Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring is Almost *&^%#!!! Here!

I'm just going to come out and admit that I have been in a major funk lately. Black cloud over my head, mouth that feels like it doesn't know how to form a smile some days, rage-ball moments over incomprehensibly little and inconsequential things (and the massive guilt associated with KNOWING it's inconsequential and not being able to do anything to change your mood).

I've never really considered myself much of an outdoorsy person, let alone a sun-worshipper (as evidenced by my not-usually-sparkly-but-otherwise-vampire-worthy pallor), but this has been a particularly dreary winter in New Jersey. and I'm feeling it. Not that it's been particularly cold or snowy, mind you - but at least snow is pretty and you usually get some bright sunshine after a snowstorm... Instead, it's just been day after relentless day of overcast, sunless, gray. And it's been bumming me out.

Hey guess what's all dead and brown in the winter? 

This is also the time of year when people seem to be in full-on nesting mode. Or is that hibernating? Either way, nobody is really doing much of anything but holing up inside and possibly drinking a lot. I can only truly speak for myself, but I am pretty sure that my social circle is supporting the extended families of several liquor store owners. Adding insult to injury, after Mr. Snarky and I both came down with the flu last month, we regrettably missed one of our favorite parties of the year: Waitangi Day.

 It's like this but with less national pride, fewer grass skirts, and more drinking.

Because we don't live in New Zealand, Waitangi Day is basically an excuse for everyone to get together in February, kick back, and enjoy some good food, good drink, good music, and good company. We were both "mostly better" flu-wise when the date arrived, but you know those people who show up places glowing with fever and sounding like they are about to hork up a lung but swearing "I'm not contagious anymore"? I don't want to be "that person" - I have yet to meet one who had any medical training or education in disease pathology, and they are all a bunch of dirty liars who are trying to give me their cooties. 

Things were looking pretty bleak...

And then last week, I saw sunshine. Granted, I saw it out the window while I was at work, but it was glorious. I also saw two robins AND some crocus in bloom, all in the same day. For the first time, I felt hope. OK, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I stopped scowling and with great effort, I managed to turn my frown upside down (seriously, sometime the simple act of smiling can make you feel better. - what's up with that?).



Sure the "blah NJ winter" color is almost dominating the above photos, but still...SPRING! It's COMING!

I'm not gonna lie: since then, it's been more "blah" gray and dreary weather, dawn-'til-dusk, and not much sun. But later this week, it's going to be sunny almost 70 degrees out, and I swear that I'm getting outside to soak up some Vitamin D even if I get fired. Which I won't - I have a cog-in-a-wheel job, not some life-or-death gig where my absence will cause the end of the world. In the meantime, I have started spring cleaning with gusto (read: I have donated a lot of stuff to Goodwill and opened some blinds for the first time in four months) and am READY for spring - time to get a pedicure, people! What? Isn't that the universal sign of winter being over? Let's celebrate with some sort of festive spring-themed cocktail! Put a daffodil in it! Who's with me???


  1. Almost 70? Really? I too live in the Garden State - near the beach. What I'm trying not to say is that I live at the Jersey Shore. *sigh* Will that *ever* go away?

    Anyway, you're right, it has been depressing and you're also right, we're turning a corner! Plus, I too have been spring cleaning like a mofo! Woot! We moved into our house, which was crappily maintained by the previous owners, about two and a half years ago and I am just now cleaning all the windows. And I mean, inside and out - both sides of the storm windows too, plus the screens get a hose down. The full shabang. On roughly 15 windows or so. It's taken a month. I don't even want to tell you about the amount of dead bugs and cobwebs I vacuumed up from inside the window ledges. It was kind of like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - you know the one?- where female costar has to pull some lever in some dark hole filled with bugs/cobwebs. Hey, shouldn't I be making out with Dr. Jones right about now? Man, that would be cool.

    Glad you're feeling better, STY. Yay for 70 degree weather! Yay!

    1. YES 70!! Or so they keep teasing on the radio... It will probably be back to cold and bleak by the weekend, but whatevs...

      And no, I don't suppose we can start calling it the "NJ Beach" at this point lol...

      Also, I don't' even know how to get AT some of my windows to clean them - I think I might have to take the damn things out of the frames. Or something. And by "something" I mean "figure out how much it would cost to hire someone to do this for me".

      : )

  2. I swear, we only had about two days of winter. It hasn't been cold too often, but it sure has been dreary here.

    Cheer up ladies! Next week - March 14th is National Steak & BJ Day! So . . . there's that to look forward to!

  3. You people who live in the north pole (or close enough) are craycraycrazy. That said, it sounds like you need some more happy in your life, STY. Are you not spending enough time with JJ? I'm not suggesting that she's all rainbows and sunshine, but at least she can be relied on to make you laugh. Or maybe it's time to get a dog or something. I dunno, they look like a lot of work, but most people like them.

    Guess what comes with spring? This will cheer you up. MDaylight savings springs forward on Saturday! Oh, wait.

  4. Glad to hear you're feeling better, STY! Like My After Car said, you need to hang out with JJ. It would probably be fun for both of you! You should be grateful that you don't live here in Albuquerque. It looks the same all year round. We do get snow sometimes but it never lasts. The only thing that lasts is the wind. I have the wind to thank for my pitted windshield due to sand being blown on it at 40-50 mph! So enjoy Jersey - at least you have seasons!!

  5. Oh boy oh boy! Another shout out to lil' ol NZ on Twitarded!

    Waitingi Day here is an excuse for a day off in the middle of a stinking hot summer. Usually. Summer didn't get the memo this year. Instead we got rain. It is annoying, but now that it's officially autumn I'm hoping we might get a few more good weeks.

    And then I get to have the fun of listening to all my Northern Hemisphere peeps talk about their summer. What a vicious cycle.

  6. It's been a strange weather week out here in the Midwest, too. Sunday I drove home from my parent's place in a snowstorm that dropped about 3", yesterday I went for a run in shorts and a t-shirt because it was 70! I'll gladly keep the warm weather, I HATE cold and snow. So ready for Spring to get here for good, because I'm sure more snow will show up before too long... :(

  7. Don't forget we get to change our clocks this weekend!! YAY to sunlight after 6pm!! I swear changing the clocks is one of my favorite days of the year because summer is not far behind it :)

  8. I live right outside of Philadelphia and I planted pansies in my flower boxes outside this past weekend. I was hoping it would drive away the winter blahs. It's sort of working. At least they look pretty when I come and go.

  9. Thanks for the uplifting reminder Snarky. I saw a bluebird this morning in the tree where they sit to choose which birdhouse to nest in in my field. AND a red wing blackbird, another sign of spring. Another sign--down here in Maryland--was about a week ago when the honking Canada geese flew by, heading north in a giant upside down V and a little comma of stragglers.

    What saddens me is not a lousy winter, like the last one (which at least was relatively good the heating bill). It it is the realization that the seasons come and go mush faster than they used to.

    The glory of Twitarded is that each day it makes me STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think I need to remind myself of that!

      And please don't send any more Canada geese back this way - we have plenty and they don't seem to be in a hurry to head back north...

  10. Turn that frown upside down. GAWD I effing hate when people say that! Thinking of you and hoping bright sunshine is on it's way.

    xo J

  11. I know spring is here when I see daffodils and swallow shit. Er, that's when I see shit from those little bastard swallows all over the inside of the stables, not when I swallow shit. That's more of an autumn thing.

    Is that really a robin? Irish robins look completely different.

  12. Late to the party as usual but there was something wonderful about walking around NYC with no coat on. Very... Freeing. It's almost here!

  13. It even go to the 60s here in Maine yesterday and almost all the fucking ice in my driveway has melted. This makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy is the fact that my dog pen has turned into a giant mud puddle. Oy.


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