Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twitarded's Two Cents on the New Moon Soundtrack

I love JJ and her opinions... really.

New Moon Soundtrack one-word review: MELANCHOLY.

New Moon Soundtrack much wordier review (you been warned):

A few days ago one of you left a comment wanting my input on the New Moon Soundtrack. Or maybe it was an email? I'm thinking it was KintheFlo but, after searching for who-knows-how-long I am admitting defeat because I can't find it. I'm sorry. Feel free to 'fess up. Anyway, because we aim to please and adore all of you - here it is.

Confession - The first time I actually even listened to the New Moon soundtrack was, um, the day I read the comment. Apparently STY was nice enough to download it on my iTunes weeks ago and I repaid the favor by promptly forgetting about it. Go me. I suck.

Also, keep in mind that I am not a unbiased judger. You know the phrase "opinions are like assholes"? Well, I have lots of opinions and I am most definitely an asshole. So there you go.

As a treat (or not!) for reading the word-vomit that is my critique, I've attached a few videos from a couple of talented musicians that I think are pretty fucking great. At the very least please just scroll down and check them out. Oh, and I may or may not have thrown in some RPattz jaw/eye/everything porn to make this post go down a little easier.

Er, like this one. A spoonful of Scruffward makes the medicine go down...

Meet me on the Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie - I hate this song. I mean, the lyrics are P-E-R-F-E-C-T for New Moon but the song is a disappointment as far as Death Cab goes. There is a too-polished sound to this song that is very un-Death Cab-esque. Previous DC4C albums seem more personal, softer. For a band that can convey both sadness and whimsy excellently, this song is sorely lacking and that is saying something about one of the few bands who have brought me to literal tears with one of their songs (Sarah Says or I Will Follow You into the Dark, Plans) not to mention that Iron & Wine even covered one of their songs (well, that was Postal Service but close enough).

I'm intrigued... Go on...

Friends - Band of Skulls - Aptly named, this song has a good classic beat - simple, out there, unapologetic. It's one of those beats that is absolutely infectious, it gets under your skin whether you want it to or not. It also makes you wish you were wearing a leather jacket or something cool and possibly tossing back a beer down at the local dive bar with a few, well, friends. They definitely channel a Joan Jett-esque feel; very reminiscent of that kind of we're-so-cool-with-our-lazy-rock-beats that we fucking just rocked your socks off and you didn't know it. I first loved it... then I hated it. Then I loved it again. And again. And again...

Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke - Since I'm not really a music critique-y person and only an asshole I can openly admit that I despised Radiohead for YEARS solely because I couldn't stand the hype behind them. And then I finally broke down and listened to them and.... grrr, fuck me they are fantastic.

This is just yet another amazing piece of genius from Thom Yorke. The lyrics, the beat, the everything. I'm a fan of haunting voices and Thom Yorke definitely conveys 'haunted' rather well.

Which brings me to the next song...

Possibility - Lykke Li - Hands down my favorite song on the soundtrack. There is so much melancholy to her sweet, childlike voice. I know people have compared her to Bjork, but for the sake of this one song, I don't see it and that is certainly not a bad thing. [For those interested, her albums are much more poppier than this song and she DOES have a very Bjork sound to her.] The song is plaintive, full of a resigned sorrow and the lyrics break my heart. The simplicity of the instruments and backup vocals that accompany her voice are sublimely understated and emphasize the loneliness she expresses. In short, excellent. I mean, seriously, the simple percussion sounds like a water drop in a cave and it is, for lack of a better word, haunting. She's been on my 'need to buy' list and has just moved into the #1 slot.

You don't mind if I dazzle you while you write, do you?

A White Demon Love Song - The Killers - Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the Killers. I know, shame on me - I've heard so many people sing their praises but the few songs I've heard have left me wanting more so I never pursued them.

That being said, it's a good song, a well-rounded mix of wistful poppiness mingling with a sedate rock & roll-ish sound that will be very at home on the New Moon Soundtrack. Overall, it's not bad. However, The Killers are relegated to what I like to call "Background Noise Bands", meaning they are pleasant enough to listen to while I'm, say, mopping the floor but I wouldn't give them much more attention than that.

Satellite Heart - Anya Marina - I can already hear STY growling at me because she disagrees with me on this one.

Simply said, I don't like it. It does nothing for me. It's coffee house college rock with a few more string instruments thrown in the background. The lyrics are lame and her girly breathy singing comes across cute but emotionless. I have listened to this song thirteen times in two days hoping that it would grow on me. It has not. [note from STY: I hate you, you soulless bitch.]

You ARE soulless, JJ - just like Edward. Say it! Out loud!

I Belong to You - Muse - Though not as impressive or infectious as Twilight's Super Massive Whack-a-Mole , it's still pretty fucking catchy. Oddly enough, every time I decide I like Muse and want to buy an album, I decide they suck after all. Apparently I only like them on Twilight saga-related soundtracks. In the interest of being somewhat non-biased [for once], Matthew Bellamy's voice is urgently sexy and passionate and as a whole they are an extremely tight threesome [that's what she said!] and can really layer on the sound in a way that most bands these days do not. They definitely have a ferocious energy.

Roslyn - Bon Iver & St. Vincent - I like Bon Iver. I don't think this is his best work. If you really want to hear good Bon Iver, go get For Emma, Forever Ago. You won't regret it.

This song just doesn't seem to go anywhere. It falls flat, which is a shame because there is so much more Bon Iver could have brought to this soundtrack.

Stay with me JJ, ladies... For me...

Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - This is a perfect addition to the soundtrack. The tone and emotion of the song, as well as the lyrics, are very suitable. Again, I like the subtlety of their sound. This is one of the few songs on the soundtrack that I can actually imagine what scene I think this might be included in. I enjoyed the slight bluesy/folk twang of the song, with a harmonica break up that conjures up images of lonely cowboys pining for a love lost. They have so many different musical styles all rolled into one yet have managed to maintain a really great balance. This band will definitely go on my list of music to check out in the future.

Monsters - Hurricane Bells - For what is essentially a one man band, Steve Schlitz creates a pretty complex sound. It's lazily poppy and most definitely catchy. This reminds me of some of the more popular bands from the 90's [I think I hear very slight hints of Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr.] and probably would have been comfortable on the soundtrack for Singles or Reality Bites.

Every time this song comes on, I think "oh yay! I like this." [STY's note: I love this one, too! Ok maybe you are not completely soulless...]

The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf - I'm starting to see a pattern here. First we have sad, melancholic songs that drag you down into sorrow and then bam! a fucking catchy ass song that has you tapping your foot and feeling hopeful again. This song falls into the latter category. The sound is somewhat generic and lacking in any real substance but isn't something that I would necessarily skip over. I think this song would be a good introduction for someone who primarily listens to Top 40 but is interested in expanding their horizons. It's definitely palatable.

I've set the Dazzler to "stun" - don't forget to breathe!

Shooting The Moon - OK Go - These guys are probably most remembered for the awesome video they did with the treadmills. It's cute, peppy and just a little slick. At first listen, it sounds like a simple little ditty - Damian Kulash's voice is nice mixture of wistfulness and innocence but don't be deceived. There is a lot going on with this song. The percussion is defiant and nearly overpowers the acoustic strumming of the guitar. At first, that is. The quirky synthesized electronics slowly build up to a raucous crescendo at the end and it's pretty evident that these guys are fucking tight musicians.

Slow Life - Grizzly Bear with Victoria LeGrand - While Grizzly Bear probably deserves the hype they get, I'm not entirely impressed. I have an album of theirs but, like The Killers, they are listed under "Background Noise Bands" Now, I'm all for shoe-gazer bands and enjoy quite a few but I'd rather have seen Band of Horses or even Elbow on this soundtrack before Grizzly Bear.

That being said, and because I'm feeling only slightly diplomatic... it's still a good addition to the soundtrack.

No Sound But The Wind - The Editors - Suuuuuuuuucks. This band is making a sad attempt at channeling Joy Division and/or Interpol, but really fucking bad. Seriously, Tom Smith's voice makes me want to fucking punch a kitten or something. I find it pretentious and ridiculously over the top. I loathe this song. I mean, this guy is singing like he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and is possibly giving Morrissey a run for his money in the vanity department.

Almost done. It's almost over. Then we can shag like wildcats.

New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat - It's a piano piece. What? I've got nothing for this. With the exception of some old classical pieces and Rachel's, which is great fucking dark/eclectic classical music, I admit I haven't delved too much into this genre. I played piano for years, but it was mostly ragtime music so that's what I'm familiar with. Oh, and Gymnopedie - by Erik Satie is amazing. It's three piano pieces that are absolutely beautiful.[#3 is my favorite]
So, there you have it. Oh, and as promised... a few videos. Sure, they aren't RPattz but they're still pretty fucking good.

Roadside Graves - Ruby - Studio Session

Kate Sikora - Wonderful Princess

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  1. JJ I`m with you for Meet me on the Equinox, Possibility, White Demon Love Song (I think I like it a wee bit more than you), I belong to you (there`s one more song of Muse that I like), Roslyn (sucks ass), Done all wrong (BRMC is one of my fav bands), Monsters, The Violet Hour, Shooting the moon (I LURV Ok Go), No sounds but the wind (WTF is THAT was my first thought)

    JJ I`m not with you for Thom Yorke - meh (although I love Radiohead - my husband is currently playing Karma Police as we speak), Satellite Heart, New Moon (The Meadow) (I really like this one, like this should have been Bella`s lullaby instead of the shit that Carter Burwell or what the fuck his name was wrote).

  2. NO fucking way you know who Rachel's are?? I didn't think anyone else knew them! They're amazing.

    The meadow track is's what I wish Bella's lullaby was more like. Although I'm more reminded of Brahms or Chopin than Satie. Satie is a little more stripped down a little less complex.

    As for the rest of the sound track, Death Cab song isn't my fav, but it's not bad.

    Love track the band of skulls track, love Thom Yorke track. Usually skip past Lykke Li cause her voice gets on my nerves, Killers track is pretty boring to me so I skip this one too.

    Satellite Heart -- sorry but I disagree with you on this one. I love this track!

    I love the muse track, because of the bass clarinet solo. Muse realizes what I knew in middle school when I switched instruments in band. Bass clarinet ROCKS!

    Bon Iver, I wish I knew what the hell they were saying! BRMC Love them. Definitely give them more of a listen :) Monsters track, love it. It's catchy and finally something upbeat. Sea Wolf, don't know much of them, song is ok. Ok Go, good track never listened tot hem except for the treadmill video. Grizzly bears, I love the harmonizing. Editors... it sorta grew on me, but when he sings the word "forever" i'm nearly driven crazy by the "forevaaaaaahhhhh" I'm like where the hell does this guy get his accent from! It's too broadway.

  3. I know you wrote about NM's soundtrack but I got kind of lost when, by accident *coff-on purpose-coff* clicked on a pic and I got a full screen of Rob's piercing eyes looking at me *thud*
    I'll get back to you when I can function again. Between these phtos and Honolulu Girl's video it will be a while.

  4. ahhh thom yorke. radiohead is like a religious experience for me. all hail the holy thom yorke. fucking holy, i tell you! *shakes fist*

    death cab. jj, like you, death cab has brought me to tears with nearly every album, all the way back to "you can play these songs with chords". i think there's a death cab vein that just go straight to my heart and makes it explode. the NM song is ok. but it doesn't live up to their longstanding history of turning me into weepy mush (weepy mush is a good thing, btw).

    i'm not really a fan of the killers. i have their first album and i just never could get into it. i tried. but if their songs come on and i'm drunk, i'll dance *shrug*. i'm indifferent, i guess.

    i'm with STY on satellite heart. i'm a sucker for 'coffee house college rock' ;).

    BRMC has been a favorite of mine for awhile, and i liked their contribution to the soundtrack. i'm glad that they're getting the exposure they deserve by being throw into the twilight franchise madness.

    overall, can i just say: THANK FUCKING GOD they did a better job on the NM soundtrack. cuz the twilight soundtrack is kinda WEAK.

    on a completely unrelated note, i think i've been twittering too much. i found myself wanting to put hashtags (#) in front of like 10 different words.


  5. Of course I'm going to need to listen again and compare notes. But my question is... JJ why he fuck are you not writing as a profession? You have such a way with words.

  6. I like the Death Cab song, but it's the only song of theirs I know, so I have nothing to compare it to.

    I have one word for Thom Yorke/Radiohead: OVERRATED!!! *hides* I'm sorry, I know he's talented and whatever, but I just don't see the appeal. Bo-ring.

    I'm pretty much with JJ on the rest, especially Possibility. It's so sad, perfect for New Moon. I have always thought the Killers sucked balls. I luuurve I Belong to You (big surprise).

    Does anyone else think that Bella could totally be singing Undisclosed Desires to Edward in Twilight? Anyone?! Mmm, I love that song. Sooo sexy.

    @JJ: I recommend you buy those albums. I'll return the favor by watching the music thingies you posted as soon as my very temperamental connection lets me.

  7. @JJ - (hand raised in the air and waving wildly) It was me. It was part of the thread after STY's post "It's About Frickin' Time! Hellooooo, Robsten!!!"

    KintheFlo said:

    I'm sorry have not posted which scares me - I'm so sorry for your loss.:(..

    Sprtzmom1721 said:

    @KinTheFlo - I was just wondering the same thing about JJ, too. She was on my mind because I'm listening to the New Moon Soundtrack and to the best of my knowledge (and let's face it, I'm old, so I could have forgotten it), I don't think she's ever posted her review of the soundtrack. My least favorite track is Thom Yorke's "Hearing Damaged," and I so wanted to like that one. The one that haunts me the most is the one I now know they used during the break-up scene (I won't post the title here for the hymen-impaired).

    I can tell that you've put a lot of thought into your review and I can't wait to go and read it.


  8. I'm going to risk it all & say I don't care for Radiohead, or Thom Yorke, but I don't skip over the song on the soundtrack...

    I have REALLY varied tastes (heck, today I downloaded something from Sugarland, from The Killers, and finally got around to adding Smashing Pumpkins "Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness" CD's to my iTunes library!). But, two bands that I will listen to their entire playlists from start to finish are Snow Patrol & DC4C. I like this DC song, and think it 'fits'. I'm a fan of their earlier stuff (Transatlanticism!), and like some of you said, many of their songs (as well as Snow Patrol's) just rip my heart out with memories, etc.

    My "stand outs" are Done All Wrong & The Violet Hour. And, I think it's a badly put together album, with all of the instrumentals at the end--I just switch to something else once they come on.

  9. I got nothin. I'm pretty much musically retarded. In general I like soundtracks, which I guess means that I like someone else choosing my music for me. That and I love to see the merging of the movie moment with the tone of the music and lyrics. This soundtrack seems to fit the mood of New Moon, so I'm sure I'll be happy with it in the movie. My taste is eclectic and I like nearly everything if given the chance for it to grow on me.

    I appreciate being able to read the opinions of people who actually have music knowledge.


  10. @JJ - THIS is what I have been waiting for! There was so much hype surrounding the soundtrack and my first listen through had left me a little flat. I really wanted to hear your take on it. You exceeded my expectations! Latchkey Wife is right. You should be writing professionally.

    First of all, I was shocked to read that you hadn't listened to it before I posted the comment. It has been providing "background noise" for me every day, all day during the work week. It's not that I'm crazy about all of the tracks, it's just that I'm looking forward to seeing where the songs fit into the movie.

    In the Robsten thread, I posted this follow-up comment about the soundtrack:

    @Z Any Mouse - Yes, the songs are growing on me. I just didn't have any instant favorites like with the Twilight Soundtrack (Super Massive Black Hole is still the ringtone on my cell), but I get that the whole New Moon experience is darker/more emotional, so it was to be expected. I am liking Friends by Band Of Skulls, The Violet Hour by Sea Wolf, and Shooting The Moon by OK Go. I'm sure that once I can attach the songs to moments in the movie, more will find a place in my heart, too.

    Now, after listening to it more, the song that is most often stuck in my head is Possibility. The one that I skip over (can't even stand it to be background noise) is No Sound But the Wind (you called that right -- it Suuuuuuuuucks!) I saw OK Go talking about and performing Shooting The Moon (I think it was on MTV) and loved it even more. There is another song that even though it's not my favorite, it's tied to the damn break-up scene that was leaked online and it is such an emotional experience each time I listen to it. Again, I won't mention the name or artist here so as to protect your rebuilt Twi-hymen. It does prove to me, though, that there will be songs that I'm "eh" about now but will find myself liking more after the movie.

    Thanks for taking the time to put so much of your heart and musical soul into the post. I still don't get the appeal of the Thom Yorke song, but I will try and listen to it again with your perspective in mind.

    Finally, I liked Ruby by Roadside Graves and LOVED Wonderful Princess by Kate Sikora. Couldn't you totally see her collaborating with Rob on a song?!


    P.S.: Are you and STY going to watch any/all of the upcoming guest appearances this week (Letterman, Ellen, etc.), or will that be part of your Twi-hymen boycott? Being the Robsessed whore that I am, I have checked and rechecked my two DVRs and told my husband that it had better not storm this week and mess up the satellite signal. I don't want to miss any of it. We're so close to the climax, Twitards! ;)

  11. I adore Lykke Li and "Possibility" is also my favorite song on the soundtrack.

    Lykke is staple on my iPhone - I go now where without here. There is a mashup of her cover of Kings of Leon "Knocked Up" with her and KOL that is about 5 minutes of pure heaven for me. I have her album "Youth Novels" and random tracks here and there. And oddly enough I'm listening to her song "Little Bit" as I type this.

    I mean what M fanfic reader wouldn't like these lines "And for you I keep my legs apart, And forget about my tainted heart"

    Okay I'll get off my Lykke Li soapbox.

  12. I am extremely particular about the music I listen to and I generally think my opinion is right and anyone who doesn't agree is just dumb (I guess that makes me an asshole too).

    I have only listened to this soundtrack a couple of times and I'm not diggin it. JJ's disdain for The Editors song is pretty much how I feel about all of them.

    I am grossly unimpressed with the DC4C song and it breaks my heart. I was a big fan of their early stuff but Meet me on the Equinox is a total dud.

    Sometimes, a song or band will grow on me after multiple listens but I don't know if I have the patience to give this one my time. I'll have to decide after I see the movie. My opinion can change if the song adds to an important scene.

    I'm glad I got it for free. I would have hated to waste my $ on this one.

    To sum things up, I agree, somewhat, with JJ. I didn't go into detail about how I feel about each song. Some are marginally better than others but overall.....don't like it.

    *If you love this soundtrack and you think I just called you dumb, I apologize. I have a lot of personality flaws so please don't take it personally.

  13. i enjoyed reading your review, JJ! i'd have to say that the Lykke Li song is my favorite, too. at first i was kinda unsure of it, because it is so out of my typical genres, but the more and more i listened to it, the more and more i absolutely LOVE it. the lyrics, the sound, everything. i actually heard another one of her songs on our local college radio here in honolulu, and i really liked it, too!

    okay, Thom Yorke... love the song, love him. i AM a huge killers fan, and even i skip over that song when it comes on most of the time. not nearly a "smile like you mean it" caliber song. not a huge fan of the muse song, but i love the OK GO song and the meadow song. i skip over the death cab song every time, sad, but true. nice lyrics and all, but freakin-a that song is repetitive! that's pet peeve of mine.

    i've totally been listening to the soundtrack since it came out, and i too have fun guessing where all the songs are going to go. i am interested to see how my opinions of the songs change once i see their location in the movie!

    ONE THING MISSING FROM THIS SOUNDTRACK: ROB!!!! i really wish he was on it. (the hubberz can NOT stand Rob's voice... or maybe it's my obsession with Rob?? who knows, but it's missing! lol!)

  14. @Charla - Rob missing from the soundtrack is definitely the most depressing thing about it. I wish he and his music buddies could find the time to do something like MTV's Unplugged; just a group of them sitting around and jamming while being recorded in front of a small, controlled audience. *sigh*

    Night, Twitards. Will check back in the morning.

  15. Oh right. For all my music failings I do wholeheartedly agree that I miss Rob on this soundtrack. His sexy voice completely melts me.


  16. I don't even hace the soundtrack yet, I consider it as a spoiler and therefore is a no-go! I will buy it as soon as I saw NM, not a minute before :)

  17. @mmMoxie, I'm with you. I listened once I think, thought 'Hmph, well that was droll and depressing' and have never put it on again. Maybe I should give it another go? I do tend to like most things once I know them, if I can force myself through the getting to know them stage.

    I have mixed feelings on Radiohead, they've done some of my favourite ever songs, Creep (could have been written for Edward!), High & Dry and Fake Plastic Trees, but we went to see them live just before they released Kid A and all they did was stuff from that - see my note above about music I don't know(!), we ended up standing at the back talking amongst ourselves. I've never quite forgiven them for that!

    Oh, and I've never heard of half the acts on the soundtrack, not sure if that's a Brit thing or I'm just uncultured, possibly the latter ;o)

  18. Great review JJ!!! That was fun.

    The pics were just icing, and what tastey icing it was! Mmmm...

    And now we're talking about Rob's singing, which is one of my sad thoughts about him - or maybe it's completely selfish - yep, definitely selfish, but he won't even tell us he may do an album. He just acts like it's ridiculous. Ugh.

    But now those pics are still burned into my brain, yet I feel compelled to stare a little more.

  19. I have the soundtrack in my car CD player and I listen to it over and over again--kind of like I listened to music when I was teenager--you know when you sat and listened to the WHOLE album, not just certain tracks. On the whole I really like it. I like some songs better than others and only really truly dislike one song.

    The Death Cab for Cutie song has grown on me but at first I found it incredibly awkward but my ears have clearly been beaten into submission by repetitive play.

    The super melancholy songs like Thom Yorke and Bon Iver work for me because I know how well they will play into the feel of the movie..but, to be honest, I skip them a lot.

    Love, love, love the Likke Li song. My 7 year old and I harmonize to it in the car. So sad, haunting and beautiful. I really want to hear more of her work.

    Sorry JJ, I am with STY, I really like "Satellite Heart". Can't explain it, but I like it.

    My eldest daughter's favorite has become one of mine as well, "Monsters"--it is our rock out in the car song right now. Love "The Violet Hour" and "The Meadow" too--totally should have been Bella's song. While Carter Burwell is amazing his song in Twilight was just too weird to be her song.

    The rest I like Okay EXCEPT for the Muse song--I CAN'T STAND IT! Sorry, Muse lovers (and Stephenie)but the song and all his "Woawoawoas" drive me batshit crazy. Plus, it doesn't seem to go with the rest of the music. I, too, am not very fond of The Editors song but I can kind of hear it softly playing in the background during the movie and it being OK--if it is really loud I might gag. I totally agree that is sounds like the lead singer is trying WAY too hard.

    In summary, I like the soundtrack quite a bit.....I don't even own the 'Twilight' soundtrack...**ducking for cover**.

    Oh and my local kick-ass alternative radio station morning show DJ(I am looking at you STY and Kitty_Elvis)has given the soundtrack a thumbs up which is pretty amazing imho.

  20. @Stan I think its definately a Brit thing.I only know about 3 of the acts on there!! Which is probably why the Muse one is my favourite, though i do think it sounds a lot like Maroon 5! I can listen to most of Thom Yorke but have to skip the end as it goes on and on ....
    I love Satellite Heart, Possibility & The Violet Hour, but the Editors one i agree, is pretty shit I usually skip it. Whilst nowhere near as good as the Twilight soundtack, I still have it on in my car.

  21. i agree with you almost 100%--i think some of the bands sold out a bit on their sound. i even feel guilty for not liking this soundtrack! i couldn't wait for it. i like the other stuff the bands have done but THIS. bummed. give me twilight soundtrack any day even with Linkin Park....(and that says a LOT).

  22. Let me just say that I was lukewarm on the soundtrack, until - JJ and STY are probably tired of hearing this - I saw New Moon last Thursday. Having seen the movie makes a difference. I am one of those people who usually has to make an emotional connection with a song. I really didn't like Possibility until I saw it in the movie. That song paired with Kristen's extremely convincing job of being depressed Bella - Bring a tissue!!!! It made me want to cry. I thought that would happen with Satellite Heart, but I think that it was placed in the wrong place in the movie - when Edward and Bella are driving home from the Cullen's after the birthday fiasco. Anyway, I still love the Twilight soundtrack better....but I'll listen to both.

  23. @Isabella MARIE Cullen - You lucky, lucky girl! This is "New Moon week" as I like to call it for us here in the U.S. The premiere in Los Angeles tonight and the appearances on all of the major entertainment TV shows. I can't wait!! I'm glad to hear that you felt Possibility was put in the right place in the movie.


  24. @ Lisa, it's the premiere here this afternoon, Chimpsten's got her gladrags on ready ;o).

    Ooh, just realised I never replied to your bloggy comments, will do that soon!

  25. @Stan - Can't wait to see how mini-E and Chimpsten look together on the red carpet ;)

  26. @Stan - Forgot to take into account the time difference on the West coast (I'm in the Midwest and on CST). Do you or anyone out there in the land of Twitardia know if there will be live feeds of the red carpet event; and if more than one outlet is covering it live, which one you would recommend?


    word ver: tapstud HELL YEAH!!

  27. @Lisa, yep, you can watch it here


  28. JJ - It wasn't me girl asking @soundtrack..But can i say it was a thrill to see my name in the first paragraph! OK...StarvedForAttention should be my real moniker.

    Thanks for breaking this down though I'm waiting to see the film to get to know the music. Why? cause i can wait..and in truth that will be like the only spoiler I haven't checked out. wah! I've tried but it's hard in the Twitterverse and BloggyLand.

    And ..hey..the wait is nearly over ! SQUEEE!

    hey how Much moola have you raised?

  29. I guess because I already LIKE this kind of music, I think the soundtrack is PERFECTION. SIMPLE PERFECTION. Great new stuff by all these artists and some new artists I had never heard before. This was a slam dunk in my opinion (and I'm a giant music snob).

  30. I will give my opinion in one sec but on a totally random note I just had to share my horoscope with you, I've had messages all day off various people and I've now decided I'm destined to meet Rob (LMFAO-I wish) any way here it is.....Your Daily Horoscope: November 16, 2009
    Pisces Feb. 19 - Mar 20 (Wrong Sign?)
    Today is New Moon day, Pisces, and time for predictions good for a Lunar Month (until the next New Moon). This Lunar month is good for making long term plans, and they will be fulfilled as long as you realize that whatever has purpose and meaning will continue; that the events at this time are about linkage, dependability and preservation. There may be a connection made with someone at a great distance from yourself, or you may have to deal with legal matters connecting you to your past somehow. The key to success, though, is recognizing the purpose of things and people in your life, and letting what you have fulfill that purpose.

    I'm thinking that it may be linked to all the wonderful friends I have made through my Twi-addiction hehe.

    Back to New Moon soundtrack-Love OKGO shooting the moon, Hurricane Bells-Monster, Sea Wolf-Violet Hour, love the Editors anyway, love the Meadow and Satellie Heart. Thom Yorke-meh-love Radiohead in general, love Muse(totally) and I can't stop playing Band of Skulls-totally love the track Friends.
    I have actually gone onto another Twi site and downloaded the track lists of what Stephenie was listening to when she wrote the books and THAT makes interesting listening ladies. Cos I can put what helped her write these outstanding, beautiful books to actual chapters and ideas. It gives great insight. Er ps I totally adored Twilight soundtrack and although I love a good few of the New Moon tracks I think Twilight was better-sorry :0)

  31. I'm not going to pick apart every song, because it looks like everyone else has already done a good job of it. I love how music is so subjective to the listener, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Thom Yorke track is not my favorite, but I do like it. I have to say that Twilight turned me on to Radiohead through 15 Step, and I have since become a Radiohead nut. Apparently they were really hot in the 90's when I had my head planted in Soundgarden, Alice and Chains, and Bonnie Raitt. Yes, I am schizo in my musical tastes. I can't get enough of Radiohead now, and I'm lovin' used cd's on Amazon. I just bought "The Bends" for $1.84! My favorite song on NM is by far "The Meadow". I absolutely love it, and hit replay when I get to the end. I can't wait to see the movie, so I can see where all this fits in! Only a few more hours till the premier in Westwood, CA. I know the Precious is going to look hot, drool.
    Word veri: flysistr - I heart you all my Twilight flysisters!


  33. Possibility is definitely my favorite track. i can listen to it on repeat and i am 100% positive its gonna be playing when sam carries bella out of the forest when edward leaves. none of my friends "get it" but they love the bon iver song which i honestly pretty much loathe. so frustrating.

    i equally agree and disagree with the rest of your review, but i have to give a very enthusiastic two thumbs up for saying band of horses should have been included. i honestly didnt think about it until you said it, but they would be totes perfect. also def go buy lykke li's album. its fantastic.

  34. @sprtzmom1721 - Gah! I don't know how I missed it!

    I appreciate everyone's responses! I love how there are so many various opinions on the songs! I do have to say that I do like this soundtrack much better than the Twilight one (I hate Linkin Park. I'm sorry.)

    And... OME!!! IT'S ALMOST TIME!! ALMOOOOOOST TIME!!! Yes, I'm THAT excited. :)

  35. @JJ - You don't know how you missed it? I mean, it's not like you have thousands of comments and emails to wade through; gone all p*#$%gate global; have media outlets contacting you (CNN?!!); fundraising efforts to organize; a PFach lunch date to arrange; the screening of a little movie to gear up for; and last, but not least, everyone begging for Twitarded Con 2010 to happen. I don't know how you missed it either ;)


  36. yeah, deathcab has gotten lame. sorry. i could listen to transatlanticism all day...but i've been pretty much done with them for awhile now.

    i agree about the bon iver/st. vincent song. it's lackluster. especially coming from those two. but i do have to defend st. vincent. she's great. a cute, little girl playing some badass guitar riffs. try listening to "your lips are red."

    grizzly bear is great. and victoria (from beach house) is also great. but again, not too excited about their contribution. grizzly bear's first album yellow house is better than their new disc, methinks. it does require some serious listening though. you'll either get really bored or have a mindgasm, depending.
    i've seen both live and they blew me away. that's always my true talent litmus test.

    thom yorke and likke li deliver as usual.

    obviously, i'm a music nerd.
    really enjoyed this post.

  37. Um first up, I just want to second Latchkey Wife's comment.

    Why the fuck aren't you writing professionally? Jesus. Great review of each song.

    I personally have not bought one song off this soundtrack and as a whole feel they failed. Maybe things will change after I watch the movie but for now, I'm not interested. The only song I do have is the Muse song because I did by the Muse soundtrack and I have to say, it's an usual choice for New Moon. I'm curious to see where it will be played. Also I really do like Death Cab for Cutie. I mean Soul meets Body is one of my favs but this new song was too specific to New Moon and just felt like an ad or commercial. Too driven by Summit to produce something so specific for the movie. Again, this may change after seeing the movie but right now, I have to say that I'm not really into the soundtrack.

  38. JJ,

    Okay I skimmed just going to put that out there right away. Nothing to do with spoilers, everything to do with I too haven't really listened all the way through the soundtrack. But I saw you were breaking it down and HAD to read what I knew about.

    Soooooo ---

    Firstly my husband is a HUGE music snob. The MOMENT a person becomes "popular" he's out the door. And he is such an opinionated asshole about it all... I adore him for it. He hates himself for some of the music he likes... For example, he loves Death Cab and berates himself for it pretty much daily. ;)

    I, on the other hand, could probably identify better with STY. I love me some girly fluff music every once in a while.Randomly enough, I've always preferred male singers and wished my whole life I was a dude so I could be in a punk rock band... How gender bias is that?!

    So on to the three songs I can comment about:

    Muse: gonna put this right out there, I'z don't like them the end. The only song I like is super massive black hole and that's only because it is beyond awesome to listen to when vampies are playing baseball. This one: :P this is all.

    Death Cab: Gosh I wanted more from this song.. over time it is growing on me however, and I am hopeful for the movie itself. But as a person with their lyrics tatted on my body, I can say I agree... it should have been more. That said, I trust them enough to have a reason for the feel of the song... My verdict is still out.

    Satellite Heart: I love it. The End. But why? hm... you know out of all the songs I feel it does convey the feeling of the book. Which I understand your impression of it being "coffee house" it is and "breathy" :P but it's sweet and hopeful too... And it does grow on a person for sure. It's not edgy nor emo in the dark I want to cut myself sense, but hopeful and loving and moving along with the pain. And I can hear Bella in it... That's just me.

    I heart you ladies. I'm so happy for you both and all the fantastic things that are happening for you.

  39. @Honlulu Girl and @Latchkey Wife - You have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you!!

    @Cutie - Music is such a personal thing to peeps and I love reading all of your responses. I've been known to listen to an album, violently hate it and condemn it only to hear it again a few months later and want to marry it.

    I'm definitely in agreement with you (and everyone else) who said that the DC4C song was definitely missing something or too over produced.

  40. @Los Angeles Computer Services - Get the fuck outta here!!

  41. @Z Any Mouse - I know. I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Spam in Twitardia??!

  42. @Z Any Mouse @sprtzmom1721 - Thanks for looking out! That fucker is officially deleted. LOL!

  43. Federico sent him. Damn ninjas!

    WV: chunt
    Really, thats the word. CHUNT!

  44. First Someone has invaded our Twidome with advertising?!? What's up LA Computer Services. That was so much a cockblocker. You know, I'm happily reading all the comments then scroll to that? I thought I accidently clicked on another page. Grrr.

    Anyway, I agree with JJ on most of her review of the soundtrack. I actually really like Hearing Damage. It reminds me of A Perfect Circle's - The Noose and I realllllly lurve that song. It's kinda dark and sexy to me.

    The difference between the two soundtracks is perfect. This one has a more mellow feel that fits with the story.

    P.S. For those Muse fans and Clipped Wings & Inked Armor fans -I found this video on youtube that made my heart go thumpty-thump.

  45. I too purchased the soundtrack from itunes. I love the soundtrack. I would rather talk about these robporn pics!!! They are absolutely fabulous! Especially when clicked on, they become huge and take up my entire screen. OME! His eyes are...thud! Love you guys!

  46. I like most of the soundtrack but what the hell were they thinking with The Editors??? It sounds like some cheesy vegas lounge singer. I honestly think I had to choke back down some vomit when I first heard it.

  47. Sorry to go off topic...

    JJ & STY, I just read the CNN article and I have to say that you truly did Twitardia proud!!

  48. *Whispers* Satellite Heart did nothing for me! *Runs away and hides*

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

    It's just BORING and it has nothing to it. It sounds like it went through the music making machine WAAAYYY too many time!

  49. I love what you said about not liking Radiohead because of all the hype. I kinda feel the same way about Kings of Leon right now. Anyhoo, I loved Muse long before I read Twilight. If you ever break down and buy a Muse CD go with Absolution first. I love a lot of music but if I had to choose one CD to listen to forever it would be Absolution ( bonus that the coverart is kickass).

  50. I haven't listened to all of it all at once. I have all of it downloaded to the BB so I have been listening to bits and pieces. I don't really love it, but I take a while to get used to something new.

    As an aside, JJ, no pressure or anything, but maybe you could use this music to inspire you to write something else (15 Step- HINT, HINT!)

  51. Im not going to go into what I think detail for detail because, frankly, no one really gives a shit. But I think that this much melancholy can be too much. I get it, Bellas sad, boo hoo. But please, what about the wolves shapeshifting? The Volturi? The flight to Italy. Theres more then just sadness in New Moon. All in all, like it, dont love it.

  52. @Twilove1 - Thanks for the heads up that the article is online! Here is the link to it:

    Congrats JJ & STY! Very cool. Made me even prouder to be a member of this crazy online family!!

  53. Melancholy sums it up for me too, but I guess the movie isn't exactally a comedy so I found it fitting. And it is growing on me.

    EXCITING NEWS- I was interviewed by the Washington Post today. I feel like a celebrity! Hopefully I will make the Twitards proud. The article will be out Wed or Thursday. Oh happy week, I can't hardly stand it!!! SparkleMindy

  54. @SparkleMindy - Very cool! Keep us "posted" and provide a link so we can read it online.


  55. I just read the CNN article online. Great job! But I have to say, JJ, that you were hardly recognizable. There was nary an F-bomb, no mention of sticky body parts, or even the famous underoos! That's okay, you clean up good, and I forgive you.

  56. @Z Any Mouse - Buhwawawa!! I have to admit I nearly slipped a couple of times but I was on very good behavior!! LOL!

  57. MUSE is awesome, I'm more stalkerish to them than to RObPorn (as it sounds)If you dont buy an album, then you should try the following classic Muse (im so in love with Matt) songs:
    Unintended (I cried hard the first 1000 times, Im ok now)
    Falling away with you (angsty)
    Sing for Absolution (for all heartbreaking on the world)

    I belong to you-NM is sexy (as Matt) but the original version is more romantic.

  58. Like the track by track rundown.

    [another]NEW MOON soundtrack review

  59. JJ...i superluvs your ass...let's just get that out of the way. that being said, you are a reverse snob, and i like that in a girl. like, no one who's worth anything would dig this like i do, sorta thing...gotcha and then some. i wanna have a sleepover with you and STY. but i hafta be nakedly (hehe, fanfic owns me)upfront and say that i agree with alot of your critique, except that in my humble opinion, death cab and bon iver own this soundtrack...i'm no musical novice, and these tracks in particular (in my humblest of assholes), encompass a large part of the emotions involved in NM....just sayin'.

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  62. Good review.
    However, as a longtime Muse fan, I feel compelled to reply about their song on the soundtrack—

    First of all, I found it funny that you decided that "they suck" and then proceeded to praise them as a band. Kudos for being non-biased on that, but I'm still a bit confused as to why you think they suck and still think that. Perhaps you mean they're just not your taste?

    Also, "I Belong to You" on the New Moon soundtrack SUCKS compared to the original. It is a remix that they did just for the movie. The original version is infinitely more gorgeous, and I urge you to give it a listen:

    Great post, keep up the blog!

  63. Hola! I'm friends with Melissa Gleason and she's told me about your blog forever and I was super excited to see her hubs band on here! I'm with you on the soundtrack I was so in love with the 1st one and this one really bums me out. Maybe after I see how the songs are used in the movie i'll feel different?

  64. @ JJ - Music is a very personal thing. And when you grow up around it or are involved in a "scene" it's not only personal but apart of you. When you have pics lying about in random sock drawers or ratty drum sticks on their last leg, old band memorabilia, and garage recorded demo tapes sitting in boxes collecting dust there is no way you canNOT feel passionately about it or think you have your finger on the pulse. ;) Honestly? I can't imagine living any other way. I loved your opinions. They are heartfelt, passionate and well thought out. ;) Ass kissing over. =)

  65. hey jj,was wonderin when you would do the review .i like the eskimo joe track alot.jj why did you not give your review on that one?i also liked the ok go,the killers,and the meadow tracks alot.i sometimes wish that the meadow track was Bella's lullaby...cos i did not like that song.and i like this album much better that the twilight one.i don't know,i just can't stop listening to all the tracks

  66. When I first listened to the soundtrack I was very disappointed. Then I decided to reserve judgement until I saw how they incorporated the songs into the movie. I have to admit after seeing how they incorporated the songs into the movie I like the soundtrack marginally better, but still not a ton. I discovered this band, The Canvas System, on myspace a year ago or so. I really love their stuff, but they don't have an album. When I read New Moon I went back to myspace to re-listen to the songs (What I am to You or Just a girl with a frown) I think both of these songs would have been awesome for New Moon. Much better than some of the crap they tried to force on the soundtrack.

  67. Finally read your review (I quarantined myself from even reading about the soundtrack before watching the film - yeah what a twitard), and have to say I pretty much agree. '

    Who else here reckons that Hearing Damage is the best use of music in the whole film? I also think the BRMC track works really well too. Don't like the use of some of the others: too obtrusive and "hey, we're trying to sell your emotions back to you - buy this soundtrack motherfuckers!"

  68. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!

  69. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!

  70. Finally read your review (I quarantined myself from even reading about the soundtrack before watching the film - yeah what a twitard), and have to say I pretty much agree. '

    Who else here reckons that Hearing Damage is the best use of music in the whole film? I also think the BRMC track works really well too. Don't like the use of some of the others: too obtrusive and "hey, we're trying to sell your emotions back to you - buy this soundtrack motherfuckers!"

  71. @ JJ - Music is a very personal thing. And when you grow up around it or are involved in a "scene" it's not only personal but apart of you. When you have pics lying about in random sock drawers or ratty drum sticks on their last leg, old band memorabilia, and garage recorded demo tapes sitting in boxes collecting dust there is no way you canNOT feel passionately about it or think you have your finger on the pulse. ;) Honestly? I can't imagine living any other way. I loved your opinions. They are heartfelt, passionate and well thought out. ;) Ass kissing over. =)

  72. JJ...i superluvs your ass...let's just get that out of the way. that being said, you are a reverse snob, and i like that in a girl. like, no one who's worth anything would dig this like i do, sorta thing...gotcha and then some. i wanna have a sleepover with you and STY. but i hafta be nakedly (hehe, fanfic owns me)upfront and say that i agree with alot of your critique, except that in my humble opinion, death cab and bon iver own this soundtrack...i'm no musical novice, and these tracks in particular (in my humblest of assholes), encompass a large part of the emotions involved in NM....just sayin'.

  73. MUSE is awesome, I'm more stalkerish to them than to RObPorn (as it sounds)If you dont buy an album, then you should try the following classic Muse (im so in love with Matt) songs:
    Unintended (I cried hard the first 1000 times, Im ok now)
    Falling away with you (angsty)
    Sing for Absolution (for all heartbreaking on the world)

    I belong to you-NM is sexy (as Matt) but the original version is more romantic.


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