Friday, March 5, 2010

Musical Mayhem and a Twilight Parody

March is going to be an amazing month and it's already opened with quite a shabang. You see, not only is there a ton of awesome shit going on in the Twidom, March is also shaping up to be a very musical month for me. And if there is one thing I love besides all things Twi-related (including beardy Rob) - it's music.

Nom nom nom...

Remember the post LatchkeyWife did a couple of days ago? This one, where she wants to know what dates you're looking forward to and I said I was REALLY looking forward to last night?

Last night, bitches, did not fucking disappoint.

Now, don't fret, I'll get to the Twi stuff shortly but I have to interrupt Twiland for an important music-related announcement. Well, two, actually. Oh fuck it, you can just scroll down if you want skip over the music shit if you want to...

Rob: Oh no, JJ's going on a tangent again.
Kristen: Maybe she'll stop if we look bored.
Rob: Shite. I don't think it's working...
Kristen: Agreed. Let's get out of here and stare broodingly at each other instead...

Y'all know how much I dig the minstrels. I've seen everything and everyone from GWAR to Kris Kristofferson but there was one band I have been dying to see for quite awhile and that is Man Man. And when I say dying, I mean all melodramatic-sinking-to-my-knees-hands-fluttering-and-possibly-wailing-a-little kind of dying.

But I got to see them last night and holyfuckingshit they are just... amazing. I'm not nearly poetic enough to describe last night but suffice to say I spent most of my time slack-jawed and bouncing around like a total spaztard. I'm definitely no professional music critique-y-dude but even if they aren't your type of music you really should go see them live. It's... intense. Just check out the video below if you don't believe me. I mean, seriously, I want to have, like, Man Man's spawn - they're that good.** Well, okay, that's maybe a little over the top. I'd like to invite them over and make them dinner, how's that? Better? Less creepy? Yeah, I thought so too...So there you have it, guys in Man Man. An open invite for dinner and trust me, I make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'll even go all fancy-schmancy and throw a banana on it for ya.

Crazy, right?

But wait, it gets even better. I've mentioned that ML is in a band a million fucking few times. They are an insanely talented group of guys who produce a sound that always has your foot tapping, along with lyrics that go straight for your soul. [Hey, I write a Twilight blog for fuck sake. If you want to read a real review go to fucking Pitchfork.]

And they've recently released their first video.

If you follow me on Twitter you have probably already figured out who that band is. For the rest of you, it's time to make a formal introduction.

Twatwaffles and donkey-snatches, meet ML's band, Roadside Graves. Band, meet the Twitards.

From Stereogum (in case you can't get the embed because it's acting like a douche go here:

True story - that shitty looking basement they're playing in? Yeah, that's mine. And that handsome man with the beard and the bass guitar that you see for .00002 seconds? Yeah, he's mine too.

Okay, okay, enough with the music! I'm done, promise.

About time! I wanted to look over my Last Will & Testament in case I died of boredom reading this post... Where is the Twilight shit, JJ? Is the name of this blog Musictarded? I didn't think so...

On to the Twi-goods. Every now and again I love going to all the "Twi-fucking-sucks-they-should-all-DIE" sites and reading the shit they post because sometimes it's really hysterical stuff. I especially like it when they link to some of our posts and then mock the shit out of them because... well, they think we're being serious. Like, if we said something like "oh mah gahd, if I met RPattz I would totally jump his bones and then pull out all my teeth with a rusty pair of pliers to show him my undying love" they would think we meant it. Like, literally.

Anyway, I found this video over at one of those anti-Twi sites and nearly pissed myself laughing. Granted, you will only find this funny if you know the movie Brokeback Mountain is about.

** - Somehow, despite everything I've written on this blog - from dildos to having a threesome w/ Robert Pattinson and Snarkier Than You's ashes to punching puppies in their cute little faces to shitting in famous people's trailers - I KNOW this comment is going to come back to haunt me. I don't know how and I don't know when but I know it will. Yet, I'm still leaving it in there.


  1. Wow! I really like ML's band. I haven't heard them before. They are all good musicians and the song writing is moving and catching, which I don't believe is that easy to do. I loved the upbeat change in the middle. I wasn't expecting it, which makes it even better. I think, however that my my favorite part of the video was the 9 string 12 sring guitar.

    And, yeah, Charlie and Billy. Friggin hilarious. I think Stephenie Meyer would be schreeching in horror! haha

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  3. Love their music! Good stuff!

    Happy Friday Hos!

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  5. @JJ - Mr. JJ's band is super talented! Thanks for posting their video. Please tell me he doesn't stand outside of bars playing "air bass".

    @JJ & STY "How come I can't quit you?"

  6. Hi Road Side Graves I'm Ben. How are you? Being driven insane by near eldrich levels of obsession? Well once you give your self over to the twiness every thing will be just fine.


  7. JJ - I can totally picture you flailing about at the show! I am well aware of your passion for Man Man (hellooo i stalk you!**waves**)

    I know the feeling of finally getting to see a live show of a favorite band!
    While I am big time Twitarded, I am also Musictarded and I love this post with the heat of a thousand suns. Full of WINN!!

    Also, I may or may not be hiding in the bushes outside of your house right now...just sayin'.


  8. @LivingwithEdward - I'm glad you like! They work hard and they are very talented. Funny you should mention the 12 string - it's Mommy(nota)Jerkface's. She bought in Germany when she was a teen and I kind of stole it from her. I have it hanging on a wall in our living room and I had no idea they took it to make the video. It's kinda cool.

    @hypoallergenicvagina - I always poo-pooed Kris K. until one day I found myself puttering around the house doing stuff and he came on the iPod. I was hooked. Nice shit. ML, on the other hand, totally wants to wash his feet. Or suck his cock, lol. {Don't tell him I said that}

    @SmartEPantz - Flailing is a good word for it, lol. And get the fuck out of my bushes!!!

    @DearGodBirk - I'm starting to look forward to your comments.

    @mmMoxie - I CAN'T QUIT YOU NEITHER!!! :)

  9. Roadside Graves fucking ROCKS COCKS!!!

    That is all.

  10. @JJ---Holy shit...that video of Mr. JJ's band has now hooked me big time. They are incredible...saying they are 'very talented' is such an understatement. I hope huge things are in their future. XOXOXOX

  11. The Roadside Graves vid is rockin'. I love the bits where there are people just looking in the camera. Admittedly I did not watch the whole Man Man vid but I can see how they would be really cool to see live.

    As for Brokeback Twilight...a good beer does bring the love on any which way...just sayin'.

    Oh and JJ? I am going to end this comment with: Boutrus Boutrus and Zsa Zsa........

  12. sweet tunes! :)

    and brokeback Twilight? ha ha ha ha ha....

  13. Hey everyone!

    Myg here signing in to say hullo and JJ, I'd never heard of Man Man until STY told me you were out to see them. Thanks for posting the vid. Now it's my life's mission to get to one of their shows. Also, have been digging the Liv Tyler video very much. It pays proper homage to the Jersey, and I always appreciate that.

  14. @Myg - I'm taking you to the next show they play. I don't know when but I will, even if I have to sell ML's kidney to hire a babysitter or something. You're coming.

    I'm also glad they decided to keep that video local. I know they good of done it Brooklyn or something but I think it's so much better filming it in people's backyards. Gotta love dirty jersey.

  15. Hi Roadside Graves *waves*

    As for Man Man, um, crazy crazy? :)

    And I liked Brokeback Twilight - awesome. Really well done. And do those sites REALLY think we're serious. Are they that dumb?

  16. @JJ - That is pretty cool about the guitar. Does your mom play? I can honestly say that I have never heard about anyones mom buying a 12 string guitar in another country. Does this guitar have magic powers? :)

    Does the band play a lot of gigs. I would love to see them live. The music here in eastern Pennsylvania sucks and it's hard to find someone worth listening to.. I'm musically starved over here.

  17. That Man Man vid had me snorting out my coffee. Too funny! I love original acts that have so much going on you don't know where to look.

    ML's band is cool, and I love the name. Are they signed? Knowing the video was filmed in your basement, I just have one question.

    Where's the ferret?

  18. GAHHHH!!! I am so fraking jealous about you and Man Man!! I've been trying to get them to impregnate me with their musical awesome for a couple years, now! But, I'm stoked you had a badassmotherfucking time. And ML's band has some woot goin' on! Yay for live music! Yay for boys who play music!

    ...I get on anti-Twi kicks, too. It makes my day to see so many people who spend just as much time with Twi as we do. Only they say it's in the name of Twi-Sucks, not Twi-fucking-rocks-my-chach. It's all the same. You know they have to watch the movies just as much as we do in order to get the clips they need...what does that say about them, hmmmmmm?! :)

  19. Love the Roadside Graves song - it is awesome. Great job on the video too. Please feel free to share them with us again :)

    That Brokeback Twilight video is hilarious!

  20. Thanks for sharing the Roadside Graves. I totally love you for Twilight related reasons but love you for sharing your partner's music.

  21. ok so Roadside Graves are officially fuck-awesome!! great sound! where in this great wide southern land of mine (australia) do I procure their cd?! They should SOOOO be on the Eclipse soundtrack...they'd fit in perfectly. A cool driving scene song or somthing?! (the Liv Tyler song)

    love it! oh, and love the Rpatts on the bed...think I'll need to update MY will and testament before I look at that again--palpitations!!
    nom nom nom

  22. I'm so glad everyone liked the music! I think you can actually get both these bands from iTunes and


  23. I adore your music posts. I'm super stoked that Man Man's show was beyond amazing. I still haven't bought a Roadside Graves at any of their shows - I'm always like I'm going to buy one and then the drinking begins and I forget.

    And that "Brokeback Twilight" spoof - hysterical. Thanks for bringing that our attention.

    And when the spawn comment comes back to haunt you, please share that with us.

  24. Wow Jenny seriously ML's band is awesome. I read the comments b4 I clicked the link (which ddnt even work properly coz I'm reading from my iPhone) and every1 was saying gr8 stuff about the band but I dunno I wasn't expecting them 2 b THAT good, I was thinking "they're prob descent and everyone is just being extra nice" - what can I say I'm a cynical bitch but seriously they're really good! As I was curious I iTuned them 2 lsn 2 them as I can lsn on myspace from my iPhone. Hey it's something 2 do with 1 of my fav bloggers so I gotta take an interest ;) and I was hooked from the first song on the album! My faves are Far and Wide, Wooden Walls, Anthony's gate, My Son's Home and Dirty Work.
    I'm buying that album as soon as money gets deposeted in my EMPTY account.

  25. @Mathab - Yay!! I'm so glad you likey the Graves. Far and Wide is definitely one of my favorite albums. Hopefully they'll be playing near you in the next few weeks so you can catch a live show!


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