Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Uh Oh! UK Radio Station Makes Slashy Boo-boo

I recently read an article about a radio station in the UK that inadvertently played nearly three minutes of a gay porn soundtrack over the airwaves. Now I'm thinking if this station was an alternative type station or one that was already considered controversial in format, it probably wouldn't have been that bad. They could've passed it off as a tasteless stunt. But it wasn't. This radio station played light jazz, standards and occasionally blues. I'm sure moaning and thrusting was not what these listeners expected when they tuned into their favorite radio station.

I hope that wasn't Kevin in the recording. Grandma might have a heart attack.

Of course my warped little mind could only think of my fanfiction-addicted friends...more specifically, my slash-fic-loving friends. You know who you are! As I listened to the sound bite (um, I had to... for research), I could only think of what good background it would make for all those boysecks-y fics out there. Imagine it's Edward and Jasper... Edward and Jacob (*gag, vomit*) or my dream boy-on-boy duo, Edward and Riley. It could be just about anyone!

Let's record this and hope one day it accidentally ends up on the radio!*

How long will it take someone to pair this with some hot photos and videos and make an award-winning video?

Take a listen and let your imagination run wild.... definitely NSFW!!

Who do you picture this sweaty twosome to be in your dirty Twi-slashy-fic mind?

*Photo from here.


  1. Edward and Carlisle (Hot Bitch!)

    That's my duo and I'm sticking to it!

    What an appropriate post for National Steak & BJ Day! I did have steak for dinner, but sadly no BJ's at our house today. (We don't have any Peens).

  2. Um, er, uh. I could get on board with the Edward/Riley match up. Yep.

  3. Why tease us so with the pic above and not post any links
    To some slashy goodness. I prefer E+J please ;))

  4. Oh, I so could be down with an Edward and Carlisle combo.....but only if *I* get to be the meat in THAT sandwich!


    Donnersun and 17ForeverLisa are responsible for my full-fledged slash addiction.

    I'll take E/Jas, Jas/Riley, E/Carslile, Car/Riley.... E/J/R... bring it on!

    Let's have a slash rec post, hmmmmm? Lead the way, LKW!

  6. I'll take E & J & C and me! DUH


  7. Am I the only one who wouldn't mind being the middle of a Jasper/Emmett sandwich?

  8. Imagine if someone had the radio on, saaaaay, in their office or something like that - and had left the room while this came on! That would have been a shocker for anyone who wandered by! Not "The Shocker" - that's something different, I think, but it would have given someone quite a start. j/s. I'll bet there are some stories out there - lol!

  9. I...I have never seen that Rob/Jackson picture before. But E/Jas, E/Em, E/C, E/R, E/J/C, Em/Jas, C/Em....I'm all for slash. Just leave the pup out of it.

    The music is the real crime here. The porn is actually an upgrade!

  10. Flippin' 'eck! I normally listen to JazzFM too! So miffed that I missed that!

    Actually, on second thoughts, I'm not entirely sure how I would have reacted--given that I'm the only female in my house ;-)

    CC x

  11. HA! That could only be funnier if it was on BBC playing over the Archers or Terry Wogan (is he still on the radio?) Fuck me, that music was terrible. The porn soundtrack was muuuuuch better ;)

    Slashfic used to squick me out a bit but now I'm completely addicted. One of my fave fics ever is The Trip Home, which is an Edward/Jasper/Bella fic. HOT! I totally wanna be the meat in that Jackson/ Precious pic. Mmmmmm....

  12. Bwahahaha! Too funny!

    You got a dirty little mind, but your right. Some of my fav fics are Edward/Jasper.


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