Monday, November 2, 2009

New Moon Full-Size Edward's The Life Of The Party!

So as you may have been aware, Jenny Jerkface and I went to a Halloween party Saturday night, and lacking a costume but rich in assorted Twilight merchandise and gear, I realized I pretty much HAD a ready-made costume at my disposal. Sure, nobody would get it but me, Mr. Snarky, JJ, and a few of my friends who follow the blog, but whatever - it made me happy! And can I mention for the umpteenth time what a good sport Mr. Snarky is for encouraging me to dress up as Bella and letting me take a piece of cardboard as my "plus 1" instead of him???

I had no idea that most of my friends would even know who Edward Cullen was, much less that they would spend the evening vying for his attention! He was an A-lister celeb the entire night and was gracious enough to pose with anyone willing to promise him a Heineken...

I realized the next day that I spent practically the entire evening guarding him in the kitchen, but I feel very...protective of him and every time I stepped away for a moment, I came back to find him in a variety of compromising positions. People couldn't keep their hands off him!

Wish you had all been there with us!! Maybe next year...

Jenny Jerkface & the gang greet New Moon FSE!!

We got a warm welcome! Aaaand JJ likes to give me devil horns...always.

She's MUCH less evil when she's in the shot!!! Er, sort of...

Although I'm a two-timing bitch...

No offense to FSE, but JJ's a better kisser...

Chillin' with JJ & Punky Brewster

Our hostess, Lady Gaga, was awesome! I followed her around all night, popping her bubble-wrap dress.

Our host was fantastic, too! I am sure he only had his phaser set on to "Dazzle"...

...aaand maybe he tried to take a little nibble...

Everyone wanted in on the leg-hitch action!

What can he do? He's too damn sexy for his own good!

Girls want him, boys want to be him! oh and boys want him, too...

FSE bonding with Mr. Snarky & friends!

They really hit it off!

...things maybe got a little too comfy...

Banana? Mistletoe stand-in? Er, I have no idea, either...but I know a nipple-pinching Punky Brewster when I see one!

Mr. Snarky = best non- sparkly-vampire dude EVER.


  1. OMG...once again, you ladies rock!
    Awesome! FSE looks a little pissed in one of those pictures, or he is enjoying himself too much.

  2. lurve it. I'm smiling ear to ear. Halloween parties are even better with FSE.


  3. I was so hoping you would post pictures! I love them. Lucky you to be married to the best non sparkly vampire dude. My husband would divorce me if I bought a FSE.
    Oh and I think your wig is better than the one Kristen wears in Eclipse!

  4. Everyone wants a piece of FSE. No wonder he looks pissed, he was felt up by way too many strangers that night. You guys know he doesn't swing that way!

  5. STY! You made a spectacular Bella!!!!! REally, these pics are just fantastic. And hilarious.

    I must ask, was E tired or something (as if he could be tired). Was he annoyed with all the mind-reading he was forced to do at a loud party? Did Jessica & Lauren try to corner him? because he kinda looks like he's got a stick up his ass. A combo of annoyed and constipated. Ooooh wait! I know! He was just being fiercely protective of His Bella.

    It was a happy Halloween INDEED! THANKs for sharing!!


    PS veri word is FEACK. LIke a Scottish twist on the F-word?

  6. Can someone please explain to me why I have no problem exposing my mother to dildos, my depraved sense of humor, pornography, Pattinson Panties and the word 'twatwaffle' but I'm kinda-sorta embarrassed that she's gonna look at pictures of me... drunk. I mean, we're not even slutty [well, that one picture I suppose...]

    Oh wait, this isn't about me. Damn. Our friends, online and RL fucking rock. Well, at least until our RL friends realize we put 'em online... Muhwawa

  7. NM FSE always looks... crabby. or constipated. and unlike Twi FSE who ALWAYS looks like he is staring at you no matter where you are (he's like a creepy picture with eyes that follow you everywhere), NM FSE never seems to be looking at anything at all. he's a total aloof bitch like that!

    Oh and that wig was "The Angelina" - lol!

    Glad you all liked the pics - it was fun to share them with you guys!

  8. Great pictures! Looks like a fun party (I spent Halloween home with swine flu. Oh yeah, exciting times are being had at my house.) STY, you make a beautiful Bella! You and NM FSE made quite a pair, I'm jealous!

  9. JJ I don't see any evidence of drunkenness; you are not holding any alcoholic beverages (incriminating evidence). STYbella is holding a red cup with a straw drinking "sparkling" fruit punch ;)

    Both of you looked great!

  10. Um, you guys looking fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What great pics!

    Jayde xox

  11. Great pictures, ladies! LOL!

    You both looked fabulous!

    Now...where in Canada can I get me one of these cardboard boyfriends, please? I like him better than Twi-ward!

  12. I am exhausted from the whole Vanity Fairgasm ordeal, but this was definitely worth staying up for. LOVE the pics! You made a lovely Bella, STY, and Mr. Snarky was definitely a good sport.

    I just about died laughing over the one with you helping JJ get her leg hitch on with NM FSE! But the one that really cracks me up is the devil horns pic where you can just make out JJ's glasses between you and NM FSE. Classic.

    So is ML in any of the pictures?

    word ver: lastr - Goodnight, Twitards. I'll have to read the rest of your comments "laster."


  13. lol that was awesome .... JJ shoulda done the same cept witha blue dress and twi FSE... and u coulda been NM B with NMFSE hehe

  14. Love the photos but I most love that your friends were such good sports and embraced FSE. @STY--you make a fantabulous Bella for sure. Love it!

    I am kind of diggin' Jean Luc Picard--you know I had a thing for him..."Make it so #1!"

    My FSE arrives on Wednesday--the day I am going out of town. I am a little scared that Mr. VitR might do something to him while I am gone. Pocket E is coming on the plane with me.

  15. Oh man, I can just imagine how much hilarity ensued with FSE. STY, you looked awesome as Bella! Just awesome! I think it was a kick ass costume, DH agrees! And JJ, you were a very pretty little butterfly. Thanks for sharing pics with us! I kinda sorty wish I was there.
    Alas, I was out with my "Alice" eyes and hair, drinking bubble gum vodka in a red cup (just like college) while my kids trick or treated. No pics cuz it wasn't a full costume. I just kinda Cullen-ized myself ;-)

  16. christ on a cracker - how did i miss my invite for this shindig? *jealous*

    you b'tches rock.

  17. You two are too cute. It makes me really, really hope Twitard-con 2010 actually happens!

    Looks like it would be fun to play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board with FSE!

  18. FSE for a halloween date!? Why didnt I think of that?! I've been beggin my husband to be my edward for months, and then ended up not being anything twilight for halloween because of him. next year, things will be different...mark my words!

    All those pictures are AWESOME!! while i was reading this post, the new moon preview came on tv and i about peed my pants! thought you all would like to know. LOL

  19. You guys look awesome! I'm really digging pissed off Edward. He looks mad that you're not inviting him in the middle of that JJ/STY sammich. I'm glad everyone had so much fun with him, but also happy that you protected him from harm. :)

    F Kat

    awwww, tonight when I left the school library, my husband texted me "be safe". He has no idea...... :D

    W/V--cletslis. Oh you've gotta be kidding me!
    Time to read a little fanfic.

  20. Yay, it looks like you all had so much fun! Of course NM FSE would be the life of the party, he's awesome!

    Did you spend a good deal of the night twitching and blinking a lot?
    : D

  21. Wow Ladies! You two were so frickin' cute.

    I love the fact that NM FSE got all slutty with everyone. That way when you're hung over and he's not, you can lord it over him. And you have proof.

    So STY - does Mr. Snarky ever make a Snarky Sammich with you and FSE? Think of all the possibilities...

    JJ: My very favorite costume is a butterfly. I have some awesome wings.

    Word Verif: salizi. Umm, yes I'm a bit salizi.

  22. I just assumed Edward was so surly because he wasn't drinking, as the self-appointed designated driver-like-a-Cullen. Seriously, after seeing all those pics of him staring at me (er, the camera) I'll have to add him to my wish list with Mini-E. And thanks for letting us second-hand party with y'all.

    @KG - I know, it came on last night and I'm looking around the empty room for someone to squee with!

  23. STY, you are one lucky fucking duck to have Mr. Snarky. Mr. Member can't quite seem to get over the ~ahem~ to speak. He's just getting used to the idea that Precious has taken over my desktop, let alone other things. Slurrp. Ummm, guys are my cat's fucking pajamas. I check your shit at least 5x a day...even if I've seen it already...I have no excuse, other than I'm sooo fucktard over Robward that I'll pretty much whore my 32 yr old ass out to the highest bidder. I'll try not to just lurk anymore, even though I don't have my own blog like all the cool kids.... ;)

  24. Aw, thanks fir sharing the photos with us, girls. They're awesome, JJ hilarious as always, STY just beautiful Bella. Call me a sap, but my fave pic is the last one. It's so warm. ;D

  25. I just got home after a 16 hour day at work..yep. And This is thie first time I had a deep belly laugh ALL FUCKING DAY! Thank You STY! Love ur friends and ur Bella Wig!..That's a sweet pic of u & mr. Snarky!

    Love you Galz!

  26. OMG . . . between this and the panties you guys are going to be paying poor baby Rob's psychiatric bills by the time he's 25. Hilfucklarious.

  27. i love the pictures! you guys look awesome! thanks for sharing. :) i LOVE the pics with Mr. Snarky and FSE! hilarious!

  28. You'd think with you ladies on his arms and the amount of people that hit on him he could smile just once....but noooo. Come on E! Someone even tried to cop a feel of the goodies and nothing! :)

    Thanks for sharing the picture they're great!
    You girls, so awesome.
    STY, great Bella!...did you "Do You Best Bella"? :D

  29. hahah these are amazing!

    New moon FSE is way hotter than twilight FSE!

  30. I laughed out loud at this post and I'm in a piss poor mood this morning :) thank you for being able to do that :)

    the pic of JJ/butterfly humping FSE with STY/Bella's assistance is my favorite! looks like it was a very tender and sweet moment for all....

  31. @STY and JJ - you both looked great! STY, you make a GREAT Bella!! The dress looked stunning. =)

    And JJ, you looked adorable! Beautiful butterfly.

    I liked Punky Brewster pinchin' FSE... very nice. ;)

    My favortie pic of all though is the first one, where everyone is greeting Edward - JJ, you look so freakin' happy to see FSE!!!

    But then there's the one where STY is helping JJ climb ontop of FSE...

    Gosh - they're all great photos!

    Thanks for sharing!!! =)

  32. Looks like a great party.
    Some of the pics are too funny. poor FSE...
    They sure got into him huh?

  33. LOL, fab pics! Only thing lacking? A fake bloody squirting 'paper cut' STY ;o)!

    Well, you've gone and done it now ladies, FS NME is ordered. And I may have sipped on the keyboard and ordered FS Jake too. Oops. (Note to self, must find something to cover his baby face for when it arrives). I feel this may cost me the sacrifice of Rob Corner *sigh*

  34. hahaha! awesome pics. Yes, the entire world DOES know who Edward Cullen is ;)

  35. I LOOOVE IT!!! You gals are too great!! Looks like FSE got some definite good times too with the cupping, leg hitching, licking, nipple pinching, and whatever he was doing with that Zombie dude. HAHA!!

  36. I LOVE looking at everyone's Halloween pics! Aww. You guys look like you had a blast and STY, you were a freaking adorable Bella.
    I dressed as a waitress from Merlotte's (True Blood) and nobody knew what I was, they thought I really worked at a diner. WTF??

  37. You guys are all too nice!! I am a little appalled that I posted all of these pics of us, but what the hell - we're all kinda sorta like one big dirty family here at this point, right? Glad you like our outfits - and Mr. Snarky (he's the best!) - and all of our swell friends who may or may not be aware right now that their pretty faces are plastered all over the place here... [eep!]

    If things got rowdy with FSE on Halloween, I can't imagine what fun he'd have at TwitardCon '10 - heh-heh - bet we could make him smile!

    Note to anyone I work with who thinks they might recognize me: you are WRONG - that's definitely not me! : )

  38. @Kristen: I also dressed as a flu victim for Halloween. It was very realistic: red nose, messy hair, chapped lips and hocking my lungs up. Fun fun fun.

    That looked like fun! I think my family would really think I'd lost it if I got a FSE...ah, who cares. They're all nuts too.
    Your poor FSE doesn't look like he's having much fun, bless him. I don't blame him when he's getting felt up by the guys, but c'mon, he's getting mauled by a bunch of drunk chicks, he could at least crack a smile. Practically-Brother-Banshee always does when he's getting felt up by our drunk friends.

    ps. I don't think FSE would survive Twitarded-con 2010 in one piece...

    Veri-word: mizerbl. Having flu on Halloween is mizerbl.

  39. STY - Yeah go ahead and spill. We'll never tell. Nothin but love here. I like your note at the end. I've been practicing that line with a straight face just in case my Twi-world ever inadvertantly collides with RL. "I don't know what you're talking about. I dunno...some Brittish kid named Edward Patterson, I think? Stars in a vampire movie from last year? What?" I think that's about the time I'd have to break out my best Bella so that I could band together with any other covert Twitards.

    PS to Twilove whom I'm going to meet in RL to see New Moon. If I say anything crass or embarrassing while commenting on this blog, please forget it. I'll just deny it anyway. Haha.

    F Kat

  40. LMAO! I loved all the photos!!! you guys are absolutely crazy! that might be why l like this blog so much! LOL!!!

    mmmm I know FSE is Eddie Cullen, but what does it stand for??

  41. Love the pictures; thanks for posting them :)

    Is it wrong of me feeling a bit sad for not being at a Halloween Twitarded party?

    Random note: When I see FS NME I have to wonder what will FS Eclipse and Breaking Dawn look like?? Will they scare me also?
    Because I just had this really vivid image of the 4 FSE standing on my dinning room;of me coming through there in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and then all just fades into paramedics shouting "stand clear!" *pads; shock*
    No fun!

  42. @Selene - Yah, I think I would have a heart attack if I came downstairs in the middle of the night and confronted 4 FSEs. My imagination is too wild to even have one of those things in my house. I would swear he was coming to life while I slept. Hmmm, maybe not a bad thing? Naw - it's too creepy if it's not the real thing. :D

    @CT, FSE=Full Size Edward (to differentiate from Mini E)

    F Kat

    W/V: scocachi--sounds like a swear word EP Mafiaprinceward would say.

  43. @F Kat: (love your verif word!) I'm with you... Only the real thing will do.
    One can dream, right?

  44. OMG, it looks like you guys had an awesome Halloween. I love how everyone wanted some Edward LoL ;) Love the pics ^.^

  45. HILARIOUS. Please take him more places with you. Please Please Please!

  46. Love the pics! It looks like you had a lot of fun, only 361 days until next Halloween.

    How many shots of Tequila did FSE get to have?

  47. @Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight

    I feel your pain! I was Mary Ann the Maenad for halloween and NO ONE knew who I was even a REALLY good costume :(

  48. @Cat: Erm, I've only read the True Blood books, but wasn't the maenad naked?! Go you!

  49. InterventionRejectNovember 3, 2009 at 7:11 PM

    The pics are so cute!

  50. I have very similar pictures from our St Patty's Day party!
    I won a FSE at the Twilight DVD release party at the mall.

    Edward was dressed green beads and hat. He scared the shit out of everyone!

    Of course I had to keep him away from all the men who wanted to throw him in the fire pit in the back yard.

    All the women took very naughty pics with our sparkly guy!

  51. What no one drug him into the bedroom for pictures???

    Hey who has more fun than you and JJ in Jersey?

  52. So because this is the most recent post and I would have to go way back for the relevant post I'm going to paste this here :

    It's about your RPattz underwear.

  53. I seriously love you guys and I think we should all have a FSE to come home to everynight!!

    @F-Cat: I promise not to hold anything you say against you that I read in the bloggy world! What happens on Twitarded, stays on Twitarded...

  54. @Twilove-"What happens on Twitarded stays on Twitarded"

    So true. So true. Twidardia is an alternate universe. One in which the following truths apply:

    Robbie P (Don't know why I had the urge to call him that )
    is my LUVAH. As well as all the various fanfic versions of Robward. And secondly,

    Despite the fact that I don't even know most of your first names, each and every one of you is my BFF and closest confidant.

    F Kat

  55. @F-Kat, I just want to thank you for changing your name on here. It never fails to make me giggle when you post a comment to one of my subscribed threads and the little Messenger window pops up, crammed with:

    You have received an email from TwiwasgoinginforthekisswhenIgotadickinmymouth. Comedy genius :o)

  56. OMG! That one where his nose is being picked...LMAO! Poor Edward looks slightly scared and confused.

  57. @Stan. Thanks. It makes me giggle too. I saw that (well PART of that) phrase in a fanfiction and thought , "Hey that's me!" hahaha. Also btw I would be totally and completely mortified if that particular part of my Twilife ever escaped into RL. I don't even want to post on other boards with that name because I feel like only one of us Twitards would 'get' it and anyone else will think it's disgusting. Kinda like the pattinson p@nties I guess. I picture Kellan in his Emmet persona talking to "Edward" about these blogs and saying, "Those Twitards are some horny bitches. Look what THIS one's name is!". Harharhar
    Thank heavens for Internet annonymity.

    F Kat

    I get the best word verifs! Next up: hoolyme. Ok, go ahead and hoolyme, whatever that means.

  58. OMG! That one where his nose is being picked...LMAO! Poor Edward looks slightly scared and confused.


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