Monday, September 14, 2009

Need Something Sparkly to Wear to the New Moon Premiere?

As Jenny Jerkface and I were tumbling out of Central Park a few weeks back after the Twilight screening, we met a lovely young man who was selling Twilight-inspired bracelets. Honestly we were too busy being dazzled by his amazing smile to pay much attention to what he was saying [he was cute! and had auditioned for the wolf pack! too bad he didn't have his head shots or we'd share...], but we managed to pull ourselves together enough long enough to check out the jewelry. And we're glad we did, because it was probably the nicest version of "Bella's Bracelet" that we have ever seen. Sadly, we'd spent all our available funds on booze and transportation so we weren't able to buy one, but we told him to have his mother (who makes the bracelets and offers them for sale on Etsy and eBay) to contact us. And she did.

Here's where you all come in! For the month of September, you can purchase these bracelets on Etsy for a special Twitarded discount rate of $16 (and shipping is under two bucks). Plus she's throwing in a couple of extra charms (if you like them) for free! I think this merchandise falls into the "subtle-but-'out'-to-those-in-the-know" category - my favorite! I'll definitely be accessorizing my Team Twitarded t-shirt with this when it's finally time for the New Moon premier... Can't wait!

If you're interested, you can follow the link HERE or just go to Etsy and search for "Twitarded" and you'll find this special deal. See? It pays to be Twitarded. Er, or doesn't cost as much... Or something like that (cut me some slack - my brain is still reeling from the weekend's New Moon trailer overload!).

Here are some details from Etsy:

One Artist-carved wolf charm bracelet, at the Etsy discount price for any fans following that favorite twisted fan blog.
Genuine 14mm clear crystal faceted heart with a faceted, red Czech-glass fire polished accent bead. 7.5" chain is sterling silver plated and has s fine safety extension chain. Red rose accent is a free gift we're throwing in and which can be attached to any jump ring on the bracelet. The gorgeous luminous red apple charm is pewter and is optional at no extra cost through September.

The hand-carved wolf charm is carved on all sides in sturdy hardwood Cocobolo (a true Rosewood). The charms are also attached to the bracelet with split rings (super strong). No two wolves are alike and wood grains and color intensity varies, but the howler wolf charm style --shown in multiple photos here-- is representative of the superior quality of wolf charm you'll receive.

This item comes with our written guarantee on returns/replacements, and is offered through at this special twitarded discount price. We also make this bracelet is a toggle style and a dangle style, as well as a .925 Sterling series, so please ask if you are interested in a different style and I can post a listing. Thank you for checking us out. Ever in the name of romance.....we remain.

Unrelated to the bracelet but continuing the Twi-merch theme, I also found THIS Twilight-themed To-Do list pad in my in-box this morning. I usually ignore most of the promotional stuff that random people and companies send me (although I am still waiting to see something from the company that makes "The Vamp" - lol), but I though it was really cute and figured I'd share. So if you need yet another way to incorporate your Twilight obsession onto your everyday life, this seems perfect! Making a to-do list would never be a chore again...

I couldn't get the image any larger for some reason, but it's really cute! On one side it says "To do when you're not dreaming about Edward" and the other side says "To doodle on when you are dreaming about Edward." Um, what if I am dreaming about putting Edward on my "To do" list??? Hmmm... My favorite part is on the bottom, though, where is says "Twilght...the beginning of the end of my sanity" - you can say that again! I should get that tattooed on me somewhere...

Available for purchase HERE.

P.S. I figured it out! Click on the image to enarge!


  1. Omg! That bracelet has to be the best one I've seen... Ever!

    I may have to get myself one with my next paycheck... (Do you think she'll ship across the pond if I give her more of my pennies?)

    And I love that "To do" pad. I may have to get one and taunt my mother with it :P

    VW: Coldess
    LMAO! That's so fitting Twilight...
    "Kstew is a Coldess"

  2. That's a pretty bracelet, but I just cant get on board with the huge wooden wolf no matter how hard I try. I *know* it's true to the book, but I don't dig it.
    I have this one
    I do like that To Do notepad- think DH would mind???

  3. Love the notepad! I agree STY, there would definitely be some crossover with Edward and RPattz written down on my "To Do" list. Ha!

    The bracelet is really great. I like the wolf carving-I especially like that it is hand-carved out of wood like in the book--I have seen lots with metal ones...not the same. That is so great of them to offer us a discount. I might need to get one for my Team Jacob friend.

    I now know the difference between a Twitard and a liker of Twilight. I had multiple friends, bless their hearts, e-mail me links to the trailer today and all I can think is "That is like so last Friday!" Ha! I love it though that they think I might not have already seen it--clearly they don't know just how Twitarded I am.

    I think I will go lurk on Etsy for a while now.

  4. Honestly, I´m a grown up women who has nice jewelry from MrV, but damn, this is so sweet!!! I go and see if she sends to Europe!
    MrV will just shakes his head over this! I know it!

  5. Loving the discount for Twitarded people. I actually would still buy and wear the Saints bracelet but I'm too lazy to buy it online.. Yeah, I know. I'm not lazy to browse and drool but lazy to actually go through with my purchase. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. ahH!!! that to do list looks great!! and funny!!! xD and the phrases are so true...damn it, we ARE indeed loosing our sanity just with all the wait and wait!!!

  7. I think I will have to break down and get one of these, although my Twitarded merch obsession is starting to raise eyebrows... A couple of $10 magazines here, $100 worth of Zazzle gear, then BLAM! suddenly we're not having steak for dinner for a while and Mr. Snarky might start getting cross with me - lol!

    I'd like to see what the toggle clasp would look like - I always seem to ruin my nails on any other kind (er, 'cause my nails are WEAK). I think I will ask if she can customize so that there is an amber crystal on the heart, a black one on the wolf, and a red one on the apple. I'll skip the rose altogether; it's cute but it's no ruffled tulip - lol!

  8. I would so put Edward on my to-do list! Every day! And that bracelet has to be the prettiest I've seen. Can you just get the charms by themselves? They'd look great on my own charm bracelet.

  9. Is it just me - doesn't the silhouette look like Rob, not Edward?? Look at the wild hair?! Not that I mind you know.....I'll take Rob any day any way!

  10. I think I just may have to get this bracelet. My Rob/Twilight fixation is really starting to get extreme, but I'm noticing that the more out of control it gets, the less I care about what people think. It's not like my hubby & kids can roll their eyes at me any more than they already do. So does anyone have the "Sexy Stars of New Moon" US magazine yet? I can't find it anywhere!

  11. @roxiegirl--I think you are right! That is most definitely a Rob profile with the messy hair. They should just make a "To Do" list with Rob's name already printed in the number 1 spot. Hee! Hee!

  12. done and done, i bought one. that little wolf is tooooo cute. i try and keep my twi obsession all hush hush. but i have to have this.

  13. This is actually a smokin deal! I think I'm gonna get one. Most of these bracelets will run you at least $50, if your like me your obsession is starting to get as pricey as a crack addiction. Check out my blog post about the ones they were selling at the Twilight convention NJ for $75!!! Click Me

  14. Im with abigail, i cant do the wooden wolf thing. It's super cute and I can appriciate the hand carving too, but naw. I wear some big jewelry and shit. hmmmmm I can do the heart, rose and apple though.

    awesome that she is giving a discount! that is rad!

    now that pad. supah cuteness. the hair is all toats loco, non edward more rob forsures.

  15. Thank you for giving me a purchasing outlet for my twitardedness. I am so in the twicloset that I don't dare go the Hot Topic route. Even the typical online options are not appropriate, considering I am 41 years old. I doubt I would get a lot of support for wearing a Team Edward TShirt ANYWHERE I go. (Although my pocket Edward is the best investment EVER.)

    You ladies rock my world. Thanks!

    Oh and can I take this moment to say...the new trailer rocked.

  16. Same here! @Twilove1 "I'm noticing that the more out of control it gets, the less I care about what people think."

    "Sexy Stars of New Moon" comes out September 25th.

    Great find STY. I just bought one. Cutest version I've seen. When I bought she had "12" in stock. =D

    Get 'em while they're hot ladies.

  17. i definitely just bought two of those. they're not BOTH for me. seriously. i swear.

    twilight merch is ruining my budget. i have no control anymore. so bad, so bad.

  18. oh you guys are twishopping already! i need those bracelets badly. i'd say my theme for xmas this year is all twilight lol, even for the guys(let them suffer)

  19. ack, like I needed more twimerch!!! All in all, I should be saving for the flood of new moon stuff that's bound to come out soon, but, oh well, I just bought one! I've seen a lot of these bracelets and it seems they either don't look so hot, or are really expensive when they get to looking okay. This is one of the best ones for look to cost value, plus, it's one of the better looking wolves I've seen so far.

  20. I was having the WORST day the day this was posted... and I saw this "to-do" list - and it was the first time I smiled in 11 hours... so thanks for saving me from what was going to be a terrible funk!


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