Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We're Thankful For...Twitards Who Send Us Pictures!

Good friends...

Good drinks...

Good food...

Good times!!!

Turns out that it took a few days for many of us to recover from the mayhem and debauchery that was New Moon (er, or getting ready for New Moon...and after New Moon...) - present company included! So the photos kept coming in and we wanted to share the good times! I love that everyone looks so damn psyched in these pictures and is just beaming with excitement, anticipation, and liquor.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving, so I'd like to take this slightly-early opportunity to say that here at Twitarded, we're thankful to have met (both in person and online) so many amazing, hysterical, kind, and generous women who make up this online community - enjoy! And if I missed some pics or mixed some up, I'm sorry!

The gift bags marked "JJ" and "STY" must be hidden in the back...

More goodies!

...and a little something to share with the S/Os!

Mini-Edward always gets the best seat in the house... And nice cupcake!

What more does one need, really???

A little something for the Team Jake folks...

Go Team!!!

(her shirt says "I'm fangable so bite me"!)

...and the more subtle "Team Edward shout -out.

The only team we love as much as Team Edward: Team Twitarded (sportin' flannel)!

They made flannel flask cozies just for the big night! Nice!

The Shiny Silver Volvo that SHOULD have been in New Moon (is nothing sacred?!)

Matching Mom & daughter Bella Jackets!

...they also made special tees for the occasion!

(I'll let you guess whose is whose...)

Fanpire and her daughter Isabella went to the Knoxville Premiere!

They had all kinds of cool set pieces and props there...

Plus Kristen & Taycob showed up and signed autographs - wooo!
Fanpire's pics look like mine and JJ's... Doesn't anyone stand still?!

"Now Playing" - yay!!!

Yet another party we didn't get invited to... (I kid, I send us party favors!)

LOVE the relabeling of the wine bottles - "Pass the Chateau Unlucky Hiker, please!"

Bloody delicious cupcakes - mmmmm...

We love girls who sparkle and are as pale as we are!

...and the ones who look even hotter than the real Rosalie!

Like there's really any question which side we're on!

I need this sippee cup. Really.

Pre-gaming with a couple of pitchers of margaritas = win!

mmMoxie & sister-Moxie workin' their Twitarded tees!

JJ and I didn't even see one of these - we're jealous!

Thanks for sharing all the good times with us - we can't wait to do it all over again in June - woooo!

P.S. If this post is fucked up or riddled with typos, I apologize - but I tried spell checking - TWICE - and both time fucking Blogger ate half of my pictures. That I had already deleted (and I never delete ANYTHING). And I had to go find again. Twice. And now I am late for Jenny Jerkface's birthday party and she's gonna kick my ass...

[update!] I know I lost some pics when everything went wonky last night... Don't see at least one of yours here or in the first pics post? Email me! And sorry that I continue to be such a total tech fail... But I love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!


  1. Thanks Twitarded! Let the countdown for Eclipse begin!

    6:30 am + IHOP = clumpy bangs.

    Had a great time but I feel like I missed most of the movie. I can't even remember half of it and there was absolutely no alcohol involved! Musta had something to do with the early hour. I am NOT a morning person.

    Seeing it again Friday and Sunday.

  2. Look at all those hotties (and cute kids) I love it!! Some of you are quite crafty.

  3. Man! My pics of Taylor and Kristen would have been good, had it not been for the friggin' heffers pushing us around! I swear I 'bout went wolfie on this biotch that was behind us when Taylor was signing my book. My 7 yr old is TINY, and some of the women there were going to do ANYTHING to get close to Taylor, which included shoving my child up against a metal barrier. was great otherwise! Memories were made, happiness was gained! Wish you all could have gone with us. Happy Birthday JJ!! Fanpire in TN aka Andrea

  4. Happy Birthday JJ!!! Wishing you real kisses from RPattz (as long as ML doesn't mind...)

    Please please please plan a nice gathering in NYC in June for Eclipse. We will all pay for our own lodging and bar tabs. It would be so much more fun to see Eclipse with my fellow Twitards!

    Anybody else out there not too far from NYC who would join us???? Let JJ and STY here from you too.


  5. More great pics, Twitards! Looking at them makes me realize that (a) I did not do enough fun stuff to prepare for the midnight showing, (b) our theater did not do enough fun stuff for opening weekend, and (c) I want/need a Twitarded shirt!

    word ver: ephin - Can't ephin wait to see Remember Me in March!!!

  6. Woohoo--Fkat and Twilove1 in da house! (In front of the Now Playing poster.) Fellow Twitards meeting for the first time. What fun! Looking forward to doing it a little bigger for Eclipse. :D


  7. @sprtzmom1721-I agree with all your points. Especially the word verif !!


  8. was getting crazy I'm not home and no one would lend me their pc short and sweet ..Ladys I hope everyone has a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving .....loved all the pictures so sad I didn't think off taking some of when I went ...oh well may be next time ...

  9. Great Post! i Love looking at pictures and putting faces to all the imaginary people we talk to everyday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  10. Forgot to comment on the very first pic. Who was rockin' the look of Paramore's lead singer Haley Williams?! Very cool!

    @FKat - I recognized Twilove1 in the pic and completely forgot that the two of you met up. Love it!

    And as Mrs. P. said, have a Happy Thanksgiving all!

  11. This Thanksgiving and the things I am thankful for:

    1) JJ and STY
    2) Twitarded
    3) All the awesome, phenomenal, gorgeous, wonderful, hysterical members of Twitardia
    4) All of the above for allowing me to be in your world

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and really, truly thank you for everything!

  12. Those are some awesome pics!!

    Happy birthday, JJ!!

  13. I love how the pictures keep coming in! =) So fun!

    I'm thankful for many things this year, and TOPS on my list are my new friends in Twitardia! We may not have met in "real life" but I feel closer to some of you than some of my "rl" friends...!!

    JJ & STY - THANK YOU for creating this fabulously twisted Twilight Robsessed world for us to laugh loudly, share stories, drool over Rob, express our sexual fantasies with Rob (and other Cullens and Werewolves), and just be deliciously witful and naughty!

    Love ya'll!

  14. Wow.... I'm on the Twitarded blog. I can die happy now!!! Happy Birthday JJ!!!

  15. I have to say, Twitards are awfully crafty and clever! I had SO much fun meeting F-Kat and would love to get together with a whole group of Twitards to see Eclipse. Imagine the mayhem!

  16. ahahaha so proud to have my mug on twitarded! the sippy cup came in a meal at the cinema in Australia, you guys would proabably have similar over there?


  17. Now that I'm on Twitarded, I can honestly say me & Heather (Twitarded shirts & flannels) are the coolest people I know!!! I don't think I've ever been so excited :)
    Happy Bday JJ - I love you girls like crazy!!!

  18. @Twilove1--Thanks, it was great fun meeting you, too!
    (I keep forgetting to tell you I love your car!). We should head up the West Coast Division in case there are any other T'Tards who want to get together for Eclipse.


  19. we ARE a lovely bunch of bitches, are we not? :::grin:::

    i love the photos. it's so nice to see the faces of these witty, hilarious women that i am most THANKFUL to call my fellow twitards.


    and thank you JJ and STY for creating this wonderful place for us, full of crude humor and creative cursing. it's a dream come true :::wipes tear from eye:::

    oh, and, i devised several plans to steal that volvo (the silver one in the picture up there ^^) at the premiere that night. but i couldn't come up with a stealthy way to temporarily incapacitate the two police officers who were guarding it with their nuts. :::shrug:::

    there's always the eclipse premiere! grand theft auto, here i come!

  20. I love all these pics of our beautiful Twitards, and I'm so excited to see my friends and I made the post! We're the margarita whores. Cheers!

  21. Happy Birthday JJ!

    Umm how awesome is Twitardia??!!
    I'd go with a fuckton!

    Flannel Flask! Need one of those for June, to wash down my Eclipse cupcakes!

    VW "SULTAG" oh the possibilities with this one!!

  22. I so love all the creativity among my fellow Twitards. Great pics!

    I am so thankful for this most amazing place of Twitardedness and for our fearless leaders....For without this place to let my uncensored Twitard freak flag fly I would have surely lost my mind by now.

    Happy Thanksgiving Twitards! JJ I hope you had a great birthday and you aren't feeling too surly in the AM.

  23. OT: tattoo (apologizing in advance for the off-topic)
    I did it!!! Tattward inked me! :D Check out my avi. As a birthday present for my husband I had his name emblazoned across the back of my right hip. I'm not too worried about the permanency of it. After 20 years of marriage I think I'll keep him. This is so exciting and crazy it's the first time in my life I felt an inclination to get tatted.


  24. Awesome photos. Loved those re-labeled wine bottles. Very creative.

    You're all a bunch of awesome people, who obviously have equally fantastic friends.

  25. @raptor - SNAP! I am from Aus too and got a sippy cup from Hoyts!! Yay!!

    All the photos are amazing!! I love a twitard who can embrace her obsession with pride!!

    I made the goody bags - lots of fun and fellow twitards loved them!!

    Happy Birthday JJ!! careful when opening your presents... no paper cuts...ok??!!

  26. @sprtzmom1721

    The first pic is the girls from

    Lala, Katiecakeface and me.

    SQWOOOOOT! (Can i pull that off?!)

    Lala's the one with the pink hair which happily looks just like Hayley.

    Sadly i don't actually look just like Edward otherwise i'd proper lesbian-up.

  27. Happy bday JJ!
    OMG! Can't believe u guys posted my pic (Rosalie) hahaha! thx so much the the compliments SNY & JJ! ;***

    I just can't wait for eclipse! And u guys r' so creative! Loved the gift bags!

  28. @FKat - Thanks for sharing your crack, I mean tatt with us ;)

    @mysharona - If you looked like Edward, we'd all lesbian-up!

    Just checked out the blog (and signed up to Follow). Nothing like a big picture of lips wrapped around a banana to wake you up. LOL! Love the Sleeping Beauty fairy godmothers pic, too.

    If you get a chance stop by and visit:


  29. We all must do what it takes to get together for Eclipse. What a great, talented, fun group. Twitarded Con 2010!! Love the pics!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rob, I hope Kristen is giving you something to be thankful for today!

  30. I'm totally thankful for Twitarded and all of the amazing people I met at the premiere...Further proof that we are the coolest fucking kids in town.

  31. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the add-on STY ;-) Smooch! Smooch! There it is my big mug for all the world to see. The Twitard is out of the bag/closet. I heart you all.

  32. Sorry for the delay, VitaminR!! I was pitching quite a fit when I lost all those pics (twice!) yesterday and at some point I just had to get out the door! I really thought that it might be the time I was actually not super-late to something, but it wasn't to be (I still had to go get ready after the post - oops!) - maybe next time...

    : )

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Did I mention that I love seeing your pics? I do. *waving hello to all twitardeds*

    I'm also jealous of the Eclipse poster. I didn't see it here.

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving but i do have to thank all of you and a special thanks to STY and JJ for all that you have given me!


    V.Word: wayah. Wayah, Twitarded!

  34. Thanks for all sharing your pics & to JJ & STY for posting them up. I'm very jealous at everybody's fantastic outings and parties, and even more so at some of the amazing things you all made for it.

    @ mysharona, are those the Heat masks? I can't believe they printed them on the other side of shirtless Twi-men (ok, man & boy). I sacrificed the Kellan pic to make the Jake one for my outfit that I surprised Mary with and then Mr Stan told me he'd burnt it, the bastard. Joke was on him though, cos I just delved into my extensive photo collection and made a new one. Ha! Turns out he'd just hidden it btw, he won't admit it but he's SO scared of touching the Twigoods really ;o)

  35. 1) SO thankful for Twitarded!!! I've come to realize, most fans, ARE NOT like twitarded fans! (as I am) and it's sad :(

    2) is it just me, or are there a lotta ladies with big knockers in here?

    3) I need a new Twi-PIC, this all looked so much fun, more what I was shooting for for my NM premier and fell so short of (again with the will blog about it soon ... which i need to actually get to someday, damn the laziness!)

  36. also when I say thankful for twitarded, also thankful for the ladies that make up the twitardia that goes with it ;)

  37. new moon movie of twilight saga is outstanding ! enjoyed a lot watching twilight new moon !!

  38. Awesome photos. Loved those re-labeled wine bottles. Very creative.

    You're all a bunch of awesome people, who obviously have equally fantastic friends.

  39. Happy Birthday JJ!

    Umm how awesome is Twitardia??!!
    I'd go with a fuckton!

    Flannel Flask! Need one of those for June, to wash down my Eclipse cupcakes!

    VW "SULTAG" oh the possibilities with this one!!


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