Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Vicarious Twitarded Adventures!

So the tryptophan and red wine has me in a near-comatose state, but in the spirit of wrapping up "New Moon Premiere Week" with a bang [exactly one week ago today, JJ and I were in the theater watching it for the first time!] we wanted to share this awesome premiere-night/post-filming-set-stalking story sent to us by TO-Twicat! She and some friends (with Mini-Edward in tow) went to Vancouver and checked out some New Moon set locations (er, what was left of them) and hit a couple of the hot-spots where the cast chilled out when not working. Hope you enjoy it - and are enjoying Thanksgiving (but still have a few seconds to steal away from the extended family to get a Twilight fix)!

I think tomorrow we'll end our one-week "no spoiler" grace period and get on with it - we're d-y-i-n-g to talk about everything we loooved and everything we maybe didn't love so much... Until then, take it away, TO_Twicat!

Hi, Jenny and STY! Like I promised on the message board, here’s my little adventure... Has to be up there in the top weekends of all time!!

Got to Kelowna on Thursday night shortly after 9. My friend, Pam picked me up and we went back to her place where we watched Twilight on her big screen TV as a warm-up for the next evening.

Friday morning, we were up early and out the door by 8AM. We drove through some of the most beautiful country I've ever seen...seriously. Just breathtaking up in the mountains – in spite of the snow.

Mini Edward loved it! Arrived in Langley just after 12. This is the town/suburb of Vancouver where a lot of New Moon and Eclipse were filmed. Yeah – I went a wee bit crazy when I realized that some of Rob’s DNA might still be hovering over the town! LOL!. We headed to our friend, Tamie's and then headed out to the theatre with her and her 12 year old daughter around 3PM. Got to the theatre took our place in line - eventually, with everyone meeting up, we had 12 in our group, including some teenagers to make us look somewhat legit - LOL!

hey! There was a dude there!! Bet he got lucky that night…

here’s us!! The cute red-head second from the right…with Mini E, that would be me!

Mini Edward had the most comfy seat in the house!

It was around 6ish when the theatre manager came out and told us they had opened up another theatre for the movie and if we wanted to see it at 6:15 instead of 7:15, we could. Um...YEAH!!!! (they had the movie running in about 6 theatres)

So, in we third row centre...and it was absolutely freakin' fantastic!!!!! OMG - I was concerned that the fangirls in the theatre were going to go crazy. Well...guess who the fangirls were! The teenagers were telling US to be quiet!!! When Jacob takes off his shirt to wipe Bella's head...gah! One of our group (we called ourselves "Cougar Row"), said, "He's only 17...he's only 17...he's only 17..." I leaned over and said, "NOT IN DOG YEARS!!" this movie is amazing. Truly!!! It makes Twilight look like a home movie...the writing is good, the acting is good, the make-up is excellent, the special effects are fantastic!! We laughed, we cried, we screamed like little girls! Next day, we had brunch at a place in Yaletown called "Glowbal". It's where Rob had his 23rd birthday party in May so I HAD to go! He raved about the Kobi meatballs so...I had two "Rob Balls". The food in the place was amazing. I had a Satay platter and a drink called "Glowbal Warming" - a Mimosa with Cassis.

Mini Edward jonesing my “Glowbal Warming”

the infamous Kobi Meatballs aka “Rob Balls” – I had to have 2 of ‘em –they’re bigger than they look [that’s what she said!!]

me sitting in the back room of Glowbal where Rob had his birthday party – i may be sitting on a chair that he sat on!

the private bar they would have enjoyed…

As you may have read on Twitarded, The Cullen house is up for sale so we went to find it and to see if we could go in. When we got there, Pam started to chicken out but Tamie said, "Well, it's for sale so I'm sure they aren't going to say anything if a couple of people show up." So, we parked on the street and walked down to the house.

In the car, Pam and Tamie started to argue over who was going to knock on the door. Then, they turned to me and said, “YOU DO IT!”. I said I would so, we walked up to the front door of the Cullen house and I KNOCKED ON EDWARD CULLEN’S FRONT DOOR! A man, we assumed the real estate agent, opened it.

I told him I was in from Toronto and had no idea that the house was for sale until I got into town and could we come in for a minute and just look around? He was very nice and said that he wished he could say yes but he'd already turned down some people from Germany earlier. But he said we could take some pictures outside.

So....we did!

the front of the house – just to the left of the Mercedes, you can see the front door

looking down from the top of the driveway

the back deck – you can see the windows of the dining/living room

just in here where Edward does the “You’re the reason I’m alive – if that’s what I am” speech.
BTW - Pam and I checked this morning. That wasn't the real estate agent - it was the owner! OMG - I asked a perfect stranger if we could come into his house and look around! LOL!

On the way back to Langley, we stopped to check out where Bella's house was.....WAS. Seems they tore it down a few weeks ago once "Eclipse" was done. But I stood where it was...

bella’s house stood here. there are the woods where edward deserted her. new sod was put down by film crew after they took down the house

me standing in where the Swan kitchen was – i think!

where bella asked edward to kiss her on her birthday – would you believe they added fake trees to the front of the house and then removed them? not sure what they did with this fence thing… The rest of the weekend was spent traveling back to Kelowna so I could catch my plane the next day back to Toronto.
BTW - we're doing this alllll again in June when "Eclipse" comes out!! What do we do now until March???? ;-) Cheers, ladies! Thanks for doing all you do!!!!



  1. Apparently my computer sucks, because none of the pictures showed up! :( Bah!

  2. But I have a very good imagination when it comes to anything looking at 'x's on screen and picturing it all :)

  3. I saw the pictures, and the story is awesome! Three cheers for your "Rob balls" in going up to the front door of the Cullen house! Girl, you got some spunky Twitarded nerve! :)

  4. @TO Twitard - Awesome Adventure!

  5. OMG! I feel just a little bit semi-famous! LOL!

    Thanks, Ladies! This was so much fun!! I can't wait until June for Eclipse!

    In the meantime, there's Remember Me and the New Moon DVD release to look forward to!!

    (Thank you, JJ and STY!)

  6. Thank YOU TO_Twicat for sharing your Excellent Twitarded Adventure - it's almost as good as being there!

    : )

  7. How were the Rob Balls? I'm sure they were deeelish!

  8. That was awesome TO Twicat!!! Thanks for sharing! I loved the whole "Rob's ass might have touched this!!" That's what I would be doing :)

    So after the movie, I realized that I surfed at the same beach in Tofino where J&B are walk/taking on after they leave Emily's house....(but it was 5 years before the movie was shot!) I totally "Squeed! I surfed there OME!!! when I figured it out! I'm so lame!

  9. @ TO_Twicat, fab pictures and story, sounds like you had a really good time. Had to laugh at you trying to get into the Cullen house, past the owner!

    Sorry you had to mention 'Rob's balls', I see Z Any Mouse is already onto it, and it might just tip Nibbleit over the edge when she sees it after her dream that she had the other night hehe! ;o).

  10. The next best thing to being there. Love living vicariously through my Twitarded friends. First Dandgrdafne in Italy, JJ & STY with PFach and KLutz in NYC, and now TO_Twicat in Vancouver. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

    17 Forever

  11. I'm sure I'm speaking not only for myself, but for Z and Nebilet...I wanna hear more about Rob's Balls!! And anything else in his pants...

    @ Stan - Muahahahaha! The craziness of Edbrella is spilling over!!

  12. Mmmmmmm Rob Balls....Next time I am in Vancouver (which will be in February for the Olympics) I am definitely going to get me some of those.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  13. Ohhhh Rob balls, hehehe. Chin rest springs to mind sighhhh.

    Word verif-evitch-I have evitch that only Rob can scratch

  14. The Rob Balls were delectible! They melted in my mouth! ;-)

  15. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!

  16. How were the Rob Balls? I'm sure they were deeelish!


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