socially "able" (i.e. less socially retarded) than our red-headed vamp.

  5. Awww Norcaltwitard, I love you enough to give you Kellan for your birthday. When is your birthday??

    I loved this commercial when I saw it. It is very clever.

  6. Who does he play in the Twilight films?? I haven't watched them and don't plan to. At first I thought he was just supposed to be a Jacob look-alike.


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