Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update on the Peter Facinelli Auction/Alex's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser

Good morning! I hope everyone has recovered from all the excitement that was the LA premiere of New Moon and the debacle that was Anya Marina on the red carpet for MySpace - ugh! - she's dead to me! Her and her song that she couldn't stop blabbing about, too!

TWO MORE DAYS!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!! Ok better now...

Anyhoo, thought I would give everyone a sort-of update on the fundraiser! As someone thoughtfully pointed out in the comments the other day, we can't really say exactly how much we have raised in case we have some friendly competition - don't want to show our hand prematurely! [sorry - it's early and I am already late for work and don't have time to go back and find the comment to give proper credit here but please remind me!]. But I CAN say that we're amazed by everyones generosity! We are doing...well-ish. Of course it's impossible to predict how much it will take to actually win the auction; I am not sure we're there yet but I think we really have a shot at it!

With that in mind, if you have already donated, THANK YOU!!! Really - you rock!!! Your button will be on its way soon! We are mailing some out every day... There are a LOT of envelopes to be addressed... Jenny Jerkface and I feel like Angela and Bella, sitting down to tackle those thank-you notes in New Moon. Except we're slower than them... And I might have to order more buttons before it's all said and done (Lily Guillotine, you've been warned!). So please be patient!

And if you HAVEN'T donated yet??? Well??? OK, I know that not everyone has the means to donate. I also know that The Fandom Gives Back is running their awesome author auction fundraiser this week (they hit the $15,000 mark last night - yay FGB!) and that some of your donations are already earmarked for that fab cause. That's cool. BUT we still need your help if you can swing it!

We will be accepting donations until at least some time late Wednesday and likely into Thursday.

You can either click on the link below or PayPal directly to Twitarded@gmail.com - and THANKS!!!


  1. I feel hungover this morning and I didn't even have a single drink last night...ugh...

  2. Awww, so pleased it's going ok. I'd love for you to win this, but obviously, whatever the outcome, it's for a great cause.

    Oh, and I had to look on YouTube for Anya Marina after reading all of the comments. Hmm, I see. You all lasted much longer than I would have done! xx

  3. Yes forgot to add my squee that things are going well with the moola!

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  5. Morning guys! I have a question to ask about donating. I don't want my S/O to see me making that payment on paypal, so I was wondering if I could mail someone $20.00 and have them make the paypal payment for me? {lookin' to you STY or JJ} I'm in PA, so I could get the moola in the mail today. I really want to help out here, but have a tight fisted asshole for a husband. {well, really on paying for anything that has to do with Twilight. He just doesn't understand.}

  6. This is totally unrelated to the auction but I just read your quotes about being Twilight fand 'of a certain age' in an article on CNN! Too cool :)

  7. @ISeeTwiPeople - I have the same situation with a husband so tight he squeeks when he walks, but I did it anyway, on Paypal. If he says anything, I'm just going to lay on the guilt about helping children in need, especially since we are blessed with 3 extremely healthy children.

    About the premier: One of my extremely healthy children (14 year-old boy) pulled a fast one on me last night. It was all happening at dinner time, so I'm trying to watch the live feed, and at the same time get dinner on the table, and he is doing his homework in the computer room. I dash into the kitchen to serve up the grub, and he yells "Mom, Robert Pattinson is on!" I run at top speed, squeeing, because I just can't contain myself, to see being interviewed....Mike Welch. Shite! My boys were laughing hysterically, until I told them they couldn't eat for 2 years, and they were going to have to move next door, lol.

  8. Here's wishing you luck in the auction!

    Also I'm going put the Facinelli Frillies up for auction in the fandom gives back auction, I think they need your approval before they are listed. I put the twitarded logo on the frills and I just want to be sure your ok with it.

  9. @ISeeTwiPeople- email me at sue@kkandkcpas.com and I'll make the PayPal payment for you. I'm happy to help a Twitarded Sistah and a great cause! Sue

  10. @STY and JJ Sending you positive fighting vibes. Get those arms ready to raise them girlfriends and you fight for that date! Oh plus donating the money for any cancer cause is completely awesome. *puts a little halo over you both*

    @Z Any Mouse Your boys are hilarious! That made me laugh.

  11. I just have to say to all the Twitarded commenter's, you guys are so effing wonderful. I see/read people helping others and giving positive feedback all the time to complete strangers simply because we share a love of Twilight and all things Twitarded. That should definitely make the 'why I love Twilight' list, the amazing people you "meet" along the journey.

  12. Yeah! Thanks to Twilove1’s help on the logistics, I have now officially donated to auction. I really hope you guys win!!!

    On another note, I watched Late Night with Conan with KStew on it last night and she mentioned the craziest merchandise that she has seen was a pair of undies with Taylor's face on them.

    Then on Jay Leno, Taycob mention the most intense fan - an 40+ mom with her teen daughter - asked him to sign her Team Jacob undies and it freaked him out.

    With both of those comments the people in the audience were like ewww while all I could think of was how much I would love me some of the RPattz unmentionables! But, I’m sooooo glad that those haven't been mentioned (at least not yet!) on any of these interviews. I do have a sinking feeling that someone will bring them up at some point. Those are just for our Twitardia world.

    P.S. Any news on what’s up with “The Office” on fanfic? Why is gone:(

  13. Yay! thanks for donating and I am glad you got it figured out!

    You guys ARE the best Twi chicks out there! I heart this community so much it hurts. In a good way.

    And uh the ones that they made with Jacob's face were - sadly - a result of our undies... When Kellan was on MuchMusic last week they actually showed them our blog onscreen - with the panties. and they then gave Kellan (and another cast member) undies that I guess had Taycob on them (whoever decided to used 17-year-old Taycob's mug for this gag was a complete dolt - lol).

    SOOO... Yeah. Sorry Taycob! and Kellan! Our bad! Live and learn!

    : )

  14. I am so hoping you and JJ can win this, but if not I feel good helping this cause this way. (Not really into all the fanfic stuff anymore.)

    I can't wait to watch your tweets and see what happens. Good Luck!!!!

  15. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!



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