Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latchkey Wife, Vitamin R & Cougars - Oh MY!

"Team Charlie" merch, anyone???

Jenny Jerkface and I are going to be off doing not-Twi-related stuff tonight, believe it or not (like the rest of the Twidom, apparently), but we wanted to check in and pass along some funny that we came across yesterday! Please talk amongst yourselves in the comments (we love that!) and we'll be sure to catch up tomorrow... Although we can't promise we won't be a tad hungover, as we're heading to our fave local dive bar where Mr. Snarky is gonna rock out with his cock out [um, not literally - probably - I just like saying that...].

Our buds VitaminR70 (who is like a Twiblogger without a blog) and Latchkey Wife (who as you know is a blogger WITH a blog and a very funny one at that) have been busy combining forces and possibly gearing up for a "NO! Robward's MINE!" epic girl-fight smack-down that I have agreed (unbeknownst to them) to referee provided I get to sell the dvd rights as I see fit and decide on whether the pit they meet in will be filled with mud, blood-red jello, or creeeeeaammmy custard. Um, you guys are still with me on this, right??? VitaminR? Latchkey??? Anyone???
RPatts & VitaminR70 head off for a stealth date...

Er, well, permission is over-rated anyway. I'm sure they'll be fine with it. Really! But you should go read the whole sordid story (and get a few snortles over VitaminR70's FaceInHole prowess) over at Ramblings of a Latchkey Wife (but don't forget to come back!).

Anyway, when I think of Vitamin R (the beer not the bloggy friend), I think of Charlie Swan, natch. So it was fitting that I also happened across this great tribute to Charlie over at "The Cougar's Den" on YouTube, where Momma Cougar & the Lil' Cougar talk about their favorite Charlie lines from the saga...

These ladies crack me up!

I lost it when I saw the porn-star 'staches (and the rifle!) and for some reason it absolutely slays me (and JJ, too) that there is apparently someone riding a lawnmower the size of a Hummer just off camera and you can barely hear over the din. The lawn's gotta get mowed, damn it! Whoever the offending mower is, I think they should have been felled by the occasional glares being shot in their general direction...


  1. Snarky - I know right? That mofo regularly mows his effin' "prairie grass" in cutoffs ala Daisy Duke along with his fuzzy house shoes. I find myself embarrassed for every self-respecting homeowner in our neighborhood, including the blue trailer dwelling, mullet-wearing lesbians behind my house!

    I am, however, shameless enough to don a pornstache and shout my undying love for Billy from the rooftop of my tri-level. I am dead serious when I say that if he hadn't been cast as Charlie, I would only have seen Twilight seven times in the theater instead of eight.

    Mama Cougar

  2. You gals are so freakin' the porn staches! Gotta go check out your FFFW cuz I love me some fan fic!!

  3. Love Billy, but these girls cracked me up, they are too much to take. But I really watched it till the end...

  4. Hehe. Latchkey and VitaminR. Too funny. As I said before, it's the Drunk and The Restless. I can't wait for further posts. I'm hoping to see if there will be an illegitimate beer born or something crazy like that.

  5. @ Mama Cougar, I'm with STY, the 'staches and props set me off too. I'm so jealous you have a l'il cougar to share your Twijoy with, 4 and 5 year old boys just don't get it the same, I find myself in endless arguments about Edward being stupid and Rob not being handsome *sigh*.

    Have to agree as well, love the Billy/Charlie stuff, he plays him just as I imagined him. Right, am off to follow your blog xx

    P.S. JJ & STY, hope you had a good night, I bet you didn't manage to keep it completely non-Twilight, I can never not mention it for any length of time however hard I try, it's like some form of Tourettes for me x

  6. Have only just registered the pics on here - love that merch & the Vit-R pap pic! PMSL!

  7. Oh I heart the pornstaches!
    When I heard a while back that Billy was petitioning to shave that beautiful piece of lip foliage I almost had a heart attack.

    LKW and VR, STY can ref it, and I'm gonna bring the refreshments.

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  9. @STY--Are you capable of reffing this smackdown? I am not sure you are impartial enough. From JJ's comments over at LKW it sounds like she is throwing her hat in the ring as well. Oh, wait you are one smart woman...I see your master plan....we will all be distracted with our infantile behavior while you slowly retreat and then run off into the sunset with are good, real good. I am on to you.

    @Mary--I couldn't agree with you more about Billy Burke as Charlie...he freakin' made that movie for me. My love for his character spawned my online name...oh and the fact that the Vitamin R line was one of my faves in the whole movie..I am from the Pacific Northwest so the local reference made me laugh out loud int he theater. Love the porn stache.

  10. @VitaminR - honey, you would not believe the hoops this Coug jumped through in order to get REAL Rainier beer into my hot little paws!

    I'm in the Central part of Illinois so it's seriously Bud country, no VitR to be had. My buddy Scotty in Portland hunted it down and shipped me two cases, and the shipping cost more than the actual brew. Did I care? HELL naw. It's my love of the pornstache that made me do it, and I'd do it again.

    So...Snarky and JJ have yanked my ass out of the closet and now I'm apparently a blogger.

    Shit. I am SO in over my head now.

  11. @ Mary, congrats on the new blog, it's looking good :o)

  12. YEA!!!!!

    Thanks for featuring our lovely hot mama cougar and her little cougar! I just love their episodes on
    Mary is such a beautiful person and we love her till twilight do us part!!

    @Mama... WTF!?!?! You have a blog??
    I am sooo there after I finish this comment!!

    @Twiweasel... COME ON OVER TO THE DARK SIDE!!! We at FFFW would love to have you and will welcome you with open arms!!

    Removeable PORNSTACHES to you all!!



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